The People s House of Commons

The People s House of Commons Author David E. Smith
ISBN-10 9781442691599
Release 2007-04-21
Pages 192
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Canada's House of Commons has come under considerable attack in recent years. Many critics have contended that the House has been unresponsive to public opinion, and that its party leaders have too much control, while leaving individual MPs essentially powerless. The House has also faced challenges by the courts since the introduction of the Charter, a powerful bureaucracy equipped with specialized knowledge, and new telecommunications systems that are redefining the transfer of information. Through an examination of academic, judicial, political, and legal commentary, The People's House of Commons explores the role of the House as a public institution. While addressing much of the criticism that has been levelled at the House, David E. Smith considers the competing political models and inherent tensions and their affect on public understanding. Smith maintains that court decisions are transforming the political system from one dominated by parties to one that promotes individual participation. He argues that reforms such as fixed election dates or stronger parliamentary committees have constitutional significance since their implementation would alter the practice of responsible government, which for more than a century has been a party government. A definitive work by one of Canada's foremost experts in the field of political science, The People's House of Commons explores the ramifications of many of the changes currently being proposed to Canada's political system, with particular reference to their affect on prerogative power, parliamentary privilege, party discipline, bicameralism, and the role of the opposition.

The People s House

The People s House Author David Pepper
ISBN-10 9781619845138
Release 2016-08-15
Pages 376
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Can someone heist the majority of the House of Representatives with no one noticing? That’s the electoral coup that turns America upside down in THE PEOPLE'S HOUSE… ...Until one man notices. Political reporter Jack Sharpe is logging time at the tail end of a disappointing career -- jaded about politics and stung by personal hard knocks. But after an odd election result in the Ohio Congressional district he covers, Sharpe stumbles across irregularities that spur him to dig deeper. The story takes him far beyond his corner of Ohio as he discovers an international plot—one that strikes at the heart of American democracy by taking advantage of weaknesses in today’s political architecture. His reporting leads to a showdown with the philandering Congressman and Presidential contender who knew about the plan but told nobody, and the eccentric but deadly Russian energy baron who masterminded it all. In order to save himself and the country, Sharpe must rekindle his old fire to navigate a treacherous journey through danger, betrayal, and atonement.

Lincoln s White House

Lincoln s White House Author James B. Conroy
ISBN-10 9781442251359
Release 2016-10-15
Pages 268
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Lincoln’s White House is the first book devoted to capturing the look, feel, and smell of the executive mansion from Lincoln’s inauguration in 1861 to his assassination in 1865.

Devil in the People s House

Devil in the People s House Author MasterBlogger1
ISBN-10 9781457547508
Release 2016-10-06
Pages 364
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Clouds are gathering throughout the homeland indicating a storm is looming over our beloved America. Old glory blows in a torrential wind of change—ushering in an era of decay and destruction. She has become tattered and worn. We may possibly maintain the appearance of strength and invincibility for a time—but it is not sustainable. Yes—America will crumble under the duress imposed by the Democrat – Progressive – Liberal – Socialist mindset and agenda. There is decay beneath the surface—and cracks in our national foundation abound. The world giant is being plundered of its very essence and undermined by an evil force. There is a movement within our gates that encourages and supports wickedness. If allowed to continue their debased onslaught—Progressive Liberals will succeed in transforming America. They will fundamentally change America into their twisted vision of what our nation should present to God and the world. If their depraved agenda continues to fester and proliferate-—this will be the demise of the greatest nation on earth. This is not a theory but a fact as evidenced by those among us who have eyes to see and ears to hear. This agenda of destruction was conceived in a very dark place—a dark place indeed.

Montana s State Capitol

Montana s State Capitol Author Kirby Lambert
ISBN-10 0917298837
Release 2002
Pages 102
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Lavishly illustrated with both historic and modern photographs, this book provides a long overdue tribute to this crown jewel of Montana architecture.

The People s House

The People s House Author Thomas Dionysius Clark
ISBN-10 UVA:X004633982
Release 2002
Pages 292
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In The People's House: Governor's Mansions of Kentucky, Dr. Thomas D. Clark, Kentucky's historian laureate, and Margaret A. Lane paint a vivid portrait of the life inside the mansions' bricks and mortar. They examine the accomplishments and failures of their residents, the ideas and influences that have grown up within their walls, and the births, deaths, marriages, and celebrations that have brought life to the homes. Complete with over two hundred color and black and white photographs and illustrations, many of them quite rare, this only account of Kentucky governor's mansions offers a unique glimpse inside the buildings that have been respected, revered, and used by the state's leaders for two centuries.

The People s House

The People s House Author Thomas D. Clark
ISBN-10 0813126797
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The People s House has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The People s House also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The People s House book for free.


Konklave Author Robert Harris
ISBN-10 9783641188948
Release 2016-10-31
Pages 368
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Der Papst ist tot. Die um den Heiligen Stuhl buhlenden Gegner formieren sich: Traditionalisten, Modernisten, Schwarzafrikaner, Südamerikaner ... Kardinal Lomeli, den eine Glaubenskrise plagt, leitet das schwierige Konklave. Als sich die Pforten hinter den 117 Kardinälen schließen, trifft ein allen unbekannter Nachzügler ein. Der verstorbene Papst hatte den Bischof von Bagdad im Geheimen zum Kardinal ernannt. Ist der aufrechte Kirchenmann der neue Hoffnungsträger in Zeiten von Krieg und Terror – oder ein unerbittlicher Rivale mit ganz eigenen Plänen? Die Welt wartet, dass weißer Rauch aufsteigt ...

