From the Mouth of the Whale

From the Mouth of the Whale Author Sjón
ISBN-10 9780374709945
Release 2013-04-30
Pages 240
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From the Mouth of the Whale is an Icelandic saga for the modern age. The year is 1635. Iceland is a world darkened by superstition, poverty, and cruelty. Men of science marvel over a unicorn's horn, poor folk worship the Virgin in secret, and both books and men are burned. Sjón introduces us to Jónas Pálmason, a poet and self-taught healer, banished to a barren island for heretical conduct, as he recalls his gift for curing "female maladies," his exorcism of a walking corpse on the remote Snjáfjöll coast, the frenzied massacre of innocent Basque whalers at the hands of local villagers, and the deaths of three of his children. Pálmason's story echoes across centuries and cultures, an epic tale that makes us see the world anew.

The Sounding of the Whale

The Sounding of the Whale Author D. Graham Burnett
ISBN-10 9780226081335
Release 2012-01-09
Pages 824
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From the Bible’s “Canst thou raise leviathan with a hook?” to Captain Ahab’s “From Hell’s heart I stab at thee!,” from the trials of Job to the legends of Sinbad, whales have breached in the human imagination as looming figures of terror, power, confusion, and mystery. In the twentieth century, however, our understanding of and relationship to these superlatives of creation underwent some astonishing changes, and with The Sounding of the Whale, D. Graham Burnett tells the fascinating story of the transformation of cetaceans from grotesque monsters, useful only as wallowing kegs of fat and fertilizer, to playful friends of humanity, bellwethers of environmental devastation, and, finally, totems of the counterculture in the Age of Aquarius. When Burnett opens his story, ignorance reigns: even Nature was misclassifying whales at the turn of the century, and the only biological study of the species was happening in gruesome Arctic slaughterhouses. But in the aftermath of World War I, an international effort to bring rational regulations to the whaling industry led to an explosion of global research—and regulations that, while well-meaning, were quashed, or widely flouted, by whaling nations, the first shot in a battle that continues to this day. The book closes with a look at the remarkable shift in public attitudes toward whales that began in the 1960s, as environmental concerns and new discoveries about whale behavior combined to make whales an object of sentimental concern and public adulation. A sweeping history, grounded in nearly a decade of research, The Sounding of the Whale tells a remarkable story of how science, politics, and simple human wonder intertwined to transform the way we see these behemoths from below.

The Whale and the Supercomputer

The Whale and the Supercomputer Author Charles Wohlforth
ISBN-10 1429923741
Release 2005-05-04
Pages 336
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In The Whale and the Supercomputer, scientists and natives wrestle with our changing climate in the land where it has hit first--and hardest A traditional Eskimo whale-hunting party races to shore near Barrow, Alaska--their comrades trapped on a floe drifting out to sea--as ice that should be solid this time of year gives way. Elsewhere, a team of scientists transverses the tundra, sleeping in tents, surviving on frozen chocolate, and measuring the snow every ten kilometers in a quest to understand the effects of albedo, the snow's reflective ability to cool the earth beneath it. Climate change isn't an abstraction in the far North. It is a reality that has already dramatically altered daily life, especially that of the native peoples who still live largely off the land and sea. Because nature shows her footprints so plainly here, the region is also a lure for scientists intent on comprehending the complexities of climate change. In this gripping account, Charles Wohlforth follows the two groups as they navigate a radically shifting landscape. The scientists attempt to decipher its smallest elements and to derive from them a set of abstract laws and models. The natives draw on uncannily accurate traditional knowledge, borne of long experience living close to the land. Even as they see the same things-a Native elder watches weather coming through too fast to predict; a climatologist notes an increased frequency of cyclonic systems-the two cultures struggle to reconcile their vastly different ways of comprehending the environment. With grace, clarity, and a sense of adventure, Wohlforth--a lifelong Alaskan--illuminates both ways of seeing a world in flux, and in the process, helps us to navigate a way forward as climate change reaches us all.

Moby Dick

Moby Dick Author Herman Melville
ISBN-10 9781944529024
Release 2016-04-12
Pages 660
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"Call me Ishmael." So begins the famous opening chapter of Moby-Dick; or, The Whale. Young sailor Ishmael is hired as a crew member of a whaler named Pequod, captained by a man named Ahab. In between lengthy chapters on whale biology and descriptions of the crew and the whaling trade, readers are slowly introduced to a captivating tale. Ahab is out for revenge on the great white whale that stole his leg, leaving him with a whale-bone prosthesis and a withering hatred for the beast. Known as Moby Dick, the whale is infamous for his encounters and escapes with whale ships, and Ahab offers a gold coin, nailed to the Pequod's mast, as a reward for whoever sights him first. Beginning on a cold Christmas morning, the crew embarks on a journey to find the whale and make their fortunes. An exciting staple of American literature, Moby-Dick is a must-read for anyone interested in the classics. Herman Melville was inspired to write Moby Dick by the 1821 biographical account Narrative of the Most Extraordinary and Distressing Shipwreck of the Whale-ship Essex, which in turn inspired the 2000 novel and 2015 movie, In the Heart of the Sea.

Moby Dick Or The Whale

Moby Dick  Or The Whale Author Herman Melville
ISBN-10 0810102684
Release 1988-09-01
Pages 1048
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The classic American novel about the doomed voyage of the Pequod in pursuit of the enigmatic white whale

The Whale and other uncollected translations

The Whale  and other uncollected translations Author Richard Wilbur
ISBN-10 0918526337
Release 1982-10-01
Pages 55
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Poetry. Richard Wilbur is almost as celebrated for his accomplished translations as he is for his poetry. This rich volume collects several of his most interesting, least available work.

