Asking the Right Questions

Asking the Right Questions Author Edie L. Holcomb
ISBN-10 9781412962759
Release 2008-07-02
Pages 205
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This third edition highlights the questions critical for facilitating collaboration and school change, offers new questions to shape practice, and provides a CD-ROM with a discussion guide.

Asking the Right Questions

Asking the Right Questions Author M. Neil Browne
ISBN-10 9780134425665
Release 2017-06-01
Pages 192
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This is the eBook of the printed book and may not include any media, website access codes, or print supplements that may come packaged with the bound book. This title is part of a new Pearson pilot program, offering students the option to rent a print textbook for Fall 2017. When given affordable access to the best learning materials and experiences from day one, students come to class better prepared and ready to succeed. Additional details on the rental program will be coming soon. For courses in argument, linguistics, and composition — or in any course where critical thinking is key. Think critically, analyze objectively, and judge soundly when you know the right questions to ask. Asking the Right Questions: A Guide to Critical Thinking bridges the gap between simply memorizing or blindly accepting information, and the greater challenge of critical analysis and synthesis. Authors M. Neil Browne and Stuart Keeley teach readers to think critically by exploring the components of arguments — the ¿¿issues, conclusions, reasons, evidence, assumptions, and language — ¿¿and showing how to spot fallacies, manipulations, and faulty reasoning. They demonstrate how to respond to alternative points of view and make the best personal choices about what information to accept or reject. Now in its Twelfth Edition, this current and concise book greatly extends the understanding of critical thinking to writing and speaking. Additionally, the updated practice passages and exercises, as well as an enhanced visual program, add to this book’s appeal in a variety of courses and disciplines.

How to Ask the Right Questions

How to Ask the Right Questions Author Patricia E. Blosser
ISBN-10 9780873551021
Release 1991
Pages 15
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Questions, questions, questions! They are a large part of a teacher’s stock-in-trade. Questioning style and content varies from teacher to teacher, student group to student group, and situation to situation.

The Right Questions

The Right Questions Author Debbie Ford
ISBN-10 0061870072
Release 2009-10-13
Pages 192
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New York Times number–one bestselling author Debbie Ford presents revolutionary questions that, when answered with complete honesty, change the way we see ourselves and make decisions – ultimately moving us toward the life we desire. The realities of the life we live today are a result of the choices we made yesterday, three months ago and three years ago. But we don't wind up $50,000 dollars in debt because of one extravagant purchase. Nor do we put on 30 unwanted pounds as a result of a couple of decadent meals. And our relationships certainly don't fall apart overnight because of one decision. We are where we are because of repeated unconscious choices made day after day. If we want to understand why and how we created our present day reality, all we need to do is look at the choices we made in the past. Ford cuts right through our denial with the 10 questions that immediately reveal the true motivations behind our thoughts and actions. But more than that, by rigorously and honestly asking and answering these 10 vital questions, we regain control and have the power necessary to create the life we always wanted.

Ask the Right Questions

Ask the Right Questions Author Ron Fry
ISBN-10 9781427098498
Release 2008-08-22
Pages 240
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Ask the Right Questions has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Ask the Right Questions also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Ask the Right Questions book for free.

The Right Questions

The Right Questions Author Phillip E. Johnson
ISBN-10 0830877304
Release 2009-09-20
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An ECPA 2003 Gold Medallion Finalist! Phillip E. Johnson pries the lid off public debate about questions of ultimate concern--questions often suppressed by our society's intellectual elite. Moving far beyond matters of creation and evolution, Johnson outlines the questions we all ought to be asking about the meaning of human history, the limits of scientific inquiry, religion and education in a pluralistic society, truth, liberty and moral choices, and God and His Word, Jesus Christ. Johnson deftly demonstrates how the reigning naturalistic philosophy not only squelches public debate but also constrains us to ask the wrong questions. Unless we start with the right questions, Johnson argues, our discussions will be framed by the assumptions of that very philosophy which must be challenged. Johnson asserts that even the Christian church has much too often passively accepted this limiting frame of mind to the detriment of all. But Christian faith and conviction instead ought to lead in opening up the search for truth and meaning through the kind of public education that "teaches in controversy." Then all of us will be prepared to engage in lively, informed and civil debate about the questions that really matter. Why is it always wrong to mix science and religion? What is the ultimate premise, the beginning point, from which logic should proceed? How can a college education prepare students to understand the ultimate purpose or meaning for which life should be lived and to choose rightly from among the available possibilities? What is the appropriate understanding of religion in a pluralistic nation where substantial numbers of Christians, agnostics, Jews and Muslims all need to live together in peace? How can democratic liberalism remain viable when severed from its Christian roots? What is the most important event in human history? Provocative, personal, persuasive and prophetic, Johnson is certain to help us break free from our intellectual and spiritual captivity.

Testing in American Schools

Testing in American Schools Author
ISBN-10 0941375757
Release 1992
Pages 39
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Concludes that educational tests can be misleading or worse when used for purposes other than which they were originally designed. Charts and tables.

Asking the Right Questions in Abnormal Psychology

Asking the Right Questions in Abnormal Psychology Author Stuart M. Keeley
ISBN-10 UOM:49015002954361
Release 1995
Pages 140
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This text gives an overview of the meaning of critical thinking and a list and description of critical thinking questions that can be applied to diverse topics. It lists the most important questions to ask for each diverse research method, such as correlational, case-control and twin studies.

