Your Soul at Work

Your Soul at Work Author Nicholas W. Weiler
ISBN-10 1587680068
Release 2001
Pages 336
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This book helps balance the spirit-crushing split between personal and professional lives by providing practical tools, resources, and a workbook to show how a job can be a source of both professional advancement and spiritual growth.

Your Soul at Work

Your Soul at Work Author Bruce Hiebert
ISBN-10 9781896836720
Release 2005-01-01
Pages 224
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This book, unlike so many other books on the subject, is not a management text. Instead, it is a highly readable exploration of the place of work within one's life. Here livelihood takes on its proper role - in relationship to personal values, family and friends, social responsibility, and self-care. Hiebert explores the realm of work even deeper, placing work within a comprehensive understanding of the world - and our place within it - that can be integrated into all religious and spiritual systems.

Office Sutras

Office Sutras Author Marcia Menter
ISBN-10 160925743X
Release 2003-08-15
Pages 230
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Is it possible to seek enlightenment--to feel alive and whole and useful and joyful--in an imperfect job? The Office Sutras can help transform any job--even one you hate--into an active part of spiritual practice. Work can be an arena that challenges you spiritually as well as professionally. With humor and wit, Marcia Menter helps readers recognize that the things that drive them craziest at work can be doorways to growth and understanding in their lives, if they are approached with an open mind and heart. Chapters like "The Slough of Suckiness," "Are They Paying Me Enough?," and "The Dream That Got Away," share practical techniques, exercises, and mantras for finding divinity in the resentments that can make anyone's job miserable. Each chapter includes inspiring Mantras for the Bad Days, such as "If God had wanted me to spend my whole life in my office, he would have given me a nicer office." Menter contends that the job you have right now, for all its imperfections, may be just the spiritual challenge you need to confront the most important issues of life--issues like self-worth and fulfillment and paying your way in the world. Office Sutras will help readers find opportunities for growth and peace in even the most stultifying of work situations.

Faithspace in the Workplace Fifty Days of Rediscovering Your Soul At Work

Faithspace in the Workplace  Fifty Days of Rediscovering Your Soul At Work Author
ISBN-10 9780976177210
Release 2005
Pages 220
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Faithspace in the Workplace Fifty Days of Rediscovering Your Soul At Work has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Faithspace in the Workplace Fifty Days of Rediscovering Your Soul At Work also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Faithspace in the Workplace Fifty Days of Rediscovering Your Soul At Work book for free.

Finding Your Soul at Work at Home and When You re Alone

Finding Your Soul at Work  at Home and When You re Alone Author Frank Robinson
ISBN-10 0977020509
Release 2005-08-01
Pages 158
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There is a divinely inspired, soulful, spirit-based place inside all of us where we are always at peace, safe, secure, clear, strong, gentle and wise. If we are not experiencing those things in our life, it's not because they are not there. It's because we are not where they are! This book is a logical, easy to read owner's manual to understanding yourself and how human experience is "wired up." Finding Your Soul At Work, At Home and When You?re Alone! is a practical guide to spirituality and effective living. The Eight Clues will give you the knowledge and the tools to assist you on your life's journey. Deepen your awareness and tap into your ?core resources? - intuition, creativity, clarity, backbone, gentleness, wisdom and a playful sense of humor. This book will change your life from the inside out.

Soul Work

Soul Work Author Katharina Maehrlein
ISBN-10 9783956231704
Release 2015-02-24
Pages 240
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Der von Katharina Maehrlein und ihrer Initiative „Stark wie Bambus“ organisierte erste [email protected] zur Prävention von psychischen Erkrankungen am Arbeitsplatz im Frühjahr 2014 war ein großer Erfolg. Zahlreiche inspirierende Fachvorträge von Pater Anselm Grün, Walter Kohl, Professor Dr. Lothar Seiwert u.v.m boten fachlichen Austausch über den Tellerrand der üblichen Gesundheitsthemen hinaus. In diesem Sammelband stellen 20 Kongress-Akteure, allesamt renommierte Experten aus Wirtschaft und Coaching, in hochinteressanten Artikeln ihre erprobten Strategien, Konzepte und innovativen Ansätze zur Prävention von psychischen Erkrankungen, mehr Lebensqualität und Zufriedenheit am Arbeitsplatz vor und geben Einblick in die Unternehmenspraxis mit entsprechenden Best-Practice-Beispielen.

