Metal Clay Jewelry

Metal Clay Jewelry Author Louise Duhamel
ISBN-10 9781440322006
Release 2006-07-25
Pages 144
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Explore the endless possibilities of metal clay Sculpt it, cut it, shape it, roll it. Just about anything is possible when you're creating with the amazing medium of metal clay. Whether you're new to its wonders or are looking for new ideas and techniques, Metal Clay Jewelry has it all. Metal clay artist and instructor Louise Duhamel starts with the basics of the medium explaining the different forms of clay and teaching the basic techniques. Then the fun really begins! In twenty projects created by Louise and other talented clay artists, you'll learn more fabulous techniques including origami folding with paper clay, sculpting with paste clay, enameling, creating hollow forms and so much more. With step-by-step photography throughout, you won't miss a beat as you explore this amazing medium. In addition, with variation projects and a gallery of stellar art by world-renown artists, you get all the inspiration you'll need to start designing your own metal clay pieces. Discover all the possibilities of metal clay today!

Creative Metal Clay Jewelry

Creative Metal Clay Jewelry Author CeCe Wire
ISBN-10 1579903010
Release 2003
Pages 144
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Craft stunning jewellery using metal clay, an amazing art material with the versatility of clay and the beauty of silver or gold. In its unfired form, metal clay is soft; you can manipulate it just like other clays. When fired, the metal particles in the clay become pure precious metal. Once its transformed into metal it can be buffed, burnished, polished, or enamelled. Virtually anything you can create with traditional fine silver or pure gold, you can craft with metal clay.

Magical Metal Clay Jewelry

Magical Metal Clay Jewelry Author Sue Heaser
ISBN-10 0896895947
Release 2008-10-09
Pages 128
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Today's revolution in jewelry making is quite simple, literally. With few tools and basic silversmithing skills readers can quickly and easily create intricate pieces of solid silver jewelry using the easy-to-follow instructions in Magical Metal Clay Jewelry. More than 250 step-by-step color photos demonstrate techniques needed to mold, fold, shape, cut, braid, and carve metal clay to create more than 25 original pieces of beautiful jewelry. With this book there's no need for hammering, sawing, or even a kiln, making it accessible to anyone.

Metal Clay And Mixed Media Jewelry

Metal Clay And Mixed Media Jewelry Author Sherri Haab
ISBN-10 0823030628
Release 2007
Pages 143
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Metal clay starts as clay and turns into metal. Does it get any more magical? Now it does—withMetal Clay and Mixed Media Jewelry. Author Sherri Haab takes this compelling material, today's hottest craft item, to the next level, brilliantly combining it with other media ranging from the timeless to the unexpected. Ribbons, gold leaf, pottery shards, transparent resin, polymer clay, leather, and more are used to create stunning jewelry. Beautiful photography showcases these innovative pieces, and full step-by-step instructions make it easy to re-create them. New formulations of metal clay and newly developed firing techniques are presented clearly so that crafters can achieve professional results. Sophisticated enough for artists yet simple enough for beginners,Metal Clay and Mixed Media Jewelryis the only book that blends metal clay with such a variety of mixed media to make magic. • Follow-up to the best-sellingArt of Metal Clay—over 35,000 copies sold! • Author has sold more than two million books! • Metal clay is hot with crafters, artists—anyone who wants to try alchemy

Enameling on Metal Clay

Enameling on Metal Clay Author Pam East
ISBN-10 9780871164650
Release 2012-08-29
Pages 96
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This book will appeal to artisans of all levels. A thorough introductory section helps readers prepare their workspace with information on tools, materials, and basic techniques for metal clay and enameling. Jewelry projects include earrings, pendants, pins, beads, and a ring. Easy-to-follow instructions are illustrated with clear, detailed photographs.

Making Metal Clay Jewellery

Making Metal Clay Jewellery Author Julia Rai
ISBN-10 9781785002656
Release 2017-01-11
Pages 300
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Silver metal clay is an accessible, easy to use material that allows unique, hallmark-quality jewellery to be made at home with simple tools. This practical book introduces the various forms of silver metal clay and their relative merits. Packed with images, seventeen step-by-step projects and with full instruction and advice, Making Metal Clay Jewellery is an invaluable resource for all jewellers who want to learn and develop their skills with this versatile material. Includes: an introduction to the simple tools needed to work with metal clay, avoiding expensive equipment; full instruction to every stage of the process, with seventeen step-by-step tutorials; techniques including making beads, rings, earrings and pendants, setting stones, and working with glass and metal clay; covers various types of embellishment, as well as using textures, stencils and cutters to create jewellery. Each chapter features a troubleshooting section advising on how to avoid mistakes or rectify problems. A practical book on creating unique jewellery at home with this versatile and exciting medium, this will be an invaluable resource for all jewellers who want to learn and develop their skills. Superbly illustrated with 175 colour photographs.

Metal Clay Origami Jewelry

Metal Clay Origami Jewelry Author Sara Jayne Cole
ISBN-10 1600595332
Release 2010
Pages 127
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Combining the allure of metal clay jewellery with the three-dimensional dynamism of origami, the pieces in this guide from noted artist Sara Jayne Cole are riveting. Cole offers up the know-how to fold metal clay paper sheets using surprisingly easy techniques and a gallery of inspirational work is sure to have crafters of all skill levels eager to start on the 25 contemporary projects.

Metal Clay Magic

Metal Clay Magic Author Nana Mizushima
ISBN-10 9780871164780
Release 2012-11-19
Pages 128
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It's as easy to use as modeling clay. Fire it, and it turns to pure silver: It's metal clay magic! Nana Mizushima's playful approach shows how this fantastic medium allows anyone to craft items in silver. Features more than 25 imaginative, appealing projects for beads, earrings, pendants, bookmarks, pet tags, little boxes, origami, and more.

