The Mermaid s Sister

The Mermaid s Sister Author Holly Webb
ISBN-10 9781408327654
Release 2016-02-11
Pages 272
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An enchanting tale of magic, mermaids and adventure for readers aged 9 and up - from bestselling author, Holly Webb. Venice is faced with terrible danger . . . Can the friendship between a young girl and a mermaid save the city? Lady Mia doesn't want to believe in magic, even though her cousin, the princess, is the most magical ruler Venice has ever known. But when Mia meets a mermaid called Ara, it is impossible for her to deny her destiny any longer. The two friends must work together to save their home - but will their combined magic be enough to defeat the Talish invaders? The Magical Venice books are all share the same beautiful setting, but can be read as standalone stories. The series includes: The Water Horse, The Mermaid's Sister, The Maskmasker's Daughter, and The Girl of Glass. Discover more by Holly Webb with her Rose and Lily series - also filled with magical adventures.

The Mermaid s Sister

The Mermaid s Sister Author Carrie Anne Noble
ISBN-10 1477820884
Release 2015-03-01
Pages 236
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Finding that her sister is beginning to turn into a mermaid, Clara and her best friend O'Neill try to get her sister from their mountaintop cottage to the sea, but run into myriad problems along the way.

The Mermaid s Twin Sister

The Mermaid s Twin Sister Author Lynn Joseph
ISBN-10 0395813115
Release 1996-10-01
Pages 80
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Tantie tells Amber and her cousins more stories about Trinidad long ago, about the spirits and other magical beings, and Amber, who is going to be the family storyteller someday, tells one of her own

Die kleine Meerjungfrau

Die kleine Meerjungfrau Author Gisela Fischer
ISBN-10 9783815586273
Release 2013-06-27
Pages 20
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Die kleine Meerjungfrau ist fasziniert von der Menschenwelt. Als sie eines Tages einen Prinzen rettet, möchte sie nicht mehr ohne ihn leben. Doch wird der Prinz sie als seine Retterin erkennen und lieben? Weitere Märchen in dieser Reihe: - Die Prinzessin auf der Erbse - Die Schneekönigin - Des Kaisers neue Kleider - Däumelinchen

Blackbirds and Dragons Mermaids and Mice

Blackbirds and Dragons  Mermaids and Mice Author Sandy Asher
ISBN-10 1583421742
Release 2003
Pages 166
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Blackbirds and Dragons Mermaids and Mice has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Blackbirds and Dragons Mermaids and Mice also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Blackbirds and Dragons Mermaids and Mice book for free.

Church of the Old Mermaids

Church of the Old Mermaids Author Kim Antieau
ISBN-10 9781440452246
Release 2008-11-17
Pages 296
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Myla Alvarex finds sustenance and meaning in the stories she tells of Old Mermaids who were washed ashore onto the New Desert when the Old Sea dried up. In this mystical new world, they lived, created, and walked in beauty. But Myla worries that Homeland Security may discover the illiegal immigrants she harbors at the Old Mermaid Sancutary. A tale of redemption, love, compassion, and mystery--From cover p. [4.].

Waterfire Saga Das erste Lied der Meere

Waterfire Saga   Das erste Lied der Meere Author Jennifer Donnelly
ISBN-10 9783505136580
Release 2015-03-05
Pages 384
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Eigentlich sollte sich die Meeresprinzessin Serafina am Morgen ihrer Verlobung nur eine Frage stellen: Liebt mich Prinz Mahdi wirklich? Doch Serafina wird von seltsamen Träumen verfolgt, welche die Rückkehr einer uralten, bösen Macht prophezeien. Kurz darauf werden ihre düsteren Vorahnungen Wirklichkeit, als Serafinas Mutter von einem vergifteten Pfeil getroffen wird. Nun muss Serafina nicht nur den Mörder ihrer Mutter finden, sondern auch noch einen Krieg zwischen den Meeresreichen verhindern. Geleitet von ihren dunklen Träumen, macht sich Serafina zusammen mit ihrer besten Freundin Neela auf die schwierige Suche nach vier weiteren auserwählten Meerjungfrauen. Nur gemeinsam können sie eine Verschwörung aufdecken, die ihre geheime Welt zu zerstören droht ...

