Reverse Heart Disease Now

Reverse Heart Disease Now Author Stephen T. Sinatra, M.D.
ISBN-10 1118040627
Release 2010-12-08
Pages 272
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While most books focus solely on the role of cholesterol in heart disease, Reverse Heart Disease Now draws on new research that points to the surprising other causes. Two leading cardiologists draw on their collective fifty years of clinical cardiology research to show you how to combine the benefits of modern medicine, over-the-counter vitamins and supplements, and simple lifestyle changes to have a healthy heart.

Prevent Halt Reverse Heart Disease

Prevent  Halt   Reverse Heart Disease Author Barry Franklin
ISBN-10 9780761164050
Release 2011-01-06
Pages 450
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When your doctor delivers the news—you have heart disease, which afflicts one in three Americans (an estimated 81 million people)—you need exactly the kind of indispensable, plainspoken advice found in Prevent, Halt & Reverse Heart Disease. You need Joe Piscatella. A lay expert who’s been lecturing to health professionals and Fortune 500 corporations for three decades, and who is one of the longest-lived survivors of bypass surgery— 32 years and counting—Piscatella shows how to take charge of one’s cardiac health in a bold yet simple, easily understandable way. Created by Mr. Piscatella and Dr. Barry Franklin, one of the nation’s top cardiac rehab specialists, Prevent, Halt & Reverse Heart Disease was originally published in 2003 and is now completely revised and updated with the latest research on managing the #1 killer of American men and women. The book is divided into three sections: Cardiac Markers (10 of the most important risk factors are examined so that you can assess your risk and understand what the doctor is telling you); Life Skills (the 109 practical tips, from #3 increase your HDL level to #22 breathe deeply to #99 know your margarines to #109 floss your teeth); and Cardiac Basics (an explanation of contemporary tests and treatments). Throughout is information updated since the first edition, such as the recommended dose of baby aspirin per day, the importance of sleep, a smarter way to read food tables, the PLAC test, and more.

The Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease Cookbook

The Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease Cookbook Author Ann Crile Esselstyn
ISBN-10 9780698186507
Release 2014-09-02
Pages 320
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The long-awaited cookbook companion to the revolutionary New York Times bestseller Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease. “I hope you'll treat yourself to one of these recipes and just open that door. I guarantee you won't close it!" —Samuel L. Jackson Hundreds of thousands of readers have been inspired to turn their lives around by Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn’s Jr.’s bestseller, Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease. The plant-based nutrition plan Dr. Esselstyn advocates based on his twenty-year nutritional study—the most comprehensive of its kind—is proven to stop and reverse even advanced coronary disease, and is built on the message the Esselstyn family has lived by for years: Your health is truly in your own hands, and what you eat matters. Mother-daughter team Ann and Jane Esselstyn have decades of experience developing delicious, healthful recipes for both their family and Dr. Esselstyn’s many grateful patients. Now, they combine their expertise to offer you the cookbook companion to Dr. Esselstyn’s groundbreaking book, with more than 125 easy and mouthwatering recipes, brimming with nourishment for your heart and your overall health. From their quick and easy meals like Fast Pasta and Greens and delicious “Sloppy Joes” to their indulgent desserts like their signature Kale Cake and Minty Frozen Chocolate Balls, these recipes will empower you to reclaim your health and discover the pleasures of eating plant-based.

Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease

Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease Author Caldwell B. Esselstyn
ISBN-10 1583332723
Release 2007
Pages 308
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Presents the plant-based diet developed by the author to treat heart patients, discussing the long-term studies done to prove the effectiveness of his program, along with recipes for salads, soups, main dishes, and desserts that comprise the diet.

