The Bones of Paradise

The Bones of Paradise Author Jonis Agee
ISBN-10 9780062413499
Release 2016-08-02
Pages 432
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The award-winning author of The River Wife returns with a multigenerational family saga set in the unforgiving Nebraska Sand Hills in the years following the massacre at Wounded Knee—an ambitious tale of history, vengeance, race, guilt, betrayal, family, and belonging, filled with a vivid cast of characters shaped by violence, love, and a desperate loyalty to the land. Ten years after the Seventh Cavalry massacred more than two hundred Lakota men, women, and children at Wounded Knee, J.B. Bennett, a white rancher, and Star, a young Native American woman, are murdered in a remote meadow on J.B.’s land. The deaths bring together the scattered members of the Bennett family: J.B.’s cunning and hard father, Drum; his estranged wife, Dulcinea; and his teenage sons, Cullen and Hayward. As the mystery of these twin deaths unfolds, the history of the dysfunctional Bennetts and their damning secrets is revealed, exposing the conflicted heart of a nation caught between past and future. At the center of The Bones of Paradise are two remarkable women. Dulcinea, returned after bitter years of self-exile, yearns for redemption and the courage to mend her broken family and reclaim the land that is rightfully hers. Rose, scarred by the terrible slaughters that have decimated and dislocated her people, struggles to accept the death of her sister, Star, and refuses to rest until she is avenged. A kaleidoscopic portrait of misfits, schemers, chancers, and dreamers, Jonis Agee’s bold novel is a panorama of America at the dawn of a new century. A beautiful evocation of this magnificent, blood-soaked land—its sweeping prairies, seas of golden grass, and sandy hills, all at the mercy of two unpredictable and terrifying forces, weather and lawlessness—and the durable men and women who dared to tame it. Intimate and epic, The Bones of Paradise is a remarkable achievement: a mystery, a tragedy, a romance, and an unflagging exploration of the beauty and brutality, tenderness and cruelty that defined the settling of the American West.

Bones of Paradise

Bones of Paradise Author Jane Hoff
ISBN-10 0692564403
Release 2015-11-05
Pages 276
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BONES OF PARADISE - A Big Island Mystery - Even in paradise, people do die. And it's the job of Mimi Charles, Forensic Anthropologist, to analyze the bodies that aren't found right away - skeletons, mostly. Mimi and her colleagues at the Medical Examiner's office are a tightly-knit team that relishes solving the mysteries presented by each case. But outside of the office, their lives in the sweet little town of Hilo, Hawaii, flow in a gentle island rhythm. None of them is prepared for the disappearance of one of their own, right from the building where they work (or the parking lot outside, anyway). Soon a series of notes begins to arrive, supposedly from the missing person. Even though the FBI shows up to join the local police in the search for clues, Mimi and her friends can't resist doing a little "digging" of their own. Suddenly, there's a very pesky TV reporter calling Mimi at home and peeking out at her from behind potted plants. And then John, the Death Investigator who works with Mimi, begins to act strangely. Despite the distractions, Mimi begins to piece together odd, seemingly unrelated bits of information in the race to find her missing friend, and she most sincerely hopes that she's not too late...

Die Knochenuhren

Die Knochenuhren Author David Mitchell
ISBN-10 9783644047211
Release 2016-03-11
Pages 816
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An einem verschlafenen Sommertag des Jahres 1984 begegnet die junge Holly Sykes einer alten Frau, die ihr im Tausch für «Asyl» einen kleinen Gefallen tut. Jahrzehnte werden vergehen, bis Holly Sykes genau versteht, welche Bedeutung die alte Frau dadurch für ihre Existenz bekommen hat. Die Knochenuhren folgt den Wendungen von Holly Sykes’ Leben von einer tristen Kindheit am Unterlauf der Themse bis zum hohen Alter an Irlands Atlantikküste, in einer Zeit, da Europa das Öl ausgeht. Ein Leben, das gar nicht so ungewöhnlich ist und doch punktiert durch seltsame Vorahnungen, Besuche von Leuten, die sich aus dem Nichts materialisieren, Zeitlöcher und andere kurze Aussetzer der Gesetze der Wirklichkeit. Denn Holly – Tochter, Schwester, Mutter, Hüterin – ist zugleich die unwissende Protagonistin einer mörderischen Fehde, die sich in den Schatten und dunklen Winkeln unserer Welt abspielt – ja, sie wird sich vielleicht sogar als deren entscheidende Waffe erweisen. Metaphysischer Thriller, moralische Betrachtung und Chronik unseres selbstzerstörerischen Handelns – dieser kaleidoskopische Roman mit seiner Vielfalt von Themen, Schauplätzen und Zeiten birst vor Erfindungsreichtum und jener Intelligenz, die David Mitchell zu einem der herausragenden Autoren seiner Generation gemacht hat.