Erika and the Mermaids

Erika and the Mermaids Author Fritz H. Wiese; Erika J. Wiese
ISBN-10 1456863657
Release 2011-07-21
Pages 179
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Erika, a young girl, walking along a deserted beach, finds an injured and dying mermaid, carries her home, and nurses her back to health. Once her body is whole again, Maari, the mermaid is able to turn herself into a human girl. When she gets homesick, Erika and her Dad take her home to the island of Tiki-roa. Several years later Erika returns to Tiki-roa. They often play at the girlÊs secret lagoon, in a cave of the ancient Maoris, and on Skull Mountain, where they encounter a huge flightless moa bird, and find a cave with pirateÊs treasure of pearls. At the end of her stay Erika meets MaariÊs mother, the mermaid Cyrena, and her father, Jupiter, mighty ruler of all the oceans. In gratitude for saving their daughterÊs life they bestow upon Erika the power to turn herself into a mermaid.

Little sister big sister

Little sister  big sister Author Pat Brisson
ISBN-10 043921940X
Release 2000
Pages 56
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Hester and her younger sister Edna play Queen and her maid, pretend to be mermaids, eat chocolate, and experience a thunderstorm.

Die Glasbl serin

Die Glasbl  serin Author Petra Durst-Benning
ISBN-10 3548257615
Release 2005
Pages 495
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Die Glasbl serin has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Die Glasbl serin also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Die Glasbl serin book for free.

Beim Leben meiner Schwester

Beim Leben meiner Schwester Author Jodi Picoult
ISBN-10 9783492952507
Release 2011-05-16
Pages 480
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Ohne ihre Schwester Anna kann Kate Fitzgerald nicht leben: Sie hat Leukämie. Doch eines Tages weigert sich die 13-jährige Anna, weiterhin Knochenmark für ihre todkranke Schwester zu spenden ... Jodi Picoults so brisanter wie aufrüttelnder Roman über den Wert des Menschen wird niemanden kaltlassen.

Girl at the Bottom of the Sea

Girl at the Bottom of the Sea Author Michelle Tea
ISBN-10 9781940450681
Release 2015-06-01
Pages 240
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Sophie Swankowski is the hero from the stories she's been hearing all her life: she's the girl who will save the world. Or so she's been told. Now she and her unlikely guardian—the gruff, filthy mermaid Syrena—must travel the pitch-black seas from broken-down Chelsea, Massachusetts, to Syrena’s homeland in Poland. Along the way, Syrena will reveal the terrible truth about her past, and teach Sophie about the ages-old source of her newly discovered power. But left behind in Chelsea, without Sophie to protect them from the dark magic she's awakened, what will become of Sophie’s friends and family? Girl at the Bottom of the Sea is the follow-up to Michelle Tea's beloved Mermaid in Chelsea Creek, "a refreshing breath of air in the world of YA, equal parts eerie, heartbreaking, and fantastical." (ZYZZYVA).

The Mermaid s Curse

The Mermaid s Curse Author Ed Russo
ISBN-10 9781304986795
Release 2016-02-08
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There are sinister beings that walk among us, an ancient secret society of non-human vampiric aquatic beings that are in all walks of life that pull the strings behind human affairs. A male escort finds himself tangled in a web in the midst of this. What horrifying plans does this sinister force have for the human race?