The Whole Heart Solution

The Whole Heart Solution Author Joel K. Kahn, MD
ISBN-10 9781621451518
Release 2014-09-16
Pages 288
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A groundbreaking holistic self-care manual for the heart that reveals how to reverse and prevent heart disease now. Cardiovascular disease (CV) is the number one killer in the Western world. But it doesn’t need to be. The truth is that more than 75 percent of cases of heart attacks, strokes, and other cardiovascular disease events are preventable. In The Whole Heart Solution, America’s Holistic Heart Doc Joel K. Kahn, MD, reveals more than 75 simple, low-cost things you can do right away—from drinking your veggies to opening your windows to walking barefoot—to make yourself heart attack proof. Here’s what leading physicians and other experts have to say about The Whole Heart Solution: “If you want to raise your heart energy, keep your heart arteries clean, and identify the root causes of heart disease to avoid stents and bypass surgery, Dr. Kahn has your prescriptions ready to use. This is a unique manual of caring for your heart by taking out the bad stuff and putting in the good stuff. A must-read.” --Mark Hyman, MD, New York Times bestselling author of UltraMetabolism, Blood Sugar Solution and others “Coronary artery disease and heart attacks are avoidable through superior nutrition. Dr. Kahn can lead the way to change the face of cardiology in America.” --Joel Fuhrman, MD, New York Times bestselling author of Eat to Live, The End of Diabetes and others, Board Certified Family physician, Research Director of the Nutritional Research Foundation “This is an important book that everyone needs to read. Dr. Kahn is an expert at translating complex information into easy-to-understand, usable techniques to have a better heart and brain.” --Daniel G. Amen, MD, New York Times bestselling author of Change Your Brain, Change Your Life and others "Heart disease is mostly preventable, and if we all took a page from Dr. Joel Kahn, America would be a whole lot healthier and happier." --Jason Wachob, founder and CEO, “Dr. Joel Kahn has a national reputation as one of the top cardiologists in the US. [His book] will be a tremendous asset to patients, their families and physicians.” --Mark Houston, MD, MS, Director, Hypertension Institute and Vascular Biology of Nashville, TN, and author of What Your Doctor May Not Tell You about Heart Disease “The heart can be strengthened in so many ways without surgery. Doctors need to be champions of real health, food-based health, fitness-based health. I know champions and Dr. Kahn is a champion.” --John Salley, four-time NBA champion “Dr. Joel Kahn is a…leader in the cardiology world in recognizing the importance of food and lifestyle for heart conditions. His book will be a winner for all involved.” --Neal D. Barnard, MD, Adjunct Associate Professor of Medicine at George Washington University School of Medicine and bestselling author of Dr. Neal Barnard's Program for Reversing Diabetes “The Whole Heart Solution by Dr. Joel Kahn is an enlightened comprehensive examination by a dedicated physician as well as a treasure chest of opportunities to enhance a full and healthy life.” --Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., M.D., author of Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease

The Great Cholesterol Myth 100 Recipes for Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease

The Great Cholesterol Myth   100 Recipes for Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease Author Jonny Bowden
ISBN-10 9781627887861
Release 2015-07-15
Pages 352
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Get proven, evidence-based strategies from the experts with The Great Cholesterol Myth Plus 100 Recipes. Heart disease is the #1 killer. However, traditional heart disease protocols--with their emphasis on lowering cholesterol--have it all wrong. Emerging science is showing that cholesterol levels are a poor predictor of heart disease and that standard prescriptions for lowering it, such as ineffective low-fat/high-carb diets and serious, side-effect-causing statin drugs, obscure the real causes of heart disease. Even doctors at leading institutions have been misled for years based on creative reporting of research results from pharmaceutical companies intent on supporting the $31-billion-a-year cholesterol-lowering drug industry. The Great Cholesterol Myth Plus 100 Recipes reveals the real culprits of heart disease, including: Inflammation, Fibrinogen, Triglycerides, Homocysteine, Belly fat, Triglyceride to HCL ratios, High glycemic levels, and offers 100 recipies that will help reduce the risk of heart disease. Bestselling health authors Jonny Bowden, Ph.D. and Stephen Sinatra, M.D. give readers a 4-part strategy based on the latest studies and clinical findings for effectively preventing, managing, and reversing heart disease, focusing on diet, exercise, supplements, and stress and anger management. Then enjoy delicious, heart-healthy meals from nutritionist Deirdre Rawlings, Ph.D., N.D. Get proven, evidence-based strategies from the experts with The Great Cholesterol Myth Plus 100 Recipes. MYTHS VS. FACTS Myth: High cholesterol is the cause of heart disease. Fact: Cholesterol is only a minor player in the cascade of inflammation which is a cause of heart disease. Myth: High cholesterol is a predictor of heart attack. Fact: There is no correlation between cholesterol and heart attack. Myth: Lowering cholesterol with statin drugs will prolong your life. Fact: There is no data to show that statins have a significant impact on longevity. Myth: Statin drugs are safe. Fact: Statin drugs can be extremely toxic including causing death. Myth: Statin drugs are useful in men, women and the elderly. Fact: Statin drugs do the best job in middle-aged men with coronary disease. Myth: Statin drugs are useful in middle-aged men with coronary artery disease because of its impact on cholesterol. Fact: Statin drugs reduce inflammation and improve blood viscosity (thinning blood). Statins are extremely helpful in men with low HDL and coronary artery disease. Myth: Saturated fat is dangerous. Fact: Saturated fats are not dangerous. The killer fats are the transfats from partially hydrogenated oils. Myth: The higher the cholesterol, the shorter the lifespan. Fact: Higher cholesterol protects you from gastrointestinal disease, pulmonary disease and hemorrhagic stroke. Myth: A high carbohydrate diet protects you from heart disease. Fact: Simple processed carbs and sugars predispose you to heart disease. Myth: Fat is bad for your health. Fact: Monounsaturated and saturated fats protect you from metabolic syndrome. Sugar is the foe in cardiovascular disease. Myth: There is good (HDL) cholesterol and bad (LDL) cholesterol. Fact: This is over-simplistic. You must fractionate LDL and HDL to assess the components. Myth: Cholesterol causes heart disease. Fact: Cholesterol is only a theory in heart disease and only the small component of LP(a) or "bb shot" LDL predisposes one to oxidation and inflammation.

The Amazing Way to Reverse Heart Disease Naturally

The Amazing Way to Reverse Heart Disease Naturally Author Eric R. Braverman
ISBN-10 1591201071
Release 2004-01
Pages 198
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It's hard to believe you're dying when you feel fit and fine . . . but millions of Americans are unknowingly harboring a condition that can rob them of health or kill them outright-hypertension, also known as high blood pressure. Even when hypertension is diagnosed, treatment is usually based on expensive drugs, most with dismal side effects and of limited usefulness.Really effective treatment of hypertension calls forgetting at the cause-which, Dr. Eric Braverman has found, often relates to nutritional deficiencies or excesses. With his thirty-, sixty-, and ninety-day programs, patients have lowered blood pressure, normalized cholesterol levels, and regained a robust, drug-free way of life. Benefits of Dr. Braverman's methods include improvement of sexual function, reduction of menopausal and andropausal (male menopause) symptoms, and even reversing the course of existing heart disease!Based on extensive research and long clinical experience, Dr. Braverman's programs can open the way to the longer and more enjoyable life that hypertension is silently waiting to steal from us.

