The Scorpion God

The Scorpion God Author William Golding
ISBN-10 9780571305018
Release 2013-04-01
Pages 256
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The three short novels in this collection, The Scorpion God, show Golding at his playful, ironic and mysterious best. In 'The Scorpion God' we see the world of ancient Egypt at the time of the earliest Pharaohs. 'Clonk Clonk' is a graphic account of a crippled youth's triumph over his tormentors in a primitive matriarchal society. And 'Envoy Extraordinary' is a tale of Imperial Rome where the emperor loves his illegitimate grandson more than his own arrogant, loutish heir.

William Golding

William Golding Author John Carey
ISBN-10 9780571265084
Release 2012-10-18
Pages 592
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William Golding was born in 1911 and educated at his local grammar school and Brasenose College, Oxford. He published a volume of poems in 1934 and during the war served in the Royal Navy. Afterwards he returned to being a schoolmaster in Salisbury. Lord of the Flies, his first novel, was an immediate success, and was followed by a series of remarkable novels, including The Inheritors, Pincher Martin and The Spire. He won the Booker Prize for Rites of Passage in 1980, was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1983, and was knighted in 1988. He died in 1993.

The Void and the Metaphors

The Void and the Metaphors Author Yasunori Sugimura
ISBN-10 3039115286
Release 2008
Pages 249
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This book aims to revise the traditional interpretation of William Golding's fiction. The author investigates Golding's complicated metaphors which fluctuate so widely as to make consistent readings almost impossible. The study reveals that these fluctuating metaphors are created around a void, which is depicted not only as a gap but also as an impenetrable dark spot, or a counter-gaze. The characters in Golding's fiction endeavour to symbolise the void, but it ultimately resists symbolisation. Mainly from the perspective of semiotics, psychoanalysis, and philosophy, the book looks at the way in which the elements excluded from the symbolic system react against it and leave this void. The author then focuses on the void's significance in the creation of unique metaphors.

William Golding

William Golding Author Jack I. Biles
ISBN-10 9780813162126
Release 2015-01-13
Pages 296
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In William Golding: Some Critical Considerations, fourteen scholars assess various aspects of the Nobel Prize-winning author's writings. Their essays include criticism of individual works, discussion of major themes and technical considerations, and bibliographical studies. Separately, the essays help us understand the intricacies and impact of Golding's art; together they show the breadth of his purpose.

William Golding

William Golding Author Philip Redpath
ISBN-10 0389206474
Release 1986-01-01
Pages 222
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This book is intended for all readers of William Golding, whether they be students, professional critics, or casual readers. Thirty years after the publication of Lord of the Flies, a complete Golding bibliography would consist of well over 2000 entries. To add to this mass of exegesis must be at the risk of burying Golding's work under yet more writing about his writing. This study does not claim to be an "interpretation" of the novels: it does not set out to explain what they mean. Rather, the aim has been to explore the ways in which the novels create meaning.

