National Geographic Readers Meteors

National Geographic Readers  Meteors Author Melissa Stewart
ISBN-10 9781426319457
Release 2015-01-06
Pages 32
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Blast off on a trip to discover the fascinating world of meteors. In this image-packed book, kids will learn all about these objects hurtling through space—and into our atmosphere. This level 3 reader is written in an easy-to-grasp style to encourage the scientists and explorers of tomorrow!

National Geographic Readers Night Sky

National Geographic Readers  Night Sky Author Stephanie Drimmer
ISBN-10 9781426328176
Release 2017-06-27
Pages 32
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Kids will learn all about the night sky, from the moon to constellations to planets, in this new National Geographic Reader. The level 2 text provides accessible, yet wide-ranging information for beginning readers. From the Trade Paperback edition.

National Geographic Reader Travel and Tourism

National Geographic Reader  Travel and Tourism Author National Geographic Learning
ISBN-10 9781285531557
Release 2012-10-17
Pages 50
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Bring your learning to life with compelling images, media and text from National Geographic. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC LEARNING READER: TRAVEL AND TOURISM w/PAC eBOOK will help you develop a clearer understanding of the world around you through engaging content. This reader is designed to be used in combination with several core texts in hospitality, travel and tourism. Used as a supplement with two strong brands of National Geographic and Delmar Learning, this reader will bring relevancy, and first-hand accounts from countries around the world. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Coon Mountain Controversies

Coon Mountain Controversies Author William Graves Hoyt
ISBN-10 0816509689
Release 1987
Pages 442
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"Blends the scientific issues, the commercial and legal factors, and the personalities involved into a sure-footed narrative that never fails to hold the reader's interest. . . . it is difficult to imagine a more carefully documented and sensibly reasoned account of the way in which ideas on impact theory evolved. . . . of considerable, and probably lasting, value."ÑNature "This meticulously prepared and lucidly written work will surely prove the definitive account of one of the most stimulating intellectual confrontations in the whole history of the earth and planetary sciences. I can recommend it without reservation."ÑWilliam A. S. Sarjeant,Geoscience Canada "An important book by an extraordinary author, of interest to anyone fascinated by the ways in which unorthodox science becomes part of conventional wisdom."ÑEarth Sciences History


Meteor Author Alex Woolf
ISBN-10 9781406280302
Release 2014-07-17
Pages 56
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What is it like to witness a natural disaster? This series of books looks at a range of natural disasters, using first-hand accounts to describe events and people's experiences, providing multiple perspectives from eyewitnesses, survivors, the emergency services, scientists, and the media.

Die gro e National Geographic Enzyklop die Weltall

Die gro  e National Geographic Enzyklop  die Weltall Author Linda K. Glover
ISBN-10 3937606254
Release 2005
Pages 400
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Die gro e National Geographic Enzyklop die Weltall has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Die gro e National Geographic Enzyklop die Weltall also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Die gro e National Geographic Enzyklop die Weltall book for free.

Eine kurze Geschichte von fast allem

Eine kurze Geschichte von fast allem Author Bill Bryson
ISBN-10 9783641079246
Release 2011-12-23
Pages 688
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Wie groß ist eigentlich das Universum? Was wiegt unsere Erde? Und wie ist das überhaupt möglich – die Erde zu wiegen? In seinem großen Buch nimmt uns Bestsellerautor Bill Bryson mit auf eine atemberaubende Reise durch Raum und Zeit: Er erklärt uns den Himmel und die Erde, die Sterne und die Meere, und nicht zuletzt die Entstehungsgeschichte des Menschen. »Eine kurze Geschichte von fast allem« ist ein ebenso fundierter und lehrreicher wie unterhaltsamer und amüsanter Ausflug in die Naturwissenschaften, mit dem Bill Bryson das scheinbar Unmögliche vollbracht hat: das Wissen von der Welt in dreißig Kapitel zu packen, die auch für den normalen Leser ohne Vorkenntnisse verständlich sind. Das ideale Buch für alle, die unser Universum und unsere Geschichte endlich verstehen möchten – und dabei auch noch Spaß haben wollen!

National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Space

National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Space Author Catherine D. Hughes
ISBN-10 9781426325748
Release 2016-07-06
Pages 128
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This beautiful book is the latest addition to the National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book series. These colorful pages will introduce young children to the wonders of space, with colorful illustrations by David Aguilar and simple text that is perfect for beginning readers or for reading aloud. The book will explain basic concepts of space, beginning with what is most familiar to kids and expanding out into the universe. Chapters include: • Chapter 1 focuses on the Earth, moon, and sun. • Chapter 2 introduces kids to the other planets in our solar system. • Chapter 3 explains other objects in our solar system, such as dwarf planets, comets, and asteroid belts. • Chapter 4 voyages even farther afield, touching on concepts such as the universe, the Milky Way, stars, galaxies, and black holes. • The last chapter delves into space exploration: humans on the moon, spaceships, the International Space Station, etc.