Dr Dean Ornish s Program for Reversing Heart Disease

Dr  Dean Ornish s Program for Reversing Heart Disease Author Dean Ornish, M.D.
ISBN-10 0307763676
Release 2010-09-22
Pages 672
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The Ornish Diet has been named the “#1 best diet for heart disease” by U.S. News & World Report for seven consecutive years! Dr. Dean Ornish is the first clinician to offer documented proof that heart disease can be halted, or even reversed, simply by changing your lifestyle. Based on his internationally acclaimed scientific study, which has now been ongoing for years, Dr. Ornish's program has yielded amazing results. Participants reduced or discontinued medications; their chest pain diminished or disappeared; they felt more energetic, happy, and calm; they lost weight while eating more; and blockages in coronary arteries were actually reduced. In his breakthrough book, Dr. Ornish presents this and other dramatic evidence and guides you, step-by-step, through the extraordinary Opening Your Heart program, which is winning landmark approval from America's health insurers. The program takes you beyond the purely physical side of health care to include the psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects so vital to healing. This book represents the best modern medicine has to offer. It can inspire you to open your heart to a longer, better, happier life.

Essen gegen Herzinfarkt

Essen gegen Herzinfarkt Author Caldwell B. Esselstyn
ISBN-10 9783830469100
Release 2014-10-22
Pages 224
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Behandlung möglich. Der Schlüssel zum Erfolg liegt in der Ernährung." Caldwell B. Esselstyn war Olympiasieger im Achter in Melbourne, erfolgreicher Chirurg und anerkannter Präventivmediziner, vor allem aber ist er ein Pionier. Er hat ein wahrhaft revolutionäres Herz-Ernährungsprogramm entwickelt: rein pflanzlich, ohne Fette - vegan. Die Wirksamkeit seines Ernährungskonzepts hat er in über zwei Jahrzehnten und vielen Studien bewiesen. Die Teilnehmer seiner ersten Studie, sind auch heute - 20 Jahre später! - trotz schlechter Prognosen immer noch frei von Beschwerden. Esselstyns Botschaft ist dabei so einfach wie radikal: Nimm Deine Gesundheit selbst in die Hand, denn wer anders isst, erkrankt erst gar nicht am Herzen. Und wer seine Ernährung nach einem Herzinfarkt umstellt, hat beste Chancen, ohne Medikamente und ohne Operation ein gutes, gesundes Leben zu führen. Probieren Sie es aus und gewinnen Sie so Lebensqualität und Wohlbefinden zurück. Das Ernährungskonzept, das zu Herzen geht! "Herzerkrankungen sind vermeidbar. Wer bereits darunter leidet, kann ihr Fortschreiten stoppen und die heimtückischen Folgen rückgängig machen. Und all dies ist ohne teure Eingriffe und mit minimaler medikamentöser


