Truth of Embers

Truth of Embers Author Caitlyn McFarland
ISBN-10 9781459290228
Release 2015-12-14
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Months after bonding with Rhys, Kai is finding her place among the Wingless—humans who have heartsworn to dragons. Determined to help her new people, she's delving deep into her magical training and is the first Wingless to ride into battle with her dragon mate. Going against customs as ancient as dragons, Rhys is forming his own vision for dragonkind. But the Council have plans of their own that don't include a Wingless queen. Meanwhile, the war with Owain is finally here and the fight for control of dragonkind could destroy everything—including humanity itself. When unbreakable bonds are torn asunder, Kai and Rhys will learn exactly how deep their love goes. The battle has begun, and no matter what happens, this one will be the last. If they can't come together, their lives are forfeit—as well as every other life they hold dear. Book three of the Dragonsworn trilogy

Embers in the Ashes

Embers in the Ashes Author Martin Werlen
ISBN-10 9780809148561
Release 2013
Pages 32
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In this dynamic work intended stir the waters and to wake up the Catholic Church, Abbot Martin Werlen exhorts, provokes, and inspires readers into facing today¿s situation in the church.


Embers Author Christopher Hampton
ISBN-10 9780571318834
Release 2014-06-12
Pages 64
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A remote 18th-century Hungarian castle is the setting for a dramatic meeting. Forty-one years after a tragic event two former friends must confront each other in a devastating bid to lay the past to rest. Betrayal, love, truth and friendship all come to the fore in this unforgettable play based on Sndor Mrai's bestselling novel. Embers premiered at the Duke of York's Theatre in London's West End in February 2006.

The Embers and the Stars

The Embers and the Stars Author Erazim Kohák
ISBN-10 0226450171
Release 1987-11-15
Pages 284
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Analyzes the relationship between humanity and the natural world from the point of view of philosophy and examines the dehumanization of nature in Western civilization

Embers of Glory

Embers of Glory Author Audri Scott Williams
ISBN-10 9780557433728
Release 2010-08-05
Pages 84
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Celebrating the legacy of the black church.

Stirring the Embers The Starting Over Series Book 1

Stirring the Embers  The Starting Over Series  Book 1 Author Mary Jo Putney
ISBN-10 9781614173830
Release 2013-01-11
Pages 350
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Romantic Women's Fiction. Previously titled: The Burning Point Kate Corsi always dreamed of working in her family's world-famous demolition business—a wish her old-fashioned father denied until his untimely death. He leaves a fortune to Kate and the business to her ex-husband, Donovan—but only if they agree to live under the same roof for a year. Kate and Donovan married too young and stayed too long in a dangerously destructive marriage. Ten years later, surely they're mature enough to co-exist peacefully. But the embers of attraction swiftly flare into flame again. Now, they must confront the pain of the past if they are to have a chance for a future and save their business from a saboteur they're beginning to suspect of murder. REVIEWS: "Ms. Putney takes a taboo issue and creates a poignant tale about forgiveness and the awesome power of love… I could not put it down." ~Darlene Kendall, Rendezvous STARTING OVER SERIES, in order Stirring the Embers Phoenix Falling An Imperfect Process A Holiday Fling, the novella


Truth Author Michael Giltner
ISBN-10 9781257948871
Release 2011-10
Pages 206
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What if you had access to all the information in the world, past and present, true and unaltered facts? How would you use that information; personal gains, humanitarian efforts, political ambitions? And, what if the source of that information, the voices, was suspect in its true purpose? How would you then use that information and at the same time protect yourself? Norm Willstrum had this experience and recalls his story in how he dealt with the Voices. The Voices do exist. We do not see them, but we do hear them. We do not know where they come from, who they will effect, who will listen to them, but they are real. Some hear them, and some listen to them and some feel they must obey. The results can be terrifying; murder in the most gruesome cases, families sacrificed, all at the ever present pressure of the Voices. True accounts of encounters with the Voices are included in the novel.

Moments of Truth

Moments of Truth Author Harry G. Lang
ISBN-10 9781933360300
Release 2007
Pages 225
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Moments of Truth has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Moments of Truth also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Moments of Truth book for free.


