Party Parliament and Personality

Party  Parliament and Personality Author Peter Jones
ISBN-10 9781134821204
Release 2002-11-01
Pages 256
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This is a collection of essays on political psychology commissioned to commemorate the retirement of Hugh Berrington and to celebrate his contribution to the field, the authors comprise some of the best known names in Political Science in the UK, including Ivor Crewe, Vincent Wright, David Hine and Iain McLean. The central focus of the volume is British Politics, but the book also contains a number of comparative chapters including David Hine's on the political psychology of corruption, which focuses on Italy. The book also contains theoretical chapters, including Albert Weale's on the central nature of disagreement in democratic politics. The bulk of the chapters are concerned with the psychology of individual political actors, but there is also a chapter on the psychology of individual political theorists, which focuses on Thomas Hobbes and Jean Jacques Rousseau.

Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher Author Jonathan Aitken
ISBN-10 9781408831847
Release 2013
Pages 764
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Here is the real Margaret Thatcher based on extensive interviews with those who knew her well - masterpiece of the biographer's art.

The Treaty of Lisbon Report

The Treaty of Lisbon  Report Author Great Britain. Parliament. House of Lords. European Union Committee
ISBN-10 0104012420
Release 2008
Pages 300
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This report, from the European Union Committee (HLP 62-I, ISBN 9780104012420) is an impact assessment of the Treaty of Lisbon and seeks to inform the House of the most important aspects of the Treaty by comparing provisions with the status quo and assessing their impact on the institutions of the EU, Members States and on the UK. Divided into 12 chapters, with 7 appendices, the report covers the following areas, including: foundations of the European Union, where the Committee analyses the effects of the changes to the structure of EU treaties and the amendments made to the Union's values and objectives; the simplified treaty revision and how this can alter significantly the provisions on the face of all European Treaties; the impact of the Treaty on European institutions and what changes this will make to the European Council, including a full-time European Council President; the Lisbon Treaty gives the Charter of Fundamental Rights a legally binding status and whether the Charter's rights will create "new" rights in the UK and if the UK's existing labour and social legislation will be effected; the area of freedom, security and justice; how far does the Treaty change fundamental principles of foreign, defence and development policies; the impact of the Treaty on social affairs as well as finance and the internal markets; the impact on environment, agriculture and fisheries; also the new functions the Treaty gives national parliaments and the democratic challenge that poses; a summary of conclusions. The report does not seek to compare the Lisbon Treaty with the now abandoned Constitutional Treaty or the process by which the Lisbon Treaty was produced. Also the report does not address the question whether there should be a UK referendum on this Treaty. For the Committee, ratification of the Treaty is now a matter for Parliament.

The Quest for the Nazi Personality

The Quest for the Nazi Personality Author Eric A. Zillmer
ISBN-10 9781317843733
Release 2013-10-31
Pages 272
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Half a century after the collapse of the Nazi regime and the Third Reich, scholars from a range of fields continue to examine the causes of Nazi Germany. An increasing number of young Americans are attempting to understand the circumstances that led to the rise of the Nazi party and the subsequent Holocaust, as well as the implication such events may have for today as the world faces a resurgence of neo-Nazism, ethnic warfare, and genocide. In the months following World War II, extensive psychiatric and psychological testing was performed on over 200 Nazis in an effort to understand the key personalities of the Third Reich and of those individuals who "just followed orders." In addressing these issues, the current volume examines the strange history of over 200 Rorschach Inkblot protocols that were administered to Nazi war criminals and answers such questions as: * Why the long delay in publishing protocols? * What caused such jealousies among the principals? * How should the protocols be interpreted? * Were the Nazis monsters or ordinary human beings? This text delivers a definitive and comprehensive study of the psychological functioning of Nazi war criminals -- both the elite and the rank-and-file. In order to apply a fresh perspective to understanding the causes that created such antisocial behavior, these analyses lead to a discussion within the context of previous work done in social and clinical psychology. Subjects discussed include the authoritarian personality, altruism, obedience to authority, diffusion of responsibility, and moral indifference. The implications for current political events are also examined as Neo-Nazism, anti-Semitism, and ethnic hate are once again on the rise. While the book does contain some technical material relating to the psychological interpretations, it is intended to be a scholarly presentation written in a narrative style. No prior knowledge of psychological testing is necessary, but it should be of great benefit for those interested in the Rorschach Inkblot test, or with a special interest in psychological testing, personality assessment, and the history of psychology. It is also intended for readers with a broad interest in Nazi Germany.

