SONS OF MAFIA Author Ed Frederico
ISBN-10 1450096441
Release 2010-06-10
Pages 390
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Son's of Mafia...WHAT A READ!I absolutely could not put this book down and even though the subject matter is dark and serious, Ed Frederico's flair for humor and sensuality makes this book unique and most definitely one of a kind.This book gets my A+ RatingRichard BellLas Vegas, NVUNBELIEVABLE, this book comes to life and spins a web of not only Love and Intrigue, but also of Treachery and Deceit. The author writes with superior intellect and a keen understanding of the human condition.The book is bigger than life because "It is real life."John Arn,New HampshireWow! This is the first Novel I've ever read I could not put down.Rick SolitzFresno, CAThe Author, Ed Frederico, illustrates quite thoughtfully the predicament of birth: How Eddie D'Amico struggles to maintain his love and humanity. Because of the circumstance of birth, although born an innocent he is placed into a world of crime, treachery, and betrayal. This book takes off like a rocket with all its thrust and power. Son's of Mafia is such a Power-House! The book is impossible to put down and this experience allows us to take an inside look into the strange world of Money, Greed, and Death.Jamal ArgrowSavannah GAIn Son's of Mafia, although there is explicit raw sex the author has unique ability to soften and add the human touch of passion with great Sensitivity, Care and Good Taste. Come experience an unusual journey through the forbidden world of life inside the mafia where you will be allowed to travel first class. Ed Frederico gives the reader his inside view as never before experienced. Not only will you be able to see the inner workings of the families business but also the inner workings of family life and how the dangerous decisions needed to be made affected everyone involved.Joel Jen BuschDetroit MI

Mafia Sons

Mafia Sons Author Douglas Abraham
ISBN-10 9781504912327
Release 2015-05-18
Pages 128
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Mafia Sons traces the evolution of a son who becomes a don. A devoted, kind, and gentle husband transforms into a ruthless murderer when he takes the mantle and becomes the don, the ruler of the family. Ellen and Antonio fly to Venice and Rome on a buying trip, spending millions for jewelry and haute couture fashions. Antonio is caring, loving, and giving. They fly on to Sicily where he deposits by bank transfers hundreds of millions of dollars in numbered accounts. He also arranges for protection for his father, the Don, who is escaping New York before his pending indictments. Ellen, a beautiful, loving, and caring wife, learns of her husband’s involvement with the Mafia. During their six-year idyllic, wonderful marriage, she has been told Antonio was an investment banker. When she learns of his ascension as the don and of the cruel, murderous acts committed after he became the head of the family, she struggles to find a way to escape with her young son, Joey. She realizes he will be faced with the same personality and morals changes if he is allowed to remain a son in that household. Ellen secretly vows Joey will not become a don and tries to find a way to escape with him. Dan, a handsome FBI Agent, meets her to tell of Antonio’s murderous deeds. He reveals Antonio is in collusion with Al Qaeda to bomb the Security Exchange building in New York. When Antonio becomes aware Ellen knows all about him and his involvement, he sets out to stop her from taking Joey and to keep her from revealing his traitorous plans. Ellen had always been told Antonio’s mother died when he was very young. She meets her in Central Park. She is the lady who always comes to visit with Joey and his nursemaid. Ellen realizes it is Joey’s grandmother. Ellen hears of Antonio’s mother’s experiences with Antonio’s father when he became the don. She had escaped, taking another identity, hoping to take her young Antonio with her, but she was prevented from doing so. When Antonio learned Ellen knows of his murderous acts and traitorous plans, he sets out to do away with her. There are numerous spellbinding chase and escape scenes with Antonio’s men, who are in pursuit of Ellen. She alone and with the help of Dan manages to escape Antonio and his force of men on eight suspenseful occasions, each time barely escaping. Ellen is caught by Antonio when she tries to slip into their condo to take Joey. He forces her to go to the wharf where he is to meet with two members of Al Qaeda. Antonio is to deliver a truck with tons of explosives. In exchange, he is to receive a huge monetary payment. Using James Bond–like devices furnished to her by Dan and the FBI, Ellen manages to kill Antonio just as he is about to kill her. This is a novel of twenty chapters, each written to become part of a series for TV or a movie after its initial publication. Ellen—a beautiful, young, caring mother and wife who discovers, after six years of marriage, her husband is a member of the Mafia and is soon to be the don. Antonio Jr.—Ellen’s husband. At first a loving, gentle husband, he becomes a monster when he assumes the murderous authority and becomes the don. Antonio Sr.—The don is preparing to escape to Sicily to dodge numerous grand jury felony counts and charges. Dan—the FBI agent used by the FBI to deal with the ladies. He is good-looking and eligible. He falls for Ellen and Ellen falls for him. They have numerous close encounters but manage to escape from Antonio’s men.