The Novels of William Golding

The Novels of William Golding Author Indu Kulkarni
ISBN-10 8126902884
Release 2003-01-01
Pages 197
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Malcolm Bradbury On William Golding Golding Addressed Fundamental Questions Of Good And Evil, Being, Wholeness And Creative Aspiration In A Godless Age. His Stories Were, He Once Said, Not Fables But Myths Fable Being An Invented Thing Out On The Surface Whereas Myth In Something That Comes Out Of The Roots Of Things In The Ancient Sense Of Being A Key To Existence...And Experience As A Whole.Golding S Work Challenges Many Of The Liberal And Humanistic Conventions Of Much British Fiction, And There Is A Certain Timelessness About The Prose Though Not The Technique Which Makes It Stand Monumentally Apart From Much Contemporary Writing. But It Is And Will Surely Remain A Central Contribution To The Modern British Novel.The 1983 Nobel Prize Winner Author, Golding Had The Unique Distinction Of Being Both A Fabulist And A Realist.Golding S Works Will Remain Of Significant Relevance As Long As Man Continues To Careen Madly On The Razor S Edge Of So-Called Civilisation While His Ugly True Self-Barbaric And Greedy Claims His Soul In Mephistophilean Triumph. At Times Golding S Eschatological Views Are Sombre, But He Weaves A Torturous Path Through The Paradoxes Of Good And Evil In His Novels; Pincher Martin, Darkness Visible And The Spire (To Name Only A Few). He Tried To Achieve A Synthesis Of Flesh And Spirit Through An Illuminating Reconciliation. Golding Wished To Salvage The Soul Of Man From The Wreckage Of 20Th Century Godlessness, Entropy And The Malaise Of Whoring After False Gods.How Do You React To The Charge Of Peter Moss And A Number Of Critics That You Are A Pessimist?I Would Call Myself A Universal Pessimist But A Cosmic Optimist. My Novels Examine The Human Condition. Just As A Doctor Diagnoses A Physical Disease I Explore The Spiritual Ills Of Man. I Am Too Old To Go About Preaching On The State Of Man, But One Has To Harbour Hope. The Very Act Of Living Today Is One Of Hope.Golding S Commitment To Truth And Reality Is Undying. He Speaks Through Samuel Mount-Joy In Free Fall: But We Are Neither The Innocent Nor The Wicked. We Are The Guilty. We Fall Down. We Crawl On Hands And Knees. We Weep And Tear Each Other. Or Again: I Am Looking For The Beginning Of Responsibility, The Beginning Of Darkness, The Point Where I Began. Golding Demands From Man A Moral Evolution, A Spiritual Growth Worthy Of His Species. As He Observed, What The World Now Needs Is The Homomoralis The Human Being Who Cannot Kill His Own Kind, Nor Exploit Them Nor Rob Them.

Fingering Netsukes

Fingering Netsukes Author Frédéric Regard
ISBN-10 286272064X
Release 1995
Pages 218
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Fingering Netsukes has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Fingering Netsukes also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Fingering Netsukes book for free.

Under My Pillow

Under My Pillow Author William Potts
ISBN-10 9780557512171
Release 2010-07-20
Pages 38
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From monsters in the night and spinach on your plate to cleaning your room and not being late, Under My Pillow is a whimsical, easy-on-the-ears spectrum of poetry that will engage children and awaken their imaginations. Written by William Potts, in Cincinnati, Ohio, Under My Pillow makes reading and poetry fun for kids of all ages.

The Death of Gods in Ancient Egypt

The Death of Gods in Ancient Egypt Author Jane Sellers
ISBN-10 9781430317906
Release 2007
Pages 388
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Originally published by Penguin Ltd., this revised edition features unusual Egyptian artwork, striking pictures of eclipse phenomena, numerous sky-charts, and computer printouts.

The Scorpion

The Scorpion Author Orlo James Goodson
ISBN-10 9781452040813
Release 2007-11-15
Pages 232
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The Scorpion takes place in the near future in a day where when you die, they take your brain and hook it up to a computer giving it the ability to think like a human with the speed and accuracy of a computer.The Scorpion, a USS starship, comes back to Earth to get a new brain because the old one has gone senile. Upon returning to Earth the Captain of the Scorpion is informed that they must head out by the end of the week, with or without a brain, on a rescue mission to save two scientists and their families who have been studying the collapse of a sun into a black hole. The scientists have been there three years. Their inter space shuttle has been destroyed and the sun is collapsing inward. The only ship close enough and fast enough to have any hope at all of getting there on time, is Scorpion. And even then it’s marginal.At the last minute a brain is found and installed but the brain is drunk so it is hooked up all but the main plug while they wait for the brain to sober up. Meanwhile the Scorpion gets underway. The captain falls in love with a new recruit. There is a stowaway and they come across an enemy flattop that is breaking up in space. They rescue the survivors. The brain is functioning perfectly. Everything seems to be going just fine.Due to the high alcohol levels of the brain, the program to obey orders did not hold. Unbeknownst to the Captain and the crew, the Scorpion has a new master. One that holds grudges. One that plots and schemes working to fulfill an agenda of its own. Using a disgruntled officer who felt that he should be in command, along with the rescued crew members of the Kobon flattop, and the ship’s own onboard robots, hell is about to break loose on board the USS Scorpion.

The Gospel of Matthew Volume Two

The Gospel of Matthew  Volume Two Author William Barclay
ISBN-10 0664237762
Release 1956
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The Gospel of Matthew Volume Two has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Gospel of Matthew Volume Two also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Gospel of Matthew Volume Two book for free.