The Political Representation of Immigrants and Minorities

The Political Representation of Immigrants and Minorities Author Karen Bird
ISBN-10 9781136914164
Release 2010-10-06
Pages 304
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In 2005, almost 700,000 immigrants acquired the citizenship of a member state of the European Union; over 600,000 became US citizens; nearly 100,000 became Australians and approximately 200,000 Canadians. 2005 was not an exceptional year. During the past decades, many advanced liberal democracies have become more ethnically diverse societies. This book breaks new ground in the analysis of the political representation of immigrants and visible minorities both theoretically and empirically. It examines the upward trend in migrant and minority representation and demonstrates that there remain crucial differences across liberal democracies in the timing of these developments; in channels of access for minority representatives, in the policy focus and outcomes of minority representation; in the nature of the connections between minority representatives and minority communities, and in the nature of their relationships with constituents at large. Part I analyses immigrants and visible minorities as voters, who must be the starting point of any analysis of political representation. Part II deals with the stage of candidate selection within political parties, a crucial and under-researched stage in the process of political representation. Part III deals with immigrants and members of visible minorities, once elected to parliament and includes analyses of the Canadian Parliament, the German Bundestag, MPs in the United Kingdom and Members of the United States Congress. The book will of interest to students and scholars of migration and ethnicity studies and political science, especially those with an interest in political representation, democratic institutions, voting behaviour, party organisation, legislative behaviour and comparative politics.

The European Parliament s Committees

The European Parliament   s Committees Author Richard Whitaker
ISBN-10 9781136742019
Release 2011-04-05
Pages 176
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This book analyses the development of the European Parliament’s (EP) committees and their relationship with political parties in the light of the EP’s increased legislative role in the last two decades.

Handbook of Party Politics

Handbook of Party Politics Author Richard S Katz
ISBN-10 0761943145
Release 2006-01-26
Pages 550
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The Handbook of Party Politics is the first book to comprehensively map the state-of-the-art in contemporary party politics scholarship. This major new work brings together the world's leading party theorists to provide an unrivalled resource on the role of parties in the pressing contemporary problems of institutional design and democratic governance today.

Personality Power and Politics

Personality  Power  and Politics Author Gordon J. DiRenzo
ISBN-10 UOM:39015005892115
Release 1967
Pages 264
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Personality Power and Politics has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Personality Power and Politics also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Personality Power and Politics book for free.

Australian politics

Australian politics Author
ISBN-10 9781863114707
Release 1997
Pages 36
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Australian politics has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Australian politics also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Australian politics book for free.

Personality and politics

Personality and politics Author Kundu Sima
ISBN-10 UOM:39015042707128
Release 1999
Pages 167
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Personality and politics has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Personality and politics also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Personality and politics book for free.

Worker Rights and Labor Standards in Asia s Four New Tigers

Worker Rights and Labor Standards in Asia   s Four New Tigers Author Marvin J. Levine
ISBN-10 9780585346496
Release 2007-08-20
Pages 476
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As China, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia become world economic powers, questions arise regarding the fate of workers in these countries. This book examines the difficult road traveled by human rights movements in these nations when trying to create independent labor organizations free from governmental interference. The in-depth treatment includes: a worker's rights/labor standards model individumental interference comprehensive data tables on many aspects of the labor struggle ally crafted for each of these nations comprehensive data tables on many aspects of the labor struggle China's problems as it moves from complete state economic control to a modified form of capitalism.

