Saving the Saved

Saving the Saved Author Bryan Loritts
ISBN-10 9780310344940
Release 2016-10-11
Pages 208
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White-knuckling can never get you where you want to go. But grace can. You already know because you’ve tried: repeated attempts to earn God’s love and approval get you nowhere and leave you exhausted. When performance taints our relationship with him, the Christian life can turn into an unholy hustle. It was never meant to be like this. In Saving the Saved, Pastor Bryan Loritts reveals the astonishing truth that God doesn’t want your spiritual scorekeeping. He simply wants your surrender. The punchline of the gospel of Matthew is just that—a message of grace and performance-free love to do-good, try-harder Jews who thought they had to earn their way into God’s favor. It’s an ancient message, yet it can be a lifeline to us today as we live in a world of performance metrics. Just as Matthew wrote to the Jews in his gospel, we were never meant to flounder under the pressures and anxieties of show Christianity. Make no mistake: we are called to live in obedience, but Jesus wants us to save us from the illusion that our actions can ever earn God’s acceptance of us. In Pastor Bryan’s relevant, uncompromising style, Saving the Saved proclaims the good news that once the pressure is off to perform, we are free to abide. Beyond the man-made rules and the red tape, there is a God who knows you by name. Come and meet him as you’ve never known him before.

Saving the Saved

Saving the Saved Author Netafirm
ISBN-10 1519130945
Release 2015-11-09
Pages 270
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Saving the Saved peels back the body armor of the church to expose an American institution where nearly 50 percent of its organizations are devoid of a biblical worldview. The institutional church has offered a watered-down gospel, secular philosophies and theologies, and social justice projects, all at the expense of biblical discipleship. The result is a post-Christian America. After reading this book, you will understand how progressive thinking has infiltrated these churches and created a counterfeit religion that has put millions of Christians' faith at risk. Saving the Saved is written for you, the Christian, who has put your faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. We take the position that you have the right to know who you are in Christ and what it means to be a citizen in the kingdom of God now. Plus, Saving the Saved presents a compelling case for churches to make biblical discipleship the core of their ministries, and offers strategies for believers even if their churches choose to ignore this warning. So, if you have ever wondered if there is more to your faith than what your church is offering, you are right. There is more. Saving the Saved will help you know what to do about it.

101 Excel 2013 Tips Tricks and Timesavers

101 Excel 2013 Tips  Tricks and Timesavers Author John Walkenbach
ISBN-10 9781118642320
Release 2013-06-10
Pages 312
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Get the most out of Excel 2013 with this exceptional advice from Mr. Spreadsheet himself! Excel 2013 is excellent, but there's lots to learn to truly excel at Excel! In this latest addition to his popular Mr. Spreadsheet's Bookshelf series, John Walkenbach, aka "Mr. Spreadsheet," shares new and exciting ways to accomplish and master all of your spreadsheet tasks. From taming the Ribbon bar to testing and tables, creating custom functions, and overcoming "impossible" charts, mixing nesting limits, and more, 101 Excel 2013 Tips, Tricks, & Timesavers will save you time and help you avoid common spreadsheet stumbling blocks. Reveals ways to maximize the power of Excel to create robust applications Draws on John Walkenbach's years of experience using Excel and writing more than 50 books Shares tips and tricks for dealing with function arguments, creating add-ins, using UserForms, working with dynamic chart data, and changing data entry orientation Provides shortcuts and helpful techniques for sorting more than three columns, entering fake data for testing purposes, and setting up powerful pivot tables 101 Excel 2013 Tips, Tricks, & Timesavers is packed with information that you need to know in order to confidently and seamlessly master the challenges that come with using Excel!

