The New California Wine

The New California Wine Author Jon Bonne
ISBN-10 9781607743019
Release 2013-11-05
Pages 304
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A comprehensive guide to the must-know wines and producers of California's "new generation," and the story of the iconoclastic young winemakers who have changed the face of California viniculture in recent years. The New California Wine is the untold story of the California wine industry: the young, innovative producers who are rewriting the rules of contemporary winemaking; their quest to express the uniqueness of California terroir; and the continuing battle to move the state away from the overly-technocratic, reactionary practices of its recent past. Jon Bonné writes from the front lines of the California wine revolution, where he has access to the fascinating stories, philosophies, and techniques of top producers. Part narrative, part authoritative purchasing reference, The New California Wine is a necessary addition to any wine lover's bookshelf.

The New Connoisseurs Guidebook to California Wine and Wineries

The New Connoisseurs  Guidebook to California Wine and Wineries Author Charles E. Olken
ISBN-10 9780520253131
Release 2010-10-28
Pages 455
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"I have depended on Charles Olken's Connoisseurs' Guide to California Wine for more than 35 years. This new Guidebook is a perfect complement. No other book comes close to its thoroughness, accuracy, and usefulness. It is a must for travelers in California's wine country."—Charles L. Sullivan, author of Zinfandel "Olken's perspective on California wines is unmatched: he spans the landscape from the postwar pioneers to the newest garagistes, and wine criticism from before Parker to the age of blogs. This new guidebook is informed by his 35 years of careful, candid, and comprehensive attention to California wine."—John Winthrop Haeger, author of Pacific Pinot Noir

A Companion to California Wine

A Companion to California Wine Author Charles L. Sullivan
ISBN-10 0520920872
Release 1998-10-01
Pages 368
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California is the nation's great vineyard, supplying grapes for most of the wine produced in the United States. The state is home to more than 700 wineries, and California's premier wines are recognized throughout the world. But until now there has been no comprehensive guide to California wine and winemaking. Charles L. Sullivan's A Companion to California Wine admirably fills that gap—here is the reference work for consumers, wine writers, producers, and scholars. Sullivan's encyclopedic handbook traces the Golden State's wine industry from its mission period and Gold Rush origins down to last year's planting and vintage statistics. All aspects of wine are included, and wine production from vine propagation to bottling is described in straightforward language. There are entries for some 750 wineries, both historical and contemporary; for more than 100 wine grape varieties, from Aleatico to Zinfandel; and for wine types from claret to vermouth—all given in a historical context. In the book's foreword the doyen of wine writers, Hugh Johnson, tells of his own forty-year appreciation of California wine and its history. "Charles Sullivan's Companion," he adds, "will provide the grist for debate, speculation, and reminiscence from now on. With admirable dispassion he sets before us just what has happened in the plot so far."

Wines of California

Wines of California Author Mike DeSimone
ISBN-10 1454904488
Release 2014
Pages 592
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From Napa and Sonoma to Modesto and Calaveras, take an unparalleled look into California winemaking, history, and geography. "World Wine Guys" Mike DeSimone and Jeff Jenssen have created the most up-to-date and comprehensive coverage of the state's myriad wine-growing regions, including detailed listings of outstanding producers with individual tasting notes. Enjoy winery profiles with tasting notes, winemaker interviews, recipe and food pairings, and photos of all, including wine labels. In addition, there's a foreword by Michael Mondavi and a preface by Kevin Zraly—two of the most powerful names in wine today.

The Finest Wines of California

The Finest Wines of California Author Stephen Brook
ISBN-10 9780520266582
Release 2011-03-07
Pages 320
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Unconstrained by tradition or viticultural regulation, California winemakers enjoy a freedom that has resulted in a remarkable range of world-class wines. Beautifully illustrated with original photographs and detailed color maps, this guide introduces California wine by exploring the best that the state has to offer —from lush Sonoma Chardonnay to spicy Santa Barbara Syrah to heady Amador Zinfandel. At the heart of the book, award-winning wine writer Stephen Brook offers 90 intimate profiles of top producers—from Napa and Sonoma to the North and Central coasts, the Sierra foothills, and beyond. Brook also includes general information on California wine history, wine culture, grape varieties, and more. Throughout, he searches for the characteristics that make California wine distinctive despite its tremendous diversity—and finds the answer in the state’s unusual climate, especially the shifting interplay between fog and sun, as well as a lively and constant questioning of received ideas about viticulture, vine age, terroir, and winemaking techniques, all of which have helped winemakers to create complexity,individuality, and nuance in their wines.