Der Schattenj ger Codex

Der Schattenj  ger Codex Author Cassandra Clare
ISBN-10 3401069810
Release 2014-02
Pages 295
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Der Schattenj ger Codex has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Der Schattenj ger Codex also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Der Schattenj ger Codex book for free.

In meinem Himmel

In meinem Himmel Author Alice Sebold
ISBN-10 3837117367
Release 2012
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In meinem Himmel has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from In meinem Himmel also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full In meinem Himmel book for free.

Shipwrecked in Paradise

Shipwrecked in Paradise Author Paul F. Johnston
ISBN-10 9781623492830
Release 2015-09-11
Pages 216
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The first oceangoing yacht ever built in America, Cleopatra’s Barge, endured many incarnations over her eight-year life, from Mediterranean pleasure cruiser to a Hawaiian king’s personal yacht. The famed ship, at times also a Christian missionary transport, pirate ship, getaway vehicle, instrument of diplomacy, and racing yacht, wrecked on a reef in Hanalei Bay on April 6, 1824. Obtaining the first underwater archaeological permits ever issued by the state of Hawai‘i, a team of divers from the Smithsonian Institution located, surveyed, and excavated the wrecked ship from 1995 to 2000. The 1,250 lots of artifacts from the shipwreck represent the only known material culture from the reign of King Kamehameha II (Liholiho), shedding light on the little-documented transitional period from Old Hawai‘i to foreign influence and culture. Although Liholiho ruled Hawai‘i for only a few short years, his abolition of taboos and admission of the Boston Christian missionaries into his kingdom planted the seeds for profound changes in Hawaiian culture. Richly illustrated, Shipwrecked in Paradise tells the story of the ship’s life in Hawai‘i, from her 1820 sale to Liholiho to her discovery and excavation.

Beyond Paradise

Beyond Paradise Author William Chandler
ISBN-10 9781615664207
Release 2010-04
Pages 360
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When Jesus said It is finished, what did he mean? Where did he go from that pivotal moment of earth-shattering revelation? As the story of our redemption through his blood comes to fruition, Beyond Paradise takes readers on a deeper biblical journey that explores lingering questions begging for answers. When, where, and why was Jesus Cursed? What is paradise, and what is beyond it? Author William Chandler presents his exploration through biblical events and theologies in a direct and fast-paced fashion. His focus on ease of understanding complements the simple truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Beyond Paradise is a great starting place for those who are seeking further answers to difficult questions. Readers will be encouraged to go deeper and push past a level of complacent contentment. William Chandler currently resides in Tucson, Arizona with his wife.

Paradise of the Pacific

Paradise of the Pacific Author Susanna Moore
ISBN-10 9781429944960
Release 2015-09-01
Pages 320
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The dramatic history of America's tropical paradise The history of Hawaii may be said to be the story of arrivals—from the eruption of volcanoes on the ocean floor 18,000 feet below, the first hardy seeds that over millennia found their way to the islands, and the confused birds blown from their migratory routes, to the early Polynesian adventurers who sailed across the Pacific in double canoes, the Spanish galleons en route to the Philippines, and the British navigators in search of a Northwest Passage, soon followed by pious Protestant missionaries, shipwrecked sailors, and rowdy Irish poachers escaped from Botany Bay—all wanderers washed ashore, sometimes by accident. This is true of many cultures, but in Hawaii, no one seems to have left. And in Hawaii, a set of myths accompanied each of these migrants—legends that shape our understanding of this mysterious place. In Paradise of the Pacific, Susanna Moore, the award-winning author of In the Cut and The Life of Objects, pieces together the elusive, dramatic story of late-eighteenth-century Hawaii—its kings and queens, gods and goddesses, missionaries, migrants, and explorers—a not-so-distant time of abrupt transition, in which an isolated pagan world of human sacrifice and strict taboo, without a currency or a written language, was confronted with the equally ritualized world of capitalism, Western education, and Christian values.

Lost Paradise

Lost Paradise Author Sheryl Knowlton
ISBN-10 9781466939271
Release 2012-07-19
Pages 220
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Sheluna is strong and wise beyond her twenty years, and she is ready to assume her role as the next high priestess of Holy Ground. She has all the qualities of a great leader—she is open-minded, spirited, and courageous. She is loved and respected by all the people and creatures surrounding her. Now her destiny rests on the other side of one crucial and dangerous test. Set in Holy Ground, a real city that existed over nine thousand years ago and lasted for over fifteen centuries in central Turkey, Sheluna’s story is imaginative historical fiction based on fascinating fact gleaned from extensive research into the excavations of Çatalhöyük, the real city that inspired the story of Holy Ground. Home to an advanced egalitarian society, Çatalhöyük’s legacy is rich with thought-provoking themes of equality, Earth worship, and the importance of ritual and symbology. Modern humans can learn much from our ancestors of prehistory (a big part of which is “her story”). The people of Holy Ground called it Paradise—the paradise before the fall.

