Dinosaurs Under the Big Sky

Dinosaurs Under the Big Sky Author John R. Horner
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105110281743
Release 2001
Pages 195
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When Jack Horner was in high school, he put together a science project that identified and compared dinosaur fossils from Montana and Alberta. Now a world-renowned dinosaur paleontologist, Dr. Horner realizes that many of his identifications in that proje

Under the Big Sky

Under the Big Sky Author
ISBN-10 PSU:000049922479
Release 2001-04
Pages 48
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At his grandfather's urging, a boy sets out in search of the secret of life and learns more than he realizes.

Under the Big Sky

Under the Big Sky Author Jackson J. Benson
ISBN-10 9780803224643
Release 2009-01-01
Pages 322
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Author of The Big Sky series, The Way West, and the screenplay for the classic Shane, among many other timeless stories of frontier mountain men, icon of Western literature A. B. Bud Guthrie Jr. brought a blazing realism to the story of the West. That realism, which astounded and even shocked some readers, came out of the depth of Guthrie s historical research and an acuity that had seldom been seen in the work of Western novelists. In Under the Big Sky, the latest in his celebrated series of biographies of Western writers, Jackson J. Benson details the life and work of this true giant on the Western literary landscape. The small Montana town that figures in several of Guthrie s books is clearly patterned after the town where he grew up, Choteau, on the eastern front of the Rocky Mountains. Benson illuminates the critical details of Guthrie s upbringing and education, the influence of his intellectually inclined father, his work as a newspaperman in Kentucky, and his time at Harvard University. Animated by the observations of friends, family, and fellow authors, this intimate account offers rare insight into the life and work of a remarkable writer and into the making of the literary West.

Right under the big sky I don t wear a hat

Right under the big sky  I don t wear a hat Author Hosai Ozaki
ISBN-10 9781880656051
Release 1998-07-01
Pages 142
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Haiku and occasional essays from an eccentric personality.

Der Berg der Sehnsucht

Der Berg der Sehnsucht Author Linda Lael Miller
ISBN-10 9783862789337
Release 2013-12-10
Pages 304
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Nur aus einem Grund ist Kendra nach Montana zurückgekehrt: Hier kann ihre kleine Tochter Madison unbeschwert aufwachsen, umgeben von liebevollen Menschen. Kein Grund für ihre Rückkehr ist dagegen Hutch Carmody! Damals hat der millionenschwere Rancher und heiratsscheue Draufgänger Kendras Herz gebrochen. Doch dass er ihr jetzt ständig über en Weg läuft, kann kein Zufall sein... Und er hat eine kleine Verbündete: Madison, die sich sehnsüchtig einen Daddy wünscht. Allerdings ist Kendra überzeugt: Hutch will vielleicht Leidenschaft - aber ganz bestimmt keine Familie: Ganz Parable weiß schließlich noch, wie er seine Braut vor dem Altar hat stehen lassen.

Gebannt Unter fremdem Himmel

Gebannt  Unter fremdem Himmel Author Veronica Rossi
ISBN-10 9783862747221
Release 2012-05-01
Pages 432
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Getrennt durch zwei Welten, geeint im Überlebenskampf, verbunden in unendlicher Liebe. Die siebzehnjährige Aria lebt in einer Welt, die perfekter ist als die Realität. Perry kommt aus einer Wildnis, die realer ist als jede Perfektion und in der wilde Stürme das Leben bedrohen. Als Aria in seine Welt verstoßen wird, rettet Perry ihr das Leben. Trotz ihrer Fremdheit verbindet die beiden die Verzweiflung und Sorge um die, die sie lieben. Aria will ihre verschollene Mutter wiederfinden, Perry ist auf der Suche nach seinem Neffen, an dessen Entführung er sich die Schuld gibt. Aria versucht, vor Perry zu verbergen, dass ihre Gefühle ihm gegenüber sich wandeln. Doch Perry hat dies längst schon entdeckt, aber nicht nur bei Aria, auch bei sich selbst. In diesem ersten Band ihrer Trilogie schreibt Autorin Veronica Rossi über große Gefühle und tödliche Abenteuer, über Mut und Sinnlichkeit und über eine Heldin, die ihre Stärke entdeckt. Dieses Buch ist zutiefst romantisch und packend und so aufregend, dass man es nur schwer aus der Hand legen kann vor Ungeduld, zu erfahren, wie es auf der nächsten Seite weitergeht!

