The Language of Emotions

The Language of Emotions Author ... Niemeier-Dirven
ISBN-10 9789027221605
Release 1997-01-01
Pages 333
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Since the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Darwin's The Language of the Emotions in Man and Animals (1872), emotionology has become a respectable and even thriving research domain again. The domain of human emotions is most important for mankind, emotions being right in the center of our daily lives and interests. A key-role in the interdisciplinary scientific debate about emotions has now been accorded to the study of the language of emotions. The present volume offers a new approach to the study of the language of emotions insofar as it presents theories from very different perspectives. It encompasses studies by scholars from diverse disciplines such as linguistics, sociology, and psychology. The topics of the contributions also cover a range of special fields of interest in four major sections. In a first section, a discussion of theoretical issues in the analysis of emotions is presented. The conceptualization of emotions in specific cultures is analyzed in section 2. Section 3 takes a different inroad into the language of emotions by looking at developmental approaches giving evidence of the fact that the acquisition of the language of emotions is a social achievement that simultaneously determines our experience of these emotions. Section 4 is devoted to emotional language in action, that is, the contributions focus upon different types of texts and analyze how emotions are referred to and expressed in discourse.

The Language of Emotions

The Language of Emotions Author Karla McLaren
ISBN-10 1591798973
Release 2010-06-01
Pages 432
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Your emotions contain brilliant information. When you learn to welcome them as your allies, they can reveal creative solutions to any situation. For 35 years, empathic counselor and researcher Karla McLaren has developed a set of practical tools for the real-world stresses of family, career, and the quest for personal fulfillment. In The Language of Emotions, she presents her breakthrough teachings for a new and empowering relationship with your feeling states. Your emotions—especially the dark and dishonored ones—hold a tremendous amount of energy. We’ve all seen what happens when we repress or blindly express them. However, there is a powerful alternative. In The Language of Emotions, you’ll learn to meet your emotions and engage with them to safely move toward resolution and equilibrium. Through experiential exercises covering a full spectrum of feelings from anger, fear, and shame to jealousy, grief, joy, and more, you will discover how to work with your own and others’ emotions with fluency and expertise. When we relate to our emotions with respect and authenticity, we can directly access our innermost wisdom, unfold the deepest parts of ourselves, and heal our most painful wounds. The Language of Emotions gives us a much-needed resource for self-understanding and freedom: How to overcome addictions, distractions, and unresolved trauma—the three primary impediments to emotional ease Using the energy of anger to protect and restore personal boundaries Step-by-step guidance in the five skills of the empath (someone skilled in reading emotions) How to balance your “quaternity,” a metaphor for the interplay of mind, body, spirit, and emotions Honoring sadness as a source of release and rejuvenation Joy, the natural response to beauty and communion Praise “In my graduate education in counseling psychology, I found very little information about our emotions. Yet in my work as a therapist and educator, I’ve seen that emotions are key to healing. Karla McLaren’s book offers an outstanding guide to the signals and messages emotions send us, along with clear instructions for intelligent and emotion-supporting actions we can take in response. Karla has made a huge contribution to the well-being of us all; The Language of Emotions will become required reading in all of my courses.”—Nancy —Feehan, MFT, adjunct professor of counseling psychology at the University of San Francisco “Karla McLaren’s unique, empathic view of emotions surprisingly revalues even the most ‘negative’ emotions and opens pathways to understanding the depths of the human soul.” —Michael Meade, author of The World Behind the World and The Water of Life “This book changed the way I relate to others, and to myself, forever.” —Gavin De Becker, author of The Gift of Fear

The Language of Emotions

The Language of Emotions Author Maïa Ponsonnet
ISBN-10 9789027269201
Release 2014-12-15
Pages 460
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The Language of Emotions: The case of Dalabon (Australia) is the first extensive study of the linguistic encoding of emotions in an Australian language, and further, in an endangered, non-European language. Based on first-hand data collected using innovative methods, the monograph describes and analyzes how Dalabon speakers express emotions (using interjections, prosody, evaluative morphology) and the words they use to describe and discuss emotions. Like many languages, Dalabon makes broad use of body-part words in descriptions of emotions. The volume analyzes the figurative functions of these body-part words, as well as their non-figurative functions. Correlations between linguistic features and cultural patterns are systematically questioned. Beyond Australianists and linguists working on emotions, the book will be of interest to anthropological linguists, cognitive linguists, or linguists working on discourse and communication for instance. It is accessible also to non-linguists with an interest in language, in particular anthropologists and psychologists.