Captive Paradise

Captive Paradise Author James L. Haley
ISBN-10 9781466855502
Release 2014-11-04
Pages 448
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The most recent state to join the union, Hawaii is the only one to have once been a royal kingdom. After its "discovery" by Captain Cook in the late 18th Century, Hawaii was fought over by European powers determined to take advantage of its position as the crossroads of the Pacific. The arrival of the first missionaries marked the beginning of the struggle between a native culture with its ancient gods, sexual libertinism and rites of human sacrifice, and the rigid values of the Calvinists. While Hawaii's royal rulers adopted Christianity, they also fought to preserve their ancient ways. But the success of the ruthless American sugar barons sealed their fate and in 1893, the American Marines overthrew Lili'uokalani, the last queen of Hawaii. James L. Haley's Captive Paradise is the story of King Kamehameha I, The Conqueror, who unified the islands through terror and bloodshed, but whose dynasty succumbed to inbreeding; of Gilded Age tycoons like Claus Spreckels who brilliantly outmaneuvered his competitors; of firebrand Lorrin Thurston, who was determined that Hawaii be ruled by whites; of President McKinley, who presided over the eventual annexation of the islands. Not for decades has there been such a vibrant and compelling portrait of an extraordinary place and its people.

Leave the Bones

Leave the Bones Author J. Michaels
ISBN-10 9781621897231
Release 2010-07-02
Pages 122
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Between the covers of this tome lay truly wondrous things. Composed of colors previously unseen and sounds rarely heard, these buds will blossom in your hand. As they do, they will burst into light that will illuminate the darkness. As that light reflects upon a table, a feast is seen before us. Take up arms, in spoon and ladle, and prepare to experience ephemeral tastes and aromas never known. So whet your appetites my friends, hone them and apply them to the job at hand. Then join me, if you will, as we feast on these delectable delights. Yet, if you don't mind as much, we'll leave the bones behind. Praise for J. Michaels [CENTER] "The Poet's Quill is an inspirational uplifting book of poetry that will have readers aspiring to new goals. With over one hundred poems ranging in titles such as 'One Soul To Save,' 'Beauty By The Bay,' 'I Want My Perfection Back,' 'Heaven's Gate,' and many more equally thought provoking, how can one not explore the vast possibilities of this wonderful book of poems. The author, J. Michaels, has reached into the depths of his soul and produced an amazing book that will touch readers' hearts, minds, and souls." -Angela Simmons Member,

Blinded by Paradise

Blinded by Paradise Author Christopher Rimare
ISBN-10 1450256929
Release 2010-10-11
Pages 296
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Emperor Hadrian's personal motives are spurring him to become the most accomplished, talented, and controversial Roman emperor ever. As he rises to power through external, secretive machinations, Hadrian is driven by a lust for accomplishment and a search for provocative male companionship. Hadrian embarks on an epic journey across the vast expanse of his empire, encountering inspiring legends and unsuspecting dangers along the way. As his physical odyssey turns into a quest of self-discovery, he opens himself up to the ancient Mysteries of Eleusis, creates the architectural masterpiece of the Pantheon, and discovers love in an unexpected place. As Hadrian immerses himself in an enduring love affair with Antinous, a handsome and alluring young Greek man, their relationship acts as a catalyst that pushes Hadrian's dream of spiritually inspiring his populace to the forefront-though in ways the emperor never could have imagined. Blinded by Paradise is an intimate portrayal of a larger-than-life emperor suddenly faced with a life-altering decision to pursue either the beautiful realms of the Elysian Fields or the violent depths of Hell.