ISBN-10 1520504039
Release 2017-02-26
Pages 457
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DO NOT SUBMIT TO ANY HEART DISEASE OR STROKE TREATMENT UNTIL YOU'VE READ THIS BOOK THE PROVEN CURE TO REVERSE OR AVOID HEART DISEASE & STROKE ... READ MORE International #1 Best Selling Author Amazon #1 Best Selling Author CHRISTOPHER DAVID ALLEN Reverse Heart Disease by Christopher David Allen could mean the end of arteriosclerosis, stents, angioplasty, bypass, and cardiac prescription drugs. This book is unlike any other book about heart disease. It reveals natural treatments easily done at home. Inexpensive cures doctors don't know about or dare not discuss in fear of losing their license to practice. Arterial plaque begins obstructing arteries in childhood with consuming junk and processed foods in the Standard American Diet (SAD). Arterial blockage progresses with age, causing high blood pressure, and restricted blood flow. All parts of the body are compromised by limited blood flow that delivers life-sustaining nutrients and oxygen to the 75 trillion cells in the body. Then comes the heart attack or stroke that ends life for nearly half and compromises quality of life and longevity of the survivors ...UNTIL NOW! Learn how to restore youthful heart function and blood circulation with the cardiac-rejuvenating miracle combo of oral liquid EDTA chelation and restoring the body's natural vasodilator (Nitric Oxide). Inexpensive EDTA chelation dissolves blood vessel blockages (plaque) throughout 100,000 miles of blood vessels in the body. Inexpensive supplements restore the body's natural production of vasodilator Nitric Oxide that diminishes with age. Normal blood pressure is restored with increased blood flow. preventing or reversing the cause of heart attack, stroke, and other cardiac diseases. Heart healthy nutrition, and ideal forms of exercise can now preserve restored youthful cardiac health for an active lifestyle with longevity. Avoid or end invasive surgical procedures and the horrible side effects of dangerous prescription drugs. Christopher David Allen (the Author), suffered his first (and never again) heart attack at age 65. This is an experience-based book that reveals the proven and natural home treatments this respected naturopathic medical researcher used to return from "nearly dead" to youthful cardiac health. His cardiologist blessed him to "exercise at any level you want" in three short months. You too can restore youthful cardiac health and boost your body's performance. Reclaim your life and enjoy the wonders of an active lifestyle and a longer lifespan. Scroll Up and Click the "BUY" Button to Live Long and Strong Tags: angina, arteriosclerosis, arteriosclerosis treatment, blood pressure books, blood pressure control, blood pressure cure, blood pressure diet, blood pressure down, blood pressure solution, chelation, chelation therapy, EDTA chelation, cardiac disease, cardiology, cardiology books, cardiovascular disease, critical care, end heart disease, healing, healthy living, heart attack, heart attack books, heart attack recovery, heart attack proof, heart cure, heart diet, heart diet books, heart disease, heart disease cure, heart disease diet, heart disease prevention, heart failure, heart health, heart healthy, heart healthy diet, high blood pressure, high blood pressure books, high blood pressure diet, high blood pressure solution, holistic, holistic medicine, homeopathy, hypertension cure, hypertension diet, hypertension books, inflammation, inflammation diet, lower blood pressure, lower blood pressure naturally, natural remedies, naturopathy, reverse heart disease, stroke, stroke cure, stroke proof, stroke recovery, stroke prevention

How Not to Die

How Not to Die Author Gene Stone
ISBN-10 3946566294
Release 2016
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Die meisten aller frühzeitigen Todesfälle lassen sich verhindern - und zwar, so überraschend es klingen mag, durch einfache Änderungen der eigenen Lebens- und Ernährungsweise. Dr. Michael Greger, international renommierter Arzt, Ernährungswissenschaftler und Gründer des Online-Informationsportals, lüftet in seinem weltweit aussergewöhnlich erfolgreichen Beststeller das am besten gehütete Geheimnis der Medizin: Wenn die Grundbedingungen stimmen, kann sich der menschliche Körper selbst heilen. In How Not To Die analysiert Greger die häufigsten 15 Todesursachen der westlichen Welt, zu denen z. B. Herzerkrankungen, Krebs, Diabetes, Bluthochdruck und Parkinson zählen, und erläutert auf Basis der neuesten wissenschaftlichen Forschungsergebnisse, wie diese verhindert, in ihrer Entstehung aufgehalten oder sogar rückgängig gemacht werden können. Darüber hinaus erklärt er auf verständliche und enorm fesselnde, aber stets wissenschaftlich fundierte Weise, welche Lebensmittel besonders wertvoll und gesund für die verschiedenen Organe und Funktionen des menschlichen Körpers sind, und wie diese am besten kombiniert und verzehrt werden können. Sein "Tägliches Dutzend" fasst in einer so übersichtlichen wie praktischen Checkliste alle die Lebensmittel zusammen, die eine optimale Gesundheit unterstützen. Dieses Buch ist ein Muss für alle, die ihre gesundheitliche Zukunft selbstbestimmt und gut informiert in die eigenen Hände nehmen möchten. "Mit Abstand das beste Buch, dass ich je über Ernährung und Diäten gelesen habe." Dan Buettner, Bestseller-Autor der "The Blue Zones"

