The Suicide King

The Suicide King Author Robert Joseph Levy
ISBN-10 9780689869570
Release 2005
Pages 149
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As a series of student suicides jolts Sunnydale High, Buffy Summers and her gang begin to suspect that there is something supernatural behind the deaths and race against time to uncover the truth and to defeat an ancient evil known as the Suicide King before one of their own falls prey, in the first volume in an all-new series of interactive adventures. Original. (Tie-in to the syndicated television series, created by Joss Whedon, starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, Alyson Hannigan, Nicholas Brendon, & others) (Horror)

The Professor the Banker and the Suicide King

The Professor  the Banker  and the Suicide King Author Michael Craig
ISBN-10 9780446539630
Release 2008-06-17
Pages 288
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In 2001, a stranger from Texas entered the high-stakes poker room in the Bellagio casino in Las Vegas. A self-made billionaire, he challenged some of poker's greatest players to a series of heads-up matches. By the end, there was more than $20 million on the table. For the first time ever, here is the detailed, true account of the legendary Big Game that shocked the poker world. Putting you railside to observe the pulse-pounding action, it takes you inside the iron-nerved mind of the professional gambler. Filled with vivid characters, sensational tales, and riveting human drama, this is a unique, suspenseful journey into the world of people who live on the razor's edge of fortune-where incredible wealth or utter ruin turn on the flip of a card.

One Eyed Jacks and the Suicide King

One Eyed Jacks and the Suicide King Author Anthony Donell Smith
ISBN-10 9781499019759
Release 2015-08-21
Pages 258
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Stages of Literature The sorcerer dawned with skills of voodoo. The tarot card depicts the sorcerer from the voodoo stage, and he permeated into an image, with its symbols of the English court. The tragicomedy period (old English) dispelled the notion of the “sorcerer” being placed between us and our maker. Of course even without the sorcery, forces continued to defy logic. Properties of voodoo, through perspectives, were at the helm. Laws of force were soon accepted by the maturing world. Although these forces have constructs that are not visible, the effects were known to be very consistent. Testing such laws proved reliable to cause and effect. The age of reason brought wisdom, through retrospect, of how we react to the unknown and unexplained. We simply make up what we do not know. However, we do so by taking the perspectives we are granted and reasoning out the realities that lie within. With reality being created from our crooked and unaligned perspectives, our realities pale in comparison to God’s truths. The Romantic Period paired our realizations of reason and logic up against the phenomenon we call emotions. Emotions won hands down. Earlier chronicles of man demonstrate mystery, but the mystics are to the nth power within emotions. The day of the zodiac combines logics and emotions and is depicted by the symbols of civilization. Each past civilization will leave signs of what they most feared and what they most needed (adored). The interrelation of humans is controlled by the celestial constellations, aligning our compatibility to one another. It barely scratches the surface of why we are magnetized to some while we are polarized from others. Charms of Makings caused her end. Makings of charm will set and begin.

The Suicide King Journal

The Suicide King Journal Author Cool Image
ISBN-10 1530775752
Release 2016-03-28
Pages 150
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A life worth living is worth recording, and what better place than this journal? These lined pages crave your scribbled notes, thoughts, ideas, experiences, and notions. Fill the lines, remember your life, don't lose your ideas, and keep reaching higher to live the best life you can. It all starts here, folks, but you'll need your own pen or pencil. Write on!

Long Live The Suicide King

Long Live The Suicide King Author Aaron Michael Ritchey
ISBN-10 0986184543
Release 2015-04-10
Pages 246
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Seventeen-year-old Jim JD Dillinger knows exactly how his miserable suburban life is going to play out. At least drugs added a little chaos to his life, but after almost losing his soul, JD knows he has to quit. Now clean, he figures he has another sixty years of plain old boring life followed by a nasty death. JD decides to pre-empt God by killing himself. However, once he decides to die, his life gets better, more interesting, and then downright strange. New friends. Possible romance. And donuts. Lots of donuts.

The Suicide King Volume 1

The Suicide King Volume 1 Author Quil Carter
ISBN-10 151963837X
Release 2015-12-16
Pages 690
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After months of being separated, Reaver and Killian are finally together; but their happiness is short lived. Unbeknownst to Killian, Reaver is struggling with his own inner demons, demons that threaten to not only rip Reaver apart, but their entire relationship as well.Unfortunately though, it's not only demons they have to worry about. Reaver and Killian are going to quickly realize that the plaguelands hold to them a threat that the greywastes and Skyfall have never seen; a dangerous creature that has discovered just how valuable immortals are.And back in Skyfall, the Dekker family is about to be tested in ways they've never been before. Chimeras who were once seen as unstoppable will be stopped, those deemed shatterproof will be shattered, and the higher these men are, the longer and harder they'll fall. Who will rise from the ashes, and who will burn in the flames still remains to be seen, but one thing's for sure...... it'll be quite the ride.

