Natural Goat Care

Natural Goat Care Author Pat Coleby
ISBN-10 0911311661
Release 2001-01-01
Pages 371
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Natural Goat Care has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Natural Goat Care also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Natural Goat Care book for free.

Holistic Goat Care

Holistic Goat Care Author Gianaclis Caldwell
ISBN-10 9781603586306
Release 2017
Pages 368
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Goats have provided humankind with essential products for centuries; indeed, they bear the noble distinction of being the first domesticated farm animal. From providing milk and meat for sustenance and fiber and hides for clothing and shelter to carrying packs and clearing brush, there isn't much that goats cannot do. Managing goats successfully requires an understanding of how nature designed them to thrive, including nutritional and psychological needs, as well as how to identify a problem and intercede before it's too late. For more than a decade, Gianaclis Caldwell and her family have operated Pholia Farm Creamery, an off-grid, raw milk goat cheese dairy. In Holistic Goat Care, Caldwell offers readers a comprehensive guide to maintaining a healthy herd of goats, whether they are dairy goats, meat goats, fiber goats, or pet goats. Holistic Goat Care will empower even novice goat owners to confidently diagnose and treat most of the ailments that goats might experience. For the experienced goat farmer, the book offers a depth of insight and approaches to treatment not found in any other book. Caldwell places special emphasis throughout on holistic, natural, and alternative approaches to caring for goats, including information on: Handling and managing goats using their natural instincts as an asset Developing good farm management practices such as appropriate housing and fencing systems and manure and mortality management Making feeding decisions based on understanding goats' ruminant digestive system and their evolutionary needs Growing forage and garden crops as feed and utilizing wild browse Troubleshooting health problems based on assessing symptoms Implementing advanced health procedures such as pain control, fecal testing, and transplanting rumen microbes from healthy to sick goats Diagnosing, treating, and preventing more than 75 common goat ailments Whether your herd is two or two hundred, this first-of-its-kind, comprehensive book will help you keep your goats healthy, safe, and productive and give you a deep and enjoyable insight into the wondrous creature that is the goat.

Natural Goat and Alpaca Care

Natural Goat and Alpaca Care Author Pat Coleby
ISBN-10 0643065253
Release 2000
Pages 352
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A guide for goat and alpaca farmers. It covers all aspects of farming whether it be for two or 200 animals. The technical information is presented in simple terms and the husbandry consists of non-invasive drug-free remedies that are as natural as possible.

The Goat Care Handbook 2d ed

The Goat Care Handbook  2d ed Author Mary Turner Stille
ISBN-10 9780786423156
Release 2006-01-31
Pages 252
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"This book covers the biology, origin and behavior of goats; their many uses; the breed characteristics and physical conformation; buying and transporting tips; housing; feed; estrus cycles and breeding; newborn care, udders and milk; horn removal, castration, hooves and foot care; diseases and health care; culling the herd; and registering, showing and selling goats"--Provided by publisher.

The Natural and Hygienic Care of Children

The Natural and Hygienic Care of Children Author John L. Fielder
ISBN-10 9781465304643
Release 2011-08-17
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The Natural and Hygienic Care of Children has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Natural and Hygienic Care of Children also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Natural and Hygienic Care of Children book for free.

How to Raise Goats

How to Raise Goats Author Carol Amundson
ISBN-10 076033157X
Release 2009-04-15
Pages 192
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Written by an authority on goat breeding and behaviour, this approachable guide covers every component of raising goats for fun and profit, meat and milk.

Personal Milkers

Personal Milkers Author Garland-Stewart Publishing
ISBN-10 9780978994402
Release 2006-04-01
Pages 116
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Nigerian dwarf goats are rising in popularity as private milk suppliers, pets and livestock. The author uses her twenty-five plus years as an agricultural educator and more than ten years as a goat breeder to de-mystify these little creatures. Based upon years of beginner's questions and the answers she's provided, Personal Milkers contains great resources for materials and further information on the breed.

The Meat Goat Handbook

The Meat Goat Handbook Author Yvonne Zweede-Tucker
ISBN-10 9780760340424
Release 2012-01-15
Pages 224
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DIVLongtime goat rancher Yvonne Zweede-Tucker draws on twenty years of hands-on experience to help you raise your own meat goats. Illustrated throughout with color photography, this instructive handbook includes advice about breeds, feeding, housing, safety, health, kidding, butchering, and selling product. Included is a glossary and a resources appendix. Essential reading for every meat goat owner!/div

The Frugal Alpaca Farmer

The Frugal Alpaca Farmer Author Ingrid Wood
ISBN-10 9781546201519
Release 2017-08-07
Pages 412
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Th e Frugal Alpaca Farmer—A Holistic Approach to Success defi nes the author’s mission and purpose for writing the book. Ingrid Wood gives the reader important information on how to structure and manage an alpaca farm. The content of her book is wellorganized and off ers valuable insight based on her research, experiences, and lessons learned over more than two decades of owning a small farm. Ingrid candidly discusses thought provoking issues and clearly spells out positive as well as negative aspects of alpaca farming. I especially liked her exploration of various management styles and care protocols. An open mind, common sense, and frugality must prevail if you wish to build and maintain a viable farm business. Reading The Frugal Alpaca Farmer will help you reach your goals. Hugh Masters

The Goat Handbook

The Goat Handbook Author Ulrich Jaudas
ISBN-10 0764132687
Release 2006
Pages 135
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Goats are economically valuable animals, but owners need basic information about their care, housing, breeding, and upkeep. Here is expert advice in non-technical language. Barron’s popular line of Pet Handbooks resembles Barron’s Pet Owner’s Manuals series, but are larger, having more pages, more photos and line illustrations, and more detailed advice and information. Pet owners and soon-to-be owners will find reliable information from breeders, veterinarians, and pet care experts presented in easy-to-follow, handsomely designed volumes.

