National Geographic Kids Brain Games

National Geographic Kids Brain Games Author Jennifer Swanson
ISBN-10 9781426320705
Release 2015-09-08
Pages 112
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An interactive introduction to brain science profiles the brain's parts and functions while sharing trivia, facts, and games.

Brain Games

Brain Games Author Jennifer Swanson
ISBN-10 0545889871
Release 2015
Pages 112
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"QUICK: Name the most powerful and complex supercomputer ever built. Give up? Here's a hint: It's housed in your head and it's the one thing that makes you YOU. Your brain is mission control for the rest of your body and steers you through life. Not bad for something the size of a softball that looks like a wrinkled grey sponge! In this fascinating, interactive book -- a companion to the National Geographic Channel hit show - kids explore the parts of the brain and how it all works, brainy news nuggets from a neuroscientist, plus fun facts and crazy challenges"--

5 000 Awesome Facts 3 about Everything

5 000 Awesome Facts 3  about Everything  Author National Geographic Kids
ISBN-10 9781426324529
Release 2016-08-09
Pages 224
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"More fun than a barrel of monkeys and more interesting than reality TV-- thisabrain candy-filled book is an explosion of information about sensational topicsakids love- royalty, gravity, bioluminescence, sloths, wildfires, bubblegum, cars,abreakfast, aliens, you name it! It's a fantastic, fact-filled edition with all-new infoaon hundreds of topics, and the same great design that captures kids' attention and keeps them yearning for more."

National Geographic Kids Almanac 2012

National Geographic Kids Almanac 2012 Author National Geographic Society (U. S.)
ISBN-10 9781426307836
Release 2011
Pages 351
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Provides the latest information on a wide range of topics including animals, culture, geography, the environment, history, and science.

How Things Work Unplugged Unraveled and Revealed

How Things Work  Unplugged  Unraveled  and Revealed Author T. J. Resler
ISBN-10 9781426325557
Release 2016-09-15
Pages 208
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Ever wanted to take apart the microwave to see how it works? Crack open your computer and peek inside? Intrigued by how things work? So are we! That's why we're dissecting all kinds of things from rubber erasers to tractor beams! Read along as National Geographic Kids unplugs, unravels, and reveals how things do what they do.

National Geographic Kids Why

National Geographic Kids Why Author Crispin Boyer
ISBN-10 9781426320965
Release 2015-10-13
Pages 224
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With hundreds of topics ranging from silly to serious, this book's got the information kids need in a fun and entertaining format that will keep them digging for answers. Includes all kinds of fascinating extra info like top ten lists, weird-but-true facts, explorer profiles, and cool activities.

National Geographic Kids Almanac 2018

National Geographic Kids Almanac 2018 Author National Geographic Kids
ISBN-10 9781426327728
Release 2017-05
Pages 352
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Kids can have fun keeping up with our quickly changing world with the New York Times best-selling Almanac, packed with incredible photos, tons of fun facts, crafts, activities, and fascinating features about animals, science, nature, technology, and more. New features include three chapters on engineering and technology, space and Earth, and life sciences; a guide to New Orleans, just in time for its 300th birthday; an updated Fun and Games chapter filled with all-new games, jokes, and comics; all new weird-but-true facts, crafts, and activities; 18 Facts for 2018 feature in every chapter; updated reference material, and much more.

Science Encyclopedia

Science Encyclopedia Author National Geographic Kids
ISBN-10 1426325436
Release 2016-10-11
Pages 304
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Food chemistry, atom crashing, wavepower, foodchemistry, androbots!These arejusta few of thetopics coveredin thisfantastic new science encyclopedia, which presentsa comprehensive overview of physicaland lifesciences from AtoZ. Super smart and kid-friendly, it s packed with full-color photographs, weird but true facts, amazingstatistics, do-it-yourself experiments, plus profiles of scientists and National Geographic's explorerswho rockthe worldof science. Keepupwiththe changes happeningallarounduswith thisstellarsciencereferencebook. "From the Hardcover edition.""

