The Heart of the Plate

The Heart of the Plate Author Mollie Katzen
ISBN-10 9780544106666
Release 2013-09-17
Pages 464
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With The Moosewood Cookbook, Mollie Katzen changed the way a generation cooked and brought vegetarian cuisine into the mainstream. In The Heart of the Plate, she completely reinvents the vegetarian repertoire, unveiling a collection of beautiful, healthful, and unfussy dishes — her “absolutely most loved.” Her new cuisine is light, sharp, simple, and modular; her inimitable voice is as personal, helpful, clear, and funny as ever. Whether it’s a salad of kale and angel hair pasta with orange chili oil or a seasonal autumn lasagna, these dishes are celebrations of vegetables. They feature layered dishes that juxtapose colors and textures: orange rice with black beans, or tiny buttermilk corn cakes on a Peruvian potato stew. Suppers from the oven, like vegetable pizza and mushroom popover pie, are comforting but never stodgy. Burgers and savory pancakes — from eggplant Parmesan burgers to zucchini ricotta cloud cakes — make weeknight dinners fresh and exciting. “Optional Enhancements” allow cooks to customize every recipe. The Heart of the Plate is vibrantly illustrated with photographs and original watercolors by the author herself.

Haunting at Home Plate

Haunting at Home Plate Author David Patneaude
ISBN-10 9781480466500
Release 2014-01-14
Pages 192
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With only a few games left in the regular season, Nelson just wants to play baseball and maybe, one day, realize his dream of pitching. Then his manager is suspended and two players leave the team. On top of that, it seems that the park where the team practices may be haunted. Nelson convinces his cousin Mike (short for Michelle) to manage his team so the boys can stay together. It’s Mike who tells them the story of Andy Kirk, a boy who long ago fell from a cedar tree to his death while watching his older brother play ball. When messages to the team begin to appear in the dirt near home plate and are signed AK, the team must decide what to make of them. Is the ghost of Andy Kirk trying to tell them something? And should the team do what the messages suggest?

Anatomy of the Heart Cranium and Brain

Anatomy of the Heart  Cranium  and Brain Author Alexander Ramsay
ISBN-10 UCSD:31822038212064
Release 1813
Pages 66
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Anatomy of the Heart Cranium and Brain has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Anatomy of the Heart Cranium and Brain also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Anatomy of the Heart Cranium and Brain book for free.

The Operated Heart at Autopsy

The Operated Heart at Autopsy Author Stuart Lair Houser
ISBN-10 1603278087
Release 2009-06-10
Pages 187
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After 17 years of private practice as a cardiovascular surgeon, my partners qu- tionedtherationalityofmydecisiontoleavetheclinicalpracticebehindandbecome acardiovascular pathologist. Infact,theirdisbeliefofmyintentiontomakethe“leap of faith” was understandable. For a surgeon, the operating room is where the action is. It is as simple as that. And when a cardiac surgeon can hold in his hand a beating heart, now off-bypass and improved by an operation just completed, satisfaction is real and profound. However, life is complex. Throughout my surgical career, questions regarding the pathogenesis of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease arose; curiosities of va- ous phenotypes of the disease piqued my interest. I became aware of the power of investigative techniques that might address these questions. I then began to realize that my career in the operating room left me little time to address them. I needed to study the disease full time in order to contribute to my understanding of it. Ironically, my ?rst autopsy as a pathology resident was on an individual with a past history of coronary artery bypass surgery. When it came to examining the heart, the dissection, as all pathologists know, was complex. However, I found it to be straightforward and enjoyable. But I subsequently learned that my fellow re- dents and mentors did not share my intrigue and comfort in de?ning the nuances of the operated heart.

The Enlightened Party Planner Guides to Creating Parties from the Heart The Six Elements of a Successful Party

The Enlightened Party Planner  Guides to Creating Parties from the Heart   The Six Elements of a Successful Party Author Shelby L. Phillips
ISBN-10 9780557341429
Release 2011-08-01
Pages 181
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Does the thought of planning a party feel overwhelming, intimidating, or like one more thing you have to do? Have you ever wondered how to create a fun and memorable party? The Enlightened Party Planner: Guides to Creating Parties from the Heart is a series of books based on the notion that being of service and coming from the heart will not only make for an amazing party your guests will remember for a lifetime, but will also leave you feeling happy and fulfilled. The Six Elements of a Successful Party is based on one fundamental principal: show your guests how important they are to you! With a special blend of heart-centered party planning teachings, unique party plan ideas, invaluable resources and examples, journal pages, and a 30-page all-inclusive Planner Pack, this book is the perfect companion for planning any gathering or celebration with grace and ease.

Parents Guide to Hitting A Baseball

Parents Guide to Hitting A Baseball Author Gil Suarez
ISBN-10 1453553622
Release 2010-09-27
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Parents Guide to Hitting A Baseball has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Parents Guide to Hitting A Baseball also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Parents Guide to Hitting A Baseball book for free.

