Rising Star

Rising Star Author Rhonda K. Garelick
ISBN-10 069104869X
Release 1999
Pages 232
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Celebrity personalities, who reign over much of our cultural landscape, owe their fame not to deeds but the ability to project a distinct personal image, an icon of the self. Author Rhonda Garelick locates a prototype of the star personality in the dandies and aesthete literary figures of the 19th century, such as Beau Brummel and Oscar Wilde, comparing them with Prince, Madonna, Jackie O. and other dandy-like figures of today. 19 photos.

A Rising Star

A Rising Star Author Carole Budgen
ISBN-10 1904725031
Release 2004
Pages 207
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All his life, young Zack Cassidy has dreamed of playing professional football. Join him as he makes his debut for the Highgate Comets and, together with his team-mates Luke, Wes and Alan, they steer the Comets to victory over the Rockets.

Rising Star

Rising Star Author Cari Gelber
ISBN-10 9780595390731
Release 2006-03
Pages 140
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Most teens love music and celebrities, but sixteen year-old Manhattanite Nikki Bellinger is not satisfied with just dreaming about them. She wants more than just her humdrum high school classes and modest school newspaper column and she wants it now. With determination, cleverness, and a bit of luck, Nikki evolves from a typical student into a serious entrepreneur and music business industry phenomenon as she represents the pop rock band Long Story Short from its anonymous starting days to its stardom.But, Nikki has some choices to make. Will she put a personal relationship with a sexy band member ahead of her professional dreams? Should high school class work take second priority to her career goals? Will she let some of the recording industries' top moguls take advantage of her youth, inexperience, and femaleness?From Long Story Short's escapades on the road to Nikki's struggle being a young female in the music business, Rising Star takes a realistic look at almost every teenager's fantasy of touring with a rock band.

Rising Star

Rising Star Author Bates Gill
ISBN-10 0815704542
Release 2010-10-01
Pages 267
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China's diplomatic strategy has changed dramatically since the mid-1990s, creating both challenges and opportunities for other world powers. Through a combination of pragmatic security policies, growing economic clout, and increasingly deft diplomacy, China has established productive and increasingly solid relationships throughout Asia and around the globe. Yet U.S. policymakers are still trying to comprehend these critical changes. Rising Star provides a coherent framework for understanding China's new security diplomacy and guiding America's China policy. Bates Gill has completely updated his original analysis, focusing on Chinese policy in three areas: regional security mechanisms, nonproliferation and arms control, and questions of sovereignty and intervention. Looking to the future, he offers specific recommendations for a balanced and realistic approach that emphasizes what China and the United States have in common, rather than what divides them. The main arguments and recommendations of the original book continue to hold true and, in many respects, are more compelling now than ever before given China's continued ascendancy.

Catch a Rising Star

Catch a Rising Star Author Tracey Bateman
ISBN-10 9780446558990
Release 2009-05-30
Pages 300
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When thirty-something Tabby Brockman has the opportunity to reclaim her role as a killed-off character on the nation's #1 daytime soap opera, she figures this must be God's reward. But back on the set, she's faced with the same hateful head writer who killed off her character in the first place, kids who drive her crazy, a stage dad who rubs her completely wrong, and and an unwanted boyfriend who can?t seem to get the message. Faced with this dizzying rollercoaster of challenges, Tabby has to wonder: is she finally a star on the rise or just on the brink of another spectacular fall?

Rising Star Ambush Marketing Wege zur erfolgreichen Kommunikationsstrategie

Rising Star Ambush Marketing  Wege zur erfolgreichen Kommunikationsstrategie Author Sören Johannsen
ISBN-10 9783958206595
Release 2015-02-01
Pages 49
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Sponsoring ist allgegenwärtig – das Pendant Ambush Marketing hingegen fristet ein Schattendasein, obwohl seine Bedeutung in der Unternehmenspraxis in den letzten Jahren zugenommen hat. Das vorliegende Buch geht der Frage nach, wie Ambush Marketing auf die Rezipienten wirkt und welche Faktoren basierend auf der Wirkungsweise den Erfolg dieser Kommunikationsstrategie begründen. Dabei werden insbesondere die Fragen nach dem Wie, Wo, Wann und von Wem beantwortet. Zudem beschreibt die Studie, wie die Wirkung der Werbebotschaft mit den verschiedenen Erscheinungsformen des Ambush Marketing zusammenhängt, wobei zwischen Produkten aus dem Low-Involvement- und dem High-Involvement-Bereich unterschieden wird. Diese Fragen werden mit Hilfe theoretischer Grundgerüste sowie anhand daraus abgeleiteter Praxisimplikationen beantwortet und verdeutlicht.

Rising Star The Making of Barack Obama

Rising Star  The Making of Barack Obama Author David Garrow
ISBN-10 9780008229382
Release 2017-05-09
Pages 1472
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The definitive account of Barack Obama’s life before he became the 44th president of the United States – the formative years, confluence of forces, and influential figures who helped shaped an extraordinary leader and his rise – from the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Bearing the Cross.