Saving Bletchley Park

Saving Bletchley Park Author Sue Black
ISBN-10 9781783521678
Release 2016-03-10
Pages 368
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Imagine a Britain where the most important sites of historical significance are replaced with housing estates and supermarkets... Imagine a Britain without Bletchley Park, where Alan Turing and a team of code breakers changed the course of World War II and where thousands of women inspired future generations with their work in the fields of computing and technology... Now imagine a group of extraordinary people, who – seventy years after the birth of the modern computer at Bletchley Park – used technology to spark a social media campaign that helped secure its future and transform it into the world-class heritage and education centre it deserves to be. This is a story about saving Bletchley Park. But it is also the story of the hundreds of people who dedicated twenty years of hard work and determination to the campaign that saved it. It is a testament to the remarkable and mysterious work during World War II that made it a place worth saving. It is a book about campaigners, veterans, enthusiasts, computer geeks, technology, Twitter, trees and Stephen Fry stuck in a lift. And finally, it is a story about preserving the past for the generations of tomorrow.

The Cambridge Handbook of Psychology and Economic Behaviour

The Cambridge Handbook of Psychology and Economic Behaviour Author Alan Lewis
ISBN-10 1139469762
Release 2012-04-12
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Psychologists have been observing and interpreting economic behaviour for at least fifty years, and the last decade, in particular, has seen an escalated interest in the interface between psychology and economics. The Cambridge Handbook of Psychology and Economic Behaviour is a valuable reference resource dedicated to improving our understanding of the economic mind and economic behaviour. Employing empirical methods – including laboratory experiments, field experiments, observations, questionnaires and interviews – the Handbook covers aspects of theory and method, financial and consumer behaviour, the environment and biological perspectives. With contributions from distinguished scholars from a variety of countries and backgrounds, the Handbook is an important step forward in the improvement of communications between the disciplines of psychology and economics. It will appeal to academic researchers and graduates in economic psychology and behavioural economics.

Children s Saving

Children s Saving Author Edmund J.S. Sonuga-Barke
ISBN-10 9781351614238
Release 2017-12-06
Pages 164
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Originally published in 1993, this book presents an alternative approach to the study of the emergence of economic awareness during childhood: a new developmental economic psychology! In the past, attempts to study the emergence of children’s economic consciousness have failed to take account of the practical nature of the "economic" in the history of western cultures. Economic socialisation has been seen as the acquisition of abstract knowledge about the institutions of adult economic culture. The child has been seen as a spectator, acquiring knowledge of that culture, but never really a part of it. However, economic actions, in essence, are directed not towards the attainment of knowledge, but rather towards the practical solution of problems of resource allocation imposed by constraint. Children, just like adults, are faced with practical problems of resource allocation. Their response to these problems may be different from those of adults but no less "economic" for that. This realisation forms the heart of this book. In it children are seen as both inhabitants of their own "playground" economic subculture and actors in the wider economic world of adults, solving, or attempting to solve, practical economic problems. In order to highlight this "child-centred" approach, the authors studied the way children tackle the particular problems posed by limitations of income. How do children learn (a) the relationship between choices available in the present and the future, (b) to spread their limited financial resources over time into the future and (c) about the strategies, such as banking, that allow them to protect those resources from threats and temptations? In short, how do children learn to save? This volume goes some way to answering these and related questions and in so doing sets up an alternative framework for the study of the emergence of economic awareness.

Public Choices Between Lifesaving Programs how Important are Lives Saved

Public Choices Between Lifesaving Programs how Important are Lives Saved Author Uma Subramanian
Release 1999
Pages 78
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Abstract: August 1995 - Do funding priorities for health and safety policies reflect irrational fears? the disaster of the month - rather than address more fundamental problems? A thousand people were surveyed to gauge popular feelings about funding choices between environmental and public health programs. In developing and industrial countries alike, there is concern that health and safety policy may respond to irrational fears - to the disaster of the month - rather than address more fundamental problems. In the United States, for example, some policymakers say the public worries about trivial risks while ignoring larger ones and that funding priorities reflect this view. Many public health programs with a low cost per life saved are underfunded, for example, while many environmental regulations with a high cost per life saved are issued each year. Does the existing allocation of resources reflect people's preoccupation with the qualitative aspects of risks, to the exclusion of quantitative factors (lives saved)? Or can observed differences in the cost per life saved of environmental and public health programs be explained by the way the two sets of programs are funded? Cropper and Subramanian examine the preferences of U.S. citizens for health and safety programs. They confronted a random sample of 1,000 U.S. adults with choices between environmental health and public health programs, to see which they would choose. The authors then examined what factors (qualitative and quantitative) seem to influence these choices. Respondents were asked about pairs of programs, among them: smoking education or industrial pollution control programs, industrial pollution control or pneumonia vaccine programs, radon eradication or a program to ban smoking in the workplace, and radon eradication or programs to ban pesticides. The survey results, they feel, have implications beyond the United States. They find that, while qualitative aspects of the life-saving programs are statistically significant in explaining people's choices among them, lives saved matter, too. Indeed, for the median respondent in the survey, the rate of substitution between most qualitative risk characteristics and lives saved is inelastic. But for a sizable minority of respondents, choice among programs appears to be insensitive to lives saved. The interesting question for public policy is what role the latter group plays in the regulatory process. This paper - a joint product of the Environment, Infrastructure, and Agriculture Division, Policy Research Department, and the Environment and Natural Resources Division, Asia Technical Department - is part of a larger effort in the Bank to see what can be learned about efficient environmental policy by examining the U.S. experience with environmental regulation. The authors may be contacted at [email protected] or [email protected]

