This Monster Needs a Haircut

This Monster Needs a Haircut Author Bethany Barton
ISBN-10 9781101644034
Release 2012-07-05
Pages 32
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Introducing a lovable monster with a hairy problem Stewart is a monster. He has wild, crazy, messy hair that's perfect for scaring, collecting spiders, and hiding after-school treats. But when Stewart's hair grows so long that things start getting lost in it, his parents decide it's time to intervene. Stewart disagrees. His hair is awesome! But when Stewart's hair keeps him from doing his very favorite thing, he realizes it might be time to reconsider. With slyly funny text and uproarious illustrations, this humorous account of a much-feared experience is a must-have for every monster--and every child, too.

Even Monsters Need Haircuts

Even Monsters Need Haircuts Author Matthew McElligott
ISBN-10 9780802736260
Release 2013-06-27
Pages 40
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Just before midnight, on the night of a full moon, a young barber stays out past his bedtime to go to work. Although his customers are mostly regulars, they are anything but normal-after all, even monsters need haircuts. Business is steady all night, and this barber is prepared for anything with his scissors, rotting tonic, horn polish, and stink wax. It's a tough job, but someone's got to help these creatures maintain their ghoulish good looks. Perfect for Halloween, this is a hilarious story about a boy who follows in his father's footsteps . . . in his own monstrously unique way.

This Monster Cannot Wait

This Monster Cannot Wait Author Bethany Barton
ISBN-10 9781101627655
Release 2013-04-18
Pages 32
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Irrepressible Stewart the monster is back, and he has big news: He's going camping in five days! But if he could just change the clocks, build a time machine, or make this book move faster, he could go camping NOW. Of course, Stewart's parents know that good things come to those who wait – and eventually Stewart will learn that, too. In this hilarious follow-up to This Monster Needs a Haircut, Bethany Barton channels her inner preschooler and shows readers that even the most exuberant, enthusiastic, in-the-moment monsters can be persuaded to wait. Eventually.

This Monster Needs a Haircut 5c CD W Riser

This Monster Needs a Haircut 5c CD W Riser Author Bethany Barton
ISBN-10 0803736517
Release 2012-07
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This Monster Needs a Haircut 5c CD W Riser has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from This Monster Needs a Haircut 5c CD W Riser also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full This Monster Needs a Haircut 5c CD W Riser book for free.

I m Trying to Love Spiders

I m Trying to Love Spiders Author Bethany Barton
ISBN-10 9780698148048
Release 2015-07-07
Pages 40
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The Official Spider Test. What do you do when you see a spider? a. Lay on a BIG spidey smoocheroo. b. Smile, but back away slowly. c. Grab the closest object, wind up, and let it fly. d. Run away screaming. If you chose b, c, or d, then this book is for you! (If you chose a, you might be crazy.) I’m Trying to Love Spiders will help you see these amazing arachnids in a whole new light, from their awesomely excessive eight eyes, to the seventy-five pounds of bugs a spider can eat in a single year! And you’re sure to feel better knowing you have a better chance of being struck by lightning than being fatally bit by a spider. Comforting, right? No? Either way, there’s heaps more information in here to help you forget your fears . . . or at least laugh a lot!

It s Haircut Time

It s Haircut Time Author Michele Griffin
ISBN-10 9781935567332
Release 2012-01-01
Pages 36
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A boy who fears having his hair cut has to go to the barber anyway, and while it is unpleasant at first, his mother reminds him of ways to cope with the situation.

Monster Needs a Costume

Monster Needs a Costume Author Paul Czajak
ISBN-10 9781938063077
Release 2013-09-03
Pages 32
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It’s almost Halloween, and Monster needs to decide what he’s going to be. With so many options — a fireman, a ballerina, a cowboy, a ninja—how will he ever decide? In this playful, rhyming story, Monster shows young readers that sometimes being creative and daring to try something new are the best solutions.

33 Minutes

33 Minutes Author Todd Hasak-Lowy
ISBN-10 9781442445017
Release 2014-01-07
Pages 224
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An epic lunch period leads to a fateful showdown as small, skinny seventh-grader Sam's former best friend--now a popular athlete--promises to beat Sam up at recess in exactly thirty-three minutes.

Give Bees a Chance

Give Bees a Chance Author Bethany Barton
ISBN-10 9780698148079
Release 2017-04-25
Pages 40
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From the author-illustrator of Children's Choice Book Award Winner I'm Trying to Love Spiders: a plea to please give bees a chance! Not sure whether to high-five bees or run away from them? Well, maybe you shouldn't high-five them, but you definitely don't have to run away from them. Give Bees a Chance is for anyone who doesn't quite appreciate how extra special and important bees are to the world, and even to humankind! Besides making yummy honey, they help plants grow fruits and vegetables. And most bees wouldn't hurt a fly (unless it was in self-defense!). Bethany Barton's interactive cartoon-style illustrations and hilarious narrator mean this book is full of facts and fun. With bees officially on the endangered animals list, it's more important now than ever to get on board with our flying, honey-making friends!