Embers Author Laura Bickle
ISBN-10 1439167672
Release 2010-03-30
Pages 368
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Truth burns. Unemployment, despair, anger—visible and invisible unrest feed the undercurrent of Detroit’s unease. A city increasingly invaded by phantoms now faces a malevolent force that further stokes fear and chaos throughout the city. Anya Kalinczyk spends her days as an arson investigator with the Detroit Fire Department, and her nights pursuing malicious spirits with a team of eccentric ghost hunters. Anya—who is the rarest type of psychic medium, a Lantern—suspects a supernatural arsonist is setting blazes to summon a fiery ancient entity that will leave the city in cinders. By Devil’s Night, the spell will be complete, unless Anya—with the help of her salamander familiar and the paranormal investigating team—can stop it. Anya’s accustomed to danger and believes herself inured to loneliness and loss. But this time she’s risking everything: her city, her soul, and a man who sees and accepts her for everything she is. Keeping all three safe will be the biggest challenge she’s ever faced. Embers A sizzling debut from a red-hot new author . . .

Lauf gegen die Dunkelheit

Lauf gegen die Dunkelheit Author Jeanne DuPrau
ISBN-10 3423708832
Release 2004
Pages 299
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Lauf gegen die Dunkelheit has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Lauf gegen die Dunkelheit also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Lauf gegen die Dunkelheit book for free.

Fallen Embers

Fallen Embers Author Lauri J Owen
ISBN-10 9781597190251
Release 2010-09-01
Pages 384
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Was it the unnatural flame that transported Kiera and her nephew to an alternate feudal Alaska one snowy afternoon, or did the strange dog's attack have something to do with it? All she knows is that now she and Alex are in an icy land ruled by a class of decadent mages who have enslaved the shapechanging, indigenous peoples. Kiera soon finds herself fighting to save three children from an army—and does so by summoning fire. Before she can find her way home she must learn more about the local systems of magic and her own powers. On whose side should she fight? Whom can she trust—Marco, the young mage she saves, or fierce and handsome Laszlo, the slave captain of ruling Lord Vayu's army? Kiera's path leads her deeper into Alaska, to joy and to heartbreak. Choosing to follow her heart may cost her everything.

Burning Embers

Burning Embers Author Wayne Pearson
ISBN-10 9781469111148
Release 2008-06-17
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Burning Embers has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Burning Embers also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Burning Embers book for free.

Embers of War

Embers of War Author Fredrik Logevall
ISBN-10 9780679645191
Release 2012-08-21
Pages 864
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WINNER OF THE PULITZER PRIZE Written with the style of a great novelist and the intrigue of a Cold War thriller, Embers of War is a landmark work that will forever change your understanding of how and why America went to war in Vietnam. Tapping newly accessible diplomatic archives in several nations, Fredrik Logevall traces the path that led two Western nations to tragically lose their way in the jungles of Southeast Asia. He brings to life the bloodiest battles of France’s final years in Indochina—and shows how, from an early point, a succession of American leaders made disastrous policy choices that put America on its own collision course with history. An epic story of wasted opportunities and deadly miscalculations, Embers of War delves deep into the historical record to provide hard answers to the unanswered questions surrounding the demise of one Western power in Vietnam and the arrival of another. Eye-opening and compulsively readable, Embers of War is a gripping, heralded work that illuminates the hidden history of the French and American experiences in Vietnam. ONE OF THE MOST ACCLAIMED WORKS OF HISTORY IN RECENT YEARS Winner of the Francis Parkman Prize from the Society of American Historians • Winner of the American Library in Paris Book Award • Winner of the Council on Foreign Relations Arthur Ross Book Award • Finalist for the Cundill Prize in Historical Literature NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY The Washington Post • The Christian Science Monitor • The Globe and Mail “A balanced, deeply researched history of how, as French colonial rule faltered, a succession of American leaders moved step by step down a road toward full-blown war.”—Pulitzer Prize citation “This extraordinary work of modern history combines powerful narrative thrust, deep scholarly authority, and quiet interpretive confidence.”—Francis Parkman Prize citation “A monumental history . . . a widely researched and eloquently written account of how the U.S. came to be involved in Vietnam . . . certainly the most comprehensive review of this period to date.”—The Wall Street Journal “Superb . . . a product of formidable international research.”—The Washington Post “Lucid and vivid . . . [a] definitive history.”—San Francisco Chronicle “An essential work for those seeking to understand the worst foreign-policy adventure in American history . . . Even though readers know how the story ends—as with The Iliad—they will be as riveted by the tale as if they were hearing it for the first time.”—The Christian Science Monitor “A remarkable new history . . . Logevall skillfully explains everything that led up to Vietnam’s fatal partition in 1954 [and] peppers the grand sweep of his book with vignettes of remarkable characters, wise and foolish.”—The Economist “Fascinating, beautifully written . . . Logevall’s account provides much new detail and important new insights. . . . It is impossible to read the book without being struck by contemporary parallels.”—Foreign Policy “[A] brilliant history of how the French colonial war to hang on to its colonies in Indochina became what the Vietnamese now call ‘the American war.’”—Esquire “An excellent, valuable book.”—The Dallas Morning News

Embers Echoes

Embers   Echoes Author Karsten Knight
ISBN-10 9781442450356
Release 2013-11-12
Pages 496
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In Miami, Florida, seeking her younger sister, sixteen-year-old Ashline Wilde, a Polynesian volcano goddess, joins forces with other reincarnated deities but trickster Colt's diabolical plans threaten them all.

