The South Beach Diet

The South Beach Diet Author Arthur Agatston
ISBN-10 0312991193
Release 2005-04-19
Pages 352
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A renowned cardiologist discusses the importance of understanding the glycemic index values of foods and presents a weight-loss program that includes meal plans and recipes.

The South Beach Diet Parties and Holidays Cookbook

The South Beach Diet Parties and Holidays Cookbook Author Arthur Agatston
ISBN-10 9781605292861
Release 2006-10-03
Pages 256
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With more than 19 million copies in print worldwide, the best-selling phenomenon continues with fabulous all new recipes for healthy, delicious South Beach Diet-friendly entertaining. The famed Miami Beach cardiologist who has helped millions of people worldwide to lose weight and eat healthier with his best-selling South Beach Diet books now addresses the special challenge that can undermine anyone's willpower--the irresistible lure of diet-busting dishes at festive occasions. As the more than 20 menus and 150 easy, all-new recipes in this cookbook prove, there's no need to give up favorite holiday and party dishes to stay on the South Beach Diet. Dr. Agatston explains that healthy entertaining is not a matter of deprivation, but of "simply making as many good choices as possible." His new book provides those choices, putting a healthy twist on favorite entertaining meals for every occasion, whether it's a family Christimas Eve dinner, a Thanksgiving feast, a Passover seder, a football fest in front of the TV, or a backyard barbeque with the neighbors. Inside you will also find: practical tips and helpful (and healthful) hints throughout--including make-ahead suggestions, ideas for nonalcoholic cocktails (mocktails), ways to use leftovers, and more 55 color photographs that illustrate the finished dishes along with ideas for stylish table settings and centerpieces

The South Beach Diet Taste of Summer Cookbook

The South Beach Diet Taste of Summer Cookbook Author Arthur Agatston
ISBN-10 9781605294490
Release 2007-05-15
Pages 288
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What better way to enjoy the relaxed, healthy South Beach Diet lifestyle than with a cookbook that celebrates the best foods of summer from garden and market? The 150 all-new quick and healthy recipes in The South Beach Diet Taste of Summer Cookbook capture the casual, sunny essence of Florida's popular South Beach--and other warm climates around the world. Whatever phase of the diet you're on, you'll find ideas for breezy breakfasts; crisp salads and light summer sandwiches; innovative grilling ideas for meats, poultry, fish, and shellfish; tempting vegetarian entrees; refreshing desserts; and cooling summer drinks. Imagine sitting at an outdoor table with family and friends enjoying Heirloom Tomato Gazpacho, Grilled Shrimp Caesar, South Beach Diet Tiramisu, and Iced Pom-Mojito Spritzers--just a few of the refreshing recipes to be found in this book. But this is more than just a summer cookbook. Tips throughout remind readers that grilling is a year-round pastime and that many of the recipes can be easily adapted to what's freshest in the season. You'll also get Sample Meal Plans for Phases 1 and 2, a glossary of key ingredients used in the book, and dozens of ideas for maximizing the bounty of the garden. The 60 beautiful color photographs show just how appealing summertime recipes can be.

Everything You Wanted to Know About The South Beach Diet

Everything You Wanted to Know About The South Beach Diet Author J.D. Rockefeller
ISBN-10 9781522830542
Release 2015-12-19
Pages 24
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One of the most popular diets of all time, the South Beach Diet involves keeping a healthy balance between fats and good carbs. The diet is based on the Glycemic (GI) index. It involves cutting down on bad carbs, and thus, improving the metabolization of the food you eat as well as enhancing your insulin resistance. Both factors combine to help you lose weight in a healthy manner. But what can you eat and what is it that you can't eat? Does it really work? If it does work, how does it work? What are the different phases of this diet? How do I follow these phases? Will it help me? Lots and lots of your questions about the diet would be answered if you just go through this guide from the beginning to the end.

