Three Minutes to Doomsday: An Agent, a Traitor, and the Worst Espionage Breach in U.S. History

Three Minutes to Doomsday: An Agent, a Traitor, and the Worst Espionage Breach in U.S. History Author Joe Navarro
ISBN-10 1501128272
ISBN-13 9781501128271
Year 2017-04-18
Pages 368
Language English
Publisher Scribner
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An intense cat and mouse game played between two brilliant men in the last days of the Cold War this shocking insiders story shows how a massive giveaway of secret war plans and nuclear secrets threatened America with annihilation In 1988 Joe Navarro one of the youngest agents ever hired by the FBI was dividing his time between SWAT assignments flying air reconnaissance and working counter intelligence But his real expertise was reading body language He possessed an uncanny ability to glean the thoughts of those he interrogated So it was that on a routine assignment to interview a person of interesta former American soldier named Rod RamsayNavarro noticed his interviewees hand trembling slightly when he was asked about another soldier who had recently been arrested in Germany on suspicion of espionage That thin lead was enough for the FBI agent to insist to his bosses that an investigation be opened What followed is unique in the annals of espionage detectiona two year long battle of wits The dueling antagonists an FBI agent who couldnt overtly tip to his target that he suspected him of wrongdoing lest he clam up and a traitor whose weakness was the enjoyment he derived from sparring with his inquisitor Navarros job was made even more difficult by his adversarys brilliance not only did Ramsay possess an authentic photographic memory as well as the second highest IQ ever recorded by the US Army he was bored by people who couldnt match his erudition To ensure that the information flow would continue Navarro had to pre choreograph every interview becoming a chess master plotting twenty moves in advance And the backdrop to this mental tug of war was the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the very real possibility that its leaders in a last bid to alter the course of history might launch a devastating attack If they did they would have Ramsay to thank because as Navarro would learn over the course of forty two mind bending interviews Ramsay had by his stunning intelligence giveaways handed the Soviets the ability to utterly destroy the US The story of a determined hero who pushed himself to jaw dropping levels of exhaustion and who rallied his team to expose undreamed of vulnerabilities in Americas defense Three Minutes to Doomsday will leave the reader with disturbing thoughts of the risks the country takes even today with its most protected national secrets

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