Words in Your Face

Words in Your Face Author O'Keefe Cristin
ISBN-10 9781593763404
Release 2007-11-13
Pages 288
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Words in Your Face traces the rich history of slam poetry through the lens of the New York City scene that pioneered it. Author Cristin O'Keefe Aptowicz situates New York slam poetry in the history of oral tradition in poetry throughout history and around the world, with particular attention to the three major 20th century arts movements that helped set the stage for it: the Harlem Renaissance, the Beats, and hip hop. Aptowicz explores the birth of slam at the Nuyorican Poets’ Café and the genre’s explosive growth as the media responded with events like Lollapalooza and MTV’s Unplugged. The book expands the canvas by examining the connections between academia and slammers, especially the poets of color, the youth slammers, and the burgeoning hip hop poetry scene. Interviews with key players like Chicago’s Marc Smith and San Francisco’s Gary Mex Glazner help tell this fascinating story from the inside.

Feeling The Wonders of Words

Feeling The Wonders of Words Author André “Meggie Spoon” Wellington
ISBN-10 1456762923
Release 2011-07-08
Pages 60
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Are you bored, unhappy, disappointed or demoralized? Get rid of it! If you want to put a smile back on your face, this fun fi lled and exciting book is the perfect solution to your problems. Feel the working wonders and changing power of words by exploring this fascinating anthology of jokes. It tells the most hilarious jokes uniquely integrated in Caribbean culture. Feeling The Wonders of Words – Put a Smile On Your Face is the most hilarious and thought provoking of its kind. It is beautifully packaged and presented by the author – André Wellington. It is a perfect gift for any family.

Your Face

Your Face Author Jack Winder
ISBN-10 0898680085
Release 1997-09-01
Pages 22
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In a story using twenty-six words, a child explores what makes his face special.

I Can Hear Your Face

I Can Hear Your Face Author Joan L. Brumble
ISBN-10 9781491834305
Release 2014-01-08
Pages 256
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ABOUT THE BOOK God has spoken to me on numerous occasions in reference to the title of the book. I even shared the concept with a visiting pastor, perhaps making it a sermon, but to no avail. I had felt it had fallen on deaf ears. But, later, I knew that was part of God’s plan. When the idea of “ICHYF”, (I Can Hear Your Face), was conceived in my heart and spirit, it became alive and burned within my soul and then it came, my Heavenly Father spoke to me: “I choose you; I am the one who inspired and planted the seed in your heart. I am the one keeping this concept alive. I nourished it continually. Write it down my daughter. I will give you the inspiration to write the words as coming from me. Live through them my daughter, make my words come alive. It pleases me that you are willing to obey me. Remember my words when I said that I know you have little strength, you’ve tried your best to keep my word and you have not denied my name. These words will be my testimony of the truth. I cannot deny my own name.” That which was first conceived in my spirit and my heart, ICHYF, really isn’t anything new, but it is speaking to a new audience perhaps because of a generational gap in coming from a solid Christian home. All the trials, heartaches, much pain in my life, God has worked out for good. What he has and is doing in my life, he will do for you. Listen for God to whisper how much he loves you at the turn of every page. All through the writing process, I prayed for each one of you, my readers that you will be truly be blessed by our Abba Father.

Your Face Tells All

Your Face Tells All Author Erik Kanto
ISBN-10 9781929956135
Release 2004
Pages 176
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Featuring 52 Hollywood celebrity faces to illustrate the secrets of face reading, this intriguing book reveals all the basics of mysterious physiognomy. By looking at a person's facial features, the reader gets a lot of information: personality, qualities, sexuality, ­popularity, health, life expectancy, etc. It will answer the many questions we all have as to why certain things in life work and others do not, and why our relationships sometimes succeed, sometimes don't. Original.

In Your Face Devil Takin Back My Stuff

In Your Face Devil Takin  Back My Stuff Author
ISBN-10 9781613797631
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In Your Face Devil Takin Back My Stuff has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from In Your Face Devil Takin Back My Stuff also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full In Your Face Devil Takin Back My Stuff book for free.

