Things Left Unsaid A Novel In Poems

Things Left Unsaid  A Novel In Poems Author Stephanie Hemphill
ISBN-10 0786837454
Release 2007-04-02
Pages 272
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Sarah used to be the good girl. The one who always raised her hand in class, always obeyed her parents. Until she met Robin. Once Robin comes into the picture, Sarah’s life changes. Her closet begins to fill with black clothes. Good grades become something to be studiously avoided. And maintaining her other friendships doesn’t seem so important anymore. Sarah thinks she knows Robin. But Robin pushes the limits way too far, and forces Sarah to question everything in her life­­––everything Sarah thinks she wants. /DIV DIVIn stunning verse, this novel gradually reveals the complexities of friendship––the power it has to define, destroy, and, eventually, heal again.

Things Left Unsaid

Things Left Unsaid Author Stephanie Hemphill
ISBN-10 0786818506
Release 2005-02-07
Pages 272
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After a lifetime of conforming to the image of what her parents and high school friends want her to be, Sarah must come to terms with her own identity when her destructive best friend tries to commit suicide. Told in the form of free-verse poems.

The Big Book of Teen Reading Lists

The Big Book of Teen Reading Lists Author Nancy J. Keane
ISBN-10 1591583330
Release 2006
Pages 297
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Presents a collection of book lists for teenagers, featuring both fiction and nonfiction titles.

Teaching Young Adult Literature Today

Teaching Young Adult Literature Today Author Judith A. Hayn
ISBN-10 9781442207202
Release 2012
Pages 296
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Teaching Young Adult Literature Today introduces the reader to what is current and relevant in the plethora of good books available for adolescents. More importantly, literary experts illustrate how teachers everywhere can help their students become lifelong readers by simply introducing them to great reads smart, insightful, and engaging books that are specifically written for adolescents. Hayn, Kaplan, and their contributors address a wide range of topics: how to avoid common obstacles to using YAL; selecting quality YAL for classrooms while balancing these with curriculum requirements; engaging disenfranchised readers; pairing YAL with technology as an innovative way to teach curriculum standards across all content areas. Contributors also discuss more theoretical subjects, such as the absence of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) young adult literature in secondary classrooms; and contemporary YAL that responds to the changing expectations of digital generation readers who want to blur the boundaries between page and screen."

Tantalizing Tidbits for Teens 2

Tantalizing Tidbits for Teens 2 Author Ruth E. Cox Clark
ISBN-10 9781586832353
Release 2007
Pages 140
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Presents a collection of book talks and acitivities for high school libraries.

The Verse Novel in Young Adult Literature

The Verse Novel in Young Adult Literature Author Brenna Friesner
ISBN-10 9781442272453
Release 2016-11-16
Pages 234
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Throughout history, the verse novel has persisted as a modest but noteworthy literary subgenre, from classic works like Eugene Onegin to contemporary volumes by Vikram Seth, Dorothy Porter, and Derek Walcott. In particular, the verse novel has emerged as a popular form for young adult readers, such as the Newbery Medal winner Out of the Dust by Karen Hesse. As this unique form continues to flourish, it merits closer examination. In The Verse Novel in Young Adult Literature, Brenna Friesner explores both the history and current use of the verse novel in teen fiction. Examining more than 220 titles written over the last few decades, Friesner discusses the verse novel’s evolution, analyzes key works, and considers how these novels can grapple with content that distinguishes them from traditional fiction. Though this study includes volumes written throughout history, its focus on contemporary novels further demonstrates the form’s relevance for today’s teens. By explaining its current popularity, this book acknowledges the verse novel’s potential to provide accessible, authentic stories for young adults to enjoy. The Verse Novel in Young Adult Literature will be of interest to librarians and teachers, as well as anyone wanting to learn more about this burgeoning aspect of young adult literature.

Literacy for the New Millennium

Literacy for the New Millennium Author Barbara J. Guzzetti
ISBN-10 9780313069215
Release 2007-01-01
Pages 1038
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This four volume set provides authoritative voices commenting on the most important areas of literacy across the lifespan.


ELLEgirl Author
Release 2005-06
Pages 152
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ELLEgirl, the international style bible for girls who dare to be different, is published by Hachette Filipacchi Media U.S., Inc., and is accessible on the web at ELLEgirl provides young women with insider information on fashion, beauty, service and pop culture in a voice that, while maintaining authority on the subject, includes and amuses them.

