Strangers in a New Land

Strangers in a New Land Author J. Adovasio
ISBN-10 1770853634
Release 2016-09-15
Pages 352
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Where did Native Americans come from and when did they first arrive? Several lines of evidence, most recently genetic, have firmly established that all Native American populations originated in eastern Siberia.

Fremder in einer fremden Welt

Fremder in einer fremden Welt Author Robert A. Heinlein
ISBN-10 9783641032739
Release 2009-10-02
Pages 656
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Der Mann vom Mars Die erste Mars-Expedition ist auf dem roten Planeten abgestürzt, und erst zwanzig Jahre später erreichen erstmals wieder Menschen den Nachbarplaneten. Sie finden Michael Valentine Smith, einen jungen Mann, der als Kind die Katastrophe überlebt hat und von Marsianern erzogen wurde, und nehmen ihn mit zur Erde. Die Heimatwelt seiner Eltern ist für ihn eine fremde, unverständliche Welt, und er verwendet seine mentalen Kräfte dazu, sie zu verändern. Damit wird er für die einen zum Messias, und für die anderen zu einem Feind, den man mit allen Mitteln bekämpfen muss ...

In a New Land

In a New Land Author Nancy Foner
ISBN-10 9780814727454
Release 2005-08-01
Pages 325
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According to the 2000 census, foreign-born US residents, together with their American-born children, constitute one fifth of the nation's population. What does this mass immigration mean for America? Nancy Foner attampts to answer this question in her study of comparative immigration.

Strangers in This Land

Strangers in This Land Author E. Allen Richardson
ISBN-10 9780786457274
Release 2010-01-04
Pages 276
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This updated, revised version of the important 1988 first edition ("must reading for anyone seriously probing religious pluralism in our society"--Theology Today) examines the complex relationship between American ideals and increasing religious diversity. In the past two decades, American religion has become more pluralistic and the central dynamic of welcoming versus rejecting religious diversity is even more prominent and nuanced. Explored here are two competing visions of the American Dream as it relates to religion: America as a pluralistic society shaped by its diversity, and America as an assimilative society in which people of all backgrounds become "American."

Strangers in a Foreign Land

Strangers in a Foreign Land Author Neil Black
ISBN-10 9780522855128
Release 2008-01-01
Pages 307
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When Niel Black, one of the most influential settlers of the Western District of Victoria, stepped onto the sand at Port Phillip Bay in 1839 and declared Melbourne to be 'almost altogether a Scotch settlement', he was paying the newly created outpost of the British Empire his highest compliment. His journal, reproduced here in its entirety, provides rare insight into the realities of early settlement in Victoria, detailing experiences of personal hardship and physical danger as well as the potential for accumulating great wealth and success. Drawing on the extensive collections of the State Library of Victoria, Strangers in a Foreign Land also includes glimpses into the lives of other settlers and the indigenous people of the area. It evokes the sense of place and dislocation that the early settlers encountered, and the hopes and anxieties they carried with them as they created new homes in Australia.

Strangers in Their Own Land

Strangers in Their Own Land Author Arlie Russell Hochschild
ISBN-10 9781620972267
Release 2016-09-06
Pages 288
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In Strangers in Their Own Land, the renowned sociologist Arlie Hochschild embarks on a thought-provoking journey from her liberal hometown of Berkeley, California, deep into Louisiana bayou country—a stronghold of the conservative right. As she gets to know people who strongly oppose many of the ideas she famously champions, Hochschild nevertheless finds common ground and quickly warms to the people she meets—among them a Tea Party activist whose town has been swallowed by a sinkhole caused by a drilling accident—people whose concerns are actually ones that all Americans share: the desire for community, the embrace of family, and hopes for their children. Strangers in Their Own Land goes beyond the commonplace liberal idea that these are people who have been duped into voting against their own interests. Instead, Hochschild finds lives ripped apart by stagnant wages, a loss of home, an elusive American dream—and political choices and views that make sense in the context of their lives. Hochschild draws on her expert knowledge of the sociology of emotion to help us understand what it feels like to live in “red” America. Along the way she finds answers to one of the crucial questions of contemporary American politics: why do the people who would seem to benefit most from “liberal” government intervention abhor the very idea?

