Wait for It

Wait for It Author Mariana Zapata
ISBN-10 0990429253
Release 2016-12-06
Pages 670
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If anyone ever said being an adult was easy, they hadn't been one long enough. Diana Casillas can admit it: she doesn't know what the hell she's doing half the time. How she's made it through the last two years of her life without killing anyone is nothing short of a miracle. Being a grown-up wasn't supposed to be so hard. With a new house, two little boys she inherited the most painful possible way, a giant dog, a job she usually loves, more than enough family, and friends, she has almost everything she could ever ask for. Except for a boyfriend. Or a husband. But who needs either one of those?

Wait For It

Wait For It Author Jesse McLean
ISBN-10 9781770906273
Release 2014-09-01
Pages 240
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Re-live the entire hit series with this insightful companion As the record-breaking run of the CBS hit sitcom How I Met Your Mother draws to an end, new fans of the epic romantic comedy are still appearing in droves, thanks to the joy of binge-watching on demand. What better way for old fans and new to reminisce about all the friendships and fun than by looking at the series as a whole in Jesse McLean's Wait For It. With an entertaining examination of each of the nine seasons of the show, McLean not only looks at the characters and stories, but the making-of stories, the running gags, the lead actors, and the lasting impact of How I Met Your Mother on pop culture thanks to a cult fandom that's grown to a national obsession.

Wait for It

Wait for It Author M. O'Keefe
ISBN-10 9780399593956
Release 2017-02-28
Pages 272
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In a blistering novel of raw emotion and desire, a tormented woman teaches an alpha male that money can’t fix everything . . . but love can. Tiffany: After fighting for a new life, I don’t want to play the victim anymore. However, with three kids to raise, I’m getting desperate enough to make a deal with the devil. My estranged brother-in-law, Blake, says he just wants to help, but he’s been trouble since I met him. I don’t know if I can believe this kinder, gentler Blake, and there’s a friction between us that has turned into the sweetest chemistry. He could be my salvation . . . or my downfall. Blake: I haven’t always had Tiffany’s best interests at heart but I’m ready to make up for my sins. Besides, I can’t help admiring her: The girl’s a genuine survivor, tough and lean, with eyes of steel. But the more I get to know Tiffany, the more I want her. Every inch of her. Which means I’m about to make a bad situation a hell of a lot worse. Look for the sultry, provocative novels of M. O’Keefe: EVERYTHING I LEFT UNSAID | THE TRUTH ABOUT HIM | BURN DOWN THE NIGHT Praise for Wait for It “O’Keefe delivers another read that rips our hearts to shreds with a hero and heroine that we thought were beyond redemption and shows us that everyone is worthy of a second chance. I highly recommend Wait for It, for a gritty, dark, and sensual read that opens your heart for forgiveness, sears your imagination, and leaves your libido humming.”—Rochelle’s Reviews “Intense, sexy, and emotionally satisfying with a surprisingly sweet touch to the ending, this romance is already on my re-read list.”—Straight Shootin’ Book Reviews “So powerful and heartwarming that you can’t help getting caught up in its spell.”—Collectors of Book Boyfriends & Girlfriends “A heartfelt enemies-to-lovers story and a great addition to this superb series.”—My YA & NA Book Obsession “This was a gut-wrenching story on every level as both Tiffany and Blake were well-defined, layered characters who struggled to find a way to relate to each other. Talk about walls, these two had mountains to scale. It’s honest despite their fears and the way they persevere is admirable, not to mention off-the-charts steamy.”—The Book Nympho “Wait for It is a heartbreaking story line of one woman’s struggle against domestic abuse, and one man’s battle to control his life. The premise is challenging; the romance is controversial; the characters are colorful and passionate.”—The Reading Cafe “O’Keefe is a master at exploring the obstacles put in our way and those we plant there ourselves in the attempt to protect our fragile hearts.”—The Jeep Diva “Gripping, rough, and emotional, but oh-so worth it . . . [Wait for It] had me all twisted up in the feels for this pair.”—Delighted Reader Wait for It is intended for mature audiences. This ebook includes an excerpt from another Loveswept title.