Spanish in Your Face

Spanish in Your Face Author Luc Nisset
ISBN-10 9780071508919
Release 2007-02-22
Pages 160
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A face is worth 1,001 Spanish words Is this man calmado or ansioso? Relajado or estresado? You can easily see by the look on his face that he is stressed out: ansioso and estresado. Using the stories that our faces, appearance, and gestures tell, Spanish in Your Face helps you learn and remember essential Spanish vocabulary and everyday expressions relating to personality, attitudes, moods, and emotions. This hugely entertaining book is packed with illustrations that will tickle your funny bone and fine-tune your ability to communicate, face-to-face, in Spanish.

Paradise or Eat Your Face

Paradise  or  Eat Your Face Author Alan Cheuse
ISBN-10 9780981966175
Release 2012-07-01
Pages 193
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From acclaimed author Alan Cheuse -- National Public Radio's longtime "Voice of Books" -- comes a trio of provocative novellas. In the title piece, "Paradise, or, Eat Your Face," we meet travel writer Susan Wheelis and follow her exotic journey to Bali, and into her own frustrated soul. “Care" centers on Rafe Santera, a recent stroke victim who was once a vibrant, intellectual romantic. Attended by one of his many female admirers, we find ourselves in the midst of an unusual and politically incorrect love story. Cheuse takes us into Santera's erotic past, set against the daily struggles of a harrowing decline. The third novella, "When The Stars Threw Down Their Spears and Watered Heaven with Their Tears," follows author Paul Brunce as he grapples with art, life, and family. Publisher's Weekly has praised Cheuse's "impressive command of many voices" and, in this collection, he is once again in top form and in possession of a powerful range of literary gifts.

An Index to the Remarkable Passages and Words Made Use of by Shakspeare

An Index to the Remarkable Passages and Words Made Use of by Shakspeare Author Samuel Ayscough
ISBN-10 PRNC:32101068144904
Release 1827
Pages 674
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An Index to the Remarkable Passages and Words Made Use of by Shakspeare has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from An Index to the Remarkable Passages and Words Made Use of by Shakspeare also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full An Index to the Remarkable Passages and Words Made Use of by Shakspeare book for free.

In Your Face Too

In Your Face Too Author Daniel Donnelly
ISBN-10 156496891X
Release 2002-07
Pages 159
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Also included is a companion CD-ROM that features working interactive demos and portfolios shown in the book, as well as direct-to-Web connections to over 200 related sites.


THE COMPLETE NICK ARMBRISTER POETRY COLLECTION Volume 2 1996   2013 Author Nick Armbrister
ISBN-10 9781291663112
Release 2013-12-08
Pages 418
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THE COMPLETE NICK ARMBRISTER POETRY COLLECTION Volume 2 covers it all, Nick Armbrister's work from early 1996 right through to late 2013. An epic career of poems on many topics and views. Much of his work has been published in the 'small press' poetry scene over the years and in his previous books. Also included here is new unpublished work. This book will appeal to anyone who wants to read Nick Armbrister's multi emotional work and to new readers who want to read something different and unique.

Your Face Tomorrow Poison Shadow and Farewell

Your Face Tomorrow  Poison  Shadow  and Farewell Author Javier Marías
ISBN-10 9780811223911
Release 2011-06-08
Pages 554
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Your Face Tomorrow, Javier Marías’s daring novel in three parts culminates triumphantly in this much-anticipated final volume. Poison, Shadow, and Farewell, with its heightened tensions between meditations and noir narrative, with its wit and and ever deeper forays into the mysteries of consciousness, brings to a stunning finale Marías’s three-part Your Face Tomorrow. Already this novel has been acclaimed “exquisite“ (Publishers Weekly), “gorgeous” (Kirkus), and “outstanding: another work of urgent originality” (London Independent). Poison, Shadow, and Farewell takes our hero Jaime Deza—hired by MI6 as a person of extraordinarily sophisticated powers of perception—back to Madrid to both spy on and try to protect his own family, and into new depths of love and loss, with a fluency on the subject of death that could make a stone weep.