The Book of What If

The Book of What If    Author Matt Murrie
ISBN-10 9781582705293
Release 2016-04-19
Pages 240
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From the creators of the What If…? Conference comes a quirky book that encourages kids to explore and engage with the world around them by asking more than eighty wild, absurd, and thought provoking questions. What if a book didn’t just tell you how to think or what to know, but rather encouraged you to think for yourself? What if there was a book that focused on asking questions instead of just answering them. The Book of What If…? does just that! What if you lived on a floating city? What if politicians were kids? What if broccoli tasted like chocolate? What if you could explore outer space? By asking these fun, open-ended questions, this book fosters greater critical thinking skills and gives kids a space to interact by breaking out a notebook to draw or write out their personal reactions, or engage in entertaining exercises with family and friends. Plus, sidebars deepen the investigation with peer-to-peer insights, historical and current profiles, real-life examples, and more, making for unlimited learning opportunities! Divided into sections—history, people, stuff, and nature—along with four introductory text to open up a dialogue about why it’s important to be inquisitive and to always ask questions, The Book of What If…? is sure to be a hit with kids, teachers, and parents alike. So ask a question and let the answers lead you on an exciting journey filled with endless opportunities to learn!

Body Bugs

Body Bugs Author Jennifer Swanson
ISBN-10 9781429665308
Release 2011-07-01
Pages 32
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"Describes microbes commonly found on the human body"--

5 000 Awesome Facts about Everything

5 000 Awesome Facts  about Everything  Author National Geographic Kids
ISBN-10 9781426310492
Release 2012
Pages 224
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Provides five thousand facts about everything from spies and survival to music and coral reefs.

National Geographic Kids Just Joking

National Geographic Kids Just Joking Author National Geographic Society (U.S.)
ISBN-10 9781426309304
Release 2012
Pages 207
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Presents a variety of jokes and facts, including knock-knocks, tongue twisters, riddles, and traditional question and answer jokes.

Brain Games

Brain Games Author Editors of Publication International
ISBN-10 1450820719
Release 2011-04
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Brain Games has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Brain Games also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Brain Games book for free.

Ultimate Weird But True

Ultimate Weird But True Author National Geographic
ISBN-10 9781426308642
Release 2011
Pages 192
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Presents facts, brief stories, and photos on topics including extreme hotels, freaky foods, and crazy art, showing that fact can be as weird as fiction.

Super Gear

Super Gear Author Jennifer Swanson
ISBN-10 9781580897204
Release 2016-06-07
Pages 80
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Cutting-edge science; high-performance sports How are the sports played by Michael Phelps, Serena Williams, Michelle Wie, and Usain Bolt related? Nanotechnology! Take a close-up look at sports and nanotechnology, the cutting-edge science that manipulates objects at the atomic level. Nanotechnology is used to create high-tech swimsuits, tennis rackets, golf clubs, running shoes, and more. It is changing the face of sports as we know it. Back matter includes a glossary, bibliography, list of resources, and index. Perfect for 2016 Summer Olympics displays and celebrations.

100 Things to Do Before You Grow Up

100 Things to Do Before You Grow Up Author Lisa Gerry
ISBN-10 1426315589
Release 2014
Pages 256
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Presents ideas for living each day to the fullest such as becoming an explorer, volunteering in the community, learning yoga, and solving a mystery, with tips from real life adventurers and profiles of interesting jobs for kids.


STEAM Kids Author Anne Carey
ISBN-10 0692782362
Release 2016-09-13
Pages 142
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A year's worth of captivating STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) activities that will wow the boredom right out of kids!Created by an MIT engineer, award winning educators, designers, and homeschooling experts, STEAM Kids is packed full of50+ hands-on projects, an activity planner, STEAM journal, field trip guide & more."