Montreal s Irish Mafia

Montreal s Irish Mafia Author D'Arcy O'Connor
ISBN-10 9780470676158
Release 2011-03-21
Pages 272
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Their names resonate with organized crime in Montreal: the Matticks, MacAllisters, Johnstons and Griffins, and Peter Dunie Ryan. They are the Irish equivalent of the infamous Rizzuto and Cotroni families, and the "Mom" Bouchers and Walter Stadnicks of the Hells Angels. Award-winning producer, journalist and author D’Arcy O’Connor narrates the genesis and rise to power of one of Montreal’s most powerful, violent and colorful criminal organizations. It is the West End Gang, whose members controlled the docks and fought the Hells Angels and Mafia for their share of the city’s prostitution, gambling, loan sharking and drug dealing. At times, they did not disdain forging alliances with rival gangs when huge profits were at stake, or when a killing needed to be carried out. The West End Gang—the Irish Mafia of Montreal—is a legendary beast. They sprang out of the impoverished southwest of the city, some looking for ways to earn enough just to survive, some wanting more than a job in an abattoir or on a construction site. In that sense, they were no different from other immigrants from Italy and other European countries. A shortcut to wealth was their common goal. And Montreal, with its burgeoning post-WWII population, was ripe for the picking. The Irish Mob made headlines with a spectacular Brinks robbery in 1976, using the money to broker a major heroin and cocaine trafficking ring. It took over the Port of Montreal, controlling the flow of drugs into the city, drugs which the Mafia funnelled to New York. The West End Gang had connections to the cocaine cartel in Colombia; hashish brokers in Morocco and France; and marijuana growers in Mexico. The gang imported drugs on an enormous scale. One bust that took place off the coast of Angola in 2006 involved 22.5 tonnes of hashish, destined for Montreal. The West End Gang is a ripping tale that unveils yet another chapter in Montreal’s colorful criminal underworld.

Cosa Nostra A History of the Sicilian Mafia

Cosa Nostra  A History of the Sicilian Mafia Author John Dickie
ISBN-10 9781466893054
Release 2015-03-31
Pages 400
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The Italian-American mafia has its roots in a mysterious and powerful criminal network in Sicily. While the mythology of the mafia has been widely celebrated in American culture, the true origins of its rituals, laws, and methods have never actually been revealed. John Dickie uses startling new research to expose the secrets of the Sicilian mafia, providing a fascinating account that is more violent, frightening, and darkly comic than anything conceived in popular movies and novels. How did the Sicilian mafia begin? How did it achieve its powerful grip in Italy and America? How does it operate today? From the mafia's origins in the 1860s to its current tense relationship with the Berlusconi government, Cosa Nostra takes us to the inner sanctum where few have dared to go before. This is an important work of history and a revelation for anyone who ever wondered what it means to be "made" in the mob.

Under the Williamsburg Bridge

Under the Williamsburg Bridge Author Bari Wi Frank Bari with Mark C. Gribben
ISBN-10 9781426918155
Release 2009-11
Pages 116
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"Under the Williamsburg Bridge" is the true story of a man who was one of the founding members of the American Mafia and his two sons. His mobster son worked with the likes of Lucky Luciano, Dutch Schultz, and Bugsy Siegel, and was a decorated war hero; his other son opted to forsake the family business for a career in criminal law. From the early days of the Mafia, to the jungles of Burma with Merrill's Marauders during World War II, to the strange world of America's Asian criminal underworld, Under the Williamsburg Bridge tells the story of three generations of a unique American family.

