Spectrum Basic Concepts Preschool

Spectrum Basic Concepts  Preschool Author Mercer Mayer
ISBN-10 0769651399
Release 2006-12-01
Pages 160
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Featuring Mercer Mayer's Little Critter(, this guide for pre-kindergarten students teaches basic concepts in all subjects. Now updated and revised, the guide is aligned to state and national standards.

Spectrum Basic Concepts and Skills

Spectrum Basic Concepts and Skills Author Frank Schaffer Publications
ISBN-10 9780769651293
Release 2006-12-15
Pages 158
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Now updated and revised, this edition helps preschoolers identify colors, read and write color words, identify shapes, recognize opposites, follow directions, and more.

Basic Concepts Grade PK

Basic Concepts  Grade PK Author Spectrum
ISBN-10 9781620578735
Release 2012-09-01
Pages 160
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The Spectrum Basic Concepts workbook for preschoolers contains proven instructional methods for developing proficiency. Basic skills include identifying colors and simple shapes, reading and writing color words, as well as recognizing opposites. Each book features 160 full-color pages and a complete set of answer keys.

Spectrum Beginning Phonics

Spectrum Beginning Phonics Author Mercer Mayer
ISBN-10 157768589X
Release 2003-06-15
Pages 128
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With help from Mayer's Little Critter characters, these workbooks provide comprehensive coverage of basic concepts, as well as phonics, reading, writing, and math readiness skills. Full color. Consumable.

Math Readiness Grade PK

Math Readiness  Grade PK Author Spectrum
ISBN-10 9781620578711
Release 2012-09-01
Pages 160
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Spectrum Math Readiness helps preschoolers improve and strengthen basic math skills such as counting to 10, using ordinal numbers, identifying and creating simple patterns, as well as recognizing same and different. It features 160 pages and includes award certificates and a complete set of answer keys.

Handbook of Assessment and Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Handbook of Assessment and Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder Author Johnny L. Matson
ISBN-10 9783319271712
Release 2016-02-04
Pages 477
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This handbook details best practices and discusses ongoing challenges in assessment and diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Chapters address assessment and diagnostic protocols, developmental considerations in ASD assessment, and issues concerning comorbid psychological and medical conditions. Various aspects of the disorder are emphasized throughout the handbook - from assessment in adolescent and adult populations to the latest findings in neuropsychology. The book concludes with future directions for research and clinical applications, focusing on universal screening, improved assessment methods, and earlier and more accurate diagnosis. Topics featured in this handbook include: Types of ASD assessment. Report writing for ASD evaluations. Stress and satisfaction in the diagnostic process. Clinical and neuropsychological perspectives from comorbid diagnosis of ASD and ADHD. Executive functions in ASD. The Handbook of Assessment and Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder is an essential reference for researchers, clinicians, professionals, and graduate students in clinical child and school psychology, child and adolescent psychiatry, and social work as well as rehabilitation medicine/therapy, behavioral therapy, pediatrics, and educational psychology.

Phonics Readiness Grade PK

Phonics Readiness  Grade PK Author Spectrum
ISBN-10 9781609962043
Release 2011-01-01
Pages 128
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Designed to help learners strengthen basic skills, Spectrum Phonics Readiness instructs preschoolers how to recognize letters and their order, understand beginning and ending sounds, determine long vowel sounds, and follow simple directions. It features 128 full-color, perforated pages with a variety of activities, including matching and coloring, and practice and preparation for grades to come.

Spectrum Critical Thinking for Math Grade 5

Spectrum Critical Thinking for Math  Grade 5 Author
ISBN-10 9781483839608
Release 2017-04-03
Pages 128
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Spectrum(R) Critical Thinking for Math for fifth grade provides practice in applying math to the real world. Skills covered include: -equations -measurement -place value -fractions -multiplication and division This Spectrum Critical Thinking for Math workbook aligns to current state standards. Help your child learn how to apply math skills in everyday situations with Spectrum Critical Thinking for Math. This workbook includes problem-solving instructions, math reasoning questions, and word problems to strengthen critical thinking while guiding children to demonstrate understanding of the concepts that support their answers. This workbook also features an answer key and a testing section. Supporting your child’s educational journey every step of the way, Spectrum provides comprehensive, grade-specific titles to support the skills and standards children learn in today’s classroom. Spectrum offers a variety of subject-specific practice to reinforce classroom learning, skill-specific titles to enhance educational concepts, and test prep titles to improve test-taking skills. With the help of Spectrum, your child will build the skills and confidence for success—both in and out of the classroom.

Spectrum Writing

Spectrum Writing Author Mercer Mayer
ISBN-10 1577688511
Release 2001-06-01
Pages 160
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McGraw-Hill, the nations #1 educational publisher for grades K-12, has combined their top-selling Spectrum workbook line with the highly respected Mercer Mayer Little Critter(R) characters. Our easy-to-follow instructions and comprehensive coverage will help your child master the math fundamentals with additional help from the wholesome Mercer Mayer Little Critter(R) characters. This is the same exact workbook as the starburst Spectrum workbook except for the cover being different. •more than 140 full-color pages •soft cover •answer key included •perforated pages

Math Grade 4

Math  Grade 4 Author Thomas Richards
ISBN-10 9780769636948
Release 2006-12-11
Pages 184
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Test with success using the Spectrum Math workbook! This book helps students in grade 4 apply essential math skills to everyday life. The lessons focus on multiplication and division, word problems, fractions, measurements, and pre-algebra, and the activities help extend problem-solving and analytical abilities. The book features easy-to-understand directions, is aligned to national and state standards, and also includes a complete answer key. --Today, more than ever, students need to be equipped with the essential skills they need for school achievement and for success on proficiency tests. The Spectrum series has been designed to prepare students with these skills and to enhance student achievement. Developed by experts in the field of education, each title in the Spectrum workbook series offers grade-appropriate instruction and reinforcement in an effective sequence for learning success. Perfect for use at home or in school, and a favorite of parents, homeschoolers, and teachers worldwide, Spectrum is the learning partner students need for complete achievement.

