Reinventing Yourself

Reinventing Yourself Author Steve Chandler
ISBN-10 9781564148179
Release 2005
Pages 224
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Whether you're self-employed, a middler manager, or a Fortune 500 executive, its easy to get get stuck in a humdrum life and only fantasize about what could have been. Motivational speaker Steve Chandler helps you transform what could have been into what will be. You'll learn numerous techniques for breaking down negative barriers and letting go of pessimistic thoughts that prevent you from fulfilling, or even allowing yourself to conceive of, your goals and dreams. Drawing on many years of work in the field since the original publication of the book, Chandler has added numerous new stories, quotes, insights, and recommendations on how to reinvent yourself from the fictional, limited personality of old to a fresh level of creative action.

Reinventing Yourself with the Duchess of York

Reinventing Yourself with the Duchess of York Author Sarah Ferguson
ISBN-10 9781439146194
Release 2011-07-19
Pages 224
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Are you ready to change your life? Join Sarah, The Duchess of York on an inspiring journey to help you rediscover -- and achieve -- your true goals. Today, The Duchess of York is a confident, single working mother of two girls. But, as most of the world knows, that wasn't always the case. Once targeted by the international press, The Duchess has learned one of life's great lessons: how to uncover what you want out of life and get it. She reveals how the ups and downs of her life -- including her divorce, her financial problems, and the deaths of those close to her -- have made her a stronger, wiser person and a better mother. In the first chapter, "Transforming My Life," The Duchess explores how, when and why she decided to take charge and reinvent her life. In the chapters that follow, readers will discover how they, too, can change their own lives. The book provides a series of self-assessment quizzes and questionnaires, as well as concrete steps you can take to initiate change. Throughout, The Duchess offers her insights, including how each chapter topic relates to her life and what she has learned from others. Reinventing Yourself with The Duchess of York supplies a blueprint for action for anyone seeking to change her life. In an easy-to-follow format, the book provides concrete information and advice on how to use an eight-step plan to achieve your goals -- whether it's losing weight, getting fit, or simply improving your health. Reinventing Yourself also explains how to apply the plan to other areas of life, including changing careers, starting over after divorce, and more. To help inspire you toward your goals, Reinventing Yourself also includes heartwarming and motivating profiles of women who have redefined their lives: Weight Watchers Leaders, real women who have lost weight and transformed their lives in countless ways. In interviews with The Duchess and profiles throughout, these women explore how to make the best of your circumstances, live a happier, healthier life, and change your destiny.

Reinventing yourself

Reinventing yourself Author Dick Sutphen
ISBN-10 0875544991
Release 1993-01
Pages 180
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REINVENTING YOURSELF is Sutphen's most powerful self-help book. In this metaphysical self-renewal system, Dick has formulized & added to the trainer techniques he has used so effectively for 15 years in human-potential seminars. Now, with simplified explanations & dialog examples, he provides a unique & extremely powerful system to find your own blocks. Next, you explore the action required to eliminate the problem, followed by the encouragement to create a new reality. If your life isn't working, if you're unhappy, if you're not getting what you want out of life, the cause will be one or more of the "Critical 16" factors: Beliefs, faulty assumptions & assumed limitations, blaming & victims, negative payoffs, denial of reality, misplaced passion, lack of self-discipline, incompatible goals & values, resistance to "what is," mirroring, the need to be right, expectations, lack of aliveness or motivation, masks or acts, fear, or clarity of intent. Beautiful, full-color cover, trade-size paperback printed on acid-free paper.