Motor City Mafia

Motor City Mafia Author Scott M. Burnstein
ISBN-10 0738540846
Release 2006
Pages 128
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Presents a history of the Detroit mafia from its inception in the early 20th century and the formation of the local Italian mafia to the crime family's glory days to the downfall of their reign in the 1980s and 1990s.

The Brotherhoods

The Brotherhoods Author Guy Lawson
ISBN-10 9781416547884
Release 2006-11-28
Pages 768
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INSIDE THE MOB. INSIDE THE NYPD. THE LAST GREAT MAFIA BOOK OF OUR TIME. The Brotherhoods is the chilling chronicle of the shocking crimes of NYPD detectives Stephen Caracappa and Louis Eppolito, notorious rogue cops found guilty in April 2006 of the ultimate form of police corruption -- shielding their criminal deeds behind their badges while they worked for the mafia. Their crimes include participation in the murders of at least eight men, kidnapping, and the betrayal of an entire generation of New York City detectives, federal agents, and prosecutors. "One of the most spectacular police corruption scandals in the city's history," proclaimed the New York Times in its front-page coverage of the jury's verdict. This gripping, true-life detective story is remarkable for its psychological intrigue, criminal audacity, and paranoid, blood-soaked fury. Written by prize-winning journalist Guy Lawson and William Oldham, the brilliant detective who quietly and relentlessly investigated the rogue cops for seven years, The Brotherhoods provides unparalleled access to the secretive workings of both the NYPD and organized crime -- their hierarchies, rituals, and codes of conduct. Sprawling from Manhattan to Las Vegas to Hollywood, this incredible story features wiseguys, hit men on the lam, snitches, cops on the take, girlfriends who should know better, a crooked accountant, corrupt jewelers, streetwise detectives, flamboyant defense attorneys, ice-cool prosecutors, a distinguished federal judge, and a gallery of other unforgettable characters, many hiding secrets they are afraid to reveal. In yet another turn of events, in June 2006 a federal judge vacated the convictions on statute of limitations grounds, even as he cited overwhelming evidence that Caracappa and Eppolito had committed "heinous and violent crimes." The U.S. Attorney's Office, which had won the convictions, has appealed the ruling. The conviction of the two men by a jury and the judge's reiteration of their guilt underscore the amazing story of The Brotherhoods. Destined to rank with such modern crime classics as Serpico, Donnie Brasco, and Wiseguy, this quintessential American mob tale goes to the hearts of two brotherhoods -- the police and the mafia -- and the two cops who belonged to both.

Unto the sons

Unto the sons Author Gay Talese
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105001753339
Release 1992
Pages 635
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Unto the sons has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Unto the sons also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Unto the sons book for free.

The Myth the Mafia and the Magic

The Myth  the Mafia and the Magic Author Andrew Cameron
ISBN-10 9781784621872
Release 2015-03-28
Pages 72
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The Edradour Whisky Distillery is the smallest, longest-running distillery in Scotland and receives over 50,000 visitors a year from all over the world. As the last remaining distillery of its size, visitors get a true sense of how a distillery worked in the 19th century. Everything at Edradour is on a small scale; production levels for an entire year are the equivalent to what a big distillery produces in a couple of weeks, but the whisky is much sought-after and is exported to over 30 countries around the world. The Myth, the Mafia and the Magic tracks the history of the distillery, from the days of illicit distilling in the 18th century through to today and the plans that the current owner has for the future. Along the way, myths about the distillery are dispelled and the true story of how it got involved with the head of the New York Mafia is revealed. The Edradour distillery is loved by visitors and whisky fans around the world, but how did it manage to survive when similar distilleries were closing? What plans are there to preserve its charm, whilst ensuring its future? This fascinating book is an insight into the whisky trade in Scotland, as well as the distillery itself, and is a must-read for all whisky drinkers. Best enjoyed with a wee dram, The Myth, the Mafia and the Magic is the only book specifically on the subject of the Edradour Whisky Distillery and has been written by whisky afficionado and business communication consultant, Andrew Cameron, who works with brands such as John Lewis Partnership, Pearson Plc and PepsiCo Europe.