The South Beach Diet Supercharged

The South Beach Diet Supercharged Author Arthur Agatston, M.D.
ISBN-10 031237206X
Release 2009-12-29
Pages 432
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Five years ago, with the publication of The South Beach Diet, renowned Miami cardiologist Dr. Arthur Agatston set out to change the way America eats. Now he has an even more ambitious goal: to change the way America lives by helping Americans become fitter as well as thinner and healthier . . . for life. In the all-new The South Beach Diet Supercharged, Dr. Agatston shows you how to rev up your metabolism and lose weight faster while following the proven healthy eating principles of the original diet: choose good carbs, good fats, lean protein, and low-fat dairy. Collaborating with Dr. Joseph Signorile, a professor of exercise physiology at the University of Miami, Dr. Agatston presents a cutting-edge, three-phase workout that perfectly complements the three phases of the diet itself. Based on the latest exercise science, this ease-into-it fitness program combines low- and high-intensity interval exercise (with a focus on walking) and functional core body-toning exercises. The result: You'll look fitter and you'll burn more fat and calories all day—even at rest. Also included is the latest nutritional research on how specific foods high in vitamins, minerals, fiber, and a host of phytonutrients help keep you healthy; new and expanded lists of Foods to Enjoy; taste-tempting Meal Plans for phases 1 and 2; and dozens of easy-to-prepare new recipes, including Eggs Frijoles, Chock-Full-of-Veggies Chili, Roasted Tomato Soup, Homestyle Turkey Meatloaf, and South Beach Diet Tiramisu. In every chapter you'll find inspiring success stories from real-life South Beach dieters and plenty of effective weight loss tips. And as an added bonus, Dr. Agatston answers the questions you've most often asked him about the diet since the original book was published.

The South Beach Diet Cookbook

The South Beach Diet Cookbook Author Arthur Agatston
ISBN-10 9781579549572
Release 2004-04-13
Pages 352
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A companion to "The South Beach Diet" presents more than two hundred recipes that demonstrate how to eat healthfully without compromising taste, outlining the diet's basic philosophies and sharing personal success stories.

The South Beach Diet Quick and Easy Cookbook

The South Beach Diet Quick and Easy Cookbook Author Arthur Agatston
ISBN-10 9781605292854
Release 2005-10-07
Pages 352
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The bestselling phenomenon continues with the newest South Beach Diet cookbook. Millions of people have been turned on to the healthy lifestyle that is the South Beach Diet. Followers of the diet have been asking Dr. Agatston for more recipes that are delicious, healthy, and fast, so he's created The South Beach Diet Quick and Easy Cookbook. Our time-strapped culture needs an effective plan for eating healthy meals at home again. Dr. Agatston delivers with 200 brand-new recipes that use 10 or fewer ingredients and require 30 minutes or less of cooking time. The cookbook offers a diverse range of healthy, easy dishes in all categories, including 25 all-new chef recipes from Miami-area restaurants. There are no more excuses for not joining the many others that have made the South Beach Diet work for them. The sound advice readers count on from the South Beach Diet name are still featured. The book provides practical timesaving tips and advice for how to eat well while staying on the plan. Also, phase designations and nutritional information are listed along with each recipe, so you're in control of what you're eating. Illustrated throughout with full-color photography, The South Beach Diet Quick and Easy Cookbook is for believers and newcomers alike.

Simplified South Beach Diet

Simplified South Beach Diet Author Eric Volek
ISBN-10 9781629511269
Release 2014-03-26
Pages 108
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The purpose of the South Beach Diet is to change the overall balance of the foods you eat to encourage weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. The South Beach Diet is a healthy way of eating whether you want to lose weight or not South Beach Diet plan is of Three Phases. Phase 1 Is for two-week and designed to eliminate food cravings and start weight loss. You eliminate all carbohydrates from your diet, like starches and sugars, including pasta, rice, bread and fruit. You are not allowed to drink fruit juice or any alcohol. Your focus is on eating lean protein, like seafood, skinless poultry, lean beef and soy products. You are allowed to eat high-fiber vegetables, low-fat dairy, and foods with healthy, unsaturated fats, including avocadoes, nuts and seeds. Phase 2 This is a relatively long lasting phase. You can start eating fruits, some cereals, fiber baked goods, pasta, whole wheat bread and some starch, but in small amounts. You follow this phase until you reach your ideal weight. Phase 3 This is a maintenance phase means healthy way to eat for lifetime. You continue to follow the South Beach Diet and lifestyle concept you learned in the two previous phases. You can eat almost all the foods, which you desire, with occasional indulgences. So get stared on South Beach Diet and be Healthy Young and Energetic for lifetime.

The South Beach Diet Super Quick Cookbook

The South Beach Diet Super Quick Cookbook Author Arthur Agatston
ISBN-10 9781605293332
Release 2010-05-11
Pages 320
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A volume of 175 quick-prepare recipes for individuals following the South Beach Diet lifestyle provides for every stage the program and includes options for make-ahead meals and extra-busy days.