Natural Sheep Care

Natural Sheep Care Author Pat Coleby
ISBN-10 0911311904
Release 2006-01-01
Pages 215
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In this comprehensive guide for all breeders and owners of sheep, whether for wool, meat or milk, renowned Australian livestock expert Pat Coleby covers feeding requirements, land management, sheep management, breeds of sheep, treatment of health problems, minerals and vitamins, and much more. Suitable for both organic and conventional farmers, this information packed volume is an essential read.

Natural Cattle Care

Natural Cattle Care Author Pat Coleby
ISBN-10 0911311688
Release 2001-01-01
Pages 217
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Natural Cattle Care encompasses every facet of farm management, from the mineral components of the soils cattle graze over, to issues of fencing, shelter and feed regimens. Coleby presents a comprehensive analysis of farming techniques that keep the health of the animal in mind. She brings a wealth of animal husbandry experiences to bear in this analysis of the serious problems of contemporary farming practices, focusing on how poor soils lead to mineral-deficient plants and ailing farm animals. Coleby provides system-level solutions and specific remedies for optimizing cattle health and productivity.

Raising Healthy Goats

Raising Healthy Goats Author Robert A. Vanderhoof
ISBN-10 9781886532045
Release 1994
Pages 159
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Raising Healthy Goats has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Raising Healthy Goats also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Raising Healthy Goats book for free.

The Nourishing Homestead

The Nourishing Homestead Author Ben Hewitt
ISBN-10 9781603585521
Release 2015-01-23
Pages 352
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A practiculture way to grow nutrient-dense food, produce healthy fats, and live the good life The Nourishing Homestead tells the story of how we can create truly satisfying, permanent, nourished relationships to the land, nature, and one another. The Hewitts offer practical ways to grow nutrient-dense food on a small plot of land, and think about your farm, homestead, or home as an ecosystem. Much of what the Hewitts have come to understand and embrace about their lives of deep nourishment is informed by their particular piece of land and local community in northern Vermont, but what they have gleaned is readily transferable to any place—whether you live on 4 acres, 40 acres, or in a 400-square-foot studio apartment. Ben and Penny (and their two sons) maintain copious gardens, dozens of fruit and nut trees and other perennial plantings, as well as a pick-your-own blueberry patch. In addition to these cultivated food crops, they also forage for wild edibles, process their own meat, make their own butter, and ferment, dry, and can their own vegetables. Their focus is to produce nutrient-dense foods from vibrant, mineralized soils for themselves and their immediate community. They are also committed to sharing the traditional skills that support their family, helping them be self-sufficient and thrive in these uncertain times. Much of what the Hewitts are attempting on their homestead is to close the gaps that economic separation has created in our health, spirit, and skills. Ben uses the term “practiculture” to describe his family’s work with the land—a term that encompasses the many practical life skills and philosophies they embody to create a thriving homestead, including raw-milk production, soil remediation, wildcrafting, Weston A. Price principles, bionutrient-dense farming, permaculture, agroforestry, traditional Vermont hill farming, and more. The Nourishing Homestead also includes information on deep nutrition, the importance of good fats, and integrating children into the work of a homestead. The Hewitts’ story is reminiscent of The Good Life, by Helen and Scott Nearing, and is sure to inspire a new generation of homesteaders, or anyone seeking a simpler way of life and a deeper connection to the world.

Natural Remedies For Goat Health

Natural Remedies For Goat Health Author
ISBN-10 9780977533008
Release 2005
Pages 60
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Natural Remedies For Goat Health has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Natural Remedies For Goat Health also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Natural Remedies For Goat Health book for free.

The Small Scale Cheese Business

The Small Scale Cheese Business Author Gianaclis Caldwell
ISBN-10 9781603585491
Release 2014-03-21
Pages 256
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Originally published in 2010 under the title The farmstead creamery advisor.

The Small Scale Dairy

The Small Scale Dairy Author Gianaclis Caldwell
ISBN-10 9781603585002
Release 2014
Pages 212
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Caldwell offers readers a balanced perspective on the current regulatory environment in which raw-milk lovers find themselves. Keepers of cows, goats, or sheep will benefit from information on designing a well-functioning small dairy, choosing equipment, and understanding myriad processes, including details about the business of making milk; managing the farm to create superior milk; understanding the microbiology of milk; and risk-reduction plans to have in place prior to selling raw milk.