Wait for It

Wait for It Author Deslee Campbell
ISBN-10 0646100777
Release 1992
Pages 36
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Wait for It has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Wait for It also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Wait for It book for free.

Wait for It Short Romance Collection

Wait for It  Short Romance Collection Author Eva Love
ISBN-10 1520159927
Release 2016-12-16
Pages 121
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I wrap my legs around him, pulling him deeper into me. This bundle has these sexy stories: The Intrusion From Out Of Town My Billionaire Savior Get free books and updates on my newest releases! Sign up for my newsletter! It's super easy! Just copy and paste this link into your browser: eepurl.com/bwzV1T

Wait for It Walking in FAITH

Wait for It    Walking in FAITH Author Aurora Lynn Dubell Newton
ISBN-10 1511679638
Release 2015-07-17
Pages 170
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It's almost impossible to wait for anything in the world with which we live! In our super-techno world, we can have just about anything we want at the touch of a screen. If we are willing to pay the cost, we can have our prizes dropped at our door the next day. As challenging as the wait may be, believing in God's promises and waiting for them to manifest is the real prize! Join Aurora Newton in her journey that spans testimonies from different decades and many adventures to hear of God's great faithfulness as she WAITS FOR IT, the answers to prayer, and walks in faith. This autobiographical account of Aurora's current season of trial brings visions, encounters, and miraculous healings to print that will make you laugh, cry, and hold your breath. As you enter into this journey, join Aurora and people around the world in prayer for a life committed to loving God, loving yourself, and loving people well.

Wait for It

Wait for It   Author Michael P. Carter
ISBN-10 1366910796
Release 2016-10-29
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The only coffee table photography book with a humorous twist you will ever need. A strikingly beautiful melange of nature, portraits, and macro photos paired with thought provoking, quirky and funny observations from newly discovered humorist and American treasure, Michael Carter. Michael has burst onto the funny photo book scene with a fresh and original 160 page masterpiece that has turned this genre on its ear. Be dazzled by the gorgeous color and images while you feast on his undeniably bone tickling humor.

Wait for It

Wait for It Author Cathwren Hermon
ISBN-10 1514406446
Release 2015-10-14
Pages 402
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Whoever said "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" had probably not lived through the agony of losing custody of her children. Time may heal some wounds, but with this kind of profound pain, time just reminds you that your children are grown and still may not want to share a relationship. For years, as I dealt with countless questions about why I deserved to be alone, I opened myself to my own responsibility in the disaster. But there are just some questions that have no answers. During those years, I firmly believed that hell is not a place but a state of mind where you want to die but can't. Believe me, I tried every legal avenue advised by professionals, but nothing could move the situation. My loved ones and friends were sympathetic but could provide no substantive advice beyond what too many lawyers and counselors suggested. That's the point at which I learned the most challenging and heartbreaking lesson of my life, and it's included in this daily devotional guide: change "expect" to "accept." Two words so similar but heart-miles apart. So I learned to wait upon God and accept my excruciating loss, to cry when I absolutely couldn't hold it back (which for years was most of the time) and to learn the vital lessons. Somewhere during those long years of deep sorrow, I formulated my three building blocks for living joyfully and my yardstick for evaluating levels of trust called Limits of Trustworthiness. I also invented many more coping mechanisms, like the title of this book, the process of active waiting, when there is no more I can do. Wonder of wonders, my older son made his way back to his mother on his own. The jury is still out on my younger son. Over the years of unbearable stress, friends begged me to write the story, to help other parents still grappling even now with this same horrible tragedy. I resisted, because truthfully, the wounds were so raw I couldn't bear to touch them. I couldn't dredge up all the unanswered questions about my part in a failed marriage, not to mention my confusion about my sons' father, whom I discovered I really didn't know at all. I still don't, but at least now, it doesn't matter. I'm ready to gently share the lessons without acrimony or hatefulness. I believe that means I've forgiven and am forgiven. I made it through the long, dark night of suffering. I've been there, done that, so I plan to use this book to teach a workshop called "Can I Be Happy?" I am exceedingly joyful to now know that with some focused practice, we all can, even in the face of indescribably painful tragedy.