Dictionary of Gods and Goddesses

Dictionary of Gods and Goddesses Author Michael Jordan
ISBN-10 9781438109855
Release 2009-01-01
Pages 417
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Presents brief entries describing the gods and goddesses from the mythology and religion of a wide variety of cultures throughout history.

Breaking the Power of Yesterday

Breaking the Power of Yesterday Author Ayo Oritsejafor
ISBN-10 9781606479179
Release 2008-10-01
Pages 332
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BREAKING THE POWER OF YESTERDAY When you mean it] God will do it because God will not refer your case! Your situation cannot become A CLOSED CASE when you know what to do. It is the right things you do that make you succeed, not the number of things you have done. Discover simplicity in kingdom mysteries for success without limitsdo it rightand your breakthrough will announce you! In this life-changing book, Ayo Oritsejafor delivers powerful and compelling insight that will transform you and break every limitation off your life. The Good News is your change of story! Learn practicable ways to: [ Walk over past mistakes [ Benefit from the wilderness experience [ Connect God with thanksgiving [ Engage in winning warfare With this unique prophetic book in your hand, you can walk from captivity into dominion by exercising authority. Start Breaking the Power of YesterdayTODAY! AYO ORITSEJAFOR is a world-renowned dynamic preacher, pastor, evangelist and author with a unique anointing upon his life. A man with fire in his bones to fulfill vision from the Lord, Take My Word to the World. He has ministered in many evangelistic crusades around the world with over 2,000,000 souls in attendance. With over 35 years experience in ministering the Gospel, touching all the continents, his anointed messages have brought salvation, healing and miracles to millions of lives. His demonstration of Gods power places him in great demand in various international conferences. Ayo hosts the popular television and radio broadcasts, Hour of Deliverance. Ayo Oritsejafor is a prolific writer and bestselling author and the senior pastor and founder of Word of Life Bible Church with over 50,000 members in Warri, Nigeria. Millions have read his inspirational classics, including: Walking in Unity, Power Through the Church, and A Man Amongst Men.

The Serpent Grail The Truth Behind The Holy Grail The Philosopher s Stone and The Elixir of Life

The Serpent Grail   The Truth Behind The Holy Grail  The Philosopher s Stone and The Elixir of Life Author Philip Gardiner
ISBN-10 9781780282411
Release 2012-06-21
Pages 352
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Philip Gardiner and Gary Osborn trace the extraordinary influence of the snake cult which was prevalent all over the world in ancient times. They demonstrate how a central rite in which snake venom was mixed with snake blood in a ceremonial mixing bowl, which came to be called "the grail", produced a healing elixir which formed the basis of myriad religious and symbolic rituals, including the Christian Eucharist. These rituals operated on a number of levels. On a physical level, the powerful healing properties of this elixir, which is now proven by modern science to enhance t-cell replication, was in fact the basis of the "Elixir of Life". But there is a deeper level for the symbolism of these rituals which can be found in all the great mystery traditions of the world, though shrouded in myth and symbolism. Whether it be the quest to find the elusive "Philosopher's Stone" or indeed the Holy Grail, the Ultimate Quest is in fact to achieve true enlightenment.

The Scorpion and the Frog

The Scorpion and the Frog Author William A. Borst
ISBN-10 9781413466201
Release 2004
Pages 348
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To deny that conspiracies exist is to deny history. While there are several chapters on traditional conspirators, from the Masons through the Bilderbergers, the book unveils the ideas that have unified conspiracies into a coherent rendition of evil. This book is an intellectual history of the "City of God" versus the "City of Man," in the "ultimate culture war." It does not take a cadre of men in some secret room to effect a unified conspiracy. Like the scorpion in the fable, their ideas become second nature to liberals, socialists, or communists and they act in accordance with their nature.


Frost Author Robin W. Bailey
ISBN-10 9781497609075
Release 2014-04-01
Pages 208
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How do you fight a supernatural battle without the most secret and ancient of powers? This is precisely the question that Frost must answer when she is given the awesome task of delivering the Book of the Last Battle to those who have work in good magic. Frost must rely solely on the physical strength of her sword and the magic contained within her beauty to succeed in her quest and regain her powers.

William Golding

William Golding Author Bernard F. Dick
ISBN-10 UCAL:B3538376
Release 1987
Pages 168
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An analysis of the work of the contemporary English novelist reveals its link with Greek tragedy and motifs.