Silence and a Smile

Silence and a Smile Author Aliyu Kamal
ISBN-10 UOM:39015064749123
Release 2005-01-01
Pages 171
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Silence and a Smile has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Silence and a Smile also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Silence and a Smile book for free.


Hausaland Author Aliyu Kamal
ISBN-10 9783578618
Release 2003
Pages 219
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Hausaland has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Hausaland also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Hausaland book for free.


Silence Author J.E. Taylor
Release 2017-06-25
Pages 342
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On an early September day in 1979, Jamie Wilson hobbles down the sidewalk on crutches, her broken leg aching. As the school buses rumble past, some jerk yells “Faker!” out the window. Jamie flips the bird in response. Big mistake. She pissed off the wrong egomaniac, and this bully rules the school. High school becomes a daily nightmare when her tormentors wage psychological warfare, starting with a physical attack in the hallway meant to terrorize. With only a three-day suspension as punishment and the threat of expulsion for any further physical attacks, the bitch squad change tactics, relentlessly lobbing verbal hand grenades at every opportunity. Words are powerful weapons, especially when the school offers no protection against verbal assault. Suffering in silence is Jamie’s only choice if she doesn't want to end up in ICU. But silence can become an equally dangerous agent of self-destruction.

Agitation with a Smile

Agitation with a Smile Author Stephen Bird
ISBN-10 9781317264033
Release 2015-11-17
Pages 256
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Agitation with a Smile offers a reappraisal of Howard Zinn's political thought and situates his efforts in a contemporary context, looking toward the nature of activism and dissent in the future. This is the first book to provide a substantive account and assessment of Zinn's philosophy and approach to collective action and, to a larger extent, democracy. The contributors to this book explore the most effective mechanisms by which to arouse public support for seemingly radical positions and how current technological advancements may alter our perception of Zinn's activism. The book is a valuable guide to a new generation of activists and scholars of politics in gauging the lasting relevance and legacy of Zinn's ideals, concepts, and methodology. The text is neither fawning nor unduly critical, unlike many discussions of Zinn in popular culture. Rather, the contributors engage the various complexities and tensions present throughout Zinn's work and subject them to contemporary assessment. This is a multidisciplinary and international approach to Howard Zinn's intellectual and activist canon.

A tear and a smile

A tear and a smile Author Kahlil Gibran
ISBN-10 9780244315665
Release 2017-06-21
Pages 108
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A Tear and a Smile contains 56 parables, stories, and poems. It is considered the most important addition to the canon of Gibran's writing. Khalil Gibran was a Lebanese-American artist, poet, and writer. As a young man he emigrated with his family to the United States where he studied art and began his literary career. His Romantic style was at the heart of a renaissance in modern Arabic literature, and he is still celebrated as a literary hero.

Life With a Smile

Life With a Smile Author Wynette Bryant
ISBN-10 9781411626676
Release 2005-04-01
Pages 140
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Life's smile does not have to be a mask. A story of adversity to victory!

A Tear And A Smile Parables Stories and Poems of Khalil Gibran

A Tear And A Smile   Parables  Stories  and Poems of Khalil Gibran Author Khalil Gibran
ISBN-10 9788582180747
Release 2015-03-03
Pages 100
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A great selection of parables, stories, and poems of Khalil Gibran. A book full of emotion, poetry and spiritual comfort that has touched hearts around the world.

Celebrating Silence

Celebrating Silence Author Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
ISBN-10 9781907166969
Release 2014-01-01
Pages 218
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In this book, Sri Sri discusses topics ranging from doubt and fear to love and dispassion. He describes what it means to be on the spiritual path - a path of service, sadhana and surrender. He leads us through an understanding of God and back to our inner Self - what we really seek, often without knowing. "Some questions can only be answered in silence. Silence is the goal of all answers. If an answer does not silence the mind, it is no answer. Your soul is solidified silence and this solidified silence is wisdom, knowledge. When wisdom dawns, it gives rise to celebration." - H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

With a Smile and a Wave

With a Smile and a Wave Author Peter Daybell
ISBN-10 9781473820838
Release 2005-01-01
Pages 300
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During the late summer of 1915 Captain Aidan Liddell's gallant exploits filled many newspaper columns and he was feted as a national hero. Already decorated for bravery while serving with the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, he transferred to the Royal Flying Corps, and it was as a pilot that he attracted national acclaim.Badly wounded over enemy occupied Belgium, Liddell lost consciousness as his two-seater RE5 aircraft was raked by machine gun fire, and plunged out of control towards the ground. Despite terrible injuries and the extensive damage to his machine, he somehow recovered from an inverted dive and flew on for a further half an hour to the safety of the Allied lines, so saving his observer and a valuable aircraft.For this action he was awarded the Victoria Cross, but did not live to receive Britain's highest gallantry award and succumbed to his wounds a month later. With a Smile and a Wave provides a vivid picture of the squalor and danger of war, the backbreaking hardship of trench life and of the challenges of pioneer air fighting. It draws extensively on Captain Liddell's own letters and diaries and exposes the character and courage of the man in his own often compelling and moving words. But it is a story not just of war, but of growing up in a devout and prosperous family, of a Jesuit education at Stonyhurst College, and of Edwardian Oxford before the Great War. It portrays the privileged lifestyle of the English country gentleman, and describes how a very close knit and patriotic family dealt with the adversity of war.