Strangers in a Foreign Land

Strangers in a Foreign Land Author George E. Schultze
ISBN-10 0739117467
Release 2007
Pages 175
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The Roman Catholic Church and the U.S. labor movement are missing an opportunity to work together to promote the well-being of Latino immigrants, the majority of whom are Catholic. The relationship between the Church and labor has stagnated because the U.S. labor movement (not unlike the Democrat Party) is taking political and social positions on abortion, same sex marriage, and school vouchers that are inimical to Catholic thinking. Hispanics make up 40 percent of the immigrant population in the U.S. and at least 70 percent of these Hispanic immigrants are nominally Catholic. There are 25 million Catholic Latinos in the U.S. Latino workers are a prime population for economic organizing just as earlier immigrant Catholic populations like the Italians, Irish, and Polish were receptive to organizing that had the approval and support of the Church. Roman Catholic scripture and tradition support just and dignified work lives. Scripture, the writings of the Church Fathers, and contemporary Catholic social teaching are used to argue for efforts to create and organize work for all members of society, including Latino immigrants. In the 19th century U.S. bishops would come to see the need for workmen's societies and labor organizing. As Catholic immigration grew, workers and their leaders used Catholic social teaching and Church-labor relationships to encourage organizing in ethnic communities. Labor priests, Catholic organizations, and Catholic union members aided the labor movement well into the 1960s. National labor policy continues to fail to provide elements of economic democracy and worker ownership at the workplace. Since the 1990s employers in the service and construction industries have hired larger numbers of Latino immigrants and Catholic leaders have supported the labor organizing of these employees. This cooperation, however, is becoming strained as leaders in the U.S. labor movement swing to the cultural left by supporting abortion, same sex marriage, and a radical feminism. The Church and Latinos immigrants are culturally conservative. Organized labor would enjoy a better relationship with a natural institutional ally by taking no position on these culture war positions. The Catholic Church should also promote worker-owned cooperatives in the Mondragon Cooperative Corporation tradition, which recognizes the beneficial role of free market economies.

Strangers in the Land

Strangers in the Land Author John Higham
ISBN-10 0813531233
Release 2002
Pages 447
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Strangers in the Land has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Strangers in the Land also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Strangers in the Land book for free.

Strangers in the Land

Strangers in the Land Author Roderick Cavaliero
ISBN-10 9780857717078
Release 2002-06-28
Pages 312
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An enigma within a paradox might best describe the nature of British rule in India. The Indian Empire was the `jewell in the crown', Queen Victoria was Empress of India and her successors similarly raised to the purple, India was the lodestone of the British Empire and her loss regarded as an _x000D_ irretrievable blow to Britain's status as a world power. The British in _x000D_ India, first as adventurers and traders, and finally as rulers through the _x000D_ India Office in London and the Viceroy's Government in India oversaw all _x000D_ aspects of Indian life - district administration, law, police, army, _x000D_ economics and trade, education and culture, relations with Princely states _x000D_ and foreign powers. And all was recorded in detail yielding the rich sources which, together with a vast library of travellers's tales and personal memoirs, underpin this study. And there was mixing of cultures, certainly at the elite level, and Indian writers could say that `all that was good and living within us was made, shaped and quickened by ... British rule. But the deep sense of alienation remained and the British were always `little community of aliens'. The end came quickly at independence in 1947 and the British left a bitterly divided sub-continent._x000D_ _x000D_ This is not a blow-by-blow traditional history but a narrative social and _x000D_ cultural history although naturally framed by the political and military _x000D_ story and the imperial context.It tries to get beneath the skin of the _x000D_ British-Indian relationship at all levels, enlivened by striking personality _x000D_ and anecdote, throughout the long history to the present when India is a _x000D_ regional super-power and, with Pakistan, a member of the nuclear club.

