What is Property

What is Property Author Pierre-Joseph Proudhon
ISBN-10 UOM:39015015380408
Release 1876
Pages 457
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A Discourse on Property

A Discourse on Property Author James Tully
ISBN-10 0521271401
Release 1982-10-07
Pages 212
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John Locke's theory of property is perhaps the most distinctive and the most influential aspect of his political theory. In this book James Tully uses an hermeneutical and analytical approach to offer a revolutionary revision of early modern theories of property, focusing particularly on that of Locke. Setting his analysis within the intellectual context of the seventeenth century, Professor Tully overturns the standard interpretations of Locke's theory, showing that it is not a justification of private property. Instead he shows it to be a theory of individual use rights within a framework of inclusive claim rights. He links Locke's conception of rights not merely to his ethical theory, but to the central arguments of his epistemology, and illuminates the way in which Locke's theory is tied to his metaphysical views of God and man, his theory of revolution and his account of a legitimate polity.

Property Mainstream and Critical Positions

Property  Mainstream and Critical Positions Author Crawford Brough Macpherson
ISBN-10 0802063365
Release 1978
Pages 207
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The legitimate role of the state in relation to property and the justification of property institutions of various kinds are matters of increasing concern in the modern world. Political and social theorists, jurists, economists, and historians have taken positions for and against the property institutions upheld in their time by the state, and further dehate seems inevitable. This book brings together ten classic statements which set out the main arguments that are now appealed to and places them in historical and critical perspective. The extracts presented here - all substantial - are from Loeke, Rousseau, Bentham, Marx, Mill, Green, Veblen, Tawney, Morris Cohen, and Charles Reich. A note hy the editor at the head of each extract highlights the arguments in it and relates it to the time at which it was written. Professor Macpherson's introductory and concluding essays expose the roots of some common misconceptions of property, identify current changes in the concept of property, and predict future changes. Macpherson argues that a specific change in the concept (which now appears possible) is needed to rescue liberal democracy from its present impasse. Property is both a valuable text on a crucial topic in political and social theory and a significant contribution to the continuing debate

The Human Right to Property

The Human Right to Property Author Theo R. G. van Banning
ISBN-10 9789050952033
Release 2002
Pages 445
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3 Framework for research

Economics and Property

Economics and Property Author Danny Myers
ISBN-10 9780080969947
Release 2011
Pages 199
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Economics and Property provides a clear and easy-to-read introduction to any property economics module in a degree leading to a profession in property, construction and other related fields. It focuses on the introduction of economic principles to provide the background necessary to gain a thorough understanding of commercial and residential property sectors and the markets for development, construction and occupation of property. This third edition has been comprehensively updated to include contemporary economic issues, particularly the financial crisis of 2008 and its impact on markets and economies. It focuses on providing insights into the core economic principles of: commercial and residential property markets the role and nature of government intervention understanding data and making forecasts achieving sustainable development. Key features include: clear aims and objectives for each chapters frequent summaries of key points in text definitions and a handy glossary full colour tables and diagrams throughout.

Property for People Not for Profit

Property for People  Not for Profit Author Ulrich Duchrow
ISBN-10 1842774794
Release 2004-09-04
Pages 244
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The issue of private property and the rights it confers remain almost undiscussed in critiques of globalization and free market economics. Yet property lies at the heart of an economic system geared to profit maximization. The authors describe the historically specific and self-consciously explicit manner in which it emerged. They trace this history from earliest historical times and show how, in the hands of Thomas Hobbes and John Locke in particular, the notion of private property took on its absolutist nature and most extreme form--a form which neoliberal economics is now imposing on humanity worldwide through the pressures of globalization. They argue that avoiding the destruction of people's ways of living and of nature requires reshaping our notions of private property. It also examines the practical ways for social and ecumenical movements to press for alternatives.

The Idea of Property in Law

The Idea of Property in Law Author James E. Penner
ISBN-10 0198260296
Release 1997
Pages 240
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In The Idea of Property in Law, Penner considers the concept of property and its place in the legal environment. Penner proposes that the idea of property as a bundle of rights" - the right to possess, the right to use, the right to destroy etc. - is deficient as a concept, failing to effectively characterise any particular sort of legal relation, and evading attempts to decide which rights are critical to the "bundle". Through a thorough exploration of property rules, property rights, and the interests which property serves and protects, Penner develops an alternative interpretation and goes on to consider how property interacts with the broader legal system."