Iced Author Stephen Schneider
ISBN-10 9780470835005
Release 2009-12-09
Pages 608
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"You're lucky he didn't have an ice pick in his hands. I know how this guy performs." -Mobster Paul Volpe speaking about a Buffalo-mafia enforcer named "Cicci" Canada is lauded the world over as a law abiding, peaceful country - a shining example to all nations. Such a view, also shared by most Canadians, is typically naïve and misinformed. Throughout its history, to present day and beyond, Canada has been and will continue to be home to criminals and crime organizations that are brilliant at finding ways to make money - a lot of money - illegally. Iced: The Story of Organized Crime in Canada is a remarkable parallel history to the one generally accepted and taught in our schools. Organized crime has had a significant impact on the shaping of this country and the lives of its people. The most violent and thuggish - outlaw motorcycle gangs like Hells Angels - have been raised to mythic proportions. The families who owned distilleries during Prohibition, such as the Bronfmans, built vast fortunes that today are vested in corporate holdings. The mafia in Montreal created and controlled the largest heroin and cocaine smuggling empire in the world, feeding the insatiable appetite of our American neighbours. Today, gangs are laying waste the streets of Vancouver, and "BC bud" flows into the U.S. as the marijuana of choice. Organized crime is as old as this nation's founding, with pirates ravaging the east coast, even as hired guns by colonial governments. Since our nation's earliest times, government and crime groups have found that collusion can have its mutual benefits. Comprehensive, informative and entertaining - as you will discover in the remarkable period pieces devised by the author and the illustrations commissioned specially for this book - Iced is a romp across the nation and across the centuries. In these pages you will meet crime groups that are at once sordid and inept, yet resourceful entrepreneurs and self-proclaimed champions of the underdog, who operate in full sight of their communities and the law. This is the definitive book on organized crime in Canada, and a unique contribution to our understanding of Canadian history.


Vendetta Author John Follain
ISBN-10 9781444714135
Release 2012-05-24
Pages 352
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On 23 May 1992 the Mafia assassinated its 'Number One Enemy', the legendary prosecutor Judge Falcone, with a motorway bomb that also killed his wife Francesca and three bodyguards. Fifty-seven days later, the Mafia killed Falcone's friend and colleague, Judge Paolo Borsellino, with a car bomb outside his mother's home that also killed five bodyguards. These two murders changed forever how Italy viewed the Mafia. VENDETTA tells the inside story of the assassination plots and the investigation that followed. Follain reveals Borsellino's desperate race against time to find out who killed his friend while knowing he was next on the list and reveals the daring undercover police mission which unmasked the killers. Based on new and exclusive interviews and the testimony of investigators, Mafia supergrasses, survivors, relatives and friends, VENDETTA recounts the events hour-by-hour, minute-by-minute as the Mafiosi plan and carry out the murders, and as the police hunt them down.


Mafia Author A.G.D. Maran
ISBN-10 9781780572369
Release 2011-09-02
Pages 416
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The pre-dawn arrests of the last remaining mafiosi in December 2008 signalled the end of the Sicilian Mafia as we know it. In Mafia: Inside the Dark Heart, A.G.D. Maran charts the complete history of the world's most infamous criminal organisation, from its first incarnation as an alternative form of local government in the Sicilian countryside and arguable force for 'good' to the more familiar form that has been immortalised in films such as The Godfather, and its final defeat after a long-awaited change of attitude by the Italian government. The author has used his many Italian contacts and a decade of exhaustive research to bring to life the story of the Sicilian Mafia while also exploring the links to the Cosa Nostra in America. Along the way, he asks many provocative questions, including: Why was Lucky Luciano, the father of modern organised crime, freed from a life sentence in America and deported to Italy, allowing him to organise the international drug trade? Was the Mafia involved in the death of Pope John Paul I? Why did the Mafia murder Roberto Calvi, known as God's Banker? What is the relationship between the Mafia and Freemasonry? Why did successive Italian governments fail to tackle the Mafia? Why did it take 40 years to find the Last Godfathers? These and many other riveting issues are covered in Maran's refreshing new take on a perennially enthralling subject.

