The Maya

The Maya Author Petra Press
ISBN-10 0756500818
Release 2001-07-01
Pages 48
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Examines the culture, history, and society of the Maya.

The Maya

The Maya Author Naida Kirkpatrick
ISBN-10 1403406065
Release 2002
Pages 64
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This series introduces readers to the lives of ancient peoples, including their social, econonomic, political, and cultural lives.

The Maya and Teotihuacan

The Maya and Teotihuacan Author Geoffrey E. Braswell
ISBN-10 9780292783263
Release 2009-07-21
Pages 441
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Since the 1930s, archaeologists have uncovered startling evidence of interaction between the Early Classic Maya and the great empire of Teotihuacan in Central Mexico. Yet the exact nature of the relationship between these two ancient Mesoamerican civilizations remains to be fully deciphered. Many scholars have assumed that Teotihuacan colonized the Maya region and dominated the political or economic systems of certain key centers—perhaps even giving rise to state-level political organizations. Others argue that Early Classic rulers merely traded with Teotihuacan and skillfully manipulated its imported exotic goods and symbol sets to increase their prestige. Moving beyond these traditional assumptions, the contributors to this volume present extensive new evidence from archaeology, iconography, and epigraphy to offer a more nuanced understanding of the interaction between the Early Classic Maya and Teotihuacan. Investigating a range of Maya sites, including Kaminaljuyu, Copán, Tikal, Altun Ha, and Oxkintok, they demonstrate that the influence of Teotihuacan on the Maya varied in nature and duration from site to site, requiring a range of models to explain the patterns of interaction. Moreover, they show that the interaction was bidirectional and discuss how the Maya in turn influenced Teotihuacan.

Exploring the Life Myth and Art of the Maya

Exploring the Life  Myth  and Art of the Maya Author Timothy Laughton
ISBN-10 9781448848324
Release 2011-08
Pages 144
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Presents an introduction to Mayan civilization, discussing its history, politics, art, religion, literature, philosophy, military, gods, and heroes.

The Maya

The Maya Author Judith Lechner
ISBN-10 9781450907156
Release 2011
Pages 32
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"Explore the world of the ancient Maya"--Cover.

The Maya

The Maya Author Jane Shuter
ISBN-10 1432913301
Release 2008-08-01
Pages 32
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Presents an overview of the Mayan culture, discussing their government, religion, domestic life, recreation, occupations, entertainment, food, shelter, and clothing.

The History of the Maya

The History of the Maya Author Mary Ann Hoffman
ISBN-10 1404251480
Release 2005-01-01
Pages 32
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Presents an introduction to the concept of using computational skills in problem solving, and contains an overview of the history of the Mayan people of Mexico, including information on their society, economy, architecture, mathematics, and writing.

The Maya World

The Maya World Author Lisa Trumbauer
ISBN-10 9781410846327
Release 2005-01-01
Pages 32
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Read about the people, culture, traditions, and beliefs of the ancient Maya civilization.

The Maya of Morganton

The Maya of Morganton Author Leon Fink
ISBN-10 080786241X
Release 2003-11-20
Pages 272
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The arrival of several hundred Guatemalan-born workers in a Morganton, North Carolina, poultry plant sets the stage for this dramatic story of human struggle in an age of globalization. When laborers' concerns about safety and fairness spark a strike and, ultimately, a unionizing campaign at Case Farms, the resulting decade-long standoff pits a recalcitrant New South employer against an unlikely coalition of antagonists. Mayan refugees from war-torn Guatemala, Mexican workers, and a diverse group of local allies join forces with the Laborers union. The ensuing clash becomes a testing ground for "new labor" workplace and legal strategies. In the process, the nation's fastest-growing immigrant region encounters a new struggle for social justice. Using scores of interviews, Leon Fink gives voice to a remarkably resilient people. He shows that, paradoxically, what sustains these global travelers are the ties of local community. Whether one is finding a job, going to church, joining a soccer team, or building a union, kin and linguistic connections to the place of one's birth prove crucial in negotiating today's global marketplace. A story set at the intersection of globalization and community, two words not often linked, The Maya of Morganton addresses fundamental questions about the changing face of labor in the United States.

Dreaming the Maya Fifth Sun

Dreaming the Maya Fifth Sun Author Leonide Martin
ISBN-10 9780741434548
Release 2006-06
Pages 560
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Jana's recurring dream opens portals to ancient Maya worlds, where the priestess Yalucha summons her to fulfill a prophetic mission critical to 2012, opposed by shamanic forces and her husband.

