The Truth About Special Education

The Truth About Special Education Author Robert Evert Cimera
ISBN-10 9780585455365
Release 2003-01-09
Pages 224
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Few parents and educators understand special education_its terms, philosophies, and process. This easy-to-read book contains a step-by-step discussion of the special education process and has hundreds of additional resources for parents including professional organizations, support groups, and useful websites. It will help parents and students minimize the inevitable anxiety associated with enrolling in a special education program. They will also gain insight into the legal rights and responsibilities associated with having a child in special education and learn how to develop effective educational plans and strategies for building effective educational teams along with basic information regarding common disabilities. Primarily written for family members of children with disabilities, this book will also be useful for educators who are unfamiliar with special education as well as special educators who are new to the field.

The magic feather

The magic feather Author Lori Granger
ISBN-10 UOM:49015000539438
Release 1986-09-01
Pages 259
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Based upon studies of the ways in which children are labeled and treated in schools, including the experience of their own son, the authors determine that the processes that the educational system employs to determine learning disabilities are inaccuratea

Truth in Labeling

Truth in Labeling Author
ISBN-10 UOM:39015076120149
Release 2007
Pages 48
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Truth in Labeling has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Truth in Labeling also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Truth in Labeling book for free.

The Positive Side of Special Education

The Positive Side of Special Education Author Kenneth A. Kavale
ISBN-10 1578860970
Release 2004-01-01
Pages 293
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This book provides a description of special education practices that have had significant impact but lacked scientific validation.

Integrating Faith and Special Education

Integrating Faith and Special Education Author Ben Nworie
ISBN-10 9781498238397
Release 2016-10-10
Pages 220
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There is an inherent connection between the Christian faith and special education. For example, both focus on the worth of the individual. Both also focus on fairness and on caring for, or helping, the weak. Similarly, both aim to equip and support others. This book helps the readers perceive this integral relationship that exists between the Christian faith and the special education discipline. This book utilizes the chapters that stem from real life professional experiences and scholarship of the contributors to model and encourage special education practice from a Christian faith angle. It is our view that special education practiced from this faith perspective will transform what is currently accepted as best practice, into a new system of special education experience that is wholesome, biblically-based, and characteristic of Shalom as wholeness (not just peace). Shalom in this sense has strong relevance in both the Christian faith and special education. The first three chapters highlight the connection between special education and Christian theology, and draw attention to the pivotal role worldview plays in being an effective special educator. The bulk of the body of the text looks at different aspects of instructional effectiveness in special education from a Christian faith perspective.

Special Educational Needs

Special Educational Needs Author Mary Warnock
ISBN-10 9781441156501
Release 2010-04-01
Pages 184
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Special Educational Needs: A New Look by Mary Warnock was initially published by the Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain in 2005. In this new edition, Warnock has updated her argument, Brahm Norwich has contributed a counter-argument and Lorella Terzi has provided� an introduction� and afterword, drawing the two debates together. The issues debated in this new edition of Special Educational Needs: A New Look include: The statement of special educational need The concept of inclusion Special Educational Needs: A New Look raises issues which will be of interest to all involved in special education and inclusion, including teachers, policy makers and educationalists.

Encyclopedia of Special Education

Encyclopedia of Special Education Author Cecil R. Reynolds
ISBN-10 9780471677987
Release 2007-01-02
Pages 2186
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Offers a thoroughly revised, comprehensive A to Z compilation of authoritative information on the education of those with special needs.