The New American Compact

The New American Compact Author Stacey Tallitsch
ISBN-10 9781467813570
Release 2006-05-05
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A House of Prayer for All Peoples

A House of Prayer for All Peoples Author Sheryl A. Kujawa-Holbrook
ISBN-10 9781566994576
Release 2002-12-31
Pages 242
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Contrary to the oft-repeated truism, there are churches in America where Sunday is not the "most segregated day of the week," as Sheryl Kujawa-Holbrook convincingly demonstrates in her compelling exploration of congregations tackling racial justice issues. Yet the truism continues to haunt many congregations, and Kujawa-Holbrook reveals, through story and thoughtful analysis, what it means to create and live out multiracial community. Focusing on six congregations from different denominations, geographical regions, and settings, the author shows us the joys and struggles in their intentional pursuits of a more diverse and just community. The stories in A House of Prayer for All Peoples will inspire leaders to explore their congregation's history, study their community's demographics, and, most of all, search their souls for ways they can develop and celebrate the diversity in their midst. The book is capped by an extensive annotated resource list for readers who want to explore the topic further.

The People s House

 The People s House  Author Bethanee Bemis
ISBN-10 OCLC:753957265
Release 2011
Pages 198
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Architecture and Revolution

Architecture and Revolution Author Neil Leach
ISBN-10 9781134771646
Release 2003-09-02
Pages 256
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Architecture and Revolution explores the consequences of the 1989 revolutions in Central and Eastern Europe from an architectural perspective. It presents new writings from a team of renowned architects, philosophers and cultural theorists from both the East and the West. They explore the questions over the built environment that now face architects, planners and politicians in the region. They examine the problems of buildings inherited from the communist era: some are environmentally inadequate, many were designed to serve a now redundant social programme and others carry the stigma of association with previous regimes. Contributors include: Daniel Libeskind, Bernard Tschumi, Laura Mulvey, Helene Cixous, Andrew Benjamin and Frederic Jameson.

A House for All Peoples

A House for All Peoples Author John M. Allswang
ISBN-10 9780813161945
Release 2015-01-13
Pages 264
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This book assesses the role of urban ethnic groups, particularly in terms of the rise of the Democratic Party to national predominance between 1928 and 1932. It builds quantitative and qualitative models for the study of ethnic groups in terms of political behavior. Focusing clearly upon political change and the role of ethnicity, the work advances the hypothesis that Chicago's ethnic groups responded as ethnic groups, rather than on socio-economic or other bases, when they shifted their party allegiances in the late twenties. This ethnic realignment was a major factor in the redistribution of power between parties Chicago. Employing a variety of quantitative measures and a number of conceptual tools from the social sciences, Mr. Allswang has utilized simple statistical procedures with clarity and discrimination. His statistical data is based on thorough research in unpublished census material and election returns. His qualitative data is based in part on a comprehensive examination of the foreign language press, supplemented by materials from other newspapers, personal interviews, and manuscript sources. The book studies nine ethnic groups over a generation of political development, affording insights into urban politics and history, and into dominant-minority and interethnic relations in politics and in the city. Crisp in style, thorough, methodologically innovative, A House for All Peoples will become a model for studies of United States political history.

The people s house and guardians of children s rights and future

The people s house and guardians of children s rights and future Author Sarry Xoagus-Eises
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105132879862
Release 2008
Pages 22
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The People s Choice

The People s Choice Author Ray Boomhower
ISBN-10 9780871952981
Release 2012
Pages 272
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This first-ever biography of Congressman Jim Jontz examines his remarkable long-shot political career and lifetime involvement in local, state, and national environmental issues. As a liberal Democrat (he preferred the terms progressive or populist) usually running in conservative districts, Jontz had political pundits predicting his defeat in every election only to see him celebrating another victory with his happy supporters, always clad in a scruffy plaid jacket with a hood from high school that he wore for good luck. “I always hope for the best and fight for the worst,” said Jontz. He won five terms as state representative for the Twentieth District (Benton, Newton, Warren, and White Counties), served two years in the Indiana Senate, and captured three terms in the U.S. Congress representing the sprawling Fifth Congressional District in northwestern Indiana that stretched from Lake County in the north to Grant County in the south. Jontz told a reporter that his political career had always “been based on my willingness and role as a spokesman for the average citizen.” In his career Jontz also led an unsuccessful campaign to stop the passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement with the Citizens Trade Campaign, helped protect the Endangered Species Act when it was under attack in the 1990s as director of the Endangered Species Coalition, campaigned to save old-growth forests as executive director of the Western Ancient Forest Campaign, and tried to foster progressive causes as president of the Americans for Democratic Action.

American Epic

American Epic Author Garrett Epps
ISBN-10 9780199974740
Release 2013-09-19
Pages 274
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"The United States is the only nation in the world in which political leaders, judges and soldiers all swear allegiance not to a king or a people but to a document, the Constitution. The Constitution today, however, is much revered but little read. . Readers of AMERICAN EPIC will never think of the Constitution in quite the same way again. Garrett Epps, a legal scholar who is also a journalist and writer of prize-winning fiction, takes readers on a literary tour of the Constitution, finding in it much that is interesting, puzzling, praiseworthy, and sometimes hilarious. Reading the Constitution like a literary work yields a host of meanings that shed new light on what it means to be an American"--

Meet the House of Representatives

Meet the House of Representatives Author Therese Shea
ISBN-10 9781433972553
Release 2012-08-01
Pages 32
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An introduction to the United States House of Representatives.