Dressing The Heart A Parent s Guide to Everyday Etiquette

Dressing The Heart  A Parent s Guide to Everyday Etiquette Author Robin Bickerstaff Glover
ISBN-10 9781105596148
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Dressing The Heart A Parent s Guide to Everyday Etiquette has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Dressing The Heart A Parent s Guide to Everyday Etiquette also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Dressing The Heart A Parent s Guide to Everyday Etiquette book for free.

How the Heart Develops

How the Heart Develops Author Donald Fischman
ISBN-10 9781615040018
Release 2009-06-01
Pages 68
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With possible exception of the atomic clock, the heart may be the most perfect machine ever devised. How it develops from a simple embryonic tube is a fascinating story of biology and lends a great deal of insight into the source of heart defects that affect children and adults alike. Central to this entire lecture is the fact that the fetus resides in an aquatic environment. Oxygenated blood arrives from the placenta and deoxygenated returns to the placenta. The lungs play no role in delivering oxygen or removing carbon dioxide to or from the circulation. Thus, the fetus mainly (but not exclusively) requires a three-chambered heart rather than the fourchambered heart that we are all familiar with. This resembles fish circulation in which blood leaves the heart into an aortic sac from which emanate the aortic arches that deliver blood to the gills, where it is oxygenated and CO2 is removed. Blood then goes to the dorsal aortae for nourishing the body tissues. In a fish there is no need for a four-chambered heart, since fish do not use lungs to aerate the blood or remove CO2. Although the fetus lacks gills and still develops a four-chambered heart, much of fetal circulatory physiology depends on a "quasi-three-chambered circulation" that bypasses the pulmonary circulation. Upon birth, this "aquatic" circulation must change within minutes to permit lung function. The topics to follow trace how this circulation develops and how it changes upon birth. Table of Contents: Fetal and Embryonic Hematopoiesis / Formation of the Precardiac Mesoderm and Fate Mapping During Gastrulation / Tubular Heart / Cardiac Looping / Pericardial Cavity / Endocardial Cushions / Atrial Septation / Ventricular Septation / Partitioning of the Bulbus Cordis and Truncus Arteriosus / Conducting System / Cell Lineages During Heart Development / Circulation at Term and Changes upon Birth / Recommended Readings

Zwischen Himmel und Liebe

Zwischen Himmel und Liebe Author Cecelia Ahern
ISBN-10 9783104006536
Release 2010-06-15
Pages 528
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Die Geschichte einer magischen Liebe – und einer Familie auf dem Weg zu sich selbst. Zum Freuen und Weinen schön, voller Hoffnung, Tiefe und Humor. Elizabeth hat ihr Leben fest im Griff. Sie kümmert sich um ihr Designbüro, ihren mürrischen Vater, die unzuverlässige Schwester und ihren sechsjährigen Neffen Luke. Doch niemanden lässt sie wirklich an sich heran – zu schmerzhaft war die Vergangenheit. Ivan ist nicht von dieser Welt. Niemand kann ihn sehen. Wirklich niemand? Nur seine Schützlinge: Sein Job ist, „bester Freund“ zu sein für jemanden, der ihn braucht. So wie der einsame kleine Luke. Als Ivan jedoch plötzlich auch eine Verbindung zu Elizabeth spürt, ist er verwirrt – sie gehört doch gar nicht zu seinen Aufgaben ... »Eine wunderbare Geschichte voller Überraschungen und mit einem Hauch von Magie.« NDR

Claiming the Heart

Claiming the Heart Author Sara Luck
ISBN-10 9781451652253
Release 2012-04-24
Pages 400
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As the Texas and Pacific Railroad expands across the wideopen frontier, a spirited young woman finds a triumphant love amidst the tracks and tumult. History in the making . . . July 1876: Building a railroad that reaches Fort Worth city limits by a midnight deadline is an all-consuming obsession for track supervisor Gabriel Corrigan—while his socialite wife, Marthalee, daughter of a powerful Louisiana politician, heads home to arrange a marriage annulment. But when Gabe crosses paths with Josie Laclede, a vivacious businesswoman from St. Louis, he sees a sassy lady bold enough to stake her claim in the wild Texas plains—yet soft and sweet enough to win his heart. Love for the keeping . . . Though her past is a mystery—Josie was a foundling, raised by a kind widower who now runs a shop and hotel with her—Gabe dreams of a bright future with Josie by his side. Tantalized by his gentle kisses, and swept up in the thrilling track-laying race that has all of Fort Worth pitching in, Josie is tempted to fall hard for Gabe. But Marthalee returns, vying for the T&P fortune he stands to make. And when her father offers Gabe a senate seat and a chance to get back into his wellconnected family, a heartbroken Josie vanishes with the prairie breeze. Will their dream of a once-in-a-lifetime love go up in smoke?

Living Morphogenesis of the Heart

Living Morphogenesis of the Heart Author Maria De la Cruz
ISBN-10 0817640371
Release 1998-12-01
Pages 233
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The overall scope of this new series will be to evolve an understanding of the genetic basis of (1) how early mesoderm commits to cells of a heart lineage that progres sively and irreversibly assemble into a segmented, primary heart tube that can be remodeled into a four-chambered organ, and (2) how blood vessels are derived and assembled both in the heart and in the body. Our central aim is to establish a four-dimensional, spatiotemporal foundation for the heart and blood vessels that can be genetically dissected for function and mechanism. Since Robert DeHaan's seminal chapter "Morphogenesis of the Vertebrate Heart" published in Organogenesis (Holt Rinehart & Winston, NY) in 1965, there have been surprisingly few books devoted to the subject of cardiovascular morpho genesis, despite the enormous growth of interest that occurred nationally and internationally. Most writings on the subject have been scholarly compilations of the proceedings of major national or international symposia or muItiauthored volumes, often without a specific theme. What is missing are the unifying concepts that can make sense out of a burgeoning database of facts. The Editorial Board of this new series believes the time has come for a book series dedicated to cardiovas cular morphogenesis that will serve not only as an important archival and didactic reference source for those who have recently come into the field but also as a guide to the evolution of a field that is clearly coming of age.

The Heart of Listening

The Heart of Listening Author Hugh Milne
ISBN-10 9781556432804
Release 1998
Pages 344
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Originally published as a single volume, The Heart of Listening has been re-issued as two separate volumes because of public demand for a more concise, portable edition. Milne, a third generation Scottish osteopath, begins by explaining the visionary approach to healing, and how it may be applied to the realm of craniosacral work. In the second volume, Milne details the anatomy, physiology, energetics, and techniques that are the essential core of visionary craniosacral work. His particular genius lies in his ability to weave a delicate tapestry of narrative, poetry, and scientific fact into a fascinating and insightful exposition of the visionary healing arts.

The Complete Guide To Glues Adhesives

The Complete Guide To Glues   Adhesives Author Nancy Ward
ISBN-10 9781440219597
Release 2011-01-15
Pages 144
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In 1995, Tammy Young's The Crafter's Guide to Glues took the crafting world by storm. Now, Tammy has teamed up with Nancy Ward for this full-color follow-up that covers everything crafters and artists need to know about glues and adhesives currently on the market, including their uses and applications. Besides presenting the basics, like safety, there are nearly 30 quick and easy step-by-step projects. Now includes memory crafting, stamping, and embossing Covers glues, adhesives, and applications for paper, wood, glass, metal, "stitchless" sewing, and embellishing any surface Special sections on hot glues and "power bonding"

Chapters of the Heart

Chapters of the Heart Author Sue Elwell
ISBN-10 9781630870294
Release 2013-11-01
Pages 226
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Chapters of the Heart: Jewish Women Sharing the Torah of Our Lives invites readers into the lives of twenty women for whom Jewish language and texts provide a lens for understanding their experiences. The authors don't just use religious words (texts, theologies, or liturgies) like a cookbook. Instead they serve readers something closer to a real meal, prepared with love and intention. Each essay shares one piece of its writer's heart, one chapter of experience as refracted through the author's particular Jewish optic. The authors write about being daughters, mothers, sisters, partners, lovers, and friends. They share their experiences of parenting, infertility, and abortion. One describes accompanying her young husband through his life-threatening illness. Another tells of her daughter's struggle with an eating disorder. Still another reflects on long decline of a parent with Alzheimer's. All these writers wrestle with Jewish texts while growing as rabbis, as feminists, and as interfaith leaders. They open their hearts and minds, telling when Jewish tradition has helped make meaning and, on occasion, when it has come up empty. The results are sometimes inspiring, sometimes provocative. Readers will find new insights into God, into Judaism, and into themselves.

Lessons of the Heart

Lessons of the Heart Author Bonnie Mallory Sheldon
ISBN-10 9781449001797
Release 2009-09
Pages 244
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Lessons of the Heart has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Lessons of the Heart also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Lessons of the Heart book for free.

Deep in the Heart

Deep in the Heart Author Gilbert Morris
ISBN-10 9781418567774
Release 2003-12-16
Pages 391
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The Texas Frontier provides for riveting adventure and inspiring characters as this historical fiction series draws readers into the struggle for freedom.

Mesenchymal Stem Cells for the Heart

Mesenchymal Stem Cells for the Heart Author Xiaojie Xie
ISBN-10 3540881506
Release 2009-11-19
Pages 113
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Stem cell research has the potential to affect the lives of millions of people around the world. This research is now regularly front-page news, and realizing the promise of mesenchymal stem cells for yielding new medical therapies will require us to grapple with more than just scientific uncertainties. "Mesenchymal Stem Cells for the Heart - From Bench to Bedside" presents the cytobiological characteristics of mesenchymal stem cells from the isolation, culture, transmembrane ion currents, migration and differentiation in vitro to the repairing of injured myocardium and tissue reconstruction in vivo, including the results of basic research and the real possibility for treatments and ultimately for cures for cardiac diseases for which adequate therapies do not exist. The book is intended for clinical stem cell researchers in cardiovasology, hematology, cytobiology, molecular biology, cell and tissue engineering, and other related fields. Jian-an Wang, MD, PhD, Professor of Cardiology at Zhejiang University and investigator at Loma Linda University, Southern California, has broad expertise in the molecular and cellular biological processes underlying cardiovascular disease. He has won the Chinese Medical Science and Technology Medal of Honor.