Wines and Wineries of California s Central Coast

Wines and Wineries of California   s Central Coast Author William A. Ausmus
ISBN-10 0520931831
Release 2008-06-30
Pages 376
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In comparative tastings, wines from California's Central Coast rival those from such renowned regions as Bordeaux, Burgundy, and Napa, yet they also offer superb value. This is the first comprehensive guide to one of the world's most dynamic and beautiful wine regions-and the setting for the award-winning movie Sideways. An excellent, one-stop resource for touring and tasting at convenient wineries located from Monterey to Santa Barbara, the guide is organized into county-by-county alphabetical listings for this up-and-coming region. Wines and Wineries of California's Central Coast includes: * Profiles of nearly 300 wineries personally visited by the author * Profiles of individual vintners * 5 maps * Winery ratings, plus author and winemaker recommendations * Visitors' and contact information for each winery * Discussions of regional wine history and terroir * Descriptions of designated American Viticultural Areas and grape varietals

California Wine Country

California Wine Country Author Randy Leffingwell
ISBN-10 0896584917
Release 2002-01
Pages 176
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Stand at the edge of a valley in California wine country, and you’ll be welcomed by a variety of surprises for the senses. Sun-drenched grapes shimmering on the vine, hinting at the flavor that’s to come. Impressive century-old estates. A lush and pastoral landscape that invites you to explore the history and vibrancy of the region. And that’s just what you’ll do each time you open the pages of California Wine Country. From Opus One to Close Pegase, Stag’s Leap to the Rhone Rangers, trademark Zinfandels to world-class Chardonnays, California producers consistently produce some of the world’s most renowned wines. As The Wine Advocate’s Robert M. Parker Jr. states, "California is on a roll." California Wine Country opens with the history of winemaking in the state and how and why Californian wines have become famous around the world. Randy Leffingwell then guides you through the winemaking cycle and takes you on a personal tour of the state’s most breathtaking and popular wine making regions, including Napa, Sonoma, Mendocino, San Francisco Bay, the Central Valley, Gold Country, Monterey Peninsula, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and more. He also provides details about the most beautiful and interesting times to visit vineyards and wineries. With his inviting lens and prose, Leffingwell captures the unique characteristics of each locale, making California Wine Country the perfect tribute to the timeless beauty of these wineries, vineyards, and destinations.

Wines of California Special Deluxe Edition

Wines of California  Special Deluxe Edition Author Mike Desimone
ISBN-10 1454917822
Release 2015-10-27
Pages 304
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This definitive guide to California wine surveys the Golden State s vineyards, geography, and history with in-depth coverage of wine-growing regions, outstanding producers, and their best vintages. Profiles of legendary winemakers capture them in their own words, while the striking new format of this special edition features full-color images showcasing the landscape, the wineries, and their artful labels."

Wines of California

Wines of California Author Stephen Brook
ISBN-10 1840008067
Release 2003-01-01
Pages 685
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The wine industry in California was founded over 150 years ago, and by the end of the nineteenth century Napa Valley and Santa Cruz were celebrated for the excellence of their wines. Then the double blow of phylloxera and Prohibition almost eradicated the production of fine wines. But a handful of energetic individuals revived the wine industry in the 1960s and within a decade California wines were being recognized as among the finest in the world. The Californians were unwilling to rest on their laurels and have gone from strength to strength.

A History of Wine in America from the Beginnings to Prohibition

A History of Wine in America from the Beginnings to Prohibition Author Thomas Pinney
ISBN-10 0520062248
Release 1989
Pages 553
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Tells the story of vitaculture and winemaking in America and discusses the individuals, organizations and institutions associated with the enterprise

American Wine

American Wine Author Jancis Robinson
ISBN-10 1845335287
Release 2013-02-01
Pages 288
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American Wine is the first comprehensive and authoritative reference to the wines, wineries, and winemakers of the USA. Written by world-renowned wine writer Jancis Robinson and US wine expert Linda Murphy, it charts the history of wine in America. From the cachet of California to the underdog accomplishments of Michigan and Colorado, the story of American wine has only begun to be told. It charts how America fell in love with wine. From wine production's beginnings in the bathtubs and backyards of recent immigrants to the superb wines the country is producing today, American Wine celebrates all that is truly American about the grape. It looks in unprecedented detail and breadth at the current state of American wine production, its wine regions, terroirs, wineries, vineyards and the larger-than-life characters that populate the American wine scene.The book is organized by geographical regions - West, Southwest, Midwest, Northeast and Southeast. Some states have only a handful of wineries, while others have hundreds or more. Weighted toward the regions that produce the finest wines, it also includes wineries from Hawaii to Florida, Temecula to Maine. American Wine is a major milestone in its story.

Postmodern Winemaking

Postmodern Winemaking Author Clark Smith
ISBN-10 9780520275195
Release 2013-06-03
Pages 344
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In Postmodern Winemaking, Smith shares knowledge he has accumulated in engaging, humorous, and erudite essays that convey a new vision of the winemaker’s craft—one that credits the crucial roles played by both science and art in the winemaking process. Smith, a leading innovator in red wine production techniques, explains how traditional enological education has led many winemakers astray—enabling them to create competent, consistent wines while putting exceptional wines of structure and mystery beyond their grasp. Great wines, he claims, demand a personal and creative engagement with many elements of the process. His lively exploration of the facets of postmodern winemaking, together with profiles of some of its practitioners, is both entertaining and enlightening.

