Spiritual Care in Practice

Spiritual Care in Practice Author George Fitchett
ISBN-10 9780857008763
Release 2015-02-21
Pages 320
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These diverse case studies make a compelling case for the importance of effective spiritual care in healthcare and provide unprecedented insight into the essential role of the chaplain within the healthcare team. Presented alongside critical reflections and responses from professionals within chaplaincy, psychology, psychiatry and nursing, they provide an honest and detailed look into how healthcare chaplains actually work with the people in their care and reveal the vital role of narrative and imagination in effective transformative practice. From a 16-year-old with a belief that God would enable a miraculous recovery from paralysis, to an African man with a history of psychosis and depression whose cultural belief in witches complicated his treatment, to a dying Jewish man, aggressive and isolated due to his traumatic life experiences, each case includes insight into the patient's needs and chaplain's perspectives, discussion of spiritual assessments and spiritual care interventions, and accounts of significant encounters and dialogues. The nine paediatric, psychiatric and palliative case studies and reflections in this ground-breaking book will enable chaplains to critically reflect on the spiritual care they provide and communicate their work more effectively, help healthcare professionals develop a clearer understanding of the care chaplains deliver, and provide an informed perspective for those who develop policy around spiritual care and need to make the case for chaplaincy services.

Spiritual Care

Spiritual Care Author Elizabeth Johnston Taylor
ISBN-10 UOM:39015053152792
Release 2002
Pages 296
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Innate and deeply personal, spirituality is an integral part of each of us. It affects every aspect of life-including one's health. For this reason, spirituality is becoming an increasingly important issue within the nursing community. Nursing the "whole" patient includes nurturing the spirit. "Spiritual Care: Nursing Theory, Research, and Practice" is the "only" text written to address the depth of this subject matter. Written from a universal standpoint, it details the "how-to's" of spiritual caregiving including spiritual assessment, planning care, documentation, ethical concerns, and numerous approaches to nurturing the spirit. Other features include: A balanced presentation of religion as both a positive and a negative factor that influences health and coping. Chapter-ending"Look Within to Learn"features encourage spiritual self-awareness and understanding of how spirituality influences clinical care. "Research Profiles"boxed features provide profiles of research studies that focus on spirituality and health. "One Nurse's Story"boxed features illustrate a nurse's perspective of concepts and clinical examples of spiritual caregiving. Chapter-ending"Key Points" summarize material to reinforce the information presented.

Spiritual Care in Nursing Practice

Spiritual Care in Nursing Practice Author Kristen L. Mauk
ISBN-10 0781740967
Release 2004
Pages 371
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Focusing on spirituality as an inherent component of effective nursing care, this text presents an unbiased view of the nature of human spirituality apart from religion. The text offers a unique interdisciplinary and inter-religious perspective—representing a range of Eastern and Western religious traditions—while addressing lifespan considerations and belief systems within the nursing process framework. Readable, interactive chapters apply the content clinically and highlight timely research on spirituality and health. Each chapter includes case studies, critical thinking questions, and personal reflection questions. Website references are also included.

Psycho spiritual Care in Health Care Practice

Psycho spiritual Care in Health Care Practice Author Guy Harrison
ISBN-10 9781784502928
Release 2017-05-18
Pages 208
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Meeting the psychological and spiritual needs of patients is vital to supporting their wellbeing in health care settings. To develop an effective, holistic and inclusive approach to care within predominantly medical health care models, practitioners across health care disciplines must work collaboratively to understand the complex, significant relationships between their patients' medical, therapeutic and spiritual requirements. Bridging the gap between care disciplines, the book presents an innovative vision of patient wellbeing enriched by a synthesis of psychological, spiritual and medical approaches. Prominent practitioners from a range of disciplines including nursing and psychiatry demonstrate how their psycho-spiritual approaches meet the individual needs of patients, adapting to their emotional, spiritual and religious requirements. Accessible and enlightening, this book offers significant practical insight into the role of psychologically informed spiritual care.