The Compromise Trap

The Compromise Trap Author Elizabeth Doty
ISBN-10 9781605095813
Release 2009-11-09
Pages 336
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A detailed and inspiring strategy for staying true to yourself at work while contributing to your organization’s effectiveness and integrity • Based on over fifty candid interviews with businesspeople at all levels, including vivid firsthand accounts of compromise and courage • Eminently practical and constructive, with exercises and strategies you can apply wherever you work Healthy compromise is a fact of organizational life, part of accomplishing any meaningful goal with other people. But when it involves betraying your word, your principles, or other important commitments, it takes a bite out of your passion and vitality, trapping you in a web of nagging doubts and regrets or even dread and remorse. Sadly, certain common misconceptions about compromise mean we can fall into this trap unknowingly, making a sort of “devil’s bargain by degrees.” Even worse, this can happen while working for companies and leaders we otherwise respect and admire. So what can you do, short of sacrificing your career? In this unflinching but consistently constructive and timely look at concessions, double-binds, and contradictions of organizational life, Doty suggests the antidote is to “redefine the game” – expand your ability to be a positive force regardless of the setting. At the core of this strategy are six personal foundations that she illuminates with practical exercises and examples, including Reconnect to Your Strengths, See the Larger Playing Field, Define a Worthy Enough Win, Find Your Real Team, Make Positive Plays, and Keep Your Own Score. Full of candid firsthand stories from Doty’s interviews with over fifty businesspeople as well as her own experiences as a consultant and manager, The Compromise Trap offers sympathetic guidance for individuals striving to live with greater integrity, courage, and purpose at work, as well as the executives, coaches, consultants, and loved ones who support them and senior leaders who want to expand what it means for organizations to act with integrity in the world.

Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work

Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work Author Jack Canfield
ISBN-10 9781453280461
Release 2012-09-11
Pages 480
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Work is an important part of living, whether you wait on customers, build a business or cook for your family. As such, we all have important stories to tell about our work.

Bringing Your Soul to Work

Bringing Your Soul to Work Author Alan Briskin
ISBN-10 1605096172
Release 2000-08-01
Pages 260
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Presenting a "fine blend of spirit and practicality" (Peter Block), the authors detail useful strategies for finding meaning at work by tapping into the deeper realms of the soul and spirit.

Not for Sale

Not for Sale Author J. Murray Elwood
ISBN-10 1893732134
Release 2000
Pages 128
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Elwood gives readers short, knowledgeable, helpful spiritual reflections on the way corporations today seek to take over employees' lives. He includes suggestions on what readers can do about it.

Surviving the Workplace While Keeping Your Soul Intact

Surviving the Workplace While Keeping Your Soul Intact Author C. K. Gold
ISBN-10 9780595122608
Release 2000-08-01
Pages 108
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Surviving The Workplace While Keeping Your Soul Intact is a step-by-step book to teach every working person how to handle various conflict within the workplace. In the pages of this book, the common employee will find samples of true-life workplace conflict and their solutions. The book starts with simpler problems and continuously moves toward outcomes that are more drastic. Various exercises are provided at the end of each chapter making the book a well-organized toolkit. Managers and CEOs will find better ways to solve employee-relation issues. Ideas and suggestions on company policy improvement and concepts are included.

Soul at Work

Soul at Work Author Barbara Smith-Moran
ISBN-10 0884893960
Release 1997
Pages 111
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These meditations on you and your work invite the reader to examine their place in God's economy. Work can be just a job or it can be a vocation depending on how you view it. These reflections can be done as a six-week study either on your own or in a small group.

