Nature Poem

Nature Poem Author Tommy Pico
ISBN-10 1941040632
ISBN-13 9781941040638
Year 2017-05-09
Pages 128
Language English
Publisher Tin House Books
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Most Anticipated Book of 2017 at Publishers Weekly BuzzFeed and more A book length poem about how an American Indian writer cant bring himself to write about nature but is forced to reckon with colonial white stereotypes manifest destiny and his own identity as an young queer urban dwelling poet Nature Poem follows Teebsa young queer American Indian or NDN poetwho cant bring himself to write a nature poem For the reservation born urban dwelling hipster the exercise feels stereotypical reductive and boring He hates nature He prefers city lights to the night sky Hed slap a tree across the face Hed rather write a mountain of hashtag punchlines about death and give head in a pizza parlor bathroom hed rather write odes to Aretha Franklin and Hole While hes adamantbratty evenabout his distaste for the word natural over the course of the book we see him confronting the assimilationist historical colonial white ideas that collude NDN people with nature The closer his people were identified with the natural world he figures the easier it was to mow them down like the underbrush But Teebs gradually learns how to interpret constellations through his own lens along with human nature sexuality language music and Twitter Even while he reckons with manifest destiny and genocide and centuries of disenfranchisement he learns how to have faith in his own voice

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