Spiritual Care in Everyday Nursing Practice

Spiritual Care in Everyday Nursing Practice Author Janice Clarke
ISBN-10 9781137256546
Release 2013-05-31
Pages 224
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As changes in technology, policy and management put an increasing emphasis on processes and procedures in nursing and health care, how do we continue to make room for compassion, the ancient human value that calls most nurses to the profession? In Spiritual Care in Everyday Nursing Practice, Janice Clarke argues that it is compassionate care of the whole person, body and soul, which is at the heart of nursing practice that values the individual and respects their dignity. Rather than seeing spiritual care as an addition to what nurses already do, this new approach considers it a natural part of compassionate care which doesn't present the nurse with an extra ambiguous burden to deal with. Providing a brief historical introduction to the concept of spirituality, Clarke examines the ways in which our spiritual life – a source of strength and meaning – can be influenced by factors such as age, illness and suffering, and mental illness, as well as our religious beliefs. Providing a practical guide to talking about and working with spirituality, she explores how nurses might imbue all their practice including the physical aspects of care – from use of touch to helping patients to move, bathe and eat – with an attention to spiritual needs. A timely, accessible and practical introduction to a concept that is under-explored in contemporary nursing literature, this book will be of great value to students and professionals alike.

Spiritual Care and Transcultural Care Research

Spiritual Care and Transcultural Care Research Author Aru Narayanasamy
ISBN-10 PSU:000059279686
Release 2006
Pages 224
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This book brings together in an accessible format the empirical studies of spiritual and cultural care by the author. The purpose of the text is to share with readers evidence-based practice in the light of a series of studies, which will give spiritual and cultural care in a variety of clinical settings. The book uniquely demonstrates the relevance of spiritual and cultural care as dimensions of practice which are central to the promotion of well-being and healing. The book is a useful resource for healthcare practitioners, researchers, lecturers, students and others who are interested in spiritual and cultural care. It also offers a model for a sustained, coherent approach to cultural and spiritual care research for researchers and others interested in this area of care.

Making Sense of Spirituality in Nursing and Health Care Practice

Making Sense of Spirituality in Nursing and Health Care Practice Author Wilf McSherry
ISBN-10 1846425301
Release 2006-06-15
Pages 216
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'This is a well-written and useful book, particularly for those healthcare professionals who, with a little more confidence, and perhaps some Chaplaincy support, are well able to support their patients on their spiritual journeys. It would be an excellent tool for learning sessions between Chaplaincy and nursing staff, along with other relevant professional groups.' - Signpost 'This book considers why the spiritual needs of individuals are important. In an attempt to explain, the book uses case studies, which show the relationship of theory to practice. It is an interactive book encouraging reflection to explore the meaning of spirituality to patients and health care professionals. The exercises also attempt to explain the importance of a team approach to spiritual assessment as part of a holistic assessment. The book gives clear explanations of spirituality in the context of Holism and the different sections give plenty of food for thought. There are excellent references and suggestions for further reading. It is not a book for light reading but would be invaluable when encountering difficulties with a spiritual assessment or situation.' - Journal of Community Nursing Caring for the spiritual needs of patients is a highly significant yet often neglected and misunderstood aspect of health care. This results, in part, from a general lack of guidance and instruction given to healthcare professionals on the subject. This new edition of an established introductory guide to spirituality and health care practice draws extensively on case studies illustrating the application of theory to practice. It encourages the exploration, through reflective activities, of what spirituality means, both to patients and to the healthcare professionals caring for them. This book provides a comprehensive introduction to spiritual care for heath care professionals in all areas of practice.