Sonatas Screams and Silence

Sonatas  Screams  and Silence Author Alexis Luko
ISBN-10 9781135022747
Release 2015-08-11
Pages 324
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Sonatas, Screams, and Silence: Music and Sound in the Films of Ingmar Bergman is the first musical examination of Bergman’s style as an auteur filmmaker. It provides a comprehensive examination of all three aspects (music, sound effects, and voice) of Bergman’s signature soundtrack-style. Through examinations of Bergman’s biographical links to music, the role of music, sound effects, silence, and voice, and Bergman’s working methods with sound technicians, mixers, and editors, this book argues that Bergman’s soundtracks are as superbly developed as his psychological narratives and breathtaking cinematography. Interdisciplinary in nature, this book bridges the fields of music, sound, and film.

The Pilgrim of a Smile

The Pilgrim of a Smile Author Norman Davey
ISBN-10 NYPL:33433074951702
Release 1921
Pages 289
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The Pilgrim of a Smile has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Pilgrim of a Smile also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Pilgrim of a Smile book for free.

A Cry For Silence

A Cry For Silence Author Jennifer Ogden-Crichton
ISBN-10 9781770678347
Release 2013-07
Pages 296
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Though Carnie's family life was anything but perfect growing up, she could always find solace in her father's love. However, when she is faced with her father's death, the reality of her dysfunctional family settles in. And to make matters worse, her jealous sister sets out to make Carnie's boyfriend her own. As Carnie delves deeper and deeper into a cold depression, she turns to the only friend left-her invisible childhood friend Silence the dragon. Carnie's old friend shares a whole new world with her-one of mystical realms and adventure-and, unbeknownst to her, sets her off on a journey of self-discovery and healing. Can Silence help Carnie find the peace and solace she so desperately seeks?

Silence and Circumstance

Silence and Circumstance Author Roy Dimond
ISBN-10 9781611878097
Release 2015-03-23
Pages 192
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Agatha Christie, pawn or puppet-master? For eleven days in December 1926, that was the question all of England was asking. Was she kidnapped, or possibly a pawn trapped in an international mystery? Or could she actually be the puppet-master, secretly manipulating an entire nation from behind her typewriter? Did one of the most disciplined writing minds the world has ever known really just “black out,” only to somehow reappear eleven days later, feeble and disorientated at a spa hotel? And what really was written in her missing diary regarding those eleven mysterious days? Through a weaving of facts and fiction, the adventure unfolds through the perspective of her governess, Charlotte “Carlo” Fisher. Having accepted the role of confidante to the great writer, and ignited by the receipt of a mysterious letter, Charlotte embarks on a sinister and harrowing quest. In her exploits, Charlotte is aided by many of the famous and elite of the twentieth century. While Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and his protégé, Ian Fleming, speed towards Istanbul on the Orient Express in search of Agatha’s diary, Charlotte discovers clues that dispatch her to Berlin where she stumbles into a world gone mad. Mysterious societies emerge from the shadows, and it appears something dark is rising...

