The Complete Book of Dog Breeding

The Complete Book of Dog Breeding Author Dan Rice
ISBN-10 0764138871
Release 2008-10-03
Pages 186
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A veterinarian with many years of canine practice experience offers guidance to novice and professional dog breeders, emphasizing the responsibilities of reputable breeders to their dogs and to the buyers of the puppies they produce. Topics covered range from the choosing and conditioning of brood stock to the socializing of puppies and the establishment of pedigrees, registration, titles, and much more.

The Complete Book of Dog Breeding

The Complete Book of Dog Breeding Author Dan Rice
Release 2003
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The Complete Book of Dog Breeding has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Complete Book of Dog Breeding also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Complete Book of Dog Breeding book for free.

The Complete Dog Breed Book

The Complete Dog Breed Book Author DK
ISBN-10 9781409378839
Release 2012-03-01
Pages 352
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Choose the top dog for your family From spaniels to sheepdogs, The Complete Dog Breed Guide will help you choose the perfect companion for your family. Fully illustrated and featuring over 400 of the world's best-loved breeds, this is the only breed guide you'll ever need. Q&A selector charts help you choose the right dog for your lifestyle plus expert guidance on caring for your dog, understanding its behaviour and training tips ensure that he'll soon becomes everyone's best friend. The Complete Dog Breed Guide is a one-stop manual to helping you become the owner of a happy, healthy, well-behaved dog.

Successful Dog Breeding

Successful Dog Breeding Author Chris Walkowicz
ISBN-10 0876057407
Release 1994-01-16
Pages 240
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Here, at last, is a revised and expanded edition of this award-winning breeders' reference. Successful Dog Breeding is a book for the first-time breeder and longtime fancier alike, no matter what the breed. Down-to-earth practical information is given to cover virtually every contingency associated with breeding and whelping. Presented in a humorous format, even the most serious information is made easier to understand. Chris Walkowicz and Bonnie Wilcox, D.V.M., are both veteran dog fanciers who bring a wealth of personal and professional experience to every chapter. Covering topics from planning the breeding (should I or shouldn't I?) to problems encountered in breeding, delivery and neonatal care, the authors offer viable solutions to innumerable problems, whether old or new. Two highly extensive appendices on breed idiosyncrasies, compiled from correspondence with longtime fanciers as well as from research from veterinary journals, complete the abundance of information offered here. All of this is complemented by original drawings by the well-known canine artist Mary Jung. A Howell Dog Book of Distinction

The Book of the Bitch

The Book of the Bitch Author J. M. Evans
ISBN-10 1860540236
Release 1997
Pages 232
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A complete guide to caring for bitches for the experienced breeder and the novice bitch owner

Dog Breeding Guide

Dog Breeding Guide Author Janet Evans
ISBN-10 1633830608
Release 2014-06-26
Pages 50
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Dog breeding is fun and can be very profiting as well to the experienced breeder. If you want to start breeding, then you have picked up the right book! Dog Breeding by Janet Evans will help you prepare the things you need to become a breeder. This book will educate you how to find a breeder dog, caring for them, birthing puppies and many more! Become a breeder today and feast on the joy of a dog breeder!

The Dog Breeder s Guide to Successful Breeding and Health Management

The Dog Breeder s Guide to Successful Breeding and Health Management Author Margaret V. Root Kustritz
ISBN-10 9781416031390
Release 2006
Pages 496
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Answers to questions about the successful breeding of dogs, including commonly seen problems. Includes charts and tables.

Dog Breeding Whelping and Puppy Care

Dog Breeding  Whelping and Puppy Care Author Gary England
ISBN-10 9781118414354
Release 2012-10-18
Pages 344
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A practical and up-to-date guide to canine reproduction for dog breeders, veterinary students and veterinary surgeons. Written in an easy-to-use style and presented in a practically useful format with clear illustrations. The information is supported by references from the author’s published work and his wealth of clinical experience to form the important authoritative text in this field. A vital aid to those seeking an understanding of normal and abnormal reproduction as well as common reproductive techniques.

The Complete Book of the Dog

The Complete Book of the Dog Author Amanda O'Neill
ISBN-10 1555214924
Release 1989-12-01
Pages 288
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Looks at the history of the dog, shows various breeds, and discusses canine anatomy, behavior, breeding and health problems

The Complete Dog Book

The Complete Dog Book Author American Kennel Club
ISBN-10 9780307416995
Release 2007-12-18
Pages 880
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For more than seventy-five years, The Complete Dog Book has been the premier reference on purebred dogs. Now in its twentieth edition, this treasured guide is an essential volume for every dog owner and owner-to-be. Comprehensive and thoughtfully organized, The Complete Dog Book features all 153 breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club, the official breed standards, breed histories, and photographs. Also included are the twelve most recently recognized breeds: Anatolian Shepherd Dog, Black Russian Terrier, German Pinscher, Glen of Imaal Terrier, Havanese, Löwchen, Neapolitan Mastiff, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, Parson Russell Terrier, Polish Lowland Sheepdog, Spinone Italiano, and Toy Fox Terrier. Along with AKC registration procedures and current forms, The Complete Dog Book includes sections on • choosing the dog that’s right for you • training • nutrition • grooming • responsible breeding • canine first-aid • joining a dog club • Canine Good Citizen® program • every AKC sport: Agility, Conformation, Coonhound, Earthdog, Field Trials, Herding, Hunt Tests, Junior Showmanship, Lure Coursing, Obedience, Rally, and Tracking Concluding with an extensive glossary of terms and line drawings, The Complete Dog Book is a reference that dog aficionados will turn to again and again. From the Hardcover edition.

