Who Was Princess Diana

Who Was Princess Diana Author Ellen Labrecque
ISBN-10 9780515158625
Release 2017-04-04
Pages 112
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Learn how Lady Diana Spencer became the People's Princess as she takes her place in the ranks of the Who Was? series. A shy twenty-year-old girl stepped out of a horse-drawn coach and into the world spotlight, capturing the imagination of millions as a real life fairytale princess. Although the storybook marriage didn't have a happy ending, Diana learned to use her fame as a way to champion charitable causes near to her heart. She became the People's Princess by humanizing the image of the royal family and showing care and concern for all people, including the homeless, the sick, and others in need. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Diana Inquest

Diana Inquest Author John Morgan
ISBN-10 9781409256939
Release 2009
Pages 699
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The Untold Story exposes high level corruption in the 21st century British justice system. It reveals how judicial corruption led to a seriously flawed verdict at the inquest into the deaths of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed. It provides a thorough record of the key evidence that was heard by the inquest jury and details the 143 important witnesses who were not heard from during the inquest. The book reveals the critical relevance of the evidence from the original police statements that the jury were prevented from having access to. This untold story destroys the perception that the inquest achieved justice for the deceased occupants of the crashed Mercedes. It clearly outlines the methods employed by the royal coroner to continually manipulate the jury throughout the six months of the inquest. This is the gripping, true account of a judiciary hell-bent on ensuring that the jury would not be permitted to return a verdict of murder in the most significant and high profile inquest of our modern era.


Diana Author Andrew Morton
ISBN-10 0671798782
Release 1992
Pages 261
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An intimate portrait of the Princess of Wales describes her public and private life, reveals details about her marital problems, and discusses her attitudes toward motherhood and public service.

Diana in Search of Herself

Diana in Search of Herself Author Sally Bedell Smith
ISBN-10 9780307822031
Release 2012-08-15
Pages 464
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Diana in Search of Herself is the first authoritative biography of one of the most fabled women of the century. Even those who knew Princess Diana will be surprised by author Sally Bedell Smith's insightful and haunting portrait of Diana's inner life. For all that has been written about Diana--the books, the commemorative magazines, the thousands of newspaper articles--we have lacked a sophisticated understanding of the woman, her motivations, and her extreme needs. Most books have been exercises in hagiography or character assassination, sometimes both in the same volume. Sally Bedell Smith, the acclaimed biographer, former New York Times reporter, and Vanity Fair contributing editor, has written the first truly balanced and nuanced portrait of the Princess of Wales, in all her emotional complexity. Drawing on scores of interviews with friends and associates who had not previously talked about Diana, Ms. Smith explores the events and relationships that shaped the Princess, the flashpoints that sent her careening through life, her deep feelings of unworthiness, her view of men, and her perpetual journey toward a better sense of self. By making connections not previously explored, this book allows readers to see Diana as she really was, from her birth to her tragic death. Original in its reporting and surprising in its conclusions about the severity of Diana's mental-health problems, Diana in Search of Herself is the smartest and most substantive biography ever written about this mesmerizing woman. NOTE: This edition does not include photographs.

Princess Diana

Princess Diana Author Jon King
ISBN-10 9781561718887
Release 2007-11-01
Pages 320
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The book that the British government tried to ban! British investigative journalists Jon King and John Beveridge have maintained from the outset that they were informed of a plot to assassinate Princess Diana one week before her death. Three years ago, Royal Butler Paul Burrell's revelations confirmed their claim. In an astonishing letter written ten months before her death, Princess Diana confirmed that a plot to assassinate her in a 'road traffic accident' was indeed planned and carried out by order of the British Royal Establishment. The letter, owned by Burrell and written by Diana in October 1996, reads: "This particular phase in my life is the most dangerous. My husband is planning an accident in my car, brake failure and serious head injury, in order to make the path clear for him to marry". Ten months later, on 23 August 1997, one week before her death, the authors were informed of this same plot to kill Diana. The EVIDENCE they uncovered during their subsequent investigation is truly disturbing. . .