Legend of Silence and Moonlight Becomes You

Legend of Silence and Moonlight Becomes You Author Darlington Azubuike
ISBN-10 9781462864867
Release 2011-06-10
Pages 217
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The memory of the war haunted him like dark shadows, Cherokee revolution had fallen, thoughts of the bloody battle at echo pass made him shiver. Most of the warriors, brave men of Tsalagi were dead, he thought about his father, family, and his friend, Shinak as he lay in the cell, confused without a dream of place. He could hear the pirates shouting from their drunken state into the wild night, at least he found some comfort from Orlando, his fellow prisoner, a man of broken spirits and of great wisdom. Jingau looked through the night anxiously waiting for the day he would be a free man again. Oh freedom he could feel it like the shadow of light, memories of Orlando screaming at the sea, the thoughts of the many weary years he spent at sea with Orlando came back to him like the return of the dusk as he bent over Orlando’s grave. They had become brothers, bound by a solemn oath that cannot be broken by death, he wept bitterly until his tears ate up all the words in his heart... ‘’I can’t tread your love for a Harper of memories, even if the flames refuse to kindle the sky, I’ll light my love in a stand of silence and show you the way out of the shadow of your mind’’, Oliver could not resist the tears anymore, he cried like a little boy... The girl was Jackie’s, he couldn’t bear the sight, he turned and shot from his arrow, his tears clouding his vision...and there she lay, dying in Jackie’s arms and the two fought over her last attention. ‘’Never war with love unless you are ready to pay the price with your memories’’ Loo’s words resounded over and over in his ears as he thought it over that day. Persie’s worst fears were confirmed when Real told him he was a ‘home on the run’. All he remembered was that there was a war, Napoleon’s men invaded Fishguard and the rebel soldiers took him away from his father, he loved his present family and could not imagine leaving but he must return and seek his father. He wished he had powers like Reeler and Helmer, his friends or better still if he could recover the book of creation and derive the power of immortality. He had spent many years in the Castle of Vlammen. The moment his feet touched Welsh soil, he felt real good and now he was in love with the bold and beautiful Julia... Oliver cried, trembled when he discovered that his lost son had married a Cherokee, daughter of his bitter enemy. Now he must face Jingau after many years of hatred, and there was little Michael, Persie’s son, the return of love. He had no option. The very sight of Jackie by the same vale where Leila was laid made him cry...

Silence and Sirens

Silence and Sirens Author Thomas Aaron Self
ISBN-10 9780595484331
Release 2008-03
Pages 116
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Silence and Sirens is a collection of short stories, vignettes, poems, and journal entries written by protagonist Anthony Miller as he travels from Louisville to Seattle and then begins to prepare for a new life in Europe.Miller, the middle child in a conservative Louisville family, finds refuge on the liberal side of his hometown until he finally moves to Seattle. As he tries to balance his love for stimulation and women and his need for solitude and spirituality, his passions bring him tumultuous yet significant relationships, while his conflicts bring insights and transcendence.Decadent, Miller is at times affably vulnerable and at other times brutally honest. For a few deceptive moments on a street in Seattle, he falls in love with a beautiful woman; and in a novella excerpt set in Louisville, he writes of his sudden repulsion after an illicit encounter. In the end, he is left with his thoughts, printed here for all to see.Miller's poetic lines and truth in his writing encourages all of us to take a step away from the ideal when it comes to finding love and happiness and instead embrace a walk down the path of reality-the rare and truly captivating moments that keep us in the present.

Silent Anger

Silent Anger Author Freddie Holdness
ISBN-10 9781434967305
Release 2012-06
Pages 194
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Silent Anger is a book based and rooted in the time period directly after slavery. A well told defined true story, dark secrets, and events hidden by a family for generations. These events are not what we have been told by history. The Color Purple and Roots have given the world a picture of a people, but for my family the picture is framed very differently. For each injustice against my ancestors they returned it with their own justice, an eye for an eye. Yes, they were the help and cheap labor, but they all could read and write; they were proud and well versed.

Silence Is Broken Women Era

Silence Is Broken Women Era Author Irene O. Uziewe-Ogbru
ISBN-10 9781452056647
Release 2011-02-10
Pages 288
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Based on the theme of having a woman’s dream vision and prophecies fulfilled “Silence is Broken Women Era, Hear My Cry Almighty Father” by Irene O. Uziewe-Ogbru is the story of women’s struggle to hold onto their properties and inheritance that will help them and their children to survive hunger, poverty and shelter, then their education to promote the family name. When the women husbands were killed in a car accident. The men’s families took over all of their properties for their societal status. The women contest with their husband’s families is difficult because of the nature of their greed and the women awareness and goals for their children that of achieving higher education and more success in life. In addition, they certainly feel that the legacy is their legal own property rights to have and fully own. Thus they fight for what they believe is theirs and truly belong to their hard work not just survive wives. The source of their strength is the deep and abiding faith in Christian religion and the Supreme Father who as they say “is here today as He was century ago. He talks to us and hears our cries. The women were also aided by messages of encouragement receives in a dream vision states as their spirit guide the Almighty Father. She also thinks and hopes this new era the Almighty Father calls “women era,” should bring and result world evil mind change to peaceful world and women freedom. Will all work well for the women and their children? Will their faith overcome all obstacles? Will women bring peace to the world this women ear? Here is the story that not only answers these questions of faith but many more. Irene O. Uziewe-Ogbru is a former United Nations staff member who was born in Nigeria and has lived in West Africa, East Africa as well as in Switzerland and the United States. She is now an American citizen. A graduate of Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and Grambling State University in Grambling Louisiana. She has three very well educated grown children and four grandchildren- two boys and two girls. She enjoys writing not only novels, but songs and poetry as well.