Men and the Language of Emotions

Men and the Language of Emotions Author D. Galasinski
ISBN-10 9780230510128
Release 2016-01-07
Pages 172
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Men and the Language of Emotions challenges the commonly held association of rationality with masculinity, involving distancing from the language of emotions. Drawing on a study of heterosexual men talking about their life and relationships, he demonstrates that men are capable of speaking of emotions, and in direct and uninhibited ways.

The Language of Emotions

The Language of Emotions Author Salman Akhtar
ISBN-10 0765703289
Release 2005-01
Pages 188
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This book is about affect—its origins, development, and uses—and how it is viewed in a clinical setting. The authors track and further develop the recent major changes in the understanding of affect. From its roots in childhood development to its cross-cultural aspects, affect remains clinically relevant in issues such as aggression and forgiveness.

The Language of Emotions

The Language of Emotions Author Philip Nicholas Johnson-Laird
ISBN-10 OCLC:21322934
Release 1988
Pages 44
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According to this 'communicative' theory, there should be a set of terms that refer to basic emotions, and these terms should have no internal semantics, since they cannot be analyzed into anything more basic, such as a prototype or a set of semantic features. Other terms should refer to states that combine a basic emotion with a propositional content. Finally, the theory implies that any emotion term should devolve upon one of the five basic emotion modes, or some subset of them, and that there will be no need to invoke any other emotional states. These predictions were borne out by the semantic analysis of 590 emotion words."

The Language of Emotions

The Language of Emotions Author Nicole Scott
ISBN-10 099748800X
Release 2016-04-17
Pages 248
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The Language of Emotions is a sincere and heartfelt anthology written by Nicole M Scott. The book delves into the experiences of love, mostly of romantic and passionate natures. What I like most about the collection is the way in which it is written with a lens of love. Is achieves a specific effect, giving the reader the impression that the author is a deep an eternal lover, and can never really run away from her feelings. I found the lyrics captured feelings truthfully and beautifully. Love at times makes one fragile and amazed at one's own vulnerability. At other times, it's strong and secure. Often, poems are rich in imagery and delving into loving depths of the soul. As a poet myself, I find some overlap with Nicole's style and applaud her eye for beauty and sincerity. There are also philosophical questions on the fantasy of love, and it is clear the author wants to feel that her experiences are all real, and not simply fantasy. Fascinatingly, some poems are written from a masculine perspective, and this adds variety and intrigue to the progression of the collection. It is done in a very subtle way and what I take from this is a most sacred fusion of masculine and feminine, where the lover experiences love from the other's point of view. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in simple verse and straightforward but beautiful poetry on love, which is sincere and thoughtful. It is definitely a piece of work many will identify with and appreciate because the themes are universal. - Nandita Keshavan for Readers' Favorite

The Language of Emotion

The Language of Emotion Author Joel R. Davitz
ISBN-10 9781483261713
Release 2016-01-26
Pages 208
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The Language of Emotion focuses on the inquiry on the language of emotion, as well as the systematic description of the language used to describe emotional states. The manuscript first offers information on the structure of emotional meaning, including cluster analysis of items, patterning of clusters in emotional states, and interrelationships among clusters. The text then takes a look at comments on the structure of emotional meaning. The publication examines studies on the language of emotion. Discussions focus on a comparison of emotional experiences reported by adolescents in Uganda and the United States; similarity of reported emotional experiences and genetic background; individual differences in reported emotional experiences and perceptual-cognitive style; and development of the language of emotion. The book is a vital reference for philosophers, psychiatrists, social workers, and educators interested in emotional phenomena.

Emotions and Multilingualism

Emotions and Multilingualism Author Aneta Pavlenko
ISBN-10 0521045770
Release 2007-11-05
Pages 304
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Pavlenko challenges the monolingual bias of modern linguistics and psychology by bringing together insights from many different fields.

Die f nf Sprachen der Liebe Gottes

Die f  nf Sprachen der Liebe Gottes Author Gary Chapman
ISBN-10 9783765571138
Release 2013-07-26
Pages 224
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Eine Einladung zu einem "Sprachkurs" der besonderen Art: Entdecken Sie, wie Gott Sie in Ihrer ganz persönlichen Liebessprache anspricht und wie Sie ihm in Ihrer Sprache antworten können. Denn: * Jeder Mensch hat seine ganz persönlichen Ausdrucksformen, in denen er Gott besonders gut hört und erfährt. * Gott spricht alle Liebessprachen. * Gott will Sie mit weiteren Sprachen der Liebe bekannt machen, damit Sie immer besser verstehen, was er Ihnen sagen möchte.

