American Tall Tales

American Tall Tales Author Mary Pope Osborne
ISBN-10 9780307982599
Release 2013-08-28
Pages 128
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The perfect addition to every family’s home library and just right for sharing aloud, American Tall Tales introduces readers to America’s first folk heroes in nine wildly exaggerated and downright funny stories. Here are Paul Bunyan, that king-sized lumberjack who could fell “ten white pines with a single swing”; John Henry, with his mighty hammer; Mose, old New York’s biggest, bravest fireman; Sally Ann Thunder Ann Whirlwind, who could “outgrin, outsnort, outrun, outlift, outsneeze, outsleep, outlie any varmint”; and other uniquely American characters, together in one superb collection. In the tradition of the original nineteenth-century storytellers, Mary Pope Osborne compiles, edits, and adds her own two cents’ worth—and also supplies fascinating historical headnotes. Michael McCurdy’s robust colored wood engravings recall an earlier time, perfectly capturing all the vitality of the men and women who carved a new country out of the North American wilderness. From the Hardcover edition.

Tall Tales

Tall Tales Author Terry Pluto
ISBN-10 0803287666
Release 2000-10-01
Pages 397
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An account of the NBA from 1956 to 1966, after the introduction of the 24-second shot clock, highlights those who dominated the sport during its "glory days," including Red Auerbach, Wilt Chamberlain, and the Boston Celtics.

Tall Tales

Tall Tales Author Al Jaffee
ISBN-10 9781613122631
Release 2015-01-06
Pages 128
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Tall Tales was an innovative newspaper strip syndicated internationally by the New York Herald Tribune from 1957 1963. Whereas newspaper strips are square, single-panel or multiple-panel horizontal gag cartoons, Al Jaffee, known for the Fold-In in MAD Magazine, once again altered the format of his work to create a vertical strip--the first, and last, in newspaper history. Tall Tales contains the best 120 wordless strips out of over 2,200, scanned from the original files. The book features a new preface by Jaffee and an introduction by Stephen Colbert of The Colbert Report.

Tall Tales

Tall Tales Author Jeff Smith
ISBN-10 9780545140959
Release 2010
Pages 108
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Smiley entertains the Bone Scouts by telling them stories about the suspect adventures of the mighty explorer Big Johnson Bone before his discovery of the Rolling Bone River and establishment of a famous trading post.

Tall Tales

Tall Tales Author Carol Pugliano-Martin
ISBN-10 0439113679
Release 2000-10-01
Pages 64
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Eight short plays for grades 3-5, with writing prompts and activities that link to language arts, social studies, etc.

American Legends and Tall Tales

American Legends and Tall Tales Author Steven James Petruccio
ISBN-10 9780486477862
Release 2011-02
Pages 30
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Journey into the nation's past with this gallery of 30 figures of history and folklore — Paul Bunyan, Pecos Bill, Annie Oakley, Johnny Appleseed, Casey Jones, Betsy Ross, and other characters.

American Tall Tales

American Tall Tales Author Adrien Stoutenberg
ISBN-10 0812463331
Release 1976-10-01
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Features eight American folk heroes: Paul Bunyan, Pecos Bill, Stormalong, Mike Fink, Davy Crockett, Johnny Appleseed, John Henry, and Joe Magarac.

The Tall Tale in American Folklore and Literature

The Tall Tale in American Folklore and Literature Author Carolyn S. Brown
ISBN-10 0870496271
Release 1989
Pages 168
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To Carolyn Brown s mind, the tall tale is not necessarily an account of the adventures of a larger-than-life hero, nor is it just a humorous first-person narrative exaggerated to outlandish proportions. It is as well an interaction between teller and audience a game played at the hazy border between the credible and the incredible, a challenge and an entertainment at the same time. The tall tale is also a social statement that identifies and binds a folk group by flaunting the peculiar knowledge and experiences of group members, and it is a tool for coping with a stressful or even chaotic world, for conquering life s problems by laughing at them.

Tall Tales

Tall Tales Author Chris Bell
ISBN-10 1869614186
Release 2000-07-28
Pages 32
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At school, Philip is writing to his new penfriend Anna. He is upset that he has to write to a girl because girls don't like anything that boys like. Anna writes back to Philip. Both Philip and Anna try to make their families and their homes sound more exciting than they really are. Then Mrs Tam tells Philip's class that she has organised a picnic with their penfriends. Philip is worried that Anna might ask awkward questions. On picnic day he hides in the kitchen until the soccer match. When the match starts, a girl tackles Phillip to the ground. It's Anna!