Princess Diana a Biography of the Inspirational Royal

Princess Diana  a Biography of the Inspirational Royal Author Benjamin Southerland
ISBN-10 1520928068
Release 2017-03-25
Pages 54
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Learn about the inspirational story of Princess Diana In Princess Diana: A Biography of the Inspirational Royal you will learn about the life, accomplishments, and tragic passing of Princess Diana. Born into nobility and married into royalty, Princess Diana of Wales was a woman who made the world sit up and take notice of her. A philanthropist and a leader, she did not let her role as royalty limit her perception of the common people; if anything, she took it a step further and taught the world that be it HIV or leprosy, we are more than our ailments. From her infamous marriage to Prince Charles to the many, many things she accomplished, Princess Diana has left a mark on the world that lasts even today. Her death in a tragic accident robbed the world of someone who truly wanted to make a difference. Follow the life story of this extraordinary woman who took what she wanted without apology and became one of the most admired people in the world. Here is a preview of this biography: Broken Childhood Fairy-Tale Marriage Life after Marriage A Modern Mother The Ugly Separation An Ugly Death Philanthropic Contributions Here is an excerpt from the book: Princess Diana's tell-all interview given in 1995 shortly after her divorce did not go down well with the queen. But it strengthened Diana's support base in the public. Even after she was ousted from the royal family, Diana remained the people's princess for her life. Lady Diana has now been deceased for more than eighteen years but her dedicated fan base remains just as active. Very recently the photoshopped photograph of Lady Diana at her granddaughter, Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana's christening ceremony began doing the rounds of the Internet. Many would have liked to see Diana alive during this ceremony but sadly Lady Di did not live long enough to get to see her granddaughter who happens to be just as beautiful as Princess Diana herself. Diana's image has been also recreated for the cover of the Newsweek magazine, in 2011. The image was created to show how Lady Diana would have looked after becoming fifty years of age. She appeared in all her former glory walking beside the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

Diana Princess of Wales

Diana  Princess of Wales Author Haydn Middleton
ISBN-10 1575727161
Release 1998
Pages 56
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Follows the background, family life, public image, humanitarian work, death, and influences of the woman who married Prince Charles of England.

Princess Diana

Princess Diana Author Renora Licata
ISBN-10 1567110134
Release 1993
Pages 64
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Examines the private life and public image of Diana Spencer, who captured the attention of the world when she married Britain's Prince Charles in 1981.

Flowers for Princess Diana

Flowers for Princess Diana Author Ian Jackman
ISBN-10 9781553695349
Release 2002
Pages 108
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Flowers for Princess Diana describes first-hand the compelling personality and common touch that the late Princes Diana displayed during her short reign in England. The book is co-authored by Englishman Ian Jackman, who came to be a close friend of Diana's; and by long-time Las Vegas print journalist, TV newsman and author Chuck N. Baker, who met Diana on several occasions. In addition to the detailed text, the book's cover features original never-before-published photographs of Diana that were taken by Jackman. Virtually every time he met Diana at public functions and royal celebrations, he would present her with flowers and then photograph her. In the text, Jackman and Baker recall their meetings with Diana, illuminating a lesser-known, unpretentious and spontaneous side of the princess. Jackman was a champion and advocate of Diana's views on many subjects, and he tried to provide strength and encouragement to her during her periods of tribulation. Diana was a patron and supporter of many charities and causes. One of her passions was her dedication and work in attempting to encourage nations to cease the world-wide production of land mines, which each year maim and take the lives of innocent civilians. Although the text only touches briefly on the subject, the authors hope publication of Flowers For Princess Diana will help to add emotional reinforcement to that particular cause of hers.

Princess Diana for Kids

Princess Diana for Kids Author Sara Presley
ISBN-10 9781629170091
Release 2013-08-26
Pages 60
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She was one of the most inspiring women in the world. Her work helped millions of lives. But who was she really? This book, just for kids, will look at her childhood, education, marriage and work to see what made her who she was! KidLit-o is a leading electronic publisher in children’s books; each month, it publishes several history, science and language arts books.