The South Beach Diet Plan Lose Weight with This South Beach Diet Cookbook

The South Beach Diet Plan   Lose Weight with This South Beach Diet Cookbook Author Martha Stone
ISBN-10 1539547353
Release 2016-10-15
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Too many people are under the misconception that dieting means giving up the foods you love for bland, tasteless or, even worse, disgusting diet food. The South Beach Diet plan, however, proves that you can consume food that is both healthy and delicious, while still losing weight and improving your overall health and well-being. And "The South Beach Diet Plan - Lose Weight with this South Beach Diet Cookbook: South Beach Diet Recipes for Everyday Life" will help you achieve your health and weight loss goals by breaking down the plan in an easy-to-follow South Beach diet cookbook. Inside the pages of this cookbook, you will find 25 of the best South Beach Diet Recipes for all three phases of the diet. Each recipe has been tested multiple times to ensure not only accuracy by for tastiness as well. Furthermore, every recipe included in this South Beach Diet plan cookbook includes a short description, total preparation and cooking time and complete ingredient list. The step-by-step instructions are written in a manner that anyone, no matter what their cooking level, can successfully recreate the recipes. So what are you waiting for? Start reading "The South Beach Diet Plan - Lose Weight with this South Beach Diet Cookbook: South Beach Diet Recipes for Everyday Life" today!

South Beach Diet

South Beach Diet Author Daphne Taylor
ISBN-10 1515071561
Release 2015-07-14
Pages 28
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South Beach Diet Beginners Guide! Learn Everything You Need To Know About The South Beach Diet! Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn About South Beach Diet... A Comprehensive Overview of the South Beach Diet The Truth About Carbs The Fat Complex Why You're Exercise Routine Isn't Losing Weight How Different Food Groups Affect Your Health All Three Phases Special Bonus on the back! Do you want to get the best beginner's guide on the South Beach Diet? One that is actually practical and easy to follow? Download your copy today! The South Beach Diet Beginners Guide will give you everything you need to know about the diet including the practical steps and science, all in less than an hour! If you are tired of counting carbs, feeling hungry and fatigued, and just plain starving, the South Beach Diet is for you. The South Beach Diet is one of the more popular diets, and for a good reason: it works. In this book you will find out everything you need to know about the diet, including what it is, how it works, and why it works. ________ Tags: south beach diet, south beach diet beginners guide, south beach diet recipes, south beach diet cookbook

The South Beach Diet Good Fats Good Carbs Guide

The South Beach Diet Good Fats Good Carbs Guide Author Arthur Agatston
ISBN-10 1405087757
Release 2005
Pages 160
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The South Beach Diet, a New York Times No 1 bestseller, has taken the world by storm. The most popular diet to come on the market for years (its celebrity followers include Bill and Hillary Clinton), it doesn't require heroic sacrifice and endless counting of calories, carbs or fats. The secret is eating the right foods - the good fats and the good carbs. This companion volume to The South Beach Diet gives you the information on good fats and good carbs (as well as sugars and trans-fats) that you need to implement the diet for life. Organised by food category - drinks, breads, fruits, vegetables, meat, fish etc - this is the book that will keep you on the health and weight-loss track that has the potential to revolutionise your life.

The South Beach Diet Gluten Solution Cookbook

The South Beach Diet Gluten Solution Cookbook Author Arthur Agatston
ISBN-10 9781623360481
Release 2013-11-19
Pages 320
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With The South Beach Diet, Dr. Arthur Agatston ended the low carb versus low fat debate and educated the country about healthy carbs and fats. In The South Beach Diet Gluten Solution, he cleared up the confusion surrounding gluten and helped people find their own gluten threshold (what he calls becoming gluten aware). Now he clarifies another matter: Gluten-free eating does not mean you have to sacrifice flavor or good nutrition. The South Beach Diet Gluten Solution Cookbook makes creative use of gluten-free ingredients in 175 recipes that will please even the most discerning palates. Mouth-watering dishes like Bacon and Pecan Breakfast Biscuits, Vegetable Quiche with Spinach Crust, Johnnycake Chicken Sandwiches, Shrimp and Chicken Pad Thai, Summer Berry Tart, and Cashew-Butter Cookies will more than satisfy the heartiest (and healthiest) of appetites. And with more than half of the recipes taking 30 minutes or less from start to finish, this book is perfect for the busiest of cooks. Unlike the recipes found in many gluten-free cookbooks, those in The South Beach Diet Gluten Solution Cookbook are free of highly refined flours, sugars, and artery-clogging saturated fats--but are still packed with plenty of flavorful ingredients. Even readers who aren't gluten-free 100 percent of the time will enjoy reaping the health rewards of these diet-friendly and delicious dishes.

