Vinegar Author Lansky Vicki Campbell Martha
ISBN-10 9781931863742
Release 2009-02-01
Pages 119
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Vinegar is a health remedy, a neutralizer, a cleaner, a condiment, and a preservative. It can kill bacteria, mold, and germs, yet it is environmentally safe. This comprehensive guide covers all types and uses of vinegar (including using it as the basis for kids' science projects).

Baking Soda

Baking Soda Author Vicki Lansky
ISBN-10 9781931863735
Release 2009-02-01
Pages 120
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This 7" x 6", 120 page book is fully indexed. Learn how baking soda was developed into a consumer product, how it works, and more importantly how to use it in an amazing number of ways. In fifteen different catagories, ranging from cooking and cleaning to hygience and home remedies, you'll find ideas you never thought of. Baking soda can be used for cooking, laundry, gardening, skin solutions, kitchen clean up, dental care, caring for kids, crafts and hobbies, bathroom clean up, grooming, pet problems, cars, and camping to name a few.

101 Home Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide

101 Home Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide Author Becky Mundt
ISBN-10 9781630222147
Release 2013-01-30
Pages 132
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This all new 5th edition of "The Clean Green Home Revolution - 101 Home Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide" is a comprehensive guide to home, garden, spa and personal care uses of hydrogen peroxide from the editor and publisher of Replace toxic home cleaning products with safe effective hydrogen peroxide - this book will show you how! Improve indoor air quality, disinfect and clean without dangerous chemicals. 101 Home Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide will give you all the specific information you need to change the way you keep your house, your garden and even yourself clean and healthy. All natural, non-toxic and 100 percent environmentally safe - hydrogen peroxide leaves nothing in its wake but oxygen and water. Includes detailed instructions, exact mixing and dilution information for each of the uses and handy conversion and dilution tables. You won't be left wondering about any of the details of how to use hydrogen peroxide in place of toxic cleaners; you will have every detail you need to move ahead confidently to a clean green home environment. Learn what the dangers of toxic cleaners are, to your home, the environment and even the food we all eat. (Did you know that many of the chemicals used in home and personal cleaning products end up on our farmlands?) Then learn the simple steps you can take right now, in your own home to solve the problem. For far less than you are spending on those toxic cleaners you can become part of the solution to a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable world.

Vegetarian Times

Vegetarian Times Author
ISBN-10 CORNELL:31924095729509
Release 2007
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Vegetarian Times has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Vegetarian Times also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Vegetarian Times book for free.

Five Hundred one Amazing Uses for Salt Vinegar Baking Soda Olive Oil and Lemons

Five Hundred one Amazing Uses for Salt  Vinegar  Baking Soda  Olive Oil  and Lemons Author Laura M. Westdale
ISBN-10 162686067X
Release 2014-03-21
Pages 208
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Presents a guide to using four common household items to create cleaning products, beauty treatments, and gardening aids, along with useful tips on how they can be used in cooking.

Heinz Distilled White Vinegar

Heinz Distilled White Vinegar Author Christine Halvorsen
ISBN-10 1412712122
Release 2005
Pages 64
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This handy book provides more than 100 hints and tips for using vinegar throughout the house to save time and money. » The quick and simple ideas in this book will help with cooking, cleaning, and many other household tasks. » Heinz Vinegar is in everyone's pantry. Give these tricks a try . . . you'll be glad you did.


Vinegar Author Margaret Briggs
ISBN-10 186147167X
Release 2006
Pages 180
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Vinegar has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Vinegar also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Vinegar book for free.


Vinegar Author Margaret Briggs
ISBN-10 1845021622
Release 2007
Pages 160
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What would the British do without vinegar on their fish and chips? Despite the cries of laughter and derisionfrom continental friends, turning to disgust as we put a generous dousing of vinegar on to one of the nation?sfavourite dishes, there?s a sound reason for doing so, and it?s not just to make the chips taste better.This book explores the history of vinegar, from the time it was discovered by accident more than 10,000 yearsago, through to World War I when it was used to treat wounds in the trenches. It is one of nature?s most diverseand miraculous products, capable of doing the jobs of hundreds of household substances without the chemicaldamage to the environment or our bodies. Why use chemical cleaning fluids which destroy the elasticity of yourskin, when vinegar can clean up even better?With hundreds of uses in every area of life, Vinegar is a great reference book which will be returned to time andtime again.