Diana Princess of Wales

Diana  Princess of Wales Author Sherry Beck Paprocki
ISBN-10 9781438128269
Release 2009
Pages 137
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Biography of Diana, Princess of Wales, who rose above personal difficulties to become a noted champion of humanitarian causes.

The Real Diana

The Real Diana Author Lady Colin Campbell
ISBN-10 9781466850781
Release 2013-08-06
Pages 320
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"When I met Diana at a mutual friend's house in 1990, I was astonished by her conduct. Up to this point, the Diana I had encountered was a princess who had behaved very much in keeping with the forms and traditions of royalty. In social situations, she was as circumspect as the rest of them, as indeed all ladies are.... "Now, however, she was the antithesis of circumspect. Throwing caution and reserve to the wind, she said that she wanted me to write the truth about her life 'because I feel as if the whole fairy tale is crushing whatever's left of the real me.... If you'd just write about the real Diana, it would make all the difference.'" --Lady Colin Campbell Who was the real Diana? What was it like to be so privileged yet so anguished, so beloved yet so self-loathing, so spoiled yet so despairing? The Princess of Wales was all these things--far more complicated, conflicted, and intriguing a person than the wildly disparate saint or lunatic she is frequently portrayed to be. Royal insider Lady Colin Campbell sets the record straight on many of the most controversial aspects of Diana's turbulent life: how Charles and Diana's engagement came to pass, though it seemed ill-advised to those closest to both of them; what their honeymoon was really like; the truth behind Diana's bulimia, her widely reported suicide attempts, and her obsession with Camilla Parker Bowles; Diana's search for love and fulfillment with numerous men before, during, and after her marriage; her brilliant manipulations of the press; and her relationship with Dodi Fayed. Lady Colin Campbell's New York Times bestselling biography Diana in Private was the first to expose the truth about Diana and her troubled marriage. In The Real Diana, she reveals that the reason she knew so much about what went on behind the palace gates was because Diana herself was the source. Drawing upon these confidences--as well as on conversations with countless people who knew Diana and with Diana herself in the final years of her life--Lady Colin Campbell combines true insight with true compassion to bring us the most intimate and revealing portrait of the Princess of Wales that we will ever have.


Diana Author Judy Wade
ISBN-10 1844543986
Release 2007
Pages 292
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When Princess Diana died in August 1997, the nation mourned for a woman they felt they had come to know intimately; having witnessed the quiet, blushing Lady Diana Spencer transform into an elegant, stylish ambassador who tirelessly campaigned for the causes in which she believed. With the announcement of her untimely death came an unprecedented wave of collective grieving. In this revealing book, royal expert Judy Wade uncovers the woman behind the public's princess, speaking to some of Diana's closest friends and confidantes to reveal the truth about her. They journey inside her Kensington Palace apartment and describe how she cleaned her own bath and nagged her sons to improve their manners, just like any other mom. They reveal her secret plan to marry a man who shared her desire to help the sick and suffering, her violent row with Dodi Fayed just before they died, and the real reason she went on a last mission to Australia. Diana's manipulation of the media following her expulsion from the royal family is also examined, as well as the police investigation into her death, and the impact that her death had on the monarchy. This is a fascinating look at a woman who was so many things to so many different people.

Princess Diana Life After Death of the English Rose

Princess Diana Life After Death of the English Rose Author Emanuela Maria Lecca
ISBN-10 9781469195957
Release 2012-05-02
Pages 96
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The book of “Princess Diana her Life after Death of the English Rose” is a well-documented book for the discerning reader who has lost someone close to them to experience Princess Diana’s life at this present time of her misfortunate event to have lost her life and now she is communicating again with us about all she went through and is able to communicate once again with us through her love and devotion to her sons and the world once again.