The Food of Paradise

The Food of Paradise Author Rachel Laudan
ISBN-10 0824817788
Release 1996-01
Pages 296
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Hawaii has one of the richest culinary heritages in the United States. Where else would you find competitions for the best saimin, sushi, Portuguese sausage, laulau, plate lunch, kim chee, dim sum, shave ice, and hamburgers? Hawaii's contemporary regional cuisine (affectionately known as "Local Food" by residents) is a truly amazing fusion of diverse culinary influences. In The Food of Paradise: Exploring Hawaii's Culinary Heritage, Rachel Laudan takes readers on a thoughtful, wide-ranging tour of Hawaii's farms and gardens, fish auctions and vegetable markets, fairs and carnivals, mom-and-pop stores and lunch wagons, to uncover the delightful complexities and incongruities in Hawaii's culinary history that have led to such creations as saimin, crack seed, and butter mochi. Part personal memoir, part historical narrative, part cookbook, The Food of Paradise begins with a series of essays that describe Laudan's initial encounter with a particular Local Food, an encounter that puzzled her and eventually led to tracing its origins and influence in Hawaii. Representative recipes follow. Like pidgin, the creole language created by Hawaii's early immigrants, Local Food is a creole cuisine created by three distinct culinary influences: Pacific, American and European, and Asian. In her attempt "to decipher Hawaii's culinary Babel", Laudan examines the contributions of each, including the introduction of new ingredients and the adaptation of traditional dishes to Hawaii's way of life. More than 150 recipes, photographs, a bibliography of Hawaii's cookbooks, and an extensive glossary make The Food of Paradise an invaluable resource for cooks, food historians, and Hawaiian buffs.

The Bones of Lazarus

The Bones of Lazarus Author John Derhak
ISBN-10 9781620955987
Release 2012-03-27
Pages 264
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The Bones of Lazarus follows intersecting lives on the war-torn Caribbean Island of Saint George. Amidst rising acts of terror and horrific bombings, surfaces a savage killer, a war correspondent whose stories have become oddly prophetic, a Russian operative with a past, and a mysterious political plot. Is it more than a coincidence? At its epicenter, Captain Daniel Loomis, fighting for his sanity and survival, seeks a connection. Yet, he cannot stop the growing fear that a creature of legend has arrived—the immortal Lazarus. Resurrected with a terrifying power, it's claimed he's walked the earth for 2,000 years seeking the hearts and souls of the wicked—leaving his mark—the face of petrified evil—upon his victims. As political intrigue and conspiracy unravel around him, Captain Loomis is charged with finding the killer. But first he must come to terms with whether he pursues a man, a myth, or the original Frankenstein monster in this imaginative, darkly funny, supernatural thriller.

The Bones of the Old Ones

The Bones of the Old Ones Author Howard Andrew Jones
ISBN-10 9781250015136
Release 2012-12-11
Pages 320
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A thrilling, inventive follow-up to The Desert of Souls by Howard Andrew Jones, a "rare master of the storyteller's art" ( As a snowfall blankets 8th century Mosul, a Persian noblewoman arrives at the home of the scholar Dabir and his friend the swordsman Captain Asim. Najya has escaped from a dangerous cabal that has ensorcelled her to track down ancient magical tools of tremendous power, the bones of the old ones. To stop the cabal and save Najya, Dabir and Asim venture into the worst winter in human memory, hunted by a shape-changing assassin. The stalwart Asim is drawn irresistibly toward the beautiful Persian even as Dabir realizes she may be far more dangerous a threat than anyone who pursues them, for her enchantment worsens with the winter. As their opposition grows, Dabir and Asim have no choice but to ally with their deadliest enemy, the treacherous Greek necromancer, Lydia. But even if they can trust one another long enough to escape their foes, it may be too late for Najya, whose soul is bound up with a vengeful spirit intent on sheathing the world in ice for a thousand years... "The Bones of the Old Ones is a damn good tale that not only pays homage to the masters, but sets its own print on the genre." --SF Signal "This rousing sequel to The Desert of Souls offers a mélange of ancient adventure myths populated by convincing, endearing characters... As intricately woven as the magic carpet of Greek sorceress Lydia, Jones's tale incorporates real historical personages and settings like Mosul of "haggard beauty" from the early days of Islam, and fills the pages with gallantry and glamour to provide a thrilling spectacle." –Publishers Weekly, starred review

The Blood of Paradise

The Blood of Paradise Author Stephen Goodwin
ISBN-10 0813918774
Release 1979
Pages 242
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Stephen Goodwin's second novel is an emblematic tale of the sixties, of a sophisticated couple going back to the land. The restlessness that compels Anna and Steadman to move from the city to a small mountain farm in Virginia is brought into high relief by the cycles of the natural world, and by the arrival of Anna's demonic twin sister. Goodwin's prose, by turns stark and pastoral, outlines these struggles while leavening them with self-effacing humor and beauty. Peopled with hippies and mountain folk, artists and farmers both organic and traditional, not to mention an unforgettable child, The Blood of Paradise evokes an era through a sensitive and unstinting portrait of marriage.

From the Dust to Paradise

From the Dust to Paradise Author Ellis Williams
ISBN-10 9780595207640
Release 2001-11-01
Pages 287
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A unique book for pastors, ministers, professors, Sunday School Teachers, Seminary students and other Bible scholars.