Vino Italiano

Vino Italiano Author Joseph Bastianich
ISBN-10 9780770434267
Release 2012-07-11
Pages 544
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At one time, Italian wines conjured images of cheap Chianti in straw-wrapped bottles. More recently, expensive “Super Tuscans” have been the rage. But between these extremes lay a bounty of delicious, moderately priced wines that belong in every wine drinker’s repertoire. Vino Italiano is the only comprehensive and authoritative American guide to the wines of Italy. It surveys the country’s wine-producing regions; identifies key wine styles, producers, and vintages; and offers delicious regional recipes. Extensive reference materials—on Italy’s 300 growing zones, 361 authorized grape varieties, and 200 of the top producers— provide essential information for restaurateurs and wine merchants, as well as for wine enthusiasts. Beautifully illustrated as well as informative, Vino Italiano is the perfect invitation to the Italian wine experience.

Adventures on the Wine Route

Adventures on the Wine Route Author Kermit Lynch
ISBN-10 9780374710477
Release 2013-11-12
Pages 288
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When Adventures on the Wine Route was first published, Victor Hazan said, "In Kermit Lynch's small, true, delightful book there is more understanding about what wine really is than in everything else I have read." A quarter century later, this remarkable journey of wine, travel, and taste remains an essential volume for wine lovers. In 2007, Eric Asimov, in The New York Times, called it "one of the finest American books on wine," and in 2012, The Wall Street Journal pro-claimed that it "may be the best book on the wine business." In celebration of its twenty-fifth anniversary, Adventures on the Wine Route has been thoroughly redesigned and updated with an epilogue and a list of the great wine connoisseur's twenty-five most memorable bottles. In this singular tour along the French wine route, Lynch ventures forth to find the very essence of the wine world. In doing so, he never shies away from the attitudes, opinions, and beliefs that have made him one of our most respected and outspoken authorities on wine. Yet his guiding philosophy is exquisitely simple. As he writes in the introduction, "Wine is, above all, about pleasure. Those who make it ponderous make it dull . . . If you keep an open mind and take each wine on its own terms, there is a world of magic to discover." Adventures on the Wine Route is the ultimate quest for this magic via France's most distinguished vineyards and wine cellars. Lynch draws vivid portraits of vintners—from inebriated négociants to a man who oversees a vineyard that has been in his family for five hundred years—and memorably evokes the countryside at every turn. "The French," Lynch writes, "with their aristocratic heritage, their experience and tradition, approach wine from another point of view . . . and one cannot appreciate French wine with any depth of understanding without knowing how the French themselves look at their wines, by going to the source, descending into their cold, humid cellars, tasting with them, and listening to the language they employ to describe their wines." Here, Kermit Lynch assures a whole new generation of readers—as well as his loyal fans—that discussions about wine need not focus so stringently on "the pH, the oak, the body, the finish," but rather on the "gaiety" of the way "the tart fruit perfume[s] the palate and the brain."

The New Wine Country Cookbook

The New Wine Country Cookbook Author Brigit Binns
ISBN-10 9781449419127
Release 2013-05-07
Pages 304
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Presents recipes from California's central coast that incorporate wine, including chicken braised in aged red wine vinegar, red wine risotto with scallops and bacon, and pan-seared halibut with wine-braised leeks.

Spectacular Wineries of California s Central Coast

Spectacular Wineries of California s Central Coast Author Panache Partners, LLC
ISBN-10 1933415649
Release 2010-03-01
Pages 219
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From high-end, cult wineries—whose interiors have rarely been seen—to smaller, more accessible vineyards, this series surveys the legends and lore of various locales. Large-scale photographic essays are complemented by a narrative chronicling various aspects of the wineries including their architecture, art, cuisine, gardens, and history of the sites and what makes each of them unique. Terrific keepsakes for wine aficionados, these guides are also useful in trip planning and as a reference for those who want to become knowledgeable about wine making particular regions. Presenting a taste of California's future, this guide features the hottest new wineries of California, which are sure to capture the world's attention soon. Still young, these vintners are brimming with ambition and possibilities. Brilliant photographs and descriptions bring Paso Robles in San Luis Obispo County, Santa Barbara wine regions, Edna Valley, and Santa Maria to life. Perpetually tempting, robust cabernets, smooth sauvignon blancs and spicy merlots fill the pages—exhibiting the voyage from vineyard to glass.

California Wine Country

California Wine Country Author Editors of Sunset Books
ISBN-10 0376069473
Release 2007-03-01
Pages 160
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This user-friendly and highly selective field guide features 273 winery reviews, 29 maps, and hundreds of travel, dining, and lodging recommendations. Whether you are planning a wine-tasting trip to Napa, the Central Coast, or the Sierra foothills, California Wine Country is sure to be an indispensable companion. Original.