Radio Free Mickey

Radio Free Mickey Author Mike Haszto
ISBN-10 9781467049658
Release 2008-11-17
Pages 384
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Enter the everyday life of Mickey Miller, who co-owns radio station WVVV, V-103, licensed to North Ridgeville, Ohio. He's married to a successful executive and Southern Belle, Leigh, and they have nine children. He's a very happy and well adjusted person who balances his career with his personal and family least up until now. Follow the rollercoaster ride that Mickey suddenly finds himself on when things around him begin to change. Station rumors. Media circus. Pressure and tension set in. He makes a few quirky decisions and then the seatbelt loosens on his life over the next six days. Family issues add to the chaos already created...are the media rumors true that his station is being sold to corporate suits, who have been his stated enemy for years? After all, his love of radio is all about personal ownership and control, that radio is really for the listeners. Those corporate suits have been dominating radio for years since the deregulation laws took shape almost two decades ago. Follow the path that Mickey takes in uncovering these rumors, and what needs to be done to meet the perceived challenges head-on.

Life On Side B

Life On Side B Author Mike Haszto
ISBN-10 9781438985510
Release 2009-05-26
Pages 332
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Life On Side B is the next adventure for co-owner Mickey Miller and V103, following their initial challenge of staving off a corporation wanting to buy radio station WVVV FM in "Radio Free Mickey". Approximately six months has gone by, and the station finds itself no longer atop the Arbitron Ratings in northeast Ohio, beset by recent staff issues and market changes. A tragedy hits the station, and obstacles present themselves as Mickey attempts to bring the station back to its old perch by sticking by what got V103 there in the first place...old time radio values and strong character. Put yourself once again on the staff of V103 as an intern, and feel involved with every detail of this second installment starring Mickey Miller as co-owner, Jimmy as his best friend and head of his own 'Pirate Radio' empire based in Marathon Florida, Stacey as Marketing and Promotions Director, and the entire staff of air personalities.

Radio Drama in Action

Radio Drama in Action Author Erik Barnouw
ISBN-10 9781434421197
Release 2010-06-01
Pages 410
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Erik Barnouw (1908-2001) was a historian of radio and television broadcasting. He became a professor at New York's Columbia University, and then chief of the Library of Congress's Motion Picture, Broadcasting and Recorded Sound Division.

Mickey Rooney

Mickey Rooney Author Alvin H. Marill
ISBN-10 0786420154
Release 2004-12-08
Pages 208
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Diminutive Mickey Rooney has been in show business for more than 80 years as actor, producer, writer, composer, and director. His still-active career spans vaudeville, radio, television, the stage, and movies such as It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World, The Black Stallion, and The Bridges at Toko-Ri. He won two Golden Globes and an Emmy and has received or been nominated for many other awards. From leading a 17-piece band to writing a novel, Rooney has been dispensing earthy wisdom and good humor in the public eye for many decades. Part biography and part reference tool, this richly illustrated work covers Rooney's life from his birth in 1920 and first stage appearance 16 months later to his television and film appearances in 2004. It discusses both his professional and personal life and includes information drawn from interviews with his peers, including Spring Byington, Jackie Cooper, and Ann Rutherford. Five appendices conclude the work: a detailed filmography of his more than 170 features and 65 shorts, each listing credits and a brief commentary, plus assorted reviews; listings of all his radio, television, and stage work; and a discography of his recorded work.

Eyes For Fury

Eyes For Fury Author Mike Haszto
ISBN-10 9781456767402
Release 2011-05-03
Pages 244
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Eric Chatham had it all for years…a beautiful wife named Peggy, two college-aged children with bright futures, and a construction company that was highly successful. A progressive eye issue led to some medical visits…and then much more. An ensuing eye procedure turned his world upside down… That was the story of the Great Bend, Kansas man who had everything at one time, and then quickly had nothing…or did he? In the original Eyes of Fury, the story of Eric Chatham became a suspense thriller with a sensational ending. In this sequel that takes place a year later, Eric is now in Grand Cayman with several people looking for him. Peggy, his wife, is one of them. While the original dealt with life from Eric’s perspective, Eyes For Fury deals with life from his wife’s point of view…and the chase to find him first. Read the exciting adventure as it unfolds before your eyes, taking you step by step with Peggy on her journey and through her Eyes For Fury.


Radio Author John Mowitt
ISBN-10 9780520950078
Release 2011-12-07
Pages 248
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In a wide-ranging, cross-cultural, and transhistorical assessment, John Mowitt examines radio’s central place in the history of twentieth-century critical theory. A communication apparatus that was a founding technology of twentieth-century mass culture, radio drew the attention of theoretical and philosophical writers such as Jean-Paul Sartre, Walter Benjamin, Jacques Lacan, and Frantz Fanon, who used it as a means to disseminate their ideas. For others, such as Martin Heidegger, Theodor Adorno, and Raymond Williams, radio served as an object of urgent reflection. Mowitt considers how the radio came to matter, especially politically, to phenomenology, existentialism, Hegelian Marxism, anticolonialism, psychoanalysis, and cultural studies. The first systematic examination of the relationship between philosophy and radio, this provocative work also offers a fresh perspective on the role this technology plays today.