Evaluating Teacher Education Programs through Performance Based Assessments

Evaluating Teacher Education Programs through Performance Based Assessments Author Polly, Drew
ISBN-10 9781466699304
Release 2016-02-10
Pages 436
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Performance-based assessments have become a critical component of every teacher education program. Such assessments allow teacher candidates to demonstrate their content and pedagogical knowledge, skills, and dispositions in an authentic setting. Evaluating Teacher Education Programs through Performance-Based Assessments analyzes and discusses the theory and concepts behind teacher education program evaluation using assessment tools such as lesson plans, classroom artifacts, student work examples, and video recordings of lessons. Emphasizing critical real-world examples and empirically-based studies, this research-based publication is an ideal reference source for university administrators, teacher educators, K-12 leaders, and graduate students in the field of education.

A Ten Sun Day

A Ten Sun Day Author D. M. Urquidi
ISBN-10 9780557666140
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A Ten Sun Day has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from A Ten Sun Day also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full A Ten Sun Day book for free.

Oh No Astro

Oh No  Astro Author Matt Roeser
ISBN-10 9781481439770
Release 2016-04-19
Pages 40
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Asteroids! Planets! Astronauts! In this charming debut picture book, a grumpy asteroid named Astro is thrown out of orbit and takes an unexpected journey through space! Astro is a cranky asteroid who just wants everyone to respect his personal boundaries. But when a satellite knocks Astro out of orbit, he is forced to embark on an epic adventure through space…whether he wants to or not! Filled with playful illustrations and tons of cool facts about space, this picture book is a must-have for all the future astronauts who are ready to journey through the galaxy.

National Geographic Pocket Guide to the Night Sky of North America

National Geographic Pocket Guide to the Night Sky of North America Author Catherine Herbert Howell
ISBN-10 9781426217852
Release 2017-03-07
Pages 180
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A field guide to help backyard explorers, hikers, and nature lovers discover and identify North America's diverse community of reptiles and amphibians.

Backyard Guide to the Night Sky

Backyard Guide to the Night Sky Author Howard Schneider
ISBN-10 1426202814
Release 2009
Pages 287
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An extensively illustrated reference for beginner-level stargazing enthusiasts covers basic principles without using complicated scientific language, providing star charts and tables that list key facts in an easy-to-understand format. Original.


Meteorites Author Alex Bevan
ISBN-10 086840490X
Release 2002
Pages 256
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Contains several previously unpublished accounts of meteorite recoveries in Australia and provides deatails on many Australian contributions to the advancement of planetary science. Details everything from responses to meteorites in ancient civilsations to the most current theories on the origins of life on Earth.

Land Subsidence Mitigation

Land Subsidence Mitigation Author Frank R. Spellman
ISBN-10 9781351617567
Release 2017-08-22
Pages 376
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This book examines the process of injecting treated wastewater into wells to replenish aquifers, and thereby slow the process of land subsidence, and help to mitigate coastal flooding. It explains how up to fifty percent of sea-level rise may be due to land subsidence, and up to fifty percent of land subsidence may be due to aquifer compaction. The concepts covered discuss replenishing aquifers with clean water to reduce nutrient discharges into out-falled waterways; providing a sustainable supply of groundwater; reducing the rate of land subsidence; and protecting the groundwater from saltwater intrusion. Practical case studies from Virginia and California will be included.

Historic Sites and Landmarks that Shaped America From Acoma Pueblo to Ground Zero 2 volumes

Historic Sites and Landmarks that Shaped America  From Acoma Pueblo to Ground Zero  2 volumes Author Mitchell Newton-Matza
ISBN-10 9781610697507
Release 2016-09-06
Pages 810
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Exploring the significance of places that built our cultural past, this guide is a lens into historical sites spanning the entire history of the United States, from Acoma Pueblo to Ground Zero. • Covers locations across the entire United States • Includes photographs, illustrations, and sidebars • Serves as both an educational and research tool


Riptide Author Douglas Preston
ISBN-10 9783426557181
Release 2011-03-11
Pages 592
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Ragged Island vor der Küste des US-Staates Maine ist ein unheimlicher Ort: Seit der englische Pirat Edward Ockham hier vor drei Jahrhunderten einen sagenhaften Schatz vergraben hat, scheitern alle Versuche, der Beute habhaft zu werden - das Gold ist in einem mit Meerwasser gefluteten Schacht jedem Zugriff entzogen, und mysteriöse Unglückfälle fordern das Leben unschuldiger Neugieriger wie professioneller Schatzsucher. Selbst die im Laufe der Zeit immer raffinierter werdenden technischen Hilfsmittel versagen regelmäßig, denn der Baumeister, der Ockhams Schatzkammer baute, war eine grausames Genie. Erst als die geheimen Aufzeichnungen des Baumeisters entdeckt werden, scheint der Schatz in greifbare Nähe zu rücken. Während Computerspezialisten beginnen, den uralten Schriftcode zu knacken, rückt die Bergungsgesellschaft Thalassa auf die Insel aus, um den Schatz zu heben. Mit dabei ist Malin Hatch, der die Insel von seinem Vater geerbt hat und dort als kleiner Junge bei einem tragischen Unfall seinen Bruder verlor. Die mit modernstem High-Tech-Gerät ausgerüstete Expedition von Ingenieuren und Historikern beginnt unter der Führung des charismatischen Kapitän Neidelmann, der Insel ihr düsteres Geheimnis zu entreißen. Schritt für Schritt kommen die Wissenschaftler und Techniker ihrem Ziel näher - doch dann beginnt Ockhams Schatzgrube zurückzuschlagen... Riptide von Douglas Preston • Lincoln Child: Spannung pur im eBook!