Lost in the Blizzard

Lost in the Blizzard Author Grace Gilmore
ISBN-10 9781481447492
Release 2015-12-08
Pages 128
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Logan must venture out into the blizzard to rescue his brother Drew in this fifth book in the Tales from Maple Ridge series. While Pa is away working in Sherman, Logan’s older brother Drew is determined to be the man of the house. As winter sets in, Drew decides to go out into the forest to chop some firewood. Soon after, a blizzard descends on Maple Ridge and Logan’s mother gets worried when her oldest son doesn’t return. Will Logan be able to navigate the storm, find his brother, and save the day? With easy-to-read language and illustrations on almost every page, the Tales from Maple Ridge chapter books are perfect for beginning readers.

Lost in the Blizzard

Lost in the Blizzard Author Paul Hutchens
ISBN-10 1575677512
Release 1998-02-01
Pages 96
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The tales and travels of the Sugar Creek Gang have passed the test of time, delighting young readers for more than fifty years. Great mysteries with a message, TheSugar Creek Gang series chronicles the faith-building adventures of a group of fun-loving, courageous Christian boys. Your kids will be thrilled, chilled, and inspired to grow as they follow the legendary escapades of Bill Collins, Dragonfly, and the rest of the gang and see how they struggle with the application of their Christian faith to the adventure of life. The gang has several exciting encounters with a hognose snake. A new member of the gang, Middle Jim, offers amazing insights into the snake mystery. When winter arrives, Middle Jim puts the whole gang in jeopardy. Will the boys survive the night in the fierce storm? Discover the important truth of the great hymn "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God".

Lost in a Blizzard the Towner Bus Tragedy

Lost in a Blizzard  the Towner Bus Tragedy Author Alyce Mitchem Jenkins
ISBN-10 0756901170
Release 2000-01-01
Pages 76
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Describes how a school bus carrying twenty children became stranded during a blizzard in Towner, Colorado, in 1931.

Lost in the Blinded Blizzard

Lost in the Blinded Blizzard Author John R. Erickson
ISBN-10 0780708520
Release 1998-08-01
Pages 115
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While battling a "blinded" blizzard to get cough syrup for Baby Mollie, fearless Hank charms Miss Beulah the Collie Dog, saves Slim and Drover from freezing, sings a love song about fleas, and outwits Pete the Barncat.

The Speedwell Boys and Their Ice Racer or Lost in the Great Blizzard

The Speedwell Boys and Their Ice Racer  or  Lost in the Great Blizzard Author Roy Rockwood
ISBN-10 9785040543793
Release 2017-09-05
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The Speedwell Boys and Their Ice Racer or Lost in the Great Blizzard has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Speedwell Boys and Their Ice Racer or Lost in the Great Blizzard also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Speedwell Boys and Their Ice Racer or Lost in the Great Blizzard book for free.

Bao feng xue zhong de yong qi

Bao feng xue zhong de yong qi Author
ISBN-10 7510449480
Release 2014
Pages 138
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Bao feng xue zhong de yong qi has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Bao feng xue zhong de yong qi also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Bao feng xue zhong de yong qi book for free.

Footprints in My Rearview Mirror

Footprints in My Rearview Mirror Author George Oiye
ISBN-10 9781591607830
Release 2003-04-01
Pages 272
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Footprints in My Rearview Mirror has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Footprints in My Rearview Mirror also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Footprints in My Rearview Mirror book for free.

Shadow Blizzard

Shadow Blizzard Author Alexey Pehov
ISBN-10 9781429933100
Release 2012-04-24
Pages 464
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Shadow Blizzard is the third book by the international bestselling fantasy author Alexey Pehov. Like Shadow Prowler and Shadow Chaser, Shadow Blizzard is epic fantasy at its best; this is the third book in a trilogy that follows Shadow Harold, Siala's master thief, on his quest for the magic Horn that will restore peace to his world. After the loss of friends and comrades, after betrayal and battle, after capture by fearsome orcs, Harold finally reaches the dreaded Hrad Spein. But before he can complete his quest by stealing the magic horn, he will have to brave the most fearsome obstacles yet—obstacles that have destroyed everyone before him...and Harold must do so alone. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