Hideous Love

Hideous Love Author Stephanie Hemphill
ISBN-10 9780062209238
Release 2013-10-01
Pages 320
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From Stephanie Hemphill, author of the Printz Honor winner Your Own, Sylvia and the acclaimed novel Wicked Girls: A Novel of the Salem Witch Trials, comes the fascinating story of gothic novelist Mary Shelley, most famous for the classic Frankenstein. An all-consuming love affair with famed poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, a family torn apart by scandal, a young author on the brink of greatness: Hideous Love is the story of the mastermind behind one of the most iconic figures in all of literature, a monster constructed out of dead bodies and brought to life by the tragic Dr. Frankenstein. This luminous verse novel reveals how Mary Shelley became one of the most celebrated authors in history.

The Things I ve Left Unsaid

The Things I ve Left Unsaid Author Puneet Rangi
ISBN-10 9781770972049
Release 2012-02
Pages 88
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Here's the diary of a soul who finally found courage to express the truths that must be told. Conveying the ways in which filth trickled by and eroded every piece of humanity left inside. Here's a challenge to the world in all the atrocities it must hide. The forbidden challenge against actions speaking louder than words, here's the voices that haven't been heard. No more lies that must be told, no more anguish left to hold. Here's an opportunity to lift the weight of the world off your back, a first and forlorn possibility to attack. In acknowledgment that truths are filtered thoroughly, let's not be blind to all the carnage that we see, and finally be able to know that this chaos that'll be, is that the chaos surrounding our souls inevitably. Hear the truths in all its lies, take note and hear them through your hearts avertable demise.

Literature and the Child

Literature and the Child Author Lee Galda
ISBN-10 9781133602071
Release 2013-01-01
Pages 528
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LITERATURE AND THE CHILD, 8th Edition, covers the two major topical areas of children’s literature: the genres of children’s literature (picturebooks, contemporary realistic fiction, etc.) and the use of children’s literature in the classroom. The book offers succinct yet beautifully written and illustrated discussions that reflect the tone and feel of children’s books. Featuring discussions of the latest works of children’s literature, the book includes coverage of the growing importance of young adult literature as well as emphasis on upper-level children’s literature and adolescent literature. The authors pay careful attention to diversity in children’s literature and equip readers with practical, research-based teaching ideas linked to the Common Core English Language Arts Standards for grades kindergarten through eight. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

This World

This World Author Stephen Jon Schares
ISBN-10 9780595214099
Release 2001-01
Pages 112
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This book is a collection of poems about the words we say and the words left unsaid. The things we control and the things we don't. The secrets we keep hidden away behind the mask and the statements we wear boldly on our sleeve. The actions we take without thought and the acts of others that affect us all. What we bring to the table is ultimately what consumes us. For good or ill, we live our lives; and our existence, like gravity, affects those around us in ways we cannot readily measure.

Screening Gender Framing Genre

Screening Gender  Framing Genre Author Peter Dickinson
ISBN-10 9780802044754
Release 2007
Pages 280
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Examines the history and theory of films adapted from Canadian literature through the lens of gender studies. This study offers readings of works by well-known Canadian authors such as Margaret Atwood, Marie-Claire Blais, and Michael Ondaatje, and by important Canadian filmmakers such as Mireille Dansereau, Claude Jutra, and Bruce McDonald.

Harvest of the Late Season

Harvest of the Late Season Author Aniruddha Pathak
ISBN-10 9781482849356
Release 2015-10-13
Pages 456
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Harvest of the late season, yes indeed it is. All my working life— ever since my days with the Times of India group of publications where I worked in the Economic Times during mid sixties— I only wrote analytical stuff for the newspaper. Later when I shifted to management from journalism, and then through change of jobs this continued. When I retired, some of the periodicals requested me to continue to contribute articles regularly, which I initially thought, why not, but was not sure, for I had also decided to do something different from what I did all working life. Yet, I was toying with the idea of continuing to write something. Only, that something was not spelt out, nor was I clear as to what. Soon, this something turned out to be poetry and poetic translation of ancient Sanskrit texts. Harvest of the Late Season is the first book on poetry presented to readers.

The FinDog

The FinDog Author James Pruitt
ISBN-10 9781514411346
Release 2015-10-05
Pages 80
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This book is more of a collection of poems from the last twenty years. Some may be thoughts or include events leading to but most like this book is the return value of being single. Or suppose, my compromise didn’t work.

Young Readers and Their Books

Young Readers and Their Books Author Gervase Phinn
ISBN-10 9781134120499
Release 2013-11-26
Pages 148
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First Published in 2000. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.


Smoke Author Ellen Hopkins
ISBN-10 9781416983293
Release 2015-02-03
Pages 576
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After the death of her abusive father and loss of her beloved Ethan and their unborn child, Pattyn runs away, desperately seeking peace, as her younger sister, a sophomore in high school, also tries to put the pieces of her life back together.