Soul at Work

Soul at Work Author Margaret Benefiel
ISBN-10 9781596271531
Release 2005-08-01
Pages 182
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"Working with Margaret Benefiel has helped me, in a short time, become grounded in Spirit in my corporate workplace. The power and productivity of this spiritual work gives me hope that leaders can encourage people to bring their whole selves into the workplace and that this will lead to more tangible and positive organizational results."--Kerry Hamilton Senior Vice President, Director of Marketing, BJ's Wholesale Clubs In the last ten years, dozens of books about spirituality and management have demonstrated the yearning for spirituality in the workplace that exists in people like Kerry Hamilton. No longer content to abide the widening chasm between their deeply-held values and the all-too-common business practices they encounter, these readers long for congruence between their values and their work. They wonder whether the days of the giants of corporate character like Johnson & Johnson, businesses who believed that integrity and profitability could co-exist, are gone for good. Are we living in a state of business and organizational entropy? Are we doomed to endless repetition of the Enron, Worldcom, and Global Crossing scandals? Must integrity and profitability now be opposed? What has happened to American business, healthcare, and non-profits in the last forty years? Soul at Work: Spiritual Leadership in Organizations demonstrates vividly that another way is possible, based on the contemporary restoration of the partnership between integrity and profitability. Soul at Work translates the core of what companies like Johnson and Johnson stood for forty years ago into contemporary forms. Soul at Work shows, through compelling stories of contemporary businesses, healthcare organizations, and nonprofits, how integrity, profitability, and personal and organizational transformation are all of a piece.

Taking Your Soul to Work

Taking Your Soul to Work Author R. Paul Stevens
ISBN-10 9780802865595
Release 2010-11-09
Pages 200
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R. Paul Stevens and Alvin Ung tap into the wisdom of the Bible and the Christian spiritual tradition to redefine the workplace as an arena for personal spiritual growth. Together they discuss real-life dilemmas and give practical guidance on turning professional work into the catalyst for a richer, more balanced spiritual life. --from publisher description


Soulercise Author Cindy Reynolds
ISBN-10 1465317112
Release 2004-05-25
Pages 167
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What do you do when life delivers devastating blows? How do you cope? Have you ever experienced the death or loss of a loved one; had a serious accident or illness; been deeply hurt or betrayed? Have you ever invested years of your life in a job, only to be suddenly laid off? Each day you are confronted with a variety of tests and trials, whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. Will the difficulties in your journey through life crush and defeat you? Or will they become challenges that stretch you, soul food that nourishes your growth? Today, Cindy Reynolds is happy, strong, and compassionate. But it wasn ́t always this way. Beginning at the age of twelve, people that she adored died. She suffered through the life threatening illnesses of her family, and experienced lay offs and career crisis. She was alone and full of fear and self-doubt. These tragedies and a personal encounter with angels, inspired Cindy to turn within on a journey that led to the discovery of her own soul. There she found the insights, answers, and spiritual tools to transform fear, anger, insecurity, and depression into strength, patience, confidence, and greater wisdom to walk her path through daily life. And now she shares these remarkable tools with you! SoulerciseTM is a simple process of using 7 Tools to work through the limits of your personality and exercise the power of your soul: TOOL 1: THE IMMORTALITY TOOL Experience your deeper self—your soul—as a living force within. TOOL 2: THE ESTEEM TOOL Embrace who you are no matter what thoughts and emotions consume you. TOOL 3: THE MENTOR TOOL Become your own coach to move higher and deeper within. TOOL 4: THE HARMONY TOOL Raise your energy level, bringing your personality into alignment with your soul. TOOL 5: THE INDUCTION TOOL Expand your light to experience the energy and consciousness of your soul. TOOL 6: THE INTUIT TOOL Listen to your inner guidance and design new perspectives to live by. TOOL 7: THE TRANSFORMATION TOOL Exercise your soul, programming and applying its wisdom to master your daily life. Click here to go to Welcome to Soulercise!

Your Soul at a Crossroads

Your Soul at a Crossroads Author Valerie Harms
ISBN-10 9781475998528
Release 2013-07
Pages 114
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YOUR SOUL AT A CROSSROADS When you are at a crossroads or crisis, you'll find your best path if you can connect with your inner resources. When feeling fear or dread, it's hard to think straight. But if you don't face your crisis, your life will stay stuck. Use the tools in this book to honor the integrity of your experiences, thoughts, feelings, intuitions, and dreams to find the paths just right for you. The writing exercises enable you to go from the dark night of the soul to the light of rebirth and renewal. Years of testimony from people in workshops verify how vital it is to tap into your personal sense of timing and explore the separate parts of your life through dialoguing. Then you find not only security and wisdom but also ideas for making your place in the world more meaningful. Also included are guides to symbols of renewal and the world's religions and myths. "I am simply swept away with admiration for your approach. What you offer is a new paradigm for how I think emotionally. Thank you for your deeply challenging work." a workshop participant "Valerie is an expert who has the capacity to share great truths." a reader


na Author
ISBN-10 9781612153018
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na has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from na also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full na book for free.