Spirituality Health and Wholeness

Spirituality  Health  and Wholeness Author Henry Lamberton
ISBN-10 9781136398391
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 202
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Learn to respond effectively and appropriately to spiritual needs in a health care setting Spirituality, Health, and Wholeness: An Introductory Guide for Health Care Professionals explores the principles of spiritual care as applied to clinical practice. This book focuses specifically on the significance of spirituality in clinical settings with practical suggestions on how to apply these principles in the healing process. With chapters that begin with clear objectives and end with guided questions, this valuable textbook provides a framework that will aid health care facilities in addressing spiritual needs in a clinical setting and help faculty in mentoring students in the field. This practical guide will help you learn when and how to address spiritual issues in health care with patients for whom illness creates a crisis of faith as well as those for whom it provides support. Spirituality, Health, and Wholeness highlights not only the importance of health care professionals in providing emotional, mental, and spiritual care, but the necessity for them to address their own spirituality as well. The book includes the experiences and case studies of skilled authorities mostly from the Judeo-Christian or Judaic tradition who identify principles that they found to be important in working with patients from a wide diversity of spiritual traditions. Spirituality, Health, and Wholeness provides you with detailed information on: “Ministryhealing”—a model of wholeness and healing that incorporates an integrated view of humanity through the four domains: spiritual, emotional, physical, and social the physiological impacts of humor and hope on mood, the neuroendocrine hormones, and the immune system spiritual coping with trauma—an overview of the research literature and how to address the spiritual coping needs and concerns of patients the role of faith in providing meaning to physical illness and the importance of the role of the health care professional in first understanding, and then assisting the patient in their struggle to find meaning the key components of spiritual care to increase the efficacy of spiritual caregivers the bereavement process with regard to religious, cultural, and gender variations, and the role of the healthcare professional in providing support This book shows you not only how to meet the spiritual needs of patients from a diversity of faith traditions, but how to overcome challenges to your own spirituality, such as “difficult” patients and patients whose cultural outlook is so different from your own it causes discomfort. Spirituality, Health, and Wholeness will help all health care professionals who want to bring spirituality into their medical, dental, nursing, occupational therapy, or physical therapy practice.

Spiritual Care for Persons with Dementia

Spiritual Care for Persons with Dementia Author Larry Van De Creek
ISBN-10 9781317789765
Release 2015-12-22
Pages 142
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Spiritual Care for Persons with Dementia explores spirituality in those with dementia to enrich our understanding of the neurological and psychological aspects of hope, prayer, and the power of belief. You will discover how your ministry is vitally relevant to the clinical well-being and quality of life of people with Alzheimer's disease. Spiritual Care for Persons with Dementia provides you with a model spiritual care program for long-term facilities that supplies you with ideas you can implement in your own ministry. You will learn to avoid cognitive pastoral care method that can be hurtful to those suffering with dementia by using new approaches found in Spiritual Care for Persons with Dementia. This book provides you with suggestions about how to spiritually care for people with dementia. These important recommendations include: understanding the value of pastoral contact when ministering to people with a loss of cognitive functions and memory discovering the Progressively Lowered Stress Threshold psychosocial model (PLST) that can make important contributions by enhancing the quality of life for people with dementia providing pastoral care using nonverbal methods to overcome the barriers of cognitive dysfunction exploring a client's cognitive and emotional reality on a daily basis to determine how to best interact with him or her gaining insight into how a thorough analysis of the illness and personal religious history can assist in planning religious activities that provide comfort and solace for people with dementia and their families Spiritual Care for Persons with Dementia describes religious, theological, and psychodynamic perspectives that will help you to offer better spiritual care for people with dementia. Using your newly acquired skills from Spiritual Care for Persons with Dementia, you will be more effective when ministering to people with Alzheimer's Disease and to their families.

Spiritual Care and Therapy

Spiritual Care and Therapy Author Peter L. VanKatwyk
ISBN-10 9780889205727
Release 2006-01-01
Pages 224
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The current interest in spirituality has intensified the quest to incorporate spirituality in non-sectarian therapy. Spiritual Care and Therapy is a hands-on, up-to-date clinical guide that addresses this concern. Peter VanKatwyk explores spiritual care, from pastoral traditions to essential psychotherapies, in individual, couple, and family therapy, offering integrative perspectives. Therapy vignettes from multiple perspectives are included, as well as a wealth of diagrams and maps. His unique perspective of different helping relationships is an approach that celebrates diversity and promotes the flexibility of multiple uses of self and their respective styles of care. Part 1 describes common and pluralistic meanings of spirituality, locating spiritual care both in the ordinary experience of daily life and in professional practice. Part 2 focuses on the essentials of caring, posed in the three questions of what to know (therapy models), what to say (communication roles) and what to be (uses of self). These three core areas converge in the book’s central framework of the helping style inventory (helping relationships). Part 3 maps the contexts of care: the person situated in family and society, moving through time in rites of passage that congest when impacted by crisis and loss. Finally, Part 4 presents the actual process of clinical education, first through a model of supervision and second, through a research methodology designed for the study of spirituality and health care. Perfect as a text in either education or academic programs, this book will be of interest to all helping professionals who value an integrative and holistic approach to spiritual care and therapy.