Homemade Cleaners

Homemade Cleaners Author Dionna Ford
ISBN-10 9781612432762
Release 2014-01-07
Pages 208
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SIMPLE STEPS TO A NATURALLY CLEAN HOME Toxic chemicals are found in almost all commercial cleaners—the very products you buy to make your home hygenic and healthy. Homemade Cleaners offers a better solution. Its tips, tricks and formulas guarantee to make your home sparkling and germ-free. Homemade Cleaners features over 150 recipes that are: • Toxin-Free • Simple and Affordable • Highly Effective • Environmentally Sound • Kid and Baby Friendly Using ingredients like vinegar, baking soda, and even vodka, the authors tackle the nitty-gritty of everything from countertop cleaners to air-purifying plants so you avoid using commercial products that can cause side effects including skin irritation, asthma and central nervous system damage.

Household Hints

Household Hints Author Heather Rodino
ISBN-10 9781627889315
Release 2015-09-30
Pages 224
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Discover simple, natural, and effective home products you can count on. Trying to avoid all those harmful chemicals in your home and looking for natural solutions? Household Hints has hundreds of fresh, safe, and effective tips, techniques, and recipes--and many are made from the wholesome ingredients already in your kitchen and garden. Inside you'll learn how to make cleaning solutions, scrubs, pet tips, natural pest control, gardening, yard, and even beauty care. These recipes and tips for the home are organized by use for ease. With these ingredients you can do almost anything; the possibilities are limitless!

The Oh She Glows Cookbook

The Oh She Glows Cookbook Author Angela Liddon
ISBN-10 9781101612736
Release 2014-03-04
Pages 336
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The New York Times bestseller from the founder of Oh She Glows "Angela Liddon knows that great cooks depend on fresh ingredients. You'll crave every recipe in this awesome cookbook!" —Isa Chandra Moskowitz, author of Isa Does It "So many things I want to make! This is a book you'll want on the shelf." —Sara Forte, author of The Sprouted Kitchen A self-trained chef and food photographer, Angela Liddon has spent years perfecting the art of plant-based cooking, creating inventive and delicious recipes that have brought her devoted fans from all over the world. After struggling with an eating disorder for a decade, Angela vowed to change her diet — and her life — once and for all. She traded the low-calorie, processed food she'd been living on for whole, nutrient-packed vegetables, fruits, nuts, whole grains, and more. The result? Her energy soared, she healed her relationship with food, and she got her glow back, both inside and out. Eager to share her realization that the food we put into our bodies has a huge impact on how we look and feel each day, Angela started a blog,, which is now an Internet sensation and one of the most popular vegan recipe blogs on the web. This is Angela's long-awaited debut cookbook, with a trasure trove of more than 100 moutherwatering, wholesome recipes — from revamped classics that even meat-eaters will love, to fresh and inventive dishes — all packed with flavor. The Oh She Glows Cookbook also includes many allergy-friendly recipes — with more than 90 gluten-free recipes — and many recipes free of soy, nuts, sugar, and grains, too! Whether you are a vegan, "vegan-curious," or you simply want to eat delicious food that just happens to be healthy, too, this cookbook is a must-have for anyone who longs to eat well, feel great, and simply glow! From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Healing Powers Of Vinegar

The Healing Powers Of Vinegar Author Cal Orey
ISBN-10 9780758267559
Release 2009-01-01
Pages 352
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REVISED AND UPDATED THIRD EDITION New Recipes * New Health Research * New Home Cures With a New Foreword by Dr. Will Clower, CEO Mediterranean Wellness “A practical, health-oriented book that everyone who wants to stay healthy and live longer should read.” —Patricia Bragg, N.D., Ph.D., author of Apple Cider Vinegar “The essential book on vinegar—the number-one superfood of all time!” —Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D., author of The Fat Flush Plan From Folk Medicine to 21st-Century Favorite—Discover the Amazing Powers of Vinegar! Revised and updated, this comprehensive book draws on the latest scientific studies and interviews with top health researchers to reveal how apple cider and red wine vinegars—as well as balsamic, fruit, rice, and herb-infused vinegars—can help you stay healthy. You’ll also find proven home health cures, innovative cosmetic secrets, lively anecdotes, and environmentally friendly household hints—from making countertops sparkle to cleaning up kids and pets. *Take advantage of vinegar’s natural therapeutic, antioxidant, and culinary virtues as this 5,000-year-old healer evolves in new uses and products—from sipping vinegars to home-cooked foods. * Learn how vinegar helps lower the risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer, and bone loss. *Discover how vinegar’s acetic acid kills bacteria, and may help prevent tuberculosis and combat antibiotic-resistant superbugs. * Create home cures to treat allergies, arthritis, toothaches, sunburn, swimmer’s ear, sore throat, and other pesky ailments. …and discover much more in this invaluable resource to help you slim down, shape up, and enhance longevity! “Vinegar is right there in your cupboard—waiting for you to open its health properties for you and your family. Cal Orey’s book can show you how.” —Dr. Will Clower, CEO Mediterranean Wellness