Reinventing Yourself Today

Reinventing Yourself Today Author Sharon Ball
ISBN-10 9781456896393
Release 2011-04-14
Pages 147
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Life is a journey and sometimes we need a roadmap to get exactly where we want to go. Reinventing Yourself Today presents a step by step program that walks you through identifying and reprogramming unconscious beliefs, self talk, and other issues that lead to the learned behaviors and habits that have created your present reality. With the help of the workbook exercises at the end of each chapter, you are led through self discovery and goal setting to create your ideal life vision and then to deal with the many obstacles in your path such as stress, poor self esteem, etc. while you bring your vision of ideal life to reality. We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves; otherwise we harden. ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe It’s never too late to be what you might have been. ~George Eliot

Reinventing Yourself

Reinventing Yourself Author Mario Alonso Puig
ISBN-10 9789814408851
Release 2011-07-15
Pages 166
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We all face obstacles and problems in life which often brings us to a standstill. Many people do not know what to do when their relationships go wrong, for example. Others would like to be more daring, more decisive or more successful. Yet, something gets in the way and they finally give up. When faced with adverse or unfamiliar circumstances, our natural reaction is to become anxious and negative. A No.1 bestseller in Spain already (over 30,000 copies sold since May 2010), this book is designed to transform your outlook to life. By examining how the human brain works and seeing what is hidden in the depths of our minds, the author demonstrates how we can transcend the limits that our mind sets us. And consequently, we can control and overcome those automatic reactions (of fear and anxiousness) when faced with obstacles and problems in our daily lives. Reinventing yourself does not mean becoming someone different, but instead, it means bringing our real self to the surface. It is in this new area of possibilities where creativity flows, along with the confidence and energy to transform our outlook to life.

The Complete Idiot s Guide to Reinventing Yourself

The Complete Idiot s Guide to Reinventing Yourself Author Jeffrey P. Davidson
ISBN-10 0028640055
Release 2001
Pages 322
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Provides advice on self-renewal including exercising the mind and body, improving diet, reassessing career goals, evaluating relationships, and discovering hobbies and other activities.

Reinventing Yourself the Medicine Way

Reinventing Yourself the Medicine Way Author Cryss BlackWolf
ISBN-10 9781105329265
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Reinventing Yourself the Medicine Way has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Reinventing Yourself the Medicine Way also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Reinventing Yourself the Medicine Way book for free.

The Self Aware Leader

The Self Aware Leader Author Dan Gallagher
ISBN-10 9781562868123
Release 2012-04-18
Pages 200
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Written by Fortune 100 executive Dan Gallagher, The Self-Aware Leader is a unique approach on how to become a more effective leader by increasing self-awareness in four pillars of leadership. By integrating the concepts of reinvention, servant leadership, and business transformation into a single framework that has been validated in research, The Self Aware Leader emphasises taking a calculated approach to change rather than merely reacting to change. The Self-Aware Leader also helps readers recognise three basic truths which are crucial to success within organisations: approaches to management have a shelf life; middle managers are frequently caught between “a rock and a hard place”; and, with conservatism on the rise, becoming and remaining an effective leader is extremely complex. This book offers two key takeaways: 1) a new mental framework on leadership more appropriate for today’s business conditions; and 2) a functional, practical plan for putting the newly learned concepts presented into daily practice.

Reinventing Yourself After 40 Norma s Victorious Journey

Reinventing Yourself After 40  Norma s Victorious Journey Author Norma Boucher
ISBN-10 9781628384093
Release 2015-01-05
Pages 276
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In this inspiring autobiography and advice book, Jamaican-born Norma Boucher tells the story of how she went from being a young, single mother with no high school diploma to a top-ranked tennis player with a college degree – all in middle age. Boucher grew up in a family of six children to a loving, gentle mother and a strict father. Though her father pressed all of his children to take their education seriously, the harsh punishments he used to motivate her had the opposite effect on young Norma. As a teenager, Boucher immigrated to England to study nursing and soon became pregnant. When she moved to the United States, her life seemed destined to taking care of her daughter and working menial jobs – until one day, at age 38, she became inspired to take up tennis. From then on, instead of ignoring her dreams, Boucher worked toward them. She achieved one athletic accomplishment after another, going on to earn her college degree at Alfred University and leading her college tennis team to its first undefeated season as a 50-year-old grandmother. Along the way, Boucher earned accolades from the prestigious Giant Steps Award for athletes who have overcome great odds to features in Sports Illustrated and documentaries. But, in Boucher’s eyes, her greatest achievement was learning to listen to her heart’s desires. No matter what age you are, Boucher’s story will push you to take control of your destiny and rise to heights you never thought possible.