Can Words Birth Voices

Can Words Birth Voices Author Shake the Poet
ISBN-10 1463464355
Release 2010-09-09
Pages 124
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Can Word Birth Voices is a book of lyrical works comprised from a collection of poetry by Richard A. White, known to the Spoken Word World as Shake the Poet. These poems are of varius topics, stemming from love and sex to politics and personal life experiences.

Unmasking the Face

Unmasking the Face Author Paul Ekman
ISBN-10 9781883536367
Release 2003
Pages 212
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Can you tell when someone who is actually afraid is trying to look angry? Can you tell when someone is feigning surprise? With the help of 'Unmasking the face', you will be able to improve your recognition of the facial clues to emotion, increase your ability to detect 'facial deceit', and develop a keener awareness of the way your own face reflects your emotions. Using scores of photographs of faces that reflect the emotions of surprise, fear, disgust, anger, happiness, and sadness, the authors of 'Unmasking the face' explain how to identify correctly these basic emotions and how to tell when people try to mask, simulate, or neutralize them. And, to help you better understand our own emotions and those of others, this book describes not only what these emotions look like when expressed on the face, but also what they feel like when you experience them. In addition, this book features several practical exercises that will help actors, teachers, salesmen, counselors, nurses, and physicians - and everyone else who deals with people - to become adept, perceptive readers of the facial expressions of emotion.

The First Time I Saw Your Face

The First Time I Saw Your Face Author Hazel Osmond
ISBN-10 9780857380326
Release 2012-06-21
Pages 400
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What if you discovered that the only one you'd ever loved had been sent to betray you? A moving romance, perfect for fans of Clodagh Murphy, Ellie Adams and Sarra Manning. Jennifer had it all. Until a terrible accident took almost everything. When she moves back home, with her interfering ex right on the doorstep, the future doesn't look that bright. Until she meets Mack. Sexy, dishevelled and just a little clumsy, he starts to make her believe that she can move on from the past and embrace life all over again. But he has a secret he'd do anything to protect, and he's about to betray her to keep it. Will he realise what she means to him in time? And if he does, will she be able to love the real Mack? Discover more Hazel Osmond with her other novels, Who's Afraid of Mr Wolfe?, Playing Grace and The Mysterious Miss Mayhew.

Chemical Dependency Counseling

Chemical Dependency Counseling Author Robert R. Perkinson
ISBN-10 9781412957007
Release 2008
Pages 725
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This volume is the most comprehensive guideáfor counselors and front-line professionals who work with the chemically dependant in a variety of settings. It is a very basic introduction that guides the counselor through treatment from A toáZ. Itáis alsoáa popular core text for courses in addiction/substance abuse counseling. Presents the state-of-the-art tools necessary to deliver outstanding treatment and meet the highest standards demanded by accrediting bodies.áChapters cover the gamut of treatment issues, including developing the therapeutic alliance, screening, detoxification, biopsychosocial assessment, dual-diagnosis, patient orientation, treatment planning, individual therapy, group therapy, case management, crisis intervention, referral, record keeping, discharge planning, and referral. Author Robert R. Perkinson provides case studies and step-by-step instructions with clear explanations and procedures that counselors need to use in all phases of patient care. One of the key features of this volume is the inclusion of over 50 appendices, which includes screening questionnaires, scales, history assessments, personal recovery plans, in-patient and out-patient schedules, and many, many more. The new edition will add more appendicies and update existing ones.

Your Face Tomorrow

Your Face Tomorrow Author Javier Marías
ISBN-10 0811217272
Release 2007-08-28
Pages 387
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A daring masterwork by Javier Marias: "Spain's most subtle and gifted writer." (The Boston Globe)