Under The Big Sky

Under The Big Sky Author S. Bryan Gonzales
ISBN-10 1425965253
Release 2006-11-29
Pages 544
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Somewhere on the edge of a long-forgotten land called the Great Open, two fiercely strong-willed, all-American high school boys come together—forging a relationship hotter than the blazing Eastern Montana summer sun. Cash McCollum, a short-tempered, fifth generation rodeo cowboy, finds his simple, black-n’-white world bulldozed over by rich, handsome Travis Hunter, star jock of the football team. And what begins as a secret liaison between them, eventually stirs up into an impish, and sometimes humorous, whirlwind of gossip—awakening the small, sleepy town of Miles City. “...you ‘n Travis seem to be slidin’ into a real comfy corner.” A corner that Cash’s older brother, Clayton is not okay with. As time passes, and the friendship deepens, it’s their extreme popularity that continues to attract a whole lot of unwanted attention—thrusting them from the closet into the middle of local limelight. From the beginning, the stakes are high with each risking a lot. Cash cannot lose sight of the rodeo crown title, All-Around Cowboy, at his fingertips; and Travis is dead-set on taking the football team to state championship—gaining the trophy of Most Valuable Player for himself as well. Compounding this star-studded drama, these two boys also discover their worlds are COMPLETELY different—with nothing to bind them together but an unbridled attraction and a fierce determination to make the relationship work. “We’re comin’ from two different cultures—can’t you see that? Cash forces Travis to smell the roses. “You obviously come from money... I don’t. I never will.” It’s Travis’ persistence, however, that keeps them glued together. “...I can’t live without you, Cash, because it’s you... who makes me a better guy ...” Under the Big Sky unveils a world that many overlook, or refuse to acknowledge. It is where the human heart beats as strong as ancient echoes of Indian drums along a mighty and untamed Yellowstone River. Within its pages, you’ll be taken to places never seen before—but yet, seem so familiar. You’ll be allowed to see the human soul—naked in all its brashness, yet pure and simple—graced with the innocence of honest youth. Under the Big Sky is a story that undeniably declares that, ‘What Heaven hath joined together... let no man cut asunder’.

Night under the big sky

Night under the big sky Author Robert Ward
ISBN-10 UOM:39015048245230
Release 1998
Pages 15
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Night under the big sky has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Night under the big sky also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Night under the big sky book for free.

Under a Big Sky

Under a Big Sky Author Andrew Pearson
ISBN-10 0646961772
Release 2016-11-19
Pages 272
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272 Page Landscape Photography book on the Tamworth, Liverpool Plains New England Region.

Under the Big Sky

Under the Big Sky Author Kelly Eileen Hake
ISBN-10 1602604878
Release 2009-07-01
Pages 348
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Take a journey back to Montana's early days and watch as faith and love flourish through three generations.

Where Free Men Pray

Where Free Men Pray Author Diane W. Cardenas
ISBN-10 1434396037
Release 2008-10-01
Pages 492
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Maestro Giacomo Puccini first introduced Italians to the California Gold Rush of 1849 with his opera "La Fanciulla del West." Now Professor Giovanni Tempesta with his brilliant Italian rendition of Robert Service's best rhymes welcomes Italians, Italian-Americans, and students of Italian to the less known and yet magical and romantic world of the 1898 Klondike Gold Rush in the Yukon territory. You will meet such unforgettable characters as Sam McGee, Dan McGrew and the Lady that's known as Lou. You will enjoy the Midnight Sun, the Golden Lights and the savage beauty that is "The Spell of the Yukon." Tempesta's vivid Italian version of Service's poetry begs to be recited out loud, read and re-read and read yet again.