New Perspectives in Special Education

New Perspectives in Special Education Author Michael Farrell
ISBN-10 9780415504225
Release 2012
Pages 258
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"This book should be read by everyone who wants to understand special education today. James M. Kauffman, Ed.D, Professor Emeritus of Education, University of Virginia. New Perspectives in Special Education opens the door to the fascinating and vitally important world of theory that informs contemporary special education. It examines theoretical and philosophical orientations such as 'positivism', 'poststructuralism' and 'hermeneutics', relating these to contemporary global views of special education. Offering a refreshingly balanced view across a broad range of debates, this topical text guides the reader through the main theoretical and philosophical positions that may be held with regard to special education, and critically examines positions that often go unrecognised and unquestioned by practitioners and academics alike. It helps the reader to engage with and question the positions taken by themselves and others, by providing thinking points and suggestions for further reading at the end of each chapter. Perspectives covered include: Positivism and empiricism Phenomenology and hermeneutics Historical materialism and critical theory Holism and constructivism Structuralism and post structuralism Pragmatism and symbolic interactionism Psychoanalysis Postmodernism and historical epistemology Anyone wishing to gain a fuller understanding of special education should not be without this stimulating and much-needed text"--

Toward a Theology of Special Education

Toward a Theology of Special Education Author David W. Anderson Ed D.
ISBN-10 9781449772499
Release 2012-10
Pages 282
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"Professor, mentor, author, disability advocate, seminar leader around the world—Dr. David Anderson corralled his many talents and worldwide experiences to author this important book. The volume should prove invaluable to Christians concerned about disabilities, especially teachers. Without flinching, Dr. Anderson tackles the tough issues: How could a good and benevolent God permit disabled children? Are disabilities the result of sin? How does a Christian teacher of the disabled differ from secular counterparts? Especially helpful is his emphasis on the reflective teacher integrating faith and learning. Certainly this is a volume that belongs on the bookshelves of anyone concerned with disabilities." —Steven A. Kaatz PhD, Graduate Programs in Special Education, Bethel University, St. Paul, Minnesota "I have had the privilege of traveling with Dr. Anderson as he has taught the concepts addressed in this book to educators, pastors, and parents in a variety of countries. I've seen the material come alive as leaders discover the importance of thinking Christianly about disability. This book has the potential of impacting all readers in similar ways. Dr. Anderson challenges all of us to come to grips with a biblical worldview and then to live it out within our spheres of influence. Toward a Theology of Special Education thus encourages all readers to think Christianly about disability. Such thinking will then motivate us to care with God's care and to serve with God's concern for justice and compassion." —Dr. Richard Schoenert, pastor emeritus, Calvary Church, Roseville, Minnesota

The Nature of Special Education

The Nature of Special Education Author Tony Booth
ISBN-10 9781134983407
Release 2003-09-02
Pages 452
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First published in 1981. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Research and Evaluation Methods in Special Education

Research and Evaluation Methods in Special Education Author Donna M. Mertens
ISBN-10 0761946535
Release 2004
Pages 275
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This excellent resource provides an approach to research and evaluation that helps educators better understand and address the needs of students with various disabilities.

Special Education Classroom Management for New Teachers

Special Education Classroom Management for New Teachers Author D. Adrienne Johnson
ISBN-10 9781304727305
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Special Education Classroom Management for New Teachers has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Special Education Classroom Management for New Teachers also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Special Education Classroom Management for New Teachers book for free.

Confessions of a Special Ed Teacher

Confessions of a Special Ed Teacher Author Susan Cramer
ISBN-10 9781412225397
Release 2005-01-04
Pages 178
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In her debut work, Confessions of a Special Ed. Teacher, Susan Cramer tells of her feelings and experiences in her journey to teach these special children. Using a humorous style, Susan has created a book that will evoke in others a newfound hope, inspiration, and understanding of special needs children. Chapters in the book take the reader through the educational process of identifying children with emotional disabilities, creating an IEP, capturing and holding the attention of special needs children, making modifications and adaptations, and implementing behavioral strategies used in her classroom to attain academic and emotional success in the lives of her students. She sprinkles throughout the book controversial issues all too common in her profession: teacher burnout, overcrowded classrooms, budget shortfalls, ineffective administrators, pushy politicians, and absentee parents. She allows the reader to glimpse into her inner sanctum of the teacher's lounge and the antics that keep her of sane mind and body before and after school hours. Then she presents the reader with heart-wrenching stories about those special students who have touched her very soul. Through a combination of tough love, old-school tactics, compassion and humor the author is able to get the students to trust and open up to her in their quest to be successful for school. A "must read" for parents, educators, administrators and prospective collegiate education majors.