Embers of Hope

Embers of Hope Author Kristen James
Release 2012-05-04
Pages 214
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Second Gift Series, Book 1 Savanna Thompson knows what it’s like when you blink and your life shatters. She’s been hiding her divorce from her best friend Cassie, but she knows she can’t any longer. Cassie’s husband, a firefighter, just died. Savanna rushes home, along with her one-year-old daughter to help, and now she’s staying with Cassie in a nursery meant for a baby that won’t ever exist. She will fix their relationship, but it’s complicated with Jason around. He’s the firefighter who saved Savanna’s life two and a half years ago. He just lost his best friend, and like Cassie, he blames himself for Mike’s death. When he convinced Mike to remain with the department, how could he know Mike would die fighting a house fire? Though hurting herself, something deep inside her won’t let her walk away. Jason needs her but she’s off limits on so many levels. She’s falling for this sexy firefighter but he confuses her to no end. Being stuck in the middle is enough stress, plus her own problems are festering behind her helping smile. Can Savanna find the balance between loving Jason, helping Cassie, and taking care of herself and her daughter? Or is she going to lose this bet and her best friend? *** What are readers saying? "I was looking forward to a good story about friendship and love, and your story did not disappoint! I haven’t been in Savannah’s or Cassie’s situation personally, but I was able to feel all of the emotions they were going through as they dealt with the changes in their lives. I can’t imagine the overwhelming feeling of loss and hopelessness that Cassie was facing after her husband died. I think you did a great job of showing her in a bit of a free fall – distancing herself from friends and family, changing the outside of her life (taking down the pictures of her and Mike) but unable to change her inner feelings of anger and hurt, and acting out by doing things she might not ordinarily do. I really loved how both Savannah and Jason both were deeply affected by their “first” meeting. The way you described it from both perspectives was great and really helped the reader “see” what they were going through in those scary moments in the fire. It gave them some history without a history, if that makes any sense. It also added an additional layer to the complications in Savannah and Cassie’s friendship, as well. I really liked the way everything wrapped up – but I feel like Cassie may have more love in her still, so maybe she needs a follow-up romance of her own!" ~from an email from a reader.

From The Embers Rising

From The Embers Rising Author Arthur Stanley Katz
ISBN-10 9781462828937
Release 2009-04-13
Pages 789
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With the embers of World War II smoldering about them, a Jewish-American GI from Brooklyn, a twice wounded, decorated Cavalry Trooper and a German-Protestant girl from the Black Forest, meet in June 1945 – and fall in love. It is a Love so strong that it prevails over all obstacles created by Nazi brutality, national hatreds, and religious differences and, in the way only Love can do, creates a new world From The Embers Rising. Full of fascinating historical details, numerous illustrative photographs, and revealing personal insights, From The Embers Rising brilliantly captures the nuances of this momentous period in history – and how it affects the lives of two individuals caught up in forces greater than them. But, in the end, their inspiring story shows us that love is the greatest force of all. BACK COVER

The Embers of Hope Hibernation Book 2

The Embers of Hope   Hibernation Book 2 Author Nick Jones
Release 2014-12-05
Pages 290
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After narrowly escaping the Shiryaevo Vault, Nathan O’Brien is on the run, adapting to life without Jennifer Logan. In his possession, a powerful mind control device known as the Histeridae and evidence of the Hibernation Program’s true agenda. But how will he convince a world that can no longer listen? Beginning with George Mohanty and his words ‘Death is a relative term’, Nathan must unravel the mystery of the Histeridae. But he is a man on borrowed time, trapped inside a body that was never supposed to last. Can he bring back the woman he loves and expose the truth before it’s too late, or will the past finally catch up with him? From the mountains of India to the futuristic streets of London and Dubai, The Embers of Hope is the thrilling second instalment in the Dystopian, Human Hibernation saga. Genre: Science Fiction, Thriller, Dystopian, Action Adventure.