The Wait

The Wait Author DeVon Franklin
ISBN-10 9781501123481
Release 2017-03-28
Pages 272
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In this New York Times bestseller, Hollywood power couple DeVon Franklin and Meagan Good candidly share their courtship and marriage, and the key to their success--waiting. President/CEO of Franklin Entertainment and former Sony Pictures executive DeVon Franklin and award-winning actress Meagan Good have learned firsthand that some people must wait patiently for "the one" to come into their lives. They spent years crossing paths but it wasn't until they were thrown together while working on the film Jumping the Broom that their storybook romance began. DeVon and Meagan chose to do something almost unheard of in today's society--abstain from sex until they were married. The Wait is filled with candid his-and-hers accounts and practical advice on how waiting for everything--from dating to sex--can transform relationships.

Wait for Me

Wait for Me Author Deborah Mitford, Duchess of Deborah Mitford, Duchess of Devonshire
ISBN-10 1429917938
Release 2010-11-09
Pages 368
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Deborah Mitford, Duchess of Devonshire, is the youngest of the famously witty brood of six daughters and one son that included the writers Jessica and Nancy, who wrote, when Deborah was born, "How disgusting of the poor darling to go and be a girl." Deborah's effervescent memoir Wait for Me! chronicles her remarkable life, from an eccentric but happy childhood roaming the Oxfordshire countryside, to tea with Adolf Hitler and her sister Unity in 1937, to her marriage to Andrew Cavendish, the second son of the Duke of Devonshire. Her life changed utterly with his unexpected inheritance of the title and vast estates after the wartime death of his brother, who had married "Kick" Kennedy, the beloved sister of John F. Kennedy. Her friendship with that family would last through triumph and tragedy. In 1959, the Duchess and her family took up residence in Chatsworth, the four-hundred-year-old family seat, with its incomparable collections of paintings, tapestry, and sculpture—the combined accumulations of generations of tastemakers. Neglected due to the economies of two world wars and punitive inheritance taxes, the great house soon came to life again under the careful attention of the Duchess. It is regarded as one of England's most loved and popular historic houses. Wait for Me! is written with intense warmth, charm, and perception. A unique portrait of an age of tumult, splendor, and change, it is also an unprecedented look at the rhythms of life inside one of the great aristocratic families of England. With its razor-sharp portraits of the Duchess's many friends and cohorts—politicians, writers, artists, sportsmen—it is truly irresistible reading, and will join the shelf of Mitford classics to delight readers for years to come.

Wait for Dusk

Wait for Dusk Author Jocelynn Drake
ISBN-10 9780062005519
Release 2010-07-27
Pages 384
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“A must-read addition to the urban fantasy genre, filled both with action and satisfying characters.” —Kim Harrison “Jocelynn Drake will have you coming back for more.” —Jeaniene Frost Vampire enforcer Mira must thwart the malevolent schemes of an ancient coven in the fifth action-packed Dark Days novel from New York Times bestselling author Jocelynn Drake. Wait for Dusk is gripping, stellar urban fantasy in the vein of Kim Harrison and Vicki Pettersson, with enough sensual heat to enthrall readers of Christine Feehan, J. R. Ward, and Jeaniene Frost.

Wait for it and Other Stories

Wait for it and Other Stories Author Janet McNeill
ISBN-10 057111329X
Release 1979-01
Pages 190
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Such tales as The Chilled Spines Club, Emmy Pratt and the May Queen, Roddie's Luck, and You Know What Christmas Is Like describe the adventures and misadventures of a group of twelve year olds.