Watersong Sternenlied

Watersong   Sternenlied Author Amanda Hocking
ISBN-10 9783641087258
Release 2013-03-25
Pages 336
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Wer ihrer Schönheit verfällt, verwirkt sein Leben. Sie sind schön. Sie sind stark. Und gefährlich. Penn, Lexi und Thea ziehen alle Blicke auf sich – sie aber haben nur Augen für Gemma. Immer tiefer ziehen die geheimnisvollen Fremden Gemma in ihren betörenden Bann. Doch dahinter lauert eine Welt, die faszinierender, abgründiger und tödlicher ist als alles, was Gemma je erlebt hat ... Die 16-jährige Gemma liebt das Meer. Und sie liebt ihren besten Freund Alex. Der Sommer verspricht perfekt zu werden – bis die geheimnisvollen Mädchen Penn, Lexi und Thea auftauchen und Gemma in ihren Bann ziehen. Nach einer gemeinsamen Partynacht fühlt Gemma sich wie ausgewechselt: stärker, schneller und schöner als je zuvor. Was ist passiert? Als sie die Wahrheit erfährt, ist es bereits zu spät: Die verführerische Welt der Sirenen lockt Gemma unaufhaltsam in die tödlichen Tiefen des Meeres ...

Sag s nicht weiter Liebling

Sag s nicht weiter  Liebling Author Sophie Kinsella
ISBN-10 9783641032128
Release 2009-10-02
Pages 384
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Emma Corrigan scheint vom Pech verfolgt. Alles in ihrem Leben geht schief, und jetzt auch noch das: Sie sitzt in einem von Turbulenzen geschüttelten Flugzeug und sieht ihr letztes Stündlein gekommen. In Panik legt Emma eine dramatische Lebensbeichte ab: Jedes Geheimnis, jede jemals geäußerte Lüge bricht aus ihr heraus. Zu dumm, dass sich Emmas Sitznachbar ausgerechnet als ihr oberster - und zudem äußerst attraktiver - Chef entpuppt ...

The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid Author Hans Christian Andersen
ISBN-10 9781623210090
Release 2014-01-29
Pages 28
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Deep beneath the ocean lay the beautiful and magical kingdom of King Neptune. He had six mermaid daughters, the youngest of whom was considered to be unsurpassed in her beauty. They lived a wonderful and carefree existence in their underwater arcadia. The world beyond was an uncertain and dangerous place and for this reason all mermaids were forbidden to travel up to the surface before their fifteenth birthday. When her time finally arrives, the Little Mermaid travels up to the surface of the ocean and there witnesses a terrible storm and the sinking of a great ship. She rescues a handsome sailor from drowning, but unbeknownst to her, he is in fact a prince. She longs to go forth into the world to be with her prince. But only with the help of a magic spell can she hope to travel to land and find her prince. But the price she must pay will indeed be high. Will she find the happiness she so desperately yearns for? The Little Mermaid is a story of the power of love and sacrifice that has enchanted generations of children. Can love conquer all or are there some prices that are too high to pay?

The Paranormal 13 13 free books featuring witches vampires werewolves mermaids psychics Loki time travel and more 1 Bonus

The Paranormal 13  13 free books featuring witches  vampires  werewolves  mermaids  psychics  Loki  time travel and more     1 Bonus  Author Christine Pope
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THE PARANORMAL THIRTEEN 14 full length paranormal and urban fantasy novels featuring witches, vampires, werewolves, mermaids, psychics, Loki, time travel and more! Darkangel by Christine Pope Twin Souls by K.A. Poe The Girl by Lola St Vil Rest for the Wicked by Cate Dean Drowning Mermaids by Nadia Scrieva I Bring The Fire by C. Gockel The Witch Hunter by Nicole R Taylor Beyond the Fortuneteller’s Tent by Kristy Tate Nolander by Becca Mills The Medium by C.J. Archer Dream Student by J.J. DiBendetto Deception by Stacy Claflin The Black Parade by Kyoko M The Thought Readers by Dima Zales Download your FREE LIMITED TIME release now! Free, Boxed Set, vampires, mermaids, psychics, gods, werewolves, paranormal romance, urban fantasy, teen, collection, anthology