Jeremy Lin Rising Star

Jeremy Lin  Rising Star Author James Buckley Jr.
ISBN-10 9780545492324
Release 2012-04-01
Pages 128
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The biography of worldwide basketball sensation, Jeremy Lin! Jeremy Lin is an overnight basketball success! But in order for him to have been ready for his big opportunity, he had to put in years of hard work and practice. Follow along as we trace Jeremy's rise from his high-school days, college hoops at Harvard, and bouncing around the NBA to his awesome, unprecedented performances with the New York Knicks. It's Lin-credible!

Rising Star 2

Rising Star  2 Author Cindy Jefferies
ISBN-10 9781101117958
Release 2007-03-01
Pages 128
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Chloe’s made it into Rockley Park, the first step on her road to becoming a famous singer. She’s completely intimidated by her roommates, Pop and Lolly, twin models who already have had their share of fame. Even worse, she’s desperate to perform in the school’s Rising Star concert—talent scouts from the big record companies often show up—but she can’t find her voice! Chloe’s new friends rally around her to try to help her get the power back in her voice, but time is running out. Will she miss her big chance?

My Secret Unicorn Rising Star

My Secret Unicorn  Rising Star Author Linda Chapman
ISBN-10 9780141916118
Release 2006-10-05
Pages 160
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No.12 in the highly popular My Secret Unicorn series, featuring Lauren and her magical pony, Twilight. Lauren and Twilight are delighted to learn that Currant, the new foal at Orchard Stables, is also a unicorn, and that Lauren's friend Grace is his special unicorn friend. Now they can all have fun together. But Currant soon realises being a unicorn is not as easy as he thinks, particularly when it comes to flying. Currant needs lots of help and, luckily, Lauren and Twilight know just what to do.

Somersaults and Dreams Rising Star

Somersaults and Dreams  Rising Star Author Cate Shearwater
ISBN-10 9781780314228
Release 2015-07-30
Pages 288
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For fans of Cathy Cassidy and Jacqueline Wilson, step in to the glamorous world of competitive gymnastics with Somersaults and Dreams. The British Champs are looming and Ellie is desperate to qualify. But with her two best friends growing distant and a bright new star joining her squad, she is finding it hard to stand out. Will hard work be enough, or will Ellie find something more to make her performance shine? Tumble into a world of friendships, rivalries and bright lights in this must-read new series - perfect for girls of 8+

The Rising Star

The Rising Star Author Osondu Uche
ISBN-10 IND:30000107610077
Release 2005
Pages 131
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The Rising Star has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Rising Star also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Rising Star book for free.

The Rising Star Ball

The Rising Star Ball Author Jeanie Parker Rickman
ISBN-10 1598582011
Release 2006-11
Pages 32
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In the town of Rising Star the frogs, birds, racoons and other residents are going to have a Saturday night ball. Miss Lucy is so delighted that she has been invited to the ball by the Very One she hoped would ask her. Miss Lucy soon realizes she has a delimma---No Ball Gown! With the help of her pals they work to solve the problem Mrs Rabbit and the others feel that it is important to pitch in and help a friend just as God has said we are to do, " Imitate God, Walk in love" Ephesians 5: 1-2 They are all gathered at Mrs. Beavers home when they hear a very frightening BOOM! The ladies are all thrown topsie-tervie. Miss Daisy Duck's feathers fly everywhere. They quickly call the boys at the feed store to ask if they know what the boom could have been. The kind, caring Mr Crow is willing to fly into the sky, since Mr Frog is sure the boom came from the sky. Mr. Crow solves the mystery----with the assistance of Mrs Red Bird. The ladies were able to get back to the business of ---the ball gown. Everyone was dressed very nicely for the Rising Star Ball one very happy Saturday night. They danced the night away! Biography of Jeanie Parker Rickman I was a physical education teacher, then decided to go back to college and fulfull my childhood desire of becoming a nurse. I worked as a registered nurse in the Fort Worth, Texas area for twenty two years. I now spend most of my time enjoying my dogs and my brother' s and sister's dogs. My wish is that I could provide a safe haven for all animals that need our help.

Rising Star Silver Dolphins Book 7

Rising Star  Silver Dolphins  Book 7 Author Summer Waters
ISBN-10 9780007366316
Release 2010-02-04
Pages 176
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Exciting magical adventure series – will you answer the call of the Silver Dolphins?

Catch a Rising Star

Catch a Rising Star Author Donald Albertson
ISBN-10 1933538252
Release 2005-11-01
Pages 252
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Tom Anderson is an obsessed sports parent who is determined to make his son Marc a star quarterback. His daughter Katie has the real talent, but Marc has their dad's attention.

Rising star

Rising star Author Yvonne Greene
ISBN-10 0553256394
Release 1986-08-01
Pages 165
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Last minute mishaps, design problems, and a jealous model threaten Kelly Blake's new modelling career when she is hired to do her first runway show at a fancy charity ball.

A Rising Star

A Rising Star Author Zoe Graham
ISBN-10 9781524595548
Release 2016-11-18
Pages 28
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This little book illustrates Abigail’s love for gymnastics and is intended for all the gymnasts in the world who love gymnastics too. It shows the determination and enthusiasm of one little girl to wants to do well. Her story makes it possible for all little girls to do well in whatever they choose to do, especially in gymnastics.