Discover the Maya

Discover the Maya Author Barbara Brannon
ISBN-10 9781410851499
Release 2005-01-01
Pages 24
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Read about the Maya, the jobs they had and why they were important.

Time Among the Maya

Time Among the Maya Author Ronald Wright
ISBN-10 0802137288
Release 2000
Pages 453
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The Maya created one of the world's most brilliant civilizations, famous for its art, astronomy, and deep fascination with the mystery of time. Despite collapse in the ninth century, Spanish invasion in the sixteenth, and civil war in the twentieth, eight million people in Guatemala, Belize, and southern Mexico speak Mayan languages and maintain their resilient culture to this day. Traveling through Central America's jungles and mountains, Ronald Wright explores the ancient roots of the Maya, their recent troubles, and prospects for survival. Embracing history, anthropology, politics, and literature, Time Among the Maya is a riveting journey through past magnificence and the study of an enduring civilization with much to teach the present. "Wright's unpretentious narrative blends anthropology, archaeology, history, and politics with his own entertaining excursions and encounters." -- The New Yorker; "Time Among the Maya shows Wright to be far more than a mere storyteller or descriptive writer. He is an historical philosopher with a profound understanding of other cultures." -- Jan Morris, The Independent (London).

Bones of the Maya

Bones of the Maya Author Stephen L. Whittington
ISBN-10 9780817353766
Release 2006-08-20
Pages 290
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During the last 20 years new techniques in osteology have yielded findings on Maya diet and health that challenge the ecological model of collapse. This volume, which includes an index bibliography of the first 150 years of Maya osteology, brings together for the first time a broad spectrum of bioarchaeologists and reveals remarkable data on Maya genetic relationship, demographic, and diseases. Contributors: Carl Armstrong, Jane E. Buikstra , Diane Z. Chase Mark N. Cohen , Della Collins Cook, Marie Elaine Danforth, Andres del Angel Robert E. Ferrell, John P. Gerry, Karen D. Gettelman, Lorena M. Havill, Keith P. Jacobi, Harold W. Krueger, Nora M. Lopez Olivares, Lourdes Marquez, Virginia K. Massey, D. Andrew Merriwether, Kathleen O'Connor, K. Anne Pyburn, David M. Reed, Frank P. Saul, Julie Mather Saul, D. Gentry Steele, Rebecca Storey, Diane M. Warren, David Webster, Christine D. White, Stephen L. Whittington, Lori E. Wright

Animals and Plants of the Ancient Maya

Animals and Plants of the Ancient Maya Author Victoria Schlesinger
ISBN-10 0292777604
Release 2001
Pages 351
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A growing interest in all things Maya brings an increasing number of visitors to prehistoric Maya ruins and contemporary Maya communities in Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, western Honduras, the Yucatán Peninsula, and the southern areas of Chiapas and Tabasco, Mexico. For these visitors and indeed everyone with an interest in the Maya, this field guide highlights nearly 100 species of plants and animals that were significant to the ancient Maya and that continue to inhabit the Maya region today. Drawing from the disciplines of biology, ecology, and anthropology, Victoria Schlesinger describes each plant or animal's habitat and natural history, identifying characteristics (also shown in a black-and-white drawing), and cultural significance to the ancient and contemporary Maya. An introductory section explains how to use the book and offers a concise overview of the history, lifeways, and cosmology of the ancient Maya. The concluding section describes the collapse of ancient Maya society and briefly traces the history of the Maya region from colonial times to the present.

Everyday Life in the Maya Civilization

Everyday Life in the Maya Civilization Author Kirsten Campbell Holm
ISBN-10 9781448862177
Release 2012-01
Pages 24
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Reveals everyday life among the Maya through an account in graphic novel format of ordinary days and a new year's celebration for a prosperous family living in Copâan in what is now Honduras.

The Maya

The Maya Author Michael D. Coe
ISBN-10 0500289026
Release 2011
Pages 280
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"The gold standard of introductory books on the ancient Maya." Expedition"

Kids During the Time of the Maya

Kids During the Time of the Maya Author Caroline M. Levchuck
ISBN-10 0823952584
Release 1999-01
Pages 24
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Discusses the food, dress, schooling, games, housing, and culture of children in the ancient Mayan civilization.