The Whale Rider

The Whale Rider Author Witi Ihimaera
ISBN-10 9781742287089
Release 2008-11-27
Pages 156
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Eight-year-old Kahu craves her great-grandfather's love and attention. But he is focused on his duties as chief ofa Maori tribe in Whangara, on the East Coast of New Zealand - a tribe that claims descent from the legendary 'whale rider'. In every generation since the whale rider, a male has inherited the title of chief. But now there is no male heir - there's only kahu. She should be the next in line for the title, but her great-grandfather is blinded by tradition and sees no use for a girl. Kahu will not be ignored. And in her struggle she has a unique ally: the whale rider himself, from whom she has inherited the ability to communicate with whales. Once that sacred gift is revealed, Kahu may be able to re-establish her people's ancestral connections, earn her great-grandfather's attention - and lead her tribe to a bold new future.

Unveiling The Whale

Unveiling The Whale Author Arne Kalland
ISBN-10 0857454269
Release 2013-07-15
Pages 254
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Whaling has become one of the most controversial environmental issues. It is not that all whale species are at the brink of extinction, but that whales have become important symbols to both pro- and anti-whaling factions and can easily be appropriated as the common heritage of humankind. This book, the first of its kind, is therefore not about whales and whaling per se but about how people communicate about whales and whaling. It contributes to a better understanding and discussion of controversial environmental issues: Why and how are issues selected? How is knowledge on these issues produced and distributed by organizations and activists? And why do affluent countries like Japan and Norway still support whaling, which is of insignificant economic importance? Basing his analysis on fieldwork in Japan and Norway and at the International Whaling Commission, the author argues how an image of a “superwhale” has been constructed and how this image has replaced meat and oil as the important whale commodity. He concludes that the whaling issue provides an arena where NGOs and authorities on each side can unite, swapping political legitimacy and building personal relations that can be useful on issues where relations are less harmonious.

The Whale and His Captors Or The Whaleman s Adventures

The Whale and His Captors  Or  The Whaleman s Adventures Author Henry Theodore Cheever
ISBN-10 UCAL:$B259494
Release 1850
Pages 314
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The Whale and His Captors Or The Whaleman s Adventures has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Whale and His Captors Or The Whaleman s Adventures also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Whale and His Captors Or The Whaleman s Adventures book for free.

The tumour in the whale

The tumour in the whale Author Rodney Dale
ISBN-10 IND:30000122436292
Release 1978-09-28
Pages 169
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The tumour in the whale has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The tumour in the whale also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The tumour in the whale book for free.

Lucchesi and The Whale

Lucchesi and The Whale Author Frank Lentricchia
ISBN-10 0822331713
Release 2003-06-25
Pages 128
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A midwestern college professor finds a rationale for a life lived with literture by embarking on a quest for the secret meaning of Melville's, MOBY DICK.

The Whale Warriors

The Whale Warriors Author Peter Heller
ISBN-10 9781416532484
Release 2008-10-14
Pages 298
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For two months, journalist Heller was aboard the pirate ship the "Farley Mowat" as it stalked its prey--a Japanese whaling fleet. Now, Heller chronicles this hair-raising journey, whose mission was to stop illegal whaling in the stormy, remote seas off Antarctica. 288.

A Whale for the Killing

A Whale for the Killing Author Farley Mowat
ISBN-10 0811731863
Release 2005
Pages 217
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Mowat's moving plea, based on actual events, to end commercial hunting of the whale.

Sounding the Whale

Sounding the Whale Author Christopher Sten
ISBN-10 0873385608
Release 1996-01
Pages 91
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Sounding the Whale is Christopher Sten's comprehensive account of his own close encounter with Moby-Dick. Originally a long, self-contained chapter in The Weaver-God, He Weaves: Melville and the Poetics of the Novel, just published by the Kent State University Press, this chapter-by-chapter study of Moby-Dick evolved as a book within a book. Sten argues that Melville not only was familiar with the traditional forms of narrative but that he refined them and appropriated them to his own original purposes. For Moby-Dick, he fused the heroic qualities of the ancient Homeric epic with the spiritual qualities of the early modern form found in Dante and Milton, then cast the whole enterprise in an unprecedented poetic prose form. Thus he formulated the first prose epic of its kind, and the only religious epic on the subject of whaling anyone is likely to write.

In the Whale

In the Whale Author Judith C. Greenburg
ISBN-10 9780375825248
Release 2003
Pages 84
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While trying to recover from their accidental underwater adventure, Andrew, his cousin Judy, and Thudd the robot are swallowed by a blue whale, the world's largest creature.

The Whale

The Whale Author Cynthia Rylant
ISBN-10 9781442465923
Release 2012-07-17
Pages 64
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In this Lighthouse Family adventure, Whistler and Lila help to reunite a baby beluga whale with his mother. Pandora, Seabold, Whistler, Lila, and Tiny have all been enjoying the love and comfort that being a family brings. It is a comfort they are unexpectedly reminded of when Whistler and Lila hear the cries of a lonely baby beluga whale named Sebastian. When they learn that he has lost his mama, the Lighthouse Family, with the help of a cranky but noble old cormorant named Huck, does all it can to bring Sebastian and his mother together again.

The Whale and the Reactor

The Whale and the Reactor Author Langdon Winner
ISBN-10 0226902099
Release 2010-07-15
Pages 214
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"The questions he poses about the relationship between technical change and political power are pressing ones that can no longer be ignored, and identifying them is perhaps the most a nascent 'philosophy of technology' can expect to achieve at the present time."—David Dickson, New York Times Book Review "The Whale and the Reactor is the philosopher's equivalent of superb public history. In its pages an analytically trained mind confronts some of the most pressing political issues of our day."—Ruth Schwartz Cowan, Isis