The Mafia mystique

The Mafia mystique Author Dwight C. Smith
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105113692508
Release 1975
Pages 399
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The Mafia mystique has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Mafia mystique also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Mafia mystique book for free.

Bella Mafia

Bella Mafia Author Lynda La Plante
ISBN-10 9781471130960
Release 2014-04-24
Pages 800
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Don Roberto Luciano, boss of the Sicilian Mafia, agrees to be chief witness in the trial of Paul Carolla, who murdered Luciano's firstborn son, Michael, 20 years ago. Despite round-the-clock protection, all the Luciano men are killed the night before a family wedding. The don's wife, Graziella, holds together what's left of the family - daughters-in-law Theresa and Sophia, and Theresa's daughter Rosa - while instructing their lawyer to sell off business holdings. Eventually the women become involved in the business themselves, trying to recover money that's disappeared into Carolla's hands. Following a courtroom shootout, Carolla's adopted son Luka, using his knowledge of organization politics and his mastery of murder, becomes the women's partner and protector. Once the Luciano women discover Luka's secret, however, they implacably take revenge in the ruthless manner of their age-old code, and the strongest of them becomes the new head of the family, the bella mafiosa . . .

Sons of the City

Sons of the City Author Scott Flander
ISBN-10 9780062039637
Release 2011-01-04
Pages 400
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The streets of Philadelphia are meaner than most ... A city on the edge is about to explode. The killing of a cop in a rundown Philly crack house has stoked racial tensions to the boiling point -- as angry police strike out in force, rounding up every young black man in sight. Sergeant Eddie North suspects that the Mob was behind the slaying, though it may already be too late to douse the inevitable fire. A man obsessed with justice -- and vengeance -- North is ready to launch his own private war on Organized Crime, with unexpected help from Michelle Ryder, the policewoman sister of the slain officer, who's willing to risk her own life and career undercover. But the poison polluting the City of Brotherly Love is more toxic than either of them suspects. The Mafia life is dragging Michelle in deeper than she can handle. And Eddie North is about to discover the devastating consequences awaiting those who press the limits of the law.

My life in the mafia

My life in the mafia Author Vincent Teresa
Release 1973
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My life in the mafia has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from My life in the mafia also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full My life in the mafia book for free.

The Sixth Family

The Sixth Family Author Lee Lamothe
ISBN-10 0470156937
Release 2009-05-12
Pages 386
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From The Sixth Family, according to witness testimony: BROOKLYN, MAY 5, 1981 "We were in the closet. We all had our weapons loaded. We sat there and waited for the doorbell to ring," said Salvatore Vitale, a slender New York mobster known as Good-Looking Sal. "We left the door open a smidge to look out." The ringing of the bell at the private social club’s entrance signaled the arrival of the first of the invited guests. Vito Rizzuto crouched low, peeking out from his vantage point. Through the swelling crowd and loud chatter from tough men all accustomed to having their say, Vito kept his eyes on one man, Gerlando Sciascia, a fellow Sicilian who was a long-time Rizzuto family friend. Breathing deeply beneath his mask, Vito watched for the secret signal that would draw him from the closet, a signal that came when Sciascia slowly ran the fingers of his lean, right hand through the silver hair on the side of his head. That simple act of preening brought mayhem to the social club and radically changed the balance of power. "Don’t anybody move. This is a holdup," Vito said as he confronted the roomful of powerful mobsters, his words muffled by a woolen ski mask pulled down over his long, thin face. Despite those words, this was not about robbery. Nothing would be taken but three lives and the rights to an underworld throne.