The South Beach Diet Wake Up Call

The South Beach Diet Wake Up Call Author Arthur Agatston, MD
ISBN-10 1609618939
Release 2012-10-02
Pages 352
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From the creator of the South Beach Diet comes a call to change the fast-food, sedentary way of life that’s aging us quickly and killing us slowly. Both a galvanizing call to action and an easy-to-follow plan for reversing and healing a toxic lifestyle, The South Beach Wake-Up Call is the urgent message that no reader can afford to ignore. It includes: 7 simple sustainable strategies for age-reversing, lifesaving weight loss The South Beach Gluten Solution to improve symptoms in sensitive individuals The Wake Up and Move 2-Week Quick-Start exercise plan 32 all-new recipes from breakfasts to desserts using megafoods

Fitness Around the Clock with South Beach Diet

Fitness Around the Clock with South Beach Diet Author Jean Brown
ISBN-10 9781627769419
Release 2014-01-12
Pages 362
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The South Beach Diet is a healthy way of eating; it is a fast-weight-loss diet and part a calorie-restricted, portion-controlled long-term diet. The diet is a balance of good carbs, lean protein and healthy fats makes it a nutrient-dense, fiber-rich diet that you can follow for a lifetime of healthy eating. The South Beach Diet emphasizes on benefits of fiber and whole grains and encourages you to include lots of fruits and vegetables in your eating plan. It also recommends regular exercise, which will boost your metabolism and help prevent weight-loss plateaus. The South Beach Diet has three phases: All phases of the diet allow for three meals, two snacks and a dessert. There's no calorie counting -- just eating until satisfaction, but by avoiding overeating. The benefit of the diet is its initial rapid and significant weight loss of 8 to 13 pounds in the two-week period, most of the weight will be shed from midsection, & in next phase it will be up to 1 to 2 pounds a week.

The South Beach Diet Gluten Solution

The South Beach Diet Gluten Solution Author Arthur Agatston, M.D.
ISBN-10 1623362547
Release 2014-04-15
Pages 272
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Today, supermarkets have entire aisles dedicated to gluten-free products, restaurants boast glutenfree dishes on their menus, and millions of people have cut gluten out of their diets in the hopes of boosting health and losing weight. But despite all the attention, gluten confusion still reigns. The truth is, not everyone needs to give up gluten permanently--and doing so does not guarantee weight loss. In The South Beach Diet Gluten Solution, Dr. Arthur Agatston demystifies the effects of the difficult-to-digest protein in wheat and some other grains. With the book's phased Gluten Solution Program, based on proven South Beach Diet eating principles, readers will determine their own levels of gluten sensitivity--and they can drop up to 10 pounds in just 2 weeks. Readers will also find relief from gluten-induced health issues, including brain fog, mood swings, digestive disorders, joint pain, and skin problems. What makes Dr. Agatston's approach unique is that he shows readers how to become gluten aware, not gluten phobic. With detailed daily meal plans, tips for traveling and dining out, inspiring stories, and 20 delicious recipes that sacrifice neither taste nor health, The South Beach Diet Gluten Solution gives readers everything they need to feel great, lose weight, and navigate the gluten-free world with ease.

South Beach Diet

South Beach Diet Author John Carter
ISBN-10 1543040225
Release 2017-02-10
Pages 90
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Get a Slim South Beach Body and Feel Great! Click the READ MORE button to discover the 3-step South Beach Diet system! Inside South Beach Diet, you'll discover a simple, 3-step path to dieting success: Phase One: Control Cravings, Cut Carbs, and Lose 8+ Pounds Phase Two: Lose Even More Weight by Avoiding Foods That Increase Hunger Phase Three: Maintain Your New Body with Your New, Healthy Habits! You'll also get a special FREE Bonus: 'Weight Loss Made Easy' - The guid that will teach you the secrets to lose weight Don't waste another minute looking in the mirror and wishing for an attractive, fit body. Get your copy of South Beach Diet TODAY! Just scroll up and click the BUY NOW WITH ONE CLICK button!