The PerformanceStat Potential

The PerformanceStat Potential Author Robert D. Behn
ISBN-10 9780815725282
Release 2014-06-24
Pages 413
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It started two decades ago with CompStat in the New York City Police Department, and quickly jumped to police agencies across the U.S. and other nations. It was adapted by Baltimore, which created CitiStat—the first application of this leadership strategy to an entire jurisdiction. Today, governments at all levels employ PerformanceStat: a focused effort by public executives to exploit the power of purpose and motivation, responsibility and discretion, data and meetings, analysis and learning, feedback and follow-up—all to improve government's performance. Here, Harvard leadership and management guru Robert Behn analyzes the leadership behaviors at the core of PerformanceStat to identify how they work to produce results. He examines how the leaders of a variety of public organizations employ the strategy—the way the Los Angeles County Department of Public Social Services uses its DPSSTATS to promote economic independence, how the City of New Orleans uses its BlightStat to eradicate blight in city neighborhoods, and what the Federal Emergency Management Agency does with its FEMAStat to ensure that the lessons from each crisis response, recovery, and mitigation are applied in the future. How best to harness the strategy's full capacity? The PerformanceStat Potential explains all.

The Mongols at China s Edge

The Mongols at China s Edge Author Uradyn E. Bulag
ISBN-10 9781461644835
Release 2002-04-03
Pages 320
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This important study explores the multifaceted Mongol experience in China, past and present. Combining insights from anthropology, history, and postcolonial criticism, Uradyn Bulag avoids romanticizing Mongols either as pacified primitive Other or as gallant resistance fighters. Rather, he portrays them as a people whose communist background and standing in China's northern borderlands has informed their political efforts to harness or confront Chinese nationalistic and political hegemony. Breaking new ground in the study of Chinese and Mongol history and ethnicity, the author offers a fresh interpretation of China viewed from the perspective of its peripheries, and of minority nationalities in relation to the study of Chinese representation and minority self-representation. The author interrogates received wisdom about Chinese and minority nationalism by unraveling the Chinese discourse and practice of 'national unity.' He shows how the discourse was constructed over time through political rituals and sexuality in relation to Mongols and other non-Chinese peoples that hark back to Chinese-Xiongnu confrontations two millennia ago and Manchu conquest in the 17th and 18th centuries. Titular rulers of an autonomous region in which they constitute a minority, Mongols face enormous barriers in building and maintaining a socialist Mongolian nationality and a Mongolian language and culture. Acknowledging these difficulties, Bulag discusses a range of sensitive issues including the imbrication of nation, class, and ethnicity in the context of Mongol-Chinese relations, tensions inherent in writing a postrevolutionary history for a socialist nationality, and the moral dilemma of building a socialist model with Mongol characteristics. Charting the interface between a state-centered multinational Chinese polity and a primordial nationalist multiculturalism that aims to manage minority nationalities as 'cultures,' he explores Mongol ethnopolitical strategies to preserve their heritage.


Blizzard Author Kathleen Duey
ISBN-10 9781481409711
Release 2014-11-04
Pages 160
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A raging snow storm creates the coldest kind of danger for two kids in this riveting tale of historical fiction, part of the Survivor series. Haydn Sinclair hates absolutely everything about his aunt and uncle’s primitive Rocky Mountain ranch. He’d much rather be in a great city than stuck on the countryside. Haydn’s cousin Maggie hates the thought of having her rich and spoiled cousin visiting for four long months. She’d be happier if he wasn’t around. When Maggie’s father is injured and she and Haydn are left alone, they argue, and Haydn sets off on foot for the train station miles away. The next day Maggie learns that Haydn never made it to town, and she must search for him despite the blizzard that is raging outside. But even if she can find him, will they be able to survive freezing nights, vicious winds, and the constant threat of snow slides?

Live Life on Purpose

Live Life on Purpose Author Claude Hickman
ISBN-10 9781579218263
Release 2005-07-21
Pages 208
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Your life only makes sense in the context of God's plan to finish the Great Commission. God has given us the direction we need to make our lives count and leave our mark on eternity. When we find it, we move from merely existing to truly living life on purpose.

Cape Cod National Seashore

Cape Cod National Seashore Author Daniel Lombardo
ISBN-10 9781439623718
Release 2010-07-12
Pages 128
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When Pres. John F. Kennedy established the Cape Cod National Seashore in 1961, it was acclaimed as the “finest victory ever recorded for the cause of