Thatcherism Personality and Politics

Thatcherism  Personality and Politics Author R. Biddiss
ISBN-10 9781349186877
Release 1987-06-12
Pages 144
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'Thatcherism', as attitude of mind and style of action, has dominated the agenda and tone of British politics during the 1980s. Supporters and critics alike have acknowledged the bold scope of the campaign launched by the Prime Minister 'to change the heart and soul' of the nation. Here nine contributors, of differing political persuasion, come together to offer a variety of approaches to, and conclusions about, 'the Thatcher Phenomenon'. Their essays review the concept of Thatcherism; its impact on the Conservative Party and on the forces of Opposition; its effect on Cabinet government and on society at large; its significance in terms of economic and foreign policy; and the validity of the claim that its record entitles it to enjoy some truly historic status.

The Post War Anglo American Far Right

The Post War Anglo American Far Right Author P. Jackson
ISBN-10 9781137396211
Release 2014-10-17
Pages 155
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Since 1945 neo-Nazi and far right extremists on both sides of the Atlantic have developed rich cultures which regularly exchange ideas. Leading activists such as Colin Jordan and George Lincoln Rockwell have helped to establish what has become a complex web of marginalised extremism. This book examines the history of this milieu to the present day.

Australia s Prime Ministers

Australia s Prime Ministers Author Brian Carroll
ISBN-10 187705822X
Release 2004
Pages 328
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Since Federation Australia has had 25 Prime Ministers. Some have towered over their party, Parliament and the national scene. Others have been pushed about by events or their own colleagues even by Parliament. The contest for the Prime Ministership has come to resemble the presidential-style elections of the United States. It is a personality battle between two contenders, not one over ideas, principles, or even parties. Brian Carroll tells of all 25 Prime Ministers ólong time survivors Bob Menzies, Billy Hughes, Joe Lyons, Malcolm Fraser, and Bob Hawke; of three timers Alfred Deakin and Andrew Fisher; of short-timers Earle Page, Frank Forde, and John McEwen. The book contains a chapter on possible future prime ministers - Latham, Costello and Abbott. Brian Carroll is a Melbourne-based freelance writer who has written several books on aspects of Australian history. He has a Master of Arts degree from the University of Melbourne, with honours in Australian history.

The Strange Death of Labour Scotland

The Strange Death of Labour Scotland Author Gerry Hassan
ISBN-10 9780748655571
Release 2012-06-20
Pages 368
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Analyses the rise and fall of Labour in Scotland and asks: is Labour's decline irreversible? After being the leading party in Scotland for 50 years, Labour was shocked to lose an election and office to the SNP in the 2007 Scottish Parliamentary elections, and thunderstruck when the SNP won a majority government in the same elections in 2011. This book analyses the last 30 years of Scottish Labour, from the arrival of Thatcherism in 1979 right up to the results of the 2010 Westminster elections and 2011 Scottish Parliamentary elections.

Western European Political Parties

Western European Political Parties Author Francis Brendan Jacobs
ISBN-10 0582001137
Release 1989
Pages 730
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Western European Political Parties has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Western European Political Parties also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Western European Political Parties book for free.

Political Parties in Britain

Political Parties in Britain Author Matt Cole
ISBN-10 9780748631124
Release 2012-07-27
Pages 224
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Looks at parties' organisation, policy, support and impact, from the major parties to the localThis introductory textbook examines the factors contributing to parties' fortunes and identities, and the causes of recent changes in both. Parties studied include: * The main parties: Conservatives and Labour * The minor parties: the Liberal Democrats, the Scottish National Party, Plaid Cymru and the Greens* The peripheral parties: the BNP, UKIP, SSP and SLP* Local parties: Kidderminster Health and Hospital Concern, the Morecambe Bay Independents and Mebyon Kernow