BlackBerry For Dummies

BlackBerry For Dummies Author Robert Kao
ISBN-10 9781118153062
Release 2011-08-15
Pages 408
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Just what you need to know to take full advantage of your new BlackBerry smartphone The popular BlackBerry is used by millions of office workers and executives and has become an essential business tool. Now with an even faster and more efficient 6.0 operating system, the newest BlackBerry devices have the potential to become pocket-sized replacements for the laptop. This fifth edition of the most popular BlackBerry guide explores all the features of the new BlackBerry and its upgraded OS. It covers setting up the device, organizing and managing your appointments and to-do list, accessing the Internet, handling e-mail, working with multimedia, synching your BlackBerry with your desktop, adding apps, and much more. The BlackBerry is the most popular handheld device for business users; an updated 6.0 operating system is being introduced for new models with an upgrade available for certain older models This edition of the popular BlackBerry guide covers the new OS, setting up your BlackBerry, organizing and managing your calendar, handling e-mail, and accessing the Internet Explores working with multimedia and taking great photos with your BlackBerry Offers tips and shortcuts plus information about managing power usage, synching your BlackBerry to your desktop, and taking advantage of the expandable memory, as well as great apps you can add Wise advice from BlackBerry experts makes this the guide you need to get the most juice from your BlackBerry.

Secure Forever

Secure Forever Author Robert Metevia
ISBN-10 9781449745202
Release 2012-06-26
Pages 224
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This book is a must-read for anyone seeking the assurance and peace of mind that their salvation, once received, is forever and can never be lost. It is also a must-read for those who want to defend this precious doctrine and pass along to fellow believers the truth that will set them free. No longer will it be necessary to walk on eggshells, trying to keep what only God can keep. This book will enlighten the understanding of its readers to see that the truth of their new position in Christ is absolutely perfect before God, while their practice is fl awed. It will also reveal that God’s work of justification declares them righteous forever, while His work of sanctification makes them righteous in their behavior. A number of other theological distinctions will be made to help the readers understand the permanency of their salvation, such as the differences between salvation faith and service faith; innate knowledge and head knowledge; sinner and saint; the believer’s relationship with God and his fellowship with God; judicial forgiveness and parental forgiveness; and a distinction between the words faith of Christ and faith in Christ. This book will also reveal the warfare that goes on in the minds of believers, preventing them from going for broke and trusting in Christ and Christ alone for their salvation. To trust in Christ plus one’s own ability to maintain a certain level of faith is not to trust in Christ alone to complete what He has started, but instead to trust in Christ plus human effort. The truth of “once saved, always saved” will motivate believers to serve God—not out of a fear of losing their salvation, but out of gratitude that they are kept by God’s power to serve others and can never be lost.