Tall Tales of the Beatles

Tall Tales of the Beatles Author Thomas Nowlin Harrison
ISBN-10 9781411625938
Release 2005-03
Pages 76
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The spirit of the Beatles lives on in this satire on both the Beatles and their historians! This is a fun book for Beatles fans who are willing to laugh at the music and musicians they love. It's a humorous, irreverent romp, very tongue-in-cheek and not the least bit serious. While it poses as another stodgy analysis of all Beatles compositions, it really has more in common with the Monty Python flavored "Rutles" film. Old-time drawings make it more fun & visually stimulating. A pleasant time is guaranteed for all! Partial Cast: Steve Allen/Julie Andrews/Chet Atkins/Lucille Ball/Orson Bean/Chuck Berry/Victor Buono/Johnny Carson/Eric Clapton/Neil Diamond/Judy Garland/The Stones/LBJ/Tim Leary/Lancelot/Laurel & Hardy/Peggy Lee/Rich Little/Maharishi/Harpo Marx/Rev Moon/Moriarty/Nixon/Elliott Ness/Peter Noone/Elvis/Billy Preston/Claude Rains/Rocky & Bullwinkle/Phyllis Schlaffley/Sinatra/Phil Spector/Tiny Tim/Alan Watts/Tarzan/Lawrence Welk

Tall Tales

Tall Tales Author E. R. Reilly
ISBN-10 9780953922949
Release 2005
Pages 149
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Tall Tales has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Tall Tales also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Tall Tales book for free.

Tall Tales and Short Shorts

Tall Tales and Short Shorts Author Adam J. Criblez
ISBN-10 144227767X
Release 2017-05-16
Pages 288
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This book traces the evolution of the NBA in the 1970s, from the retirement of Bill Russell in 1969 to the arrival of Larry Bird and Magic Johnson ten years later. It features such iconic players as Dr. J and Pistol Pete and examines the controversies that plagued the league, including illicit drug use and on-court violence.

Tall Tales

Tall Tales Author Karen Day
ISBN-10 0307498204
Release 2008-12-24
Pages 240
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Meg's family has moved a lot because of her father's drinking. Meg arrives in her town longing to find a real friend, someone she can talk to and write stories with. When she and Grace join forces to write a book, she's thrilled that she has finally found someone who likes her for who she is, who trusts her and confides in her. But she can't tell Grace about her father. Even though she hates to lie, Meg can't resist telling tall tales about her family and her life to Grace and other kids. For Meg, friendship turns out to be the key to telling the truth, and also to a better life for her family. From the Hardcover edition.

Adirondack Tall Tales

Adirondack Tall Tales Author Helen Escha Tyler
ISBN-10 9781615791125
Release 2009-09-22
Pages 96
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As Martha looked through her mother's notes and also reflected on her own life, she realized there were other unfinished books about the Adirondacks. For example, she has written An Adirondack Scotch Pine Love Story and, in conjunction with her husband, a biography of Tom Norman, a well known farmer and entrepreneur in the North Country. This book of Adirondack Tall Tales is derived mostly from Helen Tyler's previous books, but there are two stories that have not appeared in earlier works. Martha added a discussion of folk tales and tall tales. She also added a brief multi-cultural comparison of a folk tale from Africa to show the difference between "tall" and "folk" tales. MARTHA TYLER JOHN Helen Escha Tyler (1892-1986) lived in the Adirondacks nearly 95 years and wrote several books about the Adirondacks. Martha Tyler John, was born in Saranac Lake, New York, and returned to the Adirondacks frequently. After receiving her doctorate from Stanford University, she enjoyed a lengthy career as a professor and university administrator. She wrote dozens of books and articles and also edited her mother's last book, a biography of Paul Smith, that was published by North Country Books.

Great Australian Stories

Great Australian Stories Author Graham Seal
ISBN-10 9781458716811
Release 2010-10-19
Pages 284
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Karoo Ramblings

Karoo Ramblings Author David Biggs
ISBN-10 1868729419
Release 2004-01-01
Pages 168
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The reminiscences about his childhood growing up in the Karoo and other tales gleaned from family and friends will have reader guffawing with laughter and nodding in appreciation.

Short and Tall Tales Moose County Legends

Short and Tall Tales  Moose County Legends Author Lilian Jackson Braun
ISBN-10 9781101219058
Release 2003-11-25
Pages 192
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Fictional columnist James Qwilleran has finally completed his book showcasing the stories related to him by residents of Moose County—that famous region 400 miles north of everywhere. With an introduction by Lilian Jackson Braun, this delightful volume reveals the offbeat "history" of Moose County—in never-before-published stories. It's a treat for old and new fans alike.