XX v XY: The Final World War

XX v XY: The Final World War Author Christina Cigala
ISBN-10 1682614093
ISBN-13 9781682614099
Year 2017-09-05
Pages 240
Language English
Publisher Post Hill Press
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In a world divided by gender allegiance two young women navigate dangerous new terrain The Gender Wars wont be fought with machinestheyll be fought with people And when the women of West America wage war with men in the East itll be anything but unimaginative In East America the most fertile women go through excruciating body and mind altering training until their identities satisfy that of the State They are the Nancyswhite hair light eyes and no way to differentiate themselves from their identical sisters Nancy159 is fifteen Shes auditioning to be the seventh wife of President X the ruler of the Eastern States If she wins shell be married to the most powerful man in the world if she loses shell die Avis Baron is the daughter of the Luminary of West America Recently she stopped taking her Amplexus pill taken by all women in W A to control their emotions It turns out there s a lot she didn t know a person could feelespecially the way she s feeling about her friend Ethan What is the source of a womans power Does it come from fertility like the Nancys suggest Does it come from brute strength and cold calculation like the West believes Or could it just be the simple beat of your own heartsong The world continues to collapse and the Gender Wars loom on the horizonXX v XY

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