Ask the Right Questions

Ask the Right Questions Author Gerald Nadler
ISBN-10 9781410711083
Release 2003-05-01
Pages 304
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Is life and work satisfying? Is your organization the best it can be? If not, this book is for you. The authors show how the questions that we all ask determine the results that we achieve. The idea is simple, yet profound. If you want different results, you need to begin to ask different questions. Based on over a combined 60 years of research and consulting experience, Nadler and Chandon help you understand and begin to ask the same kinds of "right" questions that leading people, who consistently get the best results, ask. Gerald Nadler, Ph.D: Gerry is IBM Chair Emeritus in Engineering Management at the University of Southern California. His consulting experience includes almost every type of setting, profit, not-for-profit, government, and non-governmental organizations. He has received over 25 international and national awards for his research and writing and has published 13 books. William Chandon, Ph.D: Bill is a Vice President of the Center for Breakthrough Thinking. He has consulted in a wide variety of areas of organizational and business transformation. His specialty is coaching leaders in how to thrive in increasingly virtual, global, and networked environments. He completed his doctoral work in the area of knowledge application in virtual organizations.

The Role of Listening in Asking the Right Questions

The Role of Listening in Asking the Right Questions Author Terry J. Fadem
ISBN-10 0132542129
Release 2010-03-31
Pages 10
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This Element is an excerpt from The Art of Asking: Ask Better Questions, Get Better Answers (9780137144242) by Terry J. Fadem. Available in print and digital formats. It’s not just what you ask: It’s what they hear! Master listening techniques that’ll help you recognize what they’re really hearing when you ask your question. Half of asking any question is how it is received and perceived, and whether it has had the intended impact. Answers alone aren’t a full indication that you have communicated effectively. There are two additional factors: how the question was heard and what you do with the answer. What was heard is key, and managers are sometimes completely unaware of this....

Partnering with Parents to Ask the Right Questions

Partnering with Parents to Ask the Right Questions Author Luz Santana
ISBN-10 9781416622673
Release 2016-09-19
Pages 230
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How can we make it easier for schools and families to work together on behalf of all students? It all begins by tapping into the different strengths educators and parents and caregivers can contribute to building a strong partnership. Partnering with Parents to Ask the Right Questions, by Luz Santana, Dan Rothstein, and Agnes Bain of the Right Question Institute, presents a deceptively simple strategy for how educators can build effective partnerships with parents—especially those who typically have not been actively involved in their children's schooling. It distills complex, important ideas on effective civic participation into an easy-to-learn process that teaches parents two fundamental skills they can use to support the education of their children, monitor their progress, and advocate for them: asking better questions and participating effectively in key decisions. Based on more than two decades of work and research in a wide range of low- and moderate-income communities, this book empowers overburdened and under-resourced educators and parents to work together and achieve their common goal of successful students. This indispensable guide includes case studies spanning K–12 classrooms, and it explores ways to assist struggling students, collaborate on IEPs, and communicate with families of English language learners. The accessible and easy-to-use format, field-tested advice, and vivid examples from schools that put the advice into practice make this a must-have for everyone from the classroom to the central office.

Getting to Innovation

Getting to Innovation Author Arthur B. VanGundy
ISBN-10 0814400906
Release 2007-07-16
Pages 288
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As an acknowledged guru in the field of creativity and innovation, Arthur VanGundy has inspired businesses in a variety of industries to generate more original, cutting-edge ideas. Getting to Innovation is a detailed guide to achieving the critical first step in formulating creative and useful ideas–i.e., asking the right questions that define the challenges facing any organization. Readers will discover: * how to write positioning and rationale statements for each challenge * how to link together multiple objectives in priority frameworks * the top 10 techniques for generating creative ideas * tips for designing and running brainstorming retreats * advice on how to select the best ideas from the many that have been generated When it comes to true innovation, it’s not formulating the great ideas, but asking the right questions that will ultimately lead to results. Getting to Innovation offers the tools to help every company tap into its most inspired thinking.

Succeeding at Interviews

Succeeding at Interviews Author Judith Verity
ISBN-10 1857039459
Release 2004
Pages 113
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Interviewees need the right skills for the interview as well as the right skills for the job. This book covers preparation and follow-up as well as 'inside the interview' techniques, enabling candidates to tune in to the interviewer and excel on the day. This edition is revised and updated. Contents: Preparing for interview; criteria-based interviewing and psychometric testing; establishing rapport with the interviewer; thinking on your feet; being remembered for the right reasons; standard interview questions.

Ask the Right Questions Hire the Best People

Ask the Right Questions  Hire the Best People Author Ronald W. Fry
ISBN-10 1601631081
Release 2010
Pages 224
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An updated edition by the best-selling author of 101 Great Answers to the Toughest Interview Questions outlines step-by-step strategies for identifying excellent candidates, covering such topics as writing accurate job descriptions, identifying key competencies and recognizing what candidates are actually saying.

Smart Questions

Smart Questions Author Gerald Nadler
ISBN-10 0787973866
Release 2004-03-11
Pages 256
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Smart Questions offers an entirely new framework for creating solutions. Drawn from the authors' many years of research and field experience, the Smart Questions Approach reveals how the leading creators of solutions in almost every profession and walk of life—including business, government, education, and even in families—think and approach their assignments. The author’s holistic thinking approach shows how to use three “foundation” questions—focusing on uniqueness, purposeful information, and systems—which must be explored for every problem. These three questions, an essential starting point for exploring problems, in turn lead to other key questions that will ultimately create effective solutions.

Ask the Right Questions

Ask the Right Questions Author Robb Hill
ISBN-10 9781456027995
Release 2010-10
Pages 72
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Ask the Right Questions has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Ask the Right Questions also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Ask the Right Questions book for free.

Testing in American schools

Testing in American schools Author United States. Congress. Office of Technology Assessment
ISBN-10 MINN:31951D00357376W
Release 1992-06-01
Pages 302
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Testing in American schools has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Testing in American schools also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Testing in American schools book for free.