Reinventing Yourself

Reinventing Yourself Author Semuel L Lusi
ISBN-10 9786024430818
Pages 100
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"Reinventing Yourself merupakan tema kunci untuk membuka rahasia penemuan potensi diri terbaik agar menjalani diri dan kehidupan menurut impian-impian terhebat yang kita inginkan. Banyak buku bestseller berskala internasional telah terbit untuk membantu orang menemukan rahasia ini. Sayangnya di Indonesia masih kurang. Buku ini merupakan salah satu yang ditulis untuk membantu masyarakat Indonesia menemukan rahasia potensi diri itu!"

Reinventing Yourself

Reinventing Yourself Author D. Barnes Boffey
ISBN-10 0944337147
Release 1992-11-01
Pages 132
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Become the person you want to be! Barnes Boffey shows you how to make profound personal changes through the process of reinventing yourself. Learn how to examine your "blueprints" and evaluate whether these basic assumptions and behaviors will lead you to a fully functional life. Avoid the pitfalls of denial and recognize when your behavioral choices are working against you. An essential reference for counselors or anyone struggling with addiction and other tough problems.

Becoming a Life Change Artist

Becoming a Life Change Artist Author Fred Mandell Ph.D.
ISBN-10 9781101442319
Release 2010-08-03
Pages 320
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The Artist's Way meets What Color is Your Parachute? in an innovative approach to reinventing yourself at any stage of life. Leonardo da Vinci, Monet, Picasso, and Berthe Morisot are some of the most creative thinkers in history. What do these artists have in common with you? More than you think, if you're looking to tackle a major life transition. The skills these artists used to produce their masterpieces are the same abilities required to make successful shifts-whether it's finding a new career or a new purpose or calling in life. In Becoming a Life Change Artist, Fred Mandell and Kathleen Jordan share the groundbreaking approach made popular in their workshops across the country. There are seven key strengths that the most creative minds of history shared, and that anyone rethinking their future can cultivate to change their life effectively: *Preparing the brain to undertake creative work *Seeing the world and one's life from new perspectives *Using context to understand the facets of one's life *Embracing uncertainty *Taking risks *Collaborating *Applying discipline * As Mandell and Jordan illuminate, at its heart, making a major life change is a fluid process. But, armed with these seven key skills, anyone can overcome the bumps and obstacles effectively. With targeted exercises throughout, this is a book for all ages and stages-from those looking to transition to a new career to people embarking on retirement. Becoming a Life Change Artist sparks the luminous creativity that lies within each of us.

Reinvent Yourself

Reinvent Yourself Author Hal Gieseking
ISBN-10 1411619285
Release 2005-01-01
Pages 164
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Plan a better life for yourself with new business and social skills. OAG FREQUENT FLYER magazine said, "What you get is life-coping skills from a slew of well-known personalties, relating to interviews by the well-traveled Hal Gieseking in trips across the world. Formerly travel correspondent for the CBS Morning News and consumer editor of Travel Holiday magazine, Gieseking recounts conversations with such luminaries as Bill Moyers, Jack Nicklaus, Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter, James Michener, opera star Beverly Sills and a galaxy of others." Deborah Roker, Director of Communications for Sonesta Hotels & Resorts, said, "I bought your book and I love it - congratulations on a great read - an inspiring one, too." Richard Bimler, President of Wheat Ridge Ministries, said, "These interviews model what it means to live life to the fullest and to accept and use our own gifts."