The Art and Practice of Spiritual Care

The Art and Practice of Spiritual Care Author Leslie L. Foley
ISBN-10 OCLC:952176494
Release 2016
Pages 230
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The Art and Practice of Spiritual Care has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Art and Practice of Spiritual Care also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Art and Practice of Spiritual Care book for free.

Theory of Spiritual Care for Nursing Practice

Theory of Spiritual Care for Nursing Practice Author Bonnie Weaver Battey, Ph.D. R.N.
ISBN-10 9781469103242
Release 2009-07-15
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The author?s purpose is to address the issue of establishing the nursing practice of holistic care in hospitals and similar health care agencies as well as in educational programs. The theory of spiritual care for nursing is offered to provide guidance and structure to this effort. Incorporating spirituality into one?s own nursing practice or for the entire nursing staff at an agency is probably a most pressing and intangible task facing nursing today. This text is not the fi nal answer, but is offered to provide one perspective that may provide direction for an ecumenical approach and serve as a theoretical guide for nurse educators in teaching spiritual care to nursing students as well as for nursing leaders and their nursing staff in developing a plan of implementation appropriate to an individual agency.

An Administrator s Guide to Implementing Spiritual Care into Nursing Practice

An Administrator s Guide to Implementing Spiritual Care into Nursing Practice Author Bonnie Weaver Battey, Ph.D. R.N.
ISBN-10 9781469103228
Release 2008-10-08
Pages 51
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As a member of the governing board, administrator, or educator in a health care agency, you are responsible for helping nurses to establish holistic care. A plan is offered based on theories, supporting research, and the study of spirituality in healing. This is not to be considered the final answer, but to provide one perspective which may serve as a common basis for developing a coordinated plan most appropriate to your agency’s situation.

Spiritual Care and Allied Health Practice

Spiritual Care and Allied Health Practice Author
ISBN-10 1785922203
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Spiritual Care and Allied Health Practice has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Spiritual Care and Allied Health Practice also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Spiritual Care and Allied Health Practice book for free.

Spiritual Care for Healthcare Professionals

Spiritual Care for Healthcare Professionals Author Tom Gordon
ISBN-10 1846194555
Release 2011
Pages 162
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Practical and evidence-based, this manual proves that delivery of good, professional spiritual care can build on intuitive human skills, and can be taught, learned, assessed and quantified. It gives readers the opportunity to move on from uncertainties about their role in the delivery of spiritual care by allowing them to asses and improve their understanding, skills and clinical practice in this area of care. Spiritual Care for Healthcare Professionals clearly grounds spiritual care in clinical practice. It is highly recommended for supporting academic study and encouraging healthcare practitioners to reflect on their practice and develop skills in spiritual assessment and care. Aimed at all healthcare professionals, it can be used by individual practitioners for continuing professional development as well as by academic staff developing educational programmes.

Theory of Spiritual Care for Nursing Practice

Theory of Spiritual Care for Nursing Practice Author Bonnie Battey
ISBN-10 9781441528919
Release 2009-07
Pages 52
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Spiritual care involves listening for the frame of reference of the client (and their families, etc.) to determine how spirituality can be their support in health concerns. The nurses and other health care providers are encouraged to be aware of their own spirituality and hold fast to their own frame of reference. For a health care provider to impose one's own beliefs, values, etc. about spirituality is professionally and ethically inappropriate. The succinct role of the nurse is to recognize, respond, record, report, and refer, i.e., the 5 "Rs" of spiritual care.

Ethics and Spiritual Care

Ethics and Spiritual Care Author Karen Lebacqz
ISBN-10 9781426729287
Release 2010-10-01
Pages 92
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Ethics and Spiritual Care responds to three phenomena of increasing importance: • Although spiritual care is at the heart of ordained ministry, there is no text in professional ethics for clergy that focuses specifically on spiritual care. What ethical guidelines are needed to ensure that spiritual care in ministry is appropriate? • Many people in our world do not consider themselves “religious,” but use the term “spiritual.” The burgeoning interest in “spirituality” is an invitation to people with little training to set themselves up as “spiritual directors.” Guidelines are needed not simply for the ethical practice of parish ministry, but for specific practices of spiritual direction. • Allegations of “spiritual abuse” have been made both in practice and in the literature; the term is being used with some frequency. The development of this term and its implications requires some scrutiny and response, as sexual abuse is not a good model for understanding spiritual abuse.