Saving the Jews

Saving the Jews Author Mordecai Paldiel
ISBN-10 1887563555
Release 2000
Pages 338
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Presents an inspirational compilation of real-life stories of gentiles across Europe who risked everything to save Jews during the Holocaust

Absolute Beginner s Guide to Microsoft Windows Vista

Absolute Beginner s Guide to Microsoft Windows Vista Author Shelley O'Hara
ISBN-10 9780132713382
Release 2006-12-29
Pages 416
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Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Microsoft® Windows Vista™ will have you using your computer and new Windows operating system in no time! Here’s a small sample of what you’ll find inside: Describes how to get going: starting programs, creating and saving documents, printing, and using your computer for both productivity and play! Covers connecting to, browsing, and searching the Internet as well as how to send and receive email. Learn how to use the networking tools of Windows Vista to connect with any other computers in your home. Explains how to use the new Windows Photo Gallery to organize, edit, and print your pictures. Details security precautions you can take to prevent viruses, protect against malicious programs, and keep email secure. Provides advice on how to maintain tip-top performance and organization for your work. Highlights exciting multimedia features including listening to music, recording your own CDs, and sampling new tunes. Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Microsoft® Windows Vista™ teaches you how to get started with Windows (and computing in general). The book starts with the fundamentals and then builds on these skills in a smooth and effortless manner. The authors walk you through the process using a hands-on approach, covering topics that include starting programs, sending email, browsing the Internet, downloading music, and printing documents and pictures. Not only will you learn the nuts and bolts of using Windows, but you’ll also receive a crash course in additional topics, like security and home networking, that will improve your computing experience. Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Microsoft® Windows Vista™ provides valuable, practical advice and instruction that you will refer to again and again.

Introductory Economics

Introductory Economics Author Arleen J. Hoag
ISBN-10 9789812568915
Release 2006
Pages 505
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This carefully constructed textbook empowers the reader with an understanding of fundamental economic concepts. There are 31 ?one-concept? chapters. Each short chapter highlights one economic principle. The student can study one concept and be reinforced by the learning process before proceeding to another. The writing is lucid and at the student's level. Self-review exercises conclude each chapter. The text is well integrated to show the relationship among the basic concepts and to offer a comprehensive overview of economics. The one-concept chapters provide organizational flexibility for the instructor. There are eight modules: The Economic Problem; Price Determination; Behind the Supply Curve; Measuring the Economy, The Level of Income; Money; Trade; Conclusion.A study guide is available on line without charge. Each chapter in the text has a corresponding chapter in the study guide as well as an introduction to graphing.

Saved Without a Doubt

Saved Without a Doubt Author John MacArthur
ISBN-10 9780781443371
Release 2006
Pages 222
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MacArthur carefully examines the classical biblical texts affirming the forever quality of salvation and explains eleven biblical tests that will help readers determine whether they've experienced salvation once and for all.

Battleground O Z

Battleground  O Z Author Michael Leonard Walden
ISBN-10 0313340676
Release 2007
Pages 676
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Seventy-seven alphabetically arranged entries provide introductions to issues related to business and economics, such as affirmative action, downsizing, free trade, pensions, strategic planning, and whistle-blowers.

The Reports of Sir Edward Coke Kt 1572 1617

The Reports of Sir Edward Coke  Kt   1572 1617 Author Great Britain. Courts
ISBN-10 PRNC:32101066467984
Release 1727
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The Reports of Sir Edward Coke Kt 1572 1617 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Reports of Sir Edward Coke Kt 1572 1617 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Reports of Sir Edward Coke Kt 1572 1617 book for free.

Public Preferences for Life Saving

Public Preferences for Life Saving Author Maureen Cropper
ISBN-10 1568063709
Release 1992-06-01
Pages 78
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Presents the results of a survey of over 3,000 people to choose between pairs of hypothetical programs that save the lives of people of different ages, and to examine marginal rates of substitution for present versus future life saving.

Can Threatened Languages be Saved

Can Threatened Languages be Saved Author Joshua A. Fishman
ISBN-10 185359492X
Release 2001-01-01
Pages 503
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Defenders of threatened languages all over the world, from advocates of biodiversity to dedicated defenders of their own cultural authenticity, are often humbled by the dimensity of the task that they are faced with when the weak and the few seek to find a safe-harbour against the ravages of the strong and the many. This book provides both practical case studies and theoretical directions from all five continents and advances thereby the collective pursuit of "reversing language shift" for the greater benefit of cultural democracy everywhere.