Pie n Mash and Prefabs My 1950s Childhood

Pie  n  Mash and Prefabs   My 1950s Childhood Author Norman Jacobs
ISBN-10 9781784183578
Release 2015-03-05
Pages 300
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The Blitz had made many families in the East End of London homeless. One solution was to erect prefabs on fields and open spaces to give temporary accommodation to those who had been bombed out. It was in one of these 'modern' boxes that young Norman Jacobs grew up through the 1950s and 1960s. In a lively, detailed and humorous picture of a postwar Hackney childhood, Norman takes us back to an age of rationing, bomb sites, street markets, colourful characters and camaraderie. And in reminiscing about stodgy school food, jumpers for goalposts, Listen with Mother, greyhound racing, pie 'n' mash, holiday camps, and the advent of American-style burger bars, he provides a glimpse into a way of life that has vanished for ever.Set against a backdrop of Rock 'n' Roll, the Cuban Missile Crisis and the assassination of President Kennedy, funny, poignant and sometimes sad, Norman's is a story full of innocence and happiness that will take you back to the best of times - the days we thought would never end.

Sabin s Radio Free Jazz USA

Sabin s Radio Free Jazz  USA Author
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105128053142
Release 1978
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Sabin s Radio Free Jazz USA has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Sabin s Radio Free Jazz USA also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Sabin s Radio Free Jazz USA book for free.

Mickey Mensa

Mickey Mensa Author Dean Taylor
ISBN-10 9781465903723
Release 2011-07-28
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Mickey Mensa has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Mickey Mensa also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Mickey Mensa book for free.

Mickey Price Journey to Oblivion

Mickey Price  Journey to Oblivion Author John P. Stanley
ISBN-10 9781933718996
Release 2013-08-19
Pages 275
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It’s 1977, three years past the last Apollo mission to the moon, or so the public has been told. Mickey Price is a kid growing up in an orphanage in Orlando; Trace Daniels just won her first go-kart championship in Nevada; Jonah Trotsky is a budding scientist In Illinois. They don’t know each other yet, but they are all being visited by men in short-sleeved white shirts, thin black ties, and distinctive gold-colored glasses — men who have been watching and studying them. They are invited to a NASA camp, but this camp isn’t for summer fun. It’s a training camp for a mission unlike anything they ever dreamed of, an adventure full of danger, thrills, fun, and an interesting cast of characters, not all of which are human. This adventure tale is told with lots of kid-friendly humor and edge-of-your seat excitement, giving it wide appeal across gender and genre.

Pharmacy and medicine on the air

Pharmacy and medicine on the air Author Mickey C. Smith
ISBN-10 UOM:39015018495997
Release 1989
Pages 155
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"Smith provides an insightful, affectionate portrait of pharmacy's place in radio's golden age that should evoke fond memories." --PHARMACY IN HISTORY

What Happened to Mickey

What Happened to Mickey Author Peter McSherry
ISBN-10 9781459707399
Release 2013-03-02
Pages 352
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Donald "Mickey" McDonald was charged in 1939 with the killing of a bookmaker, supposedly Toronto's first gangland slaying. Two murder trials, a sensational escape from Kingston Penitentiary, and a $50,000 bank robbery established Mickey as a national crime figure, though the circumstances of his death still remain mysterious.

Mickey Whitey and ME

Mickey  Whitey and ME Author
ISBN-10 9780983191902
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Mickey Whitey and ME has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Mickey Whitey and ME also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Mickey Whitey and ME book for free.

Loving God

Loving God Author Charles W. Colson
ISBN-10 9780310832126
Release 2011-04-19
Pages 320
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In his magnificent classic, Chuck Colson shakes the church from its complacency with a penetrating look at the cost of being Christian.For those who have wondered whether there isn’t more to Christianity than what they have known—and for those who have never considered the question—Loving God points the way to faith’s cutting edge. Here is a compelling, probing look at the cost of discipleship and the meaning of the first and greatest commandment—one that will strum a deeper, truer chord within even as it strips away the trappings of shallow, cultural Christianity.“Looking for the complete volume on Christian living? This is it. And the title sums it up. If you desire life deep, rich, and meaningful, then it is simply Loving God.”Joni Eareckson TadaPresident, Joni and Friends

Far Out at Sea The Radio Seagull Story

Far Out at Sea   The Radio Seagull Story Author Gordon Kelly
ISBN-10 9781291837483
Release 2014-06-16
Pages 168
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Far Out at Sea tells the story of Radio Seagull and how a bunch of renegades created a truly alternative radio station. Lavishly illustrated with photographs and featuring exclusive interviews with the people involved, Far Out at Sea is a must read for all fans of offshore radio.

Indian Creek

Indian Creek Author
ISBN-10 9781257871124
Release 2011
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Indian Creek has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Indian Creek also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Indian Creek book for free.

Myth From the Ice Age to Mickey Mouse

Myth From the Ice Age to Mickey Mouse Author Robert W. Brockway
ISBN-10 079141714X
Release 1993-11-18
Pages 187
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Brockway exposes Western mythic thought from Paleolithic times to the present. Myth and mythic thinking did not cease with the rise of science and philosophy during the Enlightenment, but continue to flourish in modern times. The author shows how mythic themes continue to occur in both high culture and popular arts.