Two Forests Under the Big Sky

Two Forests Under the Big Sky Author Alison Berry
ISBN-10 OCLC:457134823
Release 2009
Pages 28
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Two Forests Under the Big Sky has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Two Forests Under the Big Sky also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Two Forests Under the Big Sky book for free.

Where Free Men Pray

Where Free Men Pray Author Diane W. Cardenas and S. Bryan Gonzales
ISBN-10 9781434396044
Release 2008-10-27
Pages 492
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Cash and Travis... it all began one warm October day back in 2003 on a forgotten levee of the mighty Yellowstone River. They were high-school students—seniors, in fact. As champions within their own fields (Cash, a rodeo cowboy, and Travis, a football player) they come to the plate on their own terms, but eventually, they fall in love. And what happens after that brings the sleepy town of Miles City to life—challenging many paradigms. As they work through their differences and face outside challenges, their relationship grows stronger; or so it seems until it’s revealed to Cash he’s inherited a young girl—not just any girl, but Lee’s daughter. So, with concerns of completing their educations, taking on careers and child-raising, Cash and Travis struggle with issues many couples encounter today. And these events eventually bring unbearable strain, affronting the very elements keeping them together. The question is—will they survive and develop a stronger relationship, or will their love crack and crumble as it does so often today? Where Free Men Pray is the second in a series of four stories. It’s a tale of two passionate men who have committed to each other that... what Heaven hath joined together, let no man cut asunder.

Writing Montana

Writing Montana Author Rick Newby
ISBN-10 1560444177
Release 1996
Pages 348
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Wide-ranging collection of twenty-seven essays analyzes, argues with, and celebrates that unruly tradition of Montana writing.


ISBN-10 1945734086
Release 2017-01-12
Pages 170
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Biederbeck, Montana PI Ed Bouchee is asked by his friend Dirt Tidrow to quietly look into a series of strange, unexplained and savage deaths of three local fly fishermen on the Yellowstone. Who did this and how? Bouchee's investigation as he works working side by side with O'Keefe County sheriff Jim Qualls and friends of the PI in the small, high plains town courses along a trail of mayhem and planned violence that only escalates as time passes. Along the way he and his companion, a Springer spaniel known as The Dog, roam the rivers, empty prairies and mountain forests that is Bouchee's stomping grounds. Murder, psychotic behavior and dark danger follow the pair wherever they go trying to uncover the truth in this bizarre case. How all this swirls together is the essence of Blown Away Under the Big Sky, the second book in the Ed Bouchee Big Sky PI murder mystery series.

Falling for Jillian

Falling for Jillian Author Kristen Proby
ISBN-10 9781476759401
Release 2015-01-27
Pages 368
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From New York Times bestselling author Kristen Proby comes the third romance in the Love Under the Big Sky series, featuring a veteran struggling with PTSD and the one woman who can help him recover—and learn to love again. Jillian thought she was a city girl through and through; the fast cars, high fashion, and glamour—she loves it all. But when her ex tells her he’s having a baby with his new wife (after Jillian struggled for years to get pregnant), she hightails it back to Montana to cry on the shoulder of her best friend, Cara. But in truth, Jillian would rather be comforted by someone else…specifically Zack, Cara’s brother-in-law. Zack is a veteran of the Iraq War who came back to the family ranch to raise his preteen son after the boy’s mother took off. He’s struggling to re-establish a relationship with his son, and warding off the demons of PTSD, which still haunt him. The last thing he needs is bold, brassy Jillian…but why can’t he keep his hands off her?

Cooking Under the Big Sky

Cooking Under the Big Sky Author
ISBN-10 OCLC:969780861
Release 2007
Pages 201
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Community cookbook from the Whitefish Community Center, Home of the Golden Agers of Whitefish, Montana. Recipes include cashew crab artichoke dip, frozen cabbage salad, rosemary pork chops, elk roast, cowboy cookies, and green apple cake. Includes brief history of the Whitefish Golden Agers.