Prisoners or Presidents

Prisoners or Presidents Author Dr. Ian Roberts
ISBN-10 9781469124070
Release 2009-06-17
Pages 280
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The demand for information about effective special education programs in public and private educational institutions continues to grow. There is an increase in the alarming statistics surrounding the impact of the negative effects that failing special education programs; particularly those that are focused on placing students in exclusion and self- contained environments. Prisoners or Presidents: “How and Why Inclusion Determines The Future of Students With Special Needs” offers a comprehensive discussion of special education and inclusion. This book provides insight into the wonderful things that can happen to students when the two are merged. This book is written for every educator, parent, policy maker and child who has or has ever had a special need. In addition, this book provides a comprehensive overview about the history of special education, legislation, policy, and practices from the 1800’s to Contemporary America.

Oversight of special education for young people aged 16 25

Oversight of special education for young people aged 16 25 Author Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons: Committee of Public Accounts
ISBN-10 0215041909
Release 2012-02-24
Pages 43
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Almost a third of young people with a Statement of special educational needs at the age of 16 are not in any form of education, employment or training two years later. The Government spent £640 million on special education for 16- to 25-year-olds in 2009-10, yet too many of these young people are falling through the gaps after they leave compulsory education, damaging their life chances and leaving a legacy of costs to the taxpayer. The system is extremely complex and difficult to navigate, with an array of different providers. Too many parents and young people are not given the information they need to make decisions about what is right for them. But three quarters of local authorities do not give parents any information at all about the respective performance of schools, FE colleges and specialist providers. The Department doesn't know how much money is actually spent on support. The huge variation between local authorities in funding per student suggests that a postcode lottery is at work. Students with higher-level needs are placed on the basis of statutory assessments of need; however, witnesses emphasised just how patchy the quality of these assessments can be. The opportunity for reform presented by the Department's recent Special Educational Needs Green Paper should be used to address our concerns It is right for local authorities to decide how to meet the needs of young people in their area - but local people must have access to clear information so that they can hold local authorities to account for how well they deliver

Neurodiversity in the Classroom

Neurodiversity in the Classroom Author Thomas Armstrong
ISBN-10 9781416615415
Release 2012
Pages 184
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A new concept on human diversity has emerged over the past 10 years that promises to revolutionize the way educators provide services to students with special needs: neurodiversity. Just as we celebrate diversity in nature and cultures, so too do we need to honor the diversity of brains among our students who learn, think, and behave differently. In Neurodiversity in the Classroom, best-selling author Thomas Armstrong argues that we should embrace the strengths of such neurodiverse students to help them and their neurotypical peers thrive in school and beyond. This innovative book focuses on five categories of special needs: learning disabilities, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, autism, intellectual disabilities, and emotional and behavioral disorders. For each category, Armstrong provides an in-depth discussion of * The positive attributes associated with that category, * Acclaimed neurodiverse adults who have excelled in their chosen fields, * Computer programs and applications that allow students with special needs to overcome obstacles and achieve success, * Rich networks of human resources both inside and outside of school that educators can draw upon to support the social and emotional lives of neurodiverse students, * Innovative learning strategies that are tailored to each student's unique strengths, * Future career paths for which a student's particular gifts might be a good fit, * Modifications in the school environment that allow for seamless inclusion of neurodiverse students in the regular classroom, and * Timely information about how to integrate the strategies and assessments for each category with the Common Core State Standards. It's time that we focused on celebrating rather than pathologizing our students with special needs so that they can fully realize their potential in school and life. This practical and thought-provoking book will inspire teachers and administrators everywhere to make sure that all students with special needs get the support and strength-based instruction they deserve.

A Smile as Big as the Moon

A Smile as Big as the Moon Author Mike Kersjes
ISBN-10 0312303149
Release 2003-02-06
Pages 288
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A special education class experiences what it is like to be astronauts when their teacher takes them to Space Camp.