The Work of Culture

The Work of Culture Author Gananath Obeyesekere
ISBN-10 0226615995
Release 1990-10-15
Pages 354
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"The Work of Culture is the product of two decades of field research by Sri Lanka's most distinguished anthropological interpreter, and its combination of textual analysis, ethnographic sensitivity, and methodological catholicity makes it something of a blockbuster."—Arjun Appadurai, Journal of Asian Studies

Youth Violence

Youth Violence Author Kathryn Seifert, PhD
ISBN-10 9780826107411
Release 2011-10-07
Pages 256
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"This is an excellent reference and guide to intervention for academics, clinicians, and educations concerned with understanding and decreasing violence."--Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries In the U.S., youth violence is the second leading cause of death for young people between the ages of 10 and 24. This volume, authored by a noted psychotherapist with more than 30 years of experience in family violence, examines recent violent episodes perpetrated by young offenders in order to understand their root causes and to disseminate current prevention and treatment methods through a multidisciplinary lens. The book addresses the theoretical underpinnings of youth violence from the perspectives of psychology and neurobiology, describes different types of violence, includes the latest research on "what works" in prevention and treatment, and examines connections between substance abuse, familial and community violence, and school failure in promoting violence in adolescents. Youth Violence is a comprehensive yet highly readable volume for mental health and social service professionals who work with youth and families, and violence researchers. Key Features: Provides real life case studies from Virginia Tech, Columbine, and other recent violent incidents perpetrated by young people Written by an author with over 30 years of experience in youth violence and creator of the premier risk assessment test in use today Offers the latest findings on "what works" in prevention and treatment

Frontier Gambling

Frontier Gambling Author G. R. Williamson
ISBN-10 9781453754122
Release 2011
Pages 306
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Frontier Gambling: The Games, The Gamblers, and the Great Gambling Halls of the Old West is an entertaining look at one of the integral facets of the American West - gambling. Rich in detail and jargon, yet written in an easy to understand style, the book tells how the games were played, legitimately and otherwise; it provides sketches of some of the infamous gamblers and con men of the era; and it covers the notorious saloons and gambling houses where fortunes were wagered night and day in the untamed West.

Suicide in Children and Adolescents

Suicide in Children and Adolescents Author Robert A. King
ISBN-10 0521622263
Release 2003-08-28
Pages 320
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Experts from all areas of mental health care address the questions of prediction and prevention of suicide in young people.

Strange Flesh

Strange Flesh Author Michael Olson
ISBN-10 9781451627589
Release 2013-02-12
Pages 416
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Harvard drop-out and computer hacker James Pryce is hired by his ex-girlfriend, Blythe, to find her brother Billy, a billionaire multimedia artist. To find him, James must enter the alternative reality game created by Billy.

The Suicide Flowers

The Suicide Flowers Author Pete Conrad
ISBN-10 9781312464193
Release 2014-09-08
Pages 262
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You see them every day, the suicide flowers. They bloom from the cracks and crevices of concrete sidewalks. From between asphalt creases and gaps. Yet these flowers blossom and prosper until the careless foot tramples. Others wither and fade, having survived, despite their strained and dubious foundations. Raeburn Messiah, the Messiah of Metal, sings for a living. Currently, he's on the downward spiral that unfaithful fame loves so dearly. He feels that he's got it bad, his life is over. That is, until he meets one of his most adoring fans, Gabriel, who has but months to live due to the complications of leukemia. They are men, both dying slow, painful deaths. But, each carries a secret that could save the other. For Raeburn and Gabriel are the suicide flowers, doomed to be trampled, destined to flourish.

Wonderland 6

Wonderland  6 Author Raven Gregory
Pages 24
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The relationship between Calie and Violet continues to deteriorate as they flee to New York City hoping to evade the never-ending reach of Wonderland. But they find themselves falling into the clutches of something much worse than they imagined. Something has escaped from the realm of madness and it is intent on making the big city its own.

Take Me to the River

Take Me to the River Author Peter Alson
ISBN-10 9781416525196
Release 2006-07-11
Pages 256
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MEET PETER ALSON An overeducated underachiever, he's spent his postcollege decades doing his best not to grow up. Now, having just turned the incomprehensible (to him) age of fifty, and staring down his own mortality, this rambling- gambling bachelor decides it's time to settle down. After years of equivocating, he pops the question to his longtime girlfriend. A wedding date is set for just after Labor Day, and to pay for it, a plan is hatched involving poker and a trip to Vegas. Alson boards a plane bound for the neon desert on his way to the biggest game in town, the 2005 World Series of Poker. Thus begins Take Me to the River, a first-person account of one inveterate gambler and bad boy's quest to grow up while at the same time compete with more than 5,000 players vying for over $56 million in prize money during a scorching Vegas summer. Take Me to the River is a hilarious, heart-wrenching tale of Las Vegas and an exploration of what it means to be part of one of the fastest-growing and most popular sports in the United States, at the moment of its apogee, and of the lessons that poker has to teach about probability and luck, good and bad fortune, patience, perseverance, and -- most fitting for a man with marriage in his near future -- commitment.

The Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad Author John Sebastian Alexander
ISBN-10 9780595299669
Release 2003-11-09
Pages 495
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The Suicide Squad has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Suicide Squad also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Suicide Squad book for free.

The Suicide of American Christianity

The Suicide of American Christianity Author Michael D. LeMay
ISBN-10 9781449749644
Release 2012-05-11
Pages 332
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American Christianity is dying a slow death at its own hands. Instead of positively affecting the secular culture, we are being infected by it under the guise of being “seeker-friendly” and “loving.” Soon, the church may be an exact mirror of the culture that seeks to destroy us. With a lack of strong, principled leaders, and with followers who want their ears tickled instead of being challenged to pursue righteousness, American Christianity is writing its own epitaph as it slowly dies. Unless we reverse course by embracing the complete, absolute truth of God’s Word and stop trying to redefine God in our selfish human image, only a remnant will remain from a once-powerful church. Do we have the courage to challenge our leaders and ourselves to reject secular culture and its influences? Or will we continue to die a slow death at our own hands as we continue to inhale the cancer of secular humanism? Time is running out.

Poker Books

Poker Books Author LLC Books
ISBN-10 1158456751
Release 2010-09
Pages 24
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Poker Books has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Poker Books also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Poker Books book for free.