It s Not Your Fault KoKo Bear

It s Not Your Fault  KoKo Bear Author Vicki Lansky
ISBN-10 9780916773472
Release 1997-12
Pages 32
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KoKo Bear learns what divorce means, how to deal with changes, how to recognize and talk about her feelings, and that the divorce is not her fault. Each page includes tips for parents.

Welcoming Your Second Baby

Welcoming Your Second Baby Author Vicki Lansky
ISBN-10 9781931863681
Release 2009-02-01
Pages 110
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The thought of having a second child is often overwhelming to parents. With her trade mark humor and practical advice, well known parenting author, Vicki Lansky guides parents through the major transition from one child to two. WELCOMING YOUR SECOND BABY offers hundreds of practical tips and advice for preparing an older sibling for the baby's entrance into the family. Parents will find this book filled with helpful information for their own adjustment to the new baby as well as their child's. There are listings of services, resources, support groups and lots of other parent-tested "it worked for me" testimonials. A complete index makes the information easy to find and a welcome feature for any busy parent eager to reduce sibling rivalary.

The Vinegar Book

The Vinegar Book Author Emily Thacker
ISBN-10 9781623970369
Release 2010-01-28
Pages 82
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Emily Thacker’s collection of old-time remedies has hundreds of ways to use vinegar for health & healing, cooking & preserving, cleaning & polishing. See how vinegar’s unique mix of more than 30 nutrients, nearly a dozen minerals, plus amino acids, enzymes, and pectin for a healthy heart has been used for thousands of years. Apple Cider Vinegar’s magical mix of tart good taste and germ killing acid. Vinegar has more than 30 important nutrients, a dozen minerals, plus vitamins, amino acids, enzymes — even pectin for a healthy heart. And, there are hundreds of cooking hints.

Feed Me I m Yours

Feed Me  I m Yours Author Vicki Lansky
ISBN-10 9781451615982
Release 2010-08-17
Pages 160
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Feed Me! I’m Yours is one of the all-time best-selling baby and toddler food cookbooks and can be found in millions of kitchens around the world. It contains more than 200 child-tested recipes and is a must-have book for all new parents. Feed Me! I’m Yours is one of the all-time best-selling baby and toddler food cookbooks and can be found in millions of kitchens around the world. It contains more than 200 child-tested recipes and is a must-have book for all new parents. This cookbook will help you: blend fresh baby food in minutes; store homemade baby food so it's ready when you need it; make nutritious finger foods for babies and toddlers; discover recipes for teething biscuits your children will love; and provide variety and balance at mealtime with Vicki Lansky's child-tested ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack time. Vicki Lansky has revised her classic cookbook to provide information on infant feeding, foods likely to cause allergic reactions, poison prevention, feeding an ill child, and more. Much more than a mere recipe book, this resource helps parents keep mealtime safe, healthy, delicious, and tantrum-free.

Handy Household Hints from Heloise

Handy Household Hints from Heloise Author Heloise
ISBN-10 9781605291178
Release 2010-08-31
Pages 416
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Heloise is America's most recognized name for household advice, and she shares her innovative solutions for your most-pressing dilemmas. Whether you need shortcuts for everyday tasks, delicious ideas for quick meals, or ingenious tricks for the spills, accidents, and clogs in your day, just turn to Handy Household Hints from Heloise. You'll learn how to: Clean a keyboard with a used dryer sheet. Remove hot pepper seeds with a grapefruit spoon. Lift scuff marks with plain, white paper. Corral electrical cords with a ponytail holder. Discover Heloise's most creative ideas and tips for cleaning up, entertaining with ease, making repairs, getting organized, taking care of yourself, coping with nuisances, and keeping house. Filled with up-to-the-minute hints, you'll turn to this handbook whenever you've burnt the rice, stained your shirt, or splattered paint on your hands.