Language and Emotion

Language and Emotion Author James MacLynn Wilce
ISBN-10 9780521864176
Release 2009-04-09
Pages 233
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This book analyses the signals people use to express emotion, looking at the social, cultural and political functions of emotional language.

Der Ausdruck der Gem thsbewegungen bei dem Menschen und den Thieren

Der Ausdruck der Gem  thsbewegungen bei dem Menschen und den Thieren Author Charles Darwin
ISBN-10 BSB:BSB10997145
Release 1872
Pages 384
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Der Ausdruck der Gem thsbewegungen bei dem Menschen und den Thieren has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Der Ausdruck der Gem thsbewegungen bei dem Menschen und den Thieren also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Der Ausdruck der Gem thsbewegungen bei dem Menschen und den Thieren book for free.

Metaphor and Emotion

Metaphor and Emotion Author Zoltán Kövecses
ISBN-10 0521541468
Release 2003-09-01
Pages 223
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Are human emotions best characterized as biological, psychological, or cultural entities? Many researchers claim that emotions arise either from human biology (i.e., biological reductionism) or as products of culture (i.e., social constructionism). This book challenges this simplistic division between the body and culture by showing how human emotions are to a large extent "constructed" from individuals' embodied experiences in different cultural settings. The view proposed here demonstrates how cultural aspects of emotions, metaphorical language about the emotions, and human physiology in emotion are all part of an intergrated system and shows how this system points to the reconciliation of the seemingly contradictory views of biological reductionism and social constructionism in contemporary debates about human emotion.

The Cognitive Structure of Emotions

The Cognitive Structure of Emotions Author Andrew Ortony
ISBN-10 0521386640
Release 1990-05-25
Pages 207
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It has long been clear that the way in which people interpret the world affects our emotional reactions. What has been less clear is exactly how such different interpretations lead to different emotions. This is the central question addressed by The Cognitive Structure of Emotions. Taking a cognitive science perspective, a systematic account is presented of the cognitive structures that underlie a wide range of different emotions. Detailed proposals about the factors that affect intensity are also offered. The authors propose three broad classes of emotions, each corresponding to a different attentional focus. One class consists of reactions to events, one of reactions to the actions of agents, and one of reactions to objects. By basing their analysis of the antecedents of emotions on an analysis of the perceived situational conditions that elicit them, the authors offer the prospect of accounting for variations in the emotions of different individuals, different cultures, and perhaps even different species.

Emotions Across Languages and Cultures

Emotions Across Languages and Cultures Author Anna Wierzbicka
ISBN-10 0521599717
Release 1999-11-18
Pages 349
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This fascinating book explores the bodily expression of emotion in worldwide and culture-specific contexts.

Language and the Politics of Emotion

Language and the Politics of Emotion Author Catherine A. Lutz
ISBN-10 0521388686
Release 1990-06-29
Pages 228
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Emotions have long been a central concern in philosophy, psychological and sociological studies. When anthropologists began to study emotion, they challenged many assumptions shared by Western academics and lay persons by exposing the cultural variability of emotional meanings. In this collection of original essays by anthropologists concerned with the relationship of language and emotion, it is argued that the key focus to the study of emotion might be the politics of social life rather than the psychology of the individual. Through close studies of talk about emotion and emotional discourses in social contexts from poetry and song to therapeutic narratives, scholars who have worked in India, Fiji, the United States, Egypt, Senegal and the Solomon Islands show how emotion is tied to politics of everyday interaction. Their arguments and cross-cultural findings will intrigue and provoke anyone who has thought about the relationship between emotion, language and social life. The book will be of special interest to those who find the boundaries between cultural, psychological and linguistic anthropology, sociology, cross-cultural psychiatry, and social psychology too confining.

The Body Language and Emotion of Cats

The Body Language and Emotion of Cats Author Myrna M. Milani
ISBN-10 UVA:X001314686
Release 1987
Pages 294
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Looks at the cat in history, discusses the relationship between cats and people, and analyzes feline behavior patterns