Strangers in the Land

Strangers in the Land Author Eric J Sundquist
ISBN-10 9780674044142
Release 2009-06-30
Pages 672
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Strangers in the Land has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Strangers in the Land also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Strangers in the Land book for free.

Thrown Among Strangers

Thrown Among Strangers Author Douglas Monroy
ISBN-10 0520913817
Release 1990-11-15
Pages 288
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Every California schoolchild's first interaction with history begins with the missions and Indians. It is the pastoralist image, of course, and it is a lasting one. Children in elementary school hear how Father Serra and the priests brought civilization to the groveling, lizard- and acorn-eating Indians of such communities as Yang-na, now Los Angeles. So edified by history, many of those children drag their parents to as many missions as they can. Then there is the other side of the missions, one that a mural decorating a savings and loan office in the San Fernando Valley first showed to me as a child. On it a kindly priest holds a large cross over a kneeling Indian. For some reason, though, the padre apparently aims not to bless the Indian but rather to bludgeon him with the emblem of Christianity. This portrait, too, clings to the memory, capturing the critical view of the missionization of California's indigenous inhabitants. I carried the two childhood images with me both when I went to libraries as I researched the missions and when I revisited several missions thirty years after those family trips. In this work I proceed neither to dubunk nor to reconcile these contrary notions of the missions and Indians but to present a new and, I hope, deeper understanding of the complex interaction of the two antithetical cultures.

A Place for Strangers

A Place for Strangers Author Tony Swain
ISBN-10 0521446910
Release 1993-08-09
Pages 303
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This controversial and provocative 1993 book isa detailed study of the impact of outsiders on Australian Aboriginal world-views.

New Strangers in Paradise

New Strangers in Paradise Author Gilbert H. Muller
ISBN-10 9780813150130
Release 2015-01-13
Pages 288
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New Strangers in Paradise offers the first in-depth account of the ways in which contemporary American fiction has been shaped by the successive generations of immigrants to reach U.S. shores. Gilbert Muller reveals how the intersections of peoples, regions, and competing cultural histories have remade the American cultural landscape in the aftermath of World War II. Muller focuses on the literature of Holocaust survivors, Chicanos, Latinos, African Caribbeans, and Asian Americans. In the quest for a new identity, each of these groups seeks the American dream and rewrites the story of what it means to be an American. New Strangers in Paradise explores the psychology of uprooted peoples and the relations of culture and power, addressing issues of race and ethnicity, multiculturalism and pluralism, and national and international conflicts. Examining the groups of immigrants in the cultural and historical context both of America and of the lands from which they originated, Muller argues that this "fourth wave" of immigration has led to a creative flowering in modern fiction. The book offers a fresh perspective on the writings of Vladimir Nabokov, Sual Bellow, William Styron, Maxine Hong Kingston, Amy Tan, Oscar Hijuelos, Jamaica Kincaid, Bharati Mukherjee, Rudolfo Anaya, and many others.