Sculptural Metal Clay Jewelry

Sculptural Metal Clay Jewelry Author Kate McKinnon
ISBN-10 9781620333259
Release 2013-03-25
Pages 144
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Beginning with an overview of the properties of metal clay, including safety information and metalsmithing terms, this thorough resource offers detailed procedures for creating a variety of components, settings, findings, attachments, 3-D forms, and textured effects. Each technique is shown with step-by-step photography to make it easy for jewelry makers at the advanced beginner to intermediate levels to learn the art of metal clay. The 12 unique projects within have multiple components made from metal clay, including clasps, chains, and settings; moveable and removable pieces; unusual textures and patinas; and unique construction and engineering. Creative tips on incorporating beads are also included. This handbook offers jewelry artists the design inspiration needed to create gallery-level pieces that are truly wearable art.

Pure Silver Metal Clay Beads

Pure Silver Metal Clay Beads Author Linda Kaye-Moses
ISBN-10 9781589236110
Release 2011-07-01
Pages 160
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A variety of silver bead projects utilizing metal clay.

New Directions in Metal Clay

New Directions in Metal Clay Author CeCe Wire
ISBN-10 1600595464
Release 2009-10-01
Pages 144
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Metal clay is the most exciting new material in jewelry design today: the procedures for molding and shaping are simple, the tools few, and the results stunning. CeCe Wire, a leader in the field, details all the newest innovations and clays, as well as the basics for beginners. She includes every form and formula, plus an extensive array of cutting-edge techniques that range from stone-setting to surface embellishment. Numerous color photos showcase diverse possibilities, including enameling methods such as champlevé, inlaying with epoxy resin, and silk screening. Twenty-five projects--some easy, some more advanced--include gorgeous beads, a bold contemporary brooch, and stacked rings made from silver and 22-karat gold.

The Art of Metal Clay

The Art of Metal Clay Author Sherri Haab
ISBN-10 9780823099320
Release 2010
Pages 160
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Developed in Japan in the 1990s, metal clay consists of microscopic particles of silver or gold suspended in a pliable organic binder that can be worked with the hands and simple household tools. This book offers a comprehensive introduction to the medium designed specifically for crafters and jewelrymakers.

Precious Metal Clay

Precious Metal Clay Author Xuella Arnold
ISBN-10 0312382324
Release 2008-07-22
Pages 128
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Explains how to transform precious metal clay, a new material made from fine silver dust and a binder that can be used like ordinary clay, to create a variety of unique and beautiful items, with tips on using the medium with traditional methods of jewelry making and a variety of materials, guidelines on tools and materials, and instructions for twenty-five different projects. Original. 20,000 first printing.

Metal Clay Beads

Metal Clay Beads Author Barbara Becker Simon
ISBN-10 160059025X
Release 2009
Pages 144
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When you combine two bestselling topics like metal clay and beading and then add one of the most talented and respected artists in the business, you've got a winning combination. In this unique, comprehensive reference, Barbara Becker Simon treats readers to 22 outstanding metal clay bead projects. An introductory section guides them through all the fundamentals, from forming and joining the clay to firing and finishing. Crafters learn how to add gemstones, glass and other objects; use moulded and carved texture plates; etch photographs into a surface; develop rich patinas and more. From the Porcupine Pearl Bead to a Polygon Box Bead, the projects are both timely and sophisticated.

Working with Precious Metal Clay

Working with Precious Metal Clay Author Tim McCreight
ISBN-10 0713658282
Release 2000
Pages 127
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Precious Metal Clay (PMC) is a material for jewellers and craft people which is as easy to manipulate as polymer clay, but when it is fired, the resulting object is 99.9per cent solid silver. This book describes how to work with PMC, including firing and finishing, and includes a set of projects.

Metal Clay for Jewelry Makers

Metal Clay for Jewelry Makers Author Sue Heaser
ISBN-10 1596687134
Release 2012-10-23
Pages 192
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Experience metal clay like never before. Going far beyond most other metal clay books currently available, Metal Clay for Jewelry Makers covers basics and much more. Inside, you'll explore a range of techniques including forming hinges and beads; working with paper clay; adding gemstones, glass, and ceramics; and syringing, burnishing, texturing, and using patinas. You'll discover stunningly showcased silver and base metal clays perfected in soft clay, paper, and paste forms. Sue also covers the materials that are often used in conjunction with metal clay, including embellishments, stones, and findings. After covering materials, Sue dives right into techniques, from the basics to specific advanced techniques. She explores the use of additional materials as well--applying resin, mounting stones, enameling, engraving and more. A section on zero waste--how to conserve and reuse expensive metal clay remnants--completes the how-to section. Packed with more than 500 photographs, this book will give you a clear guide to both the process and end product or effect. While no projects are in the book, finished projects with tips and techniques are spread throughout and provide inspiration for you to explore metal clay and to use your newfound jewelry-making skills with this innovative material, often dubbed "magical clay."

The Absolute Beginners Guide Making Metal Clay Jewelry

The Absolute Beginners Guide  Making Metal Clay Jewelry Author Cindy Thomas Pankopf
ISBN-10 9780871167651
Release 2012-08-29
Pages 112
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Anyone who has ever wanted to give metal clay a try will enjoy this third book in the popular Absolute Beginners Guide series. The first book in this series, Stringing Beaded Jewelry, won the 2010 IPPY award. Making Metal Clay Jewelry follows the same signature format as its predecessors, positioning readers to learn by doing as they take on simple metal clay jewelry projects that gradually increase in difficulty level. Now is a perfect time to introduce readers to metal clay with this signature series that focuses on positive results.