Health Promotion Throughout the Life Span E Book

Health Promotion Throughout the Life Span   E Book Author Carole Lium Edelman
ISBN-10 9780323277891
Release 2013-09-11
Pages 704
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With the advent of health care reform and an emphasis on reducing health care costs, health promotion and disease prevention is a priority in nursing care. Be prepared with Health Promotion Throughout the Life Span, 8th Edition, your comprehensive guide to major health promotion concepts. Featuring practical guidance – including boxes on diversity awareness, evidence-based practice, innovative practice, hot topics, and quality and safety as well as case studies and care plans – our experienced authors give you all the tools you need to stay current on the latest research and trends in health promotion. Extensive coverage of growth and development throughout the lifespan emphasizes the unique problems and health promotion needs of each age and stage of development. Separate chapters on each population – group, individual, family, and community – stress the unique issues faced when providing care to each group. Evidence-Based Practice boxes emphasize current research efforts and opportunities in health promotion. Hot Topics and Innovative Practice boxes engage students’ interest by introducing significant issues, trends, and creative programs and projects in health promotion practice. Diversity Awareness boxes address various cultural perspectives and provide important information that needs to be considered in planning care. Case studies and care plans present realistic situations that challenge students to reflect upon important health promotion concepts. Think About It boxes dig deeper into the chapter topic and encourage critical thinking. Numerous pedagogical features such as objectives, key terms, and textual summaries highlight the most important concepts and terms in each chapter. NEW! Healthy People 2020 boxes include related goals and objectives for each chapter to address emerging health issues and health priorities over the next decade. NEW! Quality and Safety scenarios include examples and suggestions to encourage quality and safety in nursing. NEW! Redesigned Nutrition chapter highlights the new Dietary Guidelines for Americans and the MyPlate food guide. NEW! Standard headings in the growth and development chapters reinforce the concepts of Gordon's Functional Health Patterns.

Spectrum Phonics Grade 1

Spectrum Phonics  Grade 1 Author Mercer Mayer
ISBN-10 157768821X
Release 2000-02-15
Pages 128
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Focusing on phonics, structural analysis, and dictionary skills, this phonics guide provides everything children need to build multiple skills in language, all the while incorporating wholesome values from Mercer Mayer's Little Critter( characters.

Spectrum Georgia Test Prep Grade 3

Spectrum Georgia Test Prep  Grade 3 Author Spectrum Test Prep
ISBN-10 0769634737
Release 2004-08-16
Pages 208
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Spectrum GEORGIA Test Practicefor grade 3 offers custom-designed test practice for Georgia's Criterion Referenced Competency Test (CRCT). Written in the authentic language of Georgia's proficiency. This workbook includes: A complete description of Georgia's standards Strategic tips for different types of testing questions A self-scoring section for each test to determine the skill mastery An answer key for all questions

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Autism Spectrum Disorders Author Dianne Zager
ISBN-10 9781317743750
Release 2016-08-25
Pages 474
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The fourth edition of Autism Spectrum Disorders: Identification, Education, and Treatment continues the mission of its predecessors: to present a comprehensive, readable, and up-to-date overview of the field of autism; one that links research, theory, and practice in ways that are accessible to students, practitioners, and parents. During the last decade, autism spectrum disorders (ASD) have emerged as the fastest growing developmental disability, and, in response to the dramatic increase in diagnoses, diagnostic criteria in the newly published DSM-5 are significantly different than they were in the DSM IV-R. The structure, content, and format of Autism Spectrum Disorders, 4th Edition have been revised to accommodate changes in the field and to illuminate the current state of the art in the study of autism. New information on early identification, transition education from adolescence through to adulthood, neurobiological research, and technology-based solutions is included.

Spectrum Geography Grade 6

Spectrum Geography  Grade 6 Author James F. Marran
ISBN-10 1561899666
Release 2003-09
Pages 160
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Colorful lessons help to strengthen geographical knowledge and map reading skills. Lessons focus on five geographical themes including location, place, human/environmental interaction, movement and regions. Glossary of geographical terms included.

Spectrum Spelling Grade 4

Spectrum Spelling  Grade 4 Author School Specialty Publishing
ISBN-10 1561899240
Release 2003-06-01
Pages 150
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Contains exercises that teach basic letter formation, letter sounds, spelling and word meanings. Includes a speller dictionary and an answer key.

Spectrum Test Prep Grade 5

Spectrum Test Prep  Grade 5 Author Dale Foreman
ISBN-10 0769630553
Release 2002-11-15
Pages 160
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Brought to you by McGraw-Hill, the premier educational publisher, grades PreK-12, Spectrum Test Prep offers students essential preparation needed to achieve success on standardized tests. This workbook offers students:Practice for state tests, including proficiency tests Actual test questions in reading, language arts, and math Strategies and techniques for answering different types of questions such as multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, and choosing a picture to answer a question tips on identifying testing patterns, time management, and following directions A complete answer key This workbook offers teachers and parents:An explanation of what standardized test are and why students may experience test anxiety Clear instructions to help use the book effectively Content to prepare for the most popular standardized tests