A New Land Law

A New Land Law Author Peter Sparkes
ISBN-10 9781847314475
Release 2003-08-05
Pages 982
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Peter Sparkes' path-breaking text on land law has been rewritten with two aims in mind: to incorporate the seismic changes introduced by the Land Registration Act 2002,along with commonholds, the explosion of human rights jurisprudence, and the unremitting advance of judicial exposition; and to accommodate the author's developing thinking on the structural aspects of the subject. The book opens with a series of shorter chapters each exploring a fundamental building block: registration; houses flats and commonholds; land, ownership and its transactional powers; social controls balanced by human rights to property; fragmentation by time (the doctrine of estates), divisions of ownership and proprietary rights. In terms of substantive chapters the book opens with discussion of the new transfer system -- paper-based transfer alongside the evolution towards electronic conveyancing -- and the consequent changes to the proof of registered titles and to the registration curtain. The new approach to adverse possession against registered titles has called for extended discussion, as has the authoritative elucidation of the concept of adverse possession in Pye. In terms of proprietary interests the fundamentals are seen as rights to transfer, beneficial interests under trusts which are overreachable, burdens which are endurable, leases, money charges such as mortgages which are redeemable, and the obligations enforcible within the neighbour principle -- easements, covenants and positive covenants being treated as a semi-coherent whole. An attempt has been made to assist students by moving some of the more arcane learning later into the book or into separate chapters where these matters might be more readily ignored by a candidate concerned primarily to prepare for an examination. "A massive amount of research and scholarship has gone into the book, with impressive citation of cases, articles and case-notes, and of other text-books. This newcomer on the scene is a considerable addition to the ranks of serious text-books on land law and the author is to be congratulated." The New Law Journal "The scope of this work is is a bold attempt to take the study of land law forward...much more than a basic land law text would be a pleasure to be able to teach a course requiring students to cover the substance or the bulk of it whether in one or more modules...a difficult blend of background and history, massive referencing, discussion of statute and case law, all wrapped up in a text that is not too difficult to absorb." The Law Teacher "A most interesting and ground breaking book" Michael Cardwell, University of Leeds "At last, a brilliant land law book! I think the approach is marvellous and will strongly recommend it to my students" Keith Gompertz, University of Central England. "... takes a more modern approach to the area...I am very impressed with the style, layout and format. It will be a good teaching tool and I am looking forward to using it." Alison Dunn, Newcastle Law School. "...not baffling in the way land law texts tend to be" Helen Taylor, University of Teesside "Excellent." Professor Edward Burn, City University.

Sisters Or Strangers

Sisters Or Strangers Author Franca Iacovetta
ISBN-10 0802086098
Release 2004
Pages 418
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Spanning two hundred years of history from the nineteenth century to the 1990s, Sisters or Strangers? explores the complex lives of immigrant, ethnic, and racialized women in Canada. The volume deals with a cross-section of peoples - including Japanese, Chinese, Black, Aboriginal, Irish, Finnish, Ukrainian, Jewish, Mennonite, Armenian, and South Asian Hindu women - and diverse groups of women, including white settlers, refugees, domestic servants, consumer activists, nurses, wives, and mothers. The central themes of Sisters or Strangers? include discourses of race in the context of nation-building, encounters with the state and public institutions, symbolic and media representations of women, familial relations, domestic violence and racism, and analyses of history and memory. In different ways, the authors question whether the historical experience of women in Canada represents a 'sisterhood' of challenge and opportunity, or if the racial, class, or marginalized identity of the immigrant and minority women made them in fact 'strangers' in a country where privilege and opportunity fall according to criteria of exclusion. Using a variety of theoretical approaches, this collaborative work reminds us that victimization and agency are never mutually exclusive, and encourages us to reflect critically on the categories of race, gender, and the nation.

The Dynamics of Productive Relationships

The Dynamics of Productive Relationships Author A. F. Robertson
ISBN-10 0521328349
Release 1987
Pages 321
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The Dynamics of Productive Relationships has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Dynamics of Productive Relationships also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Dynamics of Productive Relationships book for free.

Strangers Either Way

Strangers Either Way Author Jasna Čapo Zmegač
ISBN-10 9780857453181
Release 2007-08-30
Pages 224
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Croatia gained the world's attention during the break-up of Yugoslavia in the early 1990s. In this context its image has been overshadowed by visions of ethnic conflict and cleansing, war crimes, virulent nationalism, and occasionally even emergent regionalism. Instead of the norm, this book offers a diverse insight into Croatia in the 1990s by dealing with one of the consequences of the war: the more or less forcible migration of Croats from Serbia and their settlement in Croatia, their "ethnic homeland." This important study shows that at a time in which Croatia was perceived as a homogenized nation-in-the-making, there were tensions and ruptures within Croatian society caused by newly arrived refugees and displaced persons from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Refugees who, in spite of their common ethnicity with the homeland population, were treated as foreigners; indeed, as unwanted aliens.