Heal Your Heart

Heal Your Heart Author Michael Miller
ISBN-10 9781623363635
Release 2014-11-25
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Keep a healthy heart for life! Stress and other negative emotions contribute to at least 25 percent of all heart attacks, but now, cutting-edge research shows that positive emotions cause a chemical change in your body that directly improves your overall cardiovascular health. In Heal Your Heart, Dr. Michael Miller--a leader in the fields of preventive and behavioral cardiology--outlines his Positive Emotions Prescription, a 28-day program designed to undo past heart damage and reduce your risk of stroke, heart attack, and more. You'll discover how eating certain foods, listening to specific kinds of music, and even increasing the amount of time you spend laughing can promote heart health and overall positive well-being. Complete with success stories from Dr. Miller's patients, this go-to reference and prescriptive plan will help you lose weight, reduce your cholesterol and blood pressure, and keep your heart healthy for life.

Healthy Heart Handbook

Healthy Heart Handbook Author Neal Pinckney
ISBN-10 PSU:000043090396
Release 1996
Pages 305
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The accumulation of Dr. Pinckney's thorough research, this comprehensive cardiac care manual is a no-nonsense guide to preventing and reversing the nation's #1 killer--heart disease. The book includes 76 easy-to-prepare, low-fat recipes, plus tips on reducing stress, losing weight without hunger, and ways to reduce the risk of heart attack and cancer.

The Johns Hopkins Complete Guide to Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease

The Johns Hopkins Complete Guide to Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease Author Peter Kwiterovich
ISBN-10 0761514473
Release 1998
Pages 395
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Tells how to reduce one's chance of developing heart disease and recommends exercise and a low-fat diet

Heart Disease

Heart Disease Author Lynne McTaggart
ISBN-10 9781781803561
Release 2016-02-23
Pages 256
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Heart disease remains the leading cause of death for both men and women in the West, yet so little is known about it. Despite the billions of pounds spent on researching its causes, conventional medicine continues to offer treatments that are based on false observations. Many still believe, for example, that fatty foods clog the arteries (they don't) and that LDL cholesterol is the villain (it's not – it's merely a symptom). Find out the real causes, how to treat heart disease and how to prevent it in this essential guide.

Known for its in-depth research, What Doctors Don't Tell You has been researching medicine – alternative and conventional – since 1989, and is now widely regarded as one of the best health newsletters in the world. It grew from a sense of frustration with conventional medicine and a desire to inform others of its shortcomings and dangers, and the alternatives that can really work. Each book in thisauthoritative new series focuses on a common health condition or concern, to help readers make informed decisions about their health, and the health of their families.

Jahnavi s Yummy Cooking that Fights Cancer and Heart Disease

Jahnavi   s Yummy Cooking that Fights Cancer and Heart Disease Author Jahnavi Sankhla
ISBN-10 9781618500304
Release 2014-02-10
Pages 620
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Neal Barnard, M.D.’s words: “Good nutrition has a surprising ability to help the body heal. In this book Jahnavi Sankhla invites you to put this healthful approach to work. Initially motivated to help her father recover from a serious condition, she learned how to prepare healthful foods that everyone will love fat-free tacos, nachos, pizza, and even donuts. This book includes uplifting, engaging stories and personal anecdotes to inspire you in your own journey to the best of health. Written with inspiration and detailed knowledge, this book will give you all the tools you need to get started. You’ll be on the road to the best of health and will inspire your loved ones to follow your healthful example.

The Healthy Heart Programme

The Healthy Heart Programme Author Richard M. Fleming
ISBN-10 0718145933
Release 2004
Pages 298
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Simple diet and lifestyle changes have more effect on preventing and reversing heart disease than any other form of treatment This revolutionary programme is designed to reverse coronary heart disease, promote rapid and healthful weight loss, boost energy, and treat serious illness. All in three easy steps: Diet Exercise Supplements Dr Fleming has discovered that inflammation is the main cause of heart disease and other conditions, including high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes and cancer. His groundbreaking research and successful treatment of thousands of patients has proven that once inflammation is reduced via simple and easy-to-implement diet and lifestyle changes, good health can be restored.