Mop Top

Mop Top Author Don Freeman
ISBN-10 1442017813
Release 2009-07-10
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A young boy finally agrees to having his hair cut when a nearsighted lady mistakes him for a mop

Monster Needs Your Vote

Monster Needs Your Vote Author Paul Czajak
ISBN-10 9781938063640
Release 2015-09-04
Pages 32
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Election season is here and Monster is ready to vote! But why cast your ballot when you can run for president instead? With speeches, debates, and a soapbox or two, Monster’s newest tale is a campaign encouraging kids to take a stand and fight for what they believe in.

The Book Thief

The Book Thief Author Markus Zusak
ISBN-10 9780552779739
Release 2013
Pages 553
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HERE IS A SMALL FACT - YOU ARE GOING TO DIE 1939. Nazi Germany. The country is holding its breath. Death has never been busier. Liesel, a nine-year-old girl, is living with a foster family on Himmel Street. Her parents have been taken away to a concentration camp. Liesel steals books. This is her story and the story of the inhabitants of her street when the bombs begin to fall. SOME IMPORTANT INFORMATION - THIS NOVEL IS NARRATED BY DEATH It's a small story, about: a girl an accordionist some fanatical Germans a Jewish fist fighter and quite a lot of thievery. ANOTHER THING YOU SHOULD KNOW - DEATH WILL VISIT THE BOOK THIEF THREE TIMES

The Smiley Snowman

The Smiley Snowman Author M. Christina Butler
ISBN-10 1561486965
Release 2010
Pages 32
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A bear, a fox, and a rabbit build a snowman, but their efforts to keep it happy and warm almost bring about its demise.

Eva and Sadie and the Worst Haircut EVER

Eva and Sadie and the Worst Haircut EVER Author Jeff Cohen
ISBN-10 0062249061
Release 2014-06-03
Pages 32
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Meet Eva and Sadie in debut picture book author Jeff Cohen's Eva and Sadie and the Worst Haircut EVER! The book was inspired by the viral recording of NPR reporter Jeff interviewing his two little girls explaining the worst haircut ever. When big sister Sadie notices Eva's hair is just too long and getting out of control, she decides to take matters into her own hands. When the haircut is over and there's a pile of hair on the floor, Sadie realizes she may have done something wrong. What will Eva and Sadie's parents say? Will they be able to fix the worst haircut ever? With beautiful illustrations from Elanna Allen, young readers will love reading a story based on a real-life sister act! In the same vein as Fancy Nancy, the fun and creativity of sibling relationships shine through in this sweet tale of cutting hair and learning lessons.

My Favorite Shoes

My Favorite Shoes Author Julie Merberg
ISBN-10 1935703641
Release 2013-07-09
Pages 16
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A must-have for the littlest shoe lovers! This sparkly, tactile, totally fabulous book is for all of the little girls--(even those who have barely begun to walk!)--who can't get enough of new, beautiful shoes. Along with their shoe-loving moms, they will adore the gorgeous pictures and textures--of leopard print flats, strappy gold sandals, warm furry boots, and more! Every fashionable page features a little something extra.

Go Away Big Green Monster

Go Away  Big Green Monster Author Ed Emberley
ISBN-10 0316236535
Release 1993-04-01
Pages 32
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Caldecott Award-winning author-artist Ed Emberley has created an ingenious way for children to chase away their nighttime fears. Kids can turn the pages of this die-cut book and watch the Big Green Monster grow. Then, when they're ready to show him who's in charge, they'll turn the remaining pages and watch him disappear! This lavish reissue features dramatic die-cut eyes and sparkling foil on the cover.

The Happiest Book Ever

The Happiest Book Ever Author Bob Shea
ISBN-10 1484730453
Release 2016-10-11
Pages 40
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What could be happier than a book with a dancing cake, a candy parade, and a hug monster? A book with all those things (and more) plus YOU! Your happy, happy thoughts will make this book super happy happy! But something seems off. Could it be that frowny frog? Perhaps we could shake some sense into him, or slap a Post-it over his face. No? Well then, maybe its time for that frog to SCRAM! Hooray! He's gone! Time for a happy dance! Wait, what's wrong? Now NO ONE seems happy! Let's see if we can't do something to truly make this the happiest book ever. In his most interactive book yet, Bob Shea proves that happiness is more than just a piece of chocolate cake. (Though that comes pretty close!)