Property Author Joel Wm Friedman
ISBN-10 9780735573512
Release 2007
Pages 154
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Friedman's Practice Series is keyed to exam preparation with real law school essay exams, model answers, multiple choice questions and academic analysis, and offers students insights into writing essay exams in core courses. Features: Real law school essay exams from top law schools Multiple-choice questions with model answers Professor analysis of multiple-choice questions Student insight into writing essay exams


Property Author
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105064205573
Release 2008
Pages 1307
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A big-picture look at the history and principles influencing the Anglo-American institution of the law of land, this casebook provides the core materials for a property course. The format of Property allows for a variety of teaching methods and applies easily to courses ranging from three to six hours. The Ninth Edition retains the organization and basic content of prior editions; however, it includes more introductory text to give students the necessary background before examining the difficult problems encountered in the law of property. Many sections have been reorganized to facilitate more efficient coverage of the material.The authors updated the book with relevant cases and materials while maintaining the core property material such as estates in land material, emphasizing historical development, with additional cases and notes to show the extent to which the past governs the present.Updated Coverage of:Concept of Property: Kremen v. Cohen Network Solutions Rights of a Property Owner: Intel Corp. v. Hamidi Takings law: Kelo v. City of New London Finders law: Popov v. Hayashi Adverse Possession: Marengo Cave v. RossSignificant Revisions from the Previous Edition:Introductory text in most sections to facilitate coverage New textual material on future interest New section on adverse possession of real property

A Theory of Property

A Theory of Property Author Stephen R. Munzer
ISBN-10 0521378869
Release 1990-01-26
Pages 491
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This book represents a major new statement on the issue of property rights. It argues for the justification of some rights of private property while showing why unequal distributions of private property are indefensible.

The Economics of Property Rights

The Economics of Property Rights Author S. Pejovich
ISBN-10 9780585285573
Release 2007-08-20
Pages 204
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To understand recent developments in Eastern Europe requires a method of analysis that is capable of internalizing into a theoretical framework (i) the logical premises deduced from the costs of transactions and incentive structures generated by various institutions and (ii) the evidence for refutable implications of those premises. The economics of property rights is such a theory. It expands the scope of the ability of economic analysis to explain a wide range of institutional structures and provides empirical corroboration of its logical implications. The economics of property rights is, then, an effective scholarly instrument that offers more significant understanding of the three current issues in the area of comparative economic studies: (i) evaluating the performance of alternative institutional arrangements, (ii) explaining the failure of socialist institutions in Eastern Europe, and (iii) identifying the costs (political as well as economic) of institutional reforms in that part of the world. In that sense, the book is both timely and relevant. In the late 1980s East Europeans crossed the threshold of fear and forced their leaders to abandon Marxism. With that theory of history dead and buried, the cost of current sacrifices in the pursuit of socialism has risen relative to the present value of its expected future benefits.

A Rule of Property for Bengal

A Rule of Property for Bengal Author Ranajit Guha
ISBN-10 0861312899
Release 1982
Pages 222
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Property Insurance Litigator s Handbook

Property Insurance Litigator s Handbook Author Leonard E. Murphy
ISBN-10 159031901X
Release 2007
Pages 415
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Property Author D. Barlow Burke
ISBN-10 9780735570313
Release 2008
Pages 665
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The focused coverage of Examples & Explanations: Property, Third Edition , along with the proven Examples & Explanations format, which combines textual material with well-written examples, explanations, and questions that test the reader's understanding of the material covered, makes this text an invaluable means for helping students master the intricacies of property law. Among the features that have made this study aid a success: eminently clear and readable text six-part topical organization that matches the coverage of most first-year property courses and follows the organization of the best selling property casebook by Dukeminier, Krier, Alexander & Schill rich pedagogy includes boldfaced legal terms and visual aids, such as charts and diagrams, especially for common-law estates--a topic that lends itself to diagrammatic presentation the authors address principal cases used in most leading casebooks skilled and experienced authorship by long-time teachers and scholars of property law New to the Third Edition: updated coverage of takings to include recent Supreme Court cases Tahoe-Sierra Preservation Council Inc. v. Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, Kelo v. New London, and Lingle v. Chevron U.S.A. expanded introduction to trusts with clear and detailed descriptions of a trust, a grantor, a trustee, a life beneficiary, and a remainderman new substantive material added to coverage of: the recording acts the Third Restatement of Property concerning Servitudes (covenants and equitable servitudes) Private Nuisance--Chapter 27--adjacent and subjacent support updated coverage of the Rule Against Perpetuities many examples and explanations have been revised for greater clarity and effectiveness language in the text has been simplified where needed for even greater accessibility With its focused coverage, concise format, and problem-based format, Examples & Explanations: Property, Third Edition, continues to provide Property students with the help and confidence they need to master this difficult first-year course.

Theories of Property

Theories of Property Author Crawford Brough Macpherson
ISBN-10 9780889200814
Release 1979-09-25
Pages 395
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GST HST and Real Property in Canada

GST HST and Real Property in Canada Author Joanne Heffernan
ISBN-10 1553679520
Release 2008
Pages 149
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Who Owns the Past

Who Owns the Past Author Kate Fitz Gibbon
ISBN-10 0813536871
Release 2005
Pages 362
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