Wait for You

Wait for You Author J. Lynn
ISBN-10 9780062294760
Release 2013-04-02
Pages 384
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The #1 New York Times and USA Today bestselling phenomenon Some things are worth waiting for . . . Traveling thousands of miles from home to enter college is the only way nineteen-year-old Avery Morgansten can escape what happened at that fateful Halloween party five years ago—an event that forever changed her life. What she never planned on was capturing the attention of the one guy who could shatter the precarious future she's building for herself. Some things are worth experiencing . . . Cameron Hamilton is six feet, three inches of swoon-worthy hotness, com-plete with a pair of striking blue eyes and a remarkable ability to make Avery want things she believed had been irrevocably stolen from her. Getting involved with him is dangerous. Yet ignoring the simmering tension that sparks between them—and brings out a side of her she never knew existed—is impossible. Some things shouldn't be kept quiet . . . But when Avery starts receiving threatening e-mails and phone calls, she's forced to face a past she wants to keep buried and acknowledge that someone is refusing to allow her to let go of that night when everything changed. If the devastating truth comes out, will she resurface with one less scar? And will Cam be there to help her? And some things are worth fighting for . . .

Now Wait for Last Year

Now Wait for Last Year Author Philip K. Dick
ISBN-10 9780547601298
Release 2011-10-18
Pages 240
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Earth is trapped in the crossfire of an unwinnable war between two alien civilizations. Its leader is perpetually on the verge of death. And on top of it all, a new drug has just entered circulation—a drug that haphazardly sends its users traveling through time. In an attempt to escape his doomed marriage, Dr. Eric Sweetscent becomes caught up in all of it. But he has questions: is Earth on the right side of the war? Is he supposed to heal Earth’s leader or keep him sick? And can he change the harrowing future that the drug has shown him?

Wait for Me

Wait for Me Author Samantha Chase
ISBN-10 9781492615880
Release 2013-05-06
Pages 200
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Executive assistant Emma Taylor is desperate for a little time away; away from her job, her life and from thoughts of her boss's son who doesn't seem to know she even exists. Tired of waiting for the time to be right, she takes advantage of her boss's generous offer for a little weekend getaway to thank her for helping out with a difficult business deal. Former NFL superstar Lucas Montgomery is still suffering from a career-ending injury. His self-imposed exile from life is exactly what he wants; a sanctuary where there's no chance for disappointment or distractions and that's exactly the way he likes it. While his family has been patiently waiting for Lucas to come around and embrace life once again, they don't realize that it wasn't just his career that was lost, but his sense of identity.

Wait for Me

Wait for Me Author Rebecca St. James
ISBN-10 9781418565480
Release 2008-06-01
Pages 208
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A call to young people to remain sexually pure until marriage. Everyone longs to be loved deeply by someone, and Rebecca St. James is no different, as demonstrated by her hit song "Wait for Me." In this revised and updated version of the 2002 release, Rebecca shares the same desires as other young people as her resolve to remain sexually pure until marriage is not common in our society. Using Scripture, pop culture, and her own experience as a point of reference, Rebecca paints a relevant and appealing picture of the value of waiting. But Rebecca also reaches out with compassion to those who have already made mistakes and reveals the mercy and healing that God brings. The new editon of this bestseller includes: a fresh design (inside and out) with eye-catching graphics; a new introduction from Rebecca; journaling sections throughout the book; and a study guide for personal or group use.

Wait for Me

Wait for Me Author Mary K McComas
ISBN-10 9781453286210
Release 2012-11-20
Pages 226
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Destinies collide when two strangers find love in a moment of chaos Holly is navigating a crowded Los Angeles International Airport terminal when the earthquake hits. Dazed, she fails to notice the ceiling crumbling above her. But in one swift motion, a stranger tackles her, saving her from certain death as tons of debris crash only feet from where they fall, locked in an embrace. Drawn together in a split second, Holly and Oliver find a bond they never could have expected. Can the love built in a single, dramatic moment really be the result of a passion that has spanned many lifetimes? This ebook features an extended biography of Mary Kay McComas.