Princess Diana

Princess Diana Author Emanuela Maria Lecca
ISBN-10 9781477152591
Release 2012-09-01
Pages 174
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Th e book of Princess Diana, Th e Haunting Story of the English Rose is an explicit book about the death of Princess Diana and is a well-documented book for the discerning reader to understand all that Princess Diana went through to reach out to her sons and the world and is striving to be with us again in making her love be understood to many. Th is is a very sad book about all she went through and is pleading out to all to deliver her message to her sons and the world to know they are loved by her. Princess Diana has given her love to many and continues to do so. Princess Diana who implores many to come to terms with their lives and to walk through her steps and follow her through what life is like when your life has to come to an end in this world. She has given her utmost throughout this book and is a very sad account that many will come to understand her and imploring her love to reach out to her sons and the world around us in coming to terms what their eventual outcome will be and to be with her through all that she is going through and to hold her close to your heart again. Many will appreciate Princess Diana and love her and would want her story to be heard of all that she is going through to be with her sons and the world. Whenever such a book was created as unique as this one it will make you see through her eyes.

The People s Princess

The People s Princess Author Larry King
ISBN-10 9780307394286
Release 2007-07-17
Pages 240
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In the ten years since Princess Diana’s shocking and tragic death in 1997, her hold on the world’s imagination has only increased. For The People’s Princess, Larry King asked many people who knew Diana, some officially and some more personally, for their favorite memories. Sir Richard Branson recalls Diana sitting in the cockpit of one of his private planes with baby Prince William on her lap; as they flew past Windsor Castle she announced, “On our right you have Grandma’s house!” Heather Mills, who, like Diana, has been a tireless campaigner for charitable causes, recalls Diana’s work to eradicate the scourge of land mines, as well as the time she was photographed shaking hands with an AIDS patient in a London hospital, doing so much to counteract the stigma associated with the disease at the time. British radio and television personality Chris Tarrant recalls how clearly nervous he was upon meeting Diana for the first time, and how she put him at ease with an incredibly rude joke about Kermit the Frog. Photographer Tim Graham remembers Diana lying on the floor with baby William in order to coax a smile from the young prince. And her chief bodyguard recalls how happy and at peace she seemed on the day he agreed to her simple request: to be allowed to walk, truly alone for once, along a beautiful, deserted beach. Some of these recollections are warm and intimate, celebrating Diana for her ability to make a human connection with everyone she met, others are perceptive and revealing, even about Diana’s human failings and frailties. Together, they coalesce into a multifaceted portrait of a woman that the world has long desired to know a little better. From the Hardcover edition.

Paris London Connection

Paris London Connection Author John Morgan
ISBN-10 1478298898
Release 2012-07-01
Pages 192
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Paris-London Connection is the most shocking yet factual book written on the 1997 Paris crash that took the lives of Princess Diana and her lover, Dodi Fayed. This fast-moving but authoritative narrative covers the events leading up to and following the tragedy. The book is a short, quick read, under 200 pages, but is a bombshell because it closely follows the evidence and forensic analysis included in the 5,000 pages of the Diana Inquest book series. That series draws together the evidence from the French investigation, the British Operation Paget investigation, the 2007-8 London inquest and hundreds of British police documents not shown to the inquest jury.Members of Britain?s royal family, MI6 officers and agents, senior French police personnel and Western intelligence agencies all played a role in the events in Paris. Exposed for the first time is the specific role of the key senior MI6 officer, Sherard Cowper-Coles.The book reveals the people who ordered the assassination of Diana and Dodi and those who carried out the operation and how they did it. It also shows how the authorities covered up what occurred and the significant connection between events in France and the UK, both before and after the crash. 27 inquest witnesses, both French and British, who committed perjury at the London inquest are named for the first time. Paris-London Connection reveals the level of coordinated state-authorised corruption in the conduct of the French and British police investigations and the inquest headed by Lord Justice Scott Baker.This is the long awaited book that uses the actual witness and documentary evidence to reveal the who, how and why of the assassination of Britains much-loved Princess Diana.John Morgan is author of the Diana Inquest book series. Prominent British QC, Michael Mansfield, who served at the London inquest, has said: I have no doubt that the volumes written by John Morgan will come to be regarded as the Magnum Opus on the crash ... and the cover-up that followed.Mohamed Al Fayed, who lost his son Dodi in the crash, has stated: I believe that John Morgan has done more to expose the facts of this case than the police in France and Britain.