New Job New You

New Job  New You Author Alexandra Levit
ISBN-10 9780345519740
Release 2009-12-29
Pages 192
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If you're dissatisfied in your current position, fantasize about doing something else with your life, or have just unceremoniously been given a pink slip, take heart. It's never too late to start fresh and forge ahead on a fulfilling new career path. Alexandra Levit, career columnist for The Wall Street Journal, has interviewed dozens of individuals who have successfully switched careers—many of them more than once—and provides practical, empowering, and action-oriented steps for figuring out your next move with clarity and confidence. Organized by the seven major motivations that lead people to seek career changes—family, independence, learning, money, passion, setback, and talent—New Job, New You shows you how to • research careers that best reflect your new direction • stand out in this competitive job market • market yourself to a particular (most ideal) position • create a financial plan to maintain income during your transition • use the power of networking to put you exactly where you want to be Complete with compelling personal stories, helpful questionnaires, and savvy, down-to-earth advice, New Job, New You gives you the resources you need to turn your wildest pipe dream into a solid reality and obtain the rewarding, invigorating career that you deserve. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Thinking about Tomorrow

Thinking about Tomorrow Author Susan Crandell
ISBN-10 1599959852
Release 2014-08-21
Pages 160
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From the founding editor of "MORE" magazine comes an inspiring and useful look at how yesterday's Baby Boomers are becoming today's adventurous midlife pioneers.

How to Survive Retirement

How to Survive Retirement Author Steven D. Price
ISBN-10 9781632209962
Release 2015-07-21
Pages 160
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You’ve worked hard for the better part of four or five decades, and now you’ve decided it’s time to call it quits. Or your employer or industry regulations may have made that decision for you. What now? Although a life of ease may have been your dream, retirement brings with it a host of questions, problems, and responsibilities that never occurred to you and now may seem insurmountable. How to Survive Retirement will help you plan for most any eventuality during the golden years. The book is divided into four major areas: • Making The Break: The emotions of retirement. • Where Did The Money Go?—Financial considerations • I Don’t Feel So Great—Physical/medical aspects of retirement. • Hey, Look What I Did!—Filling leisure time. Doing nothing may become the hardest thing you’ve ever done. However, thanks to this survival guide, you’ll be able to enjoy the rest of your life.

On Becoming an Artist

On Becoming an Artist Author Ellen J. Langer
ISBN-10 9780307416292
Release 2007-12-18
Pages 288
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“All it takes to become an artist is to start doing art.” –from On Becoming an Artist On Becoming an Artist is loaded with good news. Backed by her landmark scientific work on mindfulness and artistic nature, bestselling author and Harvard psychologist Ellen J. Langer shows us that creativity is not a rare gift that only some special few are born with, but rather an integral part of everyone’s makeup. All of us can express our creative impulses– authentically and uniquely–and, in the process, enrich our lives. Why then do so many of us merely dream of someday painting, someday writing, someday making music? Why do we think the same old thoughts, harbor the same old prejudices, stay stuck in the same old mud? Who taught us to think “inside the box”? No one is more qualified to answer these questions than Dr. Langer, who has explored their every facet for years. She describes dozens of fascinating experiments–her own and those of her colleagues–that are designed to study mindfulness and its relation to human creativity, and she shares the profound implications of the results–for our well-being, health, and happiness. Langer reveals myriad insights, among them: We think we should already know what only firsthand experience can teach us. . . . In learning the ways that all roses are alike, we risk becoming blind to their differences. . . . If we are mindfully creative, the circumstances of the moment will tell us what to do. . . . Those of us who are less evaluatively inclined experience less guilt, less regret, less blame, and tend to like ourselves more. . . . Uncertainty gives us the freedom to discover meaning. . . . Finally, what we think we’re sure of may not even exist. With the skill of a gifted logician, Langer demonstrates exactly how we undervalue ourselves and undermine our creativity. By example, she persuades us to have faith in our creative works, not because someone else approves of them but because they’re a true expression of ourselves. Her high-spirited, challenging book sparkles with wit and intelligence and inspires in us an infectious enthusiasm for our creations, our world, and ourselves. It can be of lifelong value to everyone who reads it. From the Hardcover edition.