The Complete Book of Cat Breeding

The Complete Book of Cat Breeding Author Dan Rice
ISBN-10 0812097645
Release 1997-01-01
Pages 162
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Covers all aspects of cat breeding for both novice and experienced breeders, discussing breeding stock, the breeding process, potential problems, normal and assisted births, and neonatal kitten care

The complete book of dogs

The complete book of dogs Author M. Eugene Ensminger
ISBN-10 CORNELL:31924005901123
Release 1977
Pages 597
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Data on dogs including their selection, breeding, feeding, health, housing, training, grooming, showing, various uses, and general care and management. Lists dog books and magazines, humane organizations, and colleges of veterinary medicine.

Dog Breeder s Professional Secrets

Dog Breeder s Professional Secrets Author Sylvia Smart
ISBN-10 9781617810190
Release 2008-08-01
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Becoming a dog breeder is a significant undertaking. And there is so much more you need to know to be a successful breeder beyond just knowing how to whelp and raise puppies. Dog Breeders Professional Secrets tells you what it takes to be a successful and ethical dog breeder. Topics include networking, financial matters, acquiring breeding stock, kennel design, and many more. Sylvia Smart shares her real-life experiences (both good and bad) and explores dozens of issues that a prospective breeder must consider to build a high quality dog breeding business. This is a practical, educational book with a focus on doing things professionally, with lots of planning and forethought. And you'll learn how to be financially successful in your chosen profession all the while knowing that you have done it "the right way."

The Complete Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog

The Complete Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog Author Don Abney
ISBN-10 9781456755225
Release 2011-03
Pages 192
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"Designed to provide brief information on the history, care, uses, and breeding of Louisiana Catahoula leopard dogs"--P. vii.

The Complete Book of Dogs Breeds Training Health Care

The Complete Book of Dogs  Breeds  Training  Health Care Author Rosie Pilbeam
ISBN-10 0754829944
Release 2017-07
Pages 512
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The definitive dog-owner's guide with up-to-date breeds, nutrition, care, step-by-step training techniques, and dog sports.

Canine Reproduction and Whelping

Canine Reproduction and Whelping Author Myra Savant-Harris
ISBN-10 9781929242375
Release 2006-01-01
Pages 77
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Everything you don't know about canine reproduction Canine Reproduction and Whelping brings together information that will be invaluable to today's dog breeders because it helps to fill in the gaps in knowledge of even the most experienced breeder. Learn how facts about human reproduction, conception and birth get unknowingly mixed up with the very different canine side of things. Then learn how to use this information to have more successful breedings and healthier pups. Author Myra Harris combines her years of experience as a labor and delivery nurse with her passion for breeding dogs to give you practical and unusual information. Easy to understand and fun to read. You will learn: How to prepare your young stud dog for breeding. How to tell when the bitch is ready to be bred. How truly fragile sperm is and how to ensure their health and survival. When Artificial Insemination is preferred, how to collect sperm, and how to inseminate. About unseen causes for unsuccessful breedings-bacteria, viruses, yeast. About the role of progesterone in breeding success and how to use it to succeed. About easy, normal whelpings contrasted with nightmare whelping experiences. C-sections made understandable and how to handle aftercare of the bitch. How to remove dewclaws with the least trauma to mom and pups.

Breeding Dogs For Dummies

Breeding Dogs For Dummies Author Richard G. Beauchamp
ISBN-10 1118068637
Release 2011-04-27
Pages 336
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So what’s the big deal about breeding purebreds? You put two compatible dogs alone together in a room, lower the lights, put a Barry White CD on the stereo and voila, two months later you’ve got yourself a litter of purebreds—and the rest is gravy, right? Not quite. Simply breeding dogs takes considerable space, time, and capital. Consistently breeding mentally and physically sound purebreds, on the other hand, is a labor of love that involves all of the above and a whole lot more. If you really love dogs then you need to consult with an expert on the many responsibilities, rules, and regulations dog breeding entails before you take the leap. And that’s where Breeding Dogs For Dummies comes in. Written by Rick Beauchamp, professional breeder, exhibitor, and author of numerous books on the care and feeding of purebred dogs, Breeding Dogs For Dummies fills you in on every facet of the business. Packed with priceless insider tips and expert advice and guidance, it tells you what you need to know to: Decide whether dog breeding is really for you Choose the right breed for you Create the best possible breeding environment for your dogs Establish a breeding program Find the right breeding stock Comply with all government and AKC regulations Care for and socialize your pups Find the right owners for your dogs Explore what it takes to start a breeding program that will ensure your dogs’ health and enhance their lineage for fun and profit. Topics covered in detail include: Selecting breeding stock and keeping track of breed types Understanding purebred genetics and genotype characteristics Finding and selecting the right stud dog and brood bitch Prenatal care, whelping, and raising puppies Running a successful dog breeding business—including tips on budgeting, taxes, registration, charting, planning litters, transactions, sales contracts, and more Breeding puppies involves many responsibilities, but it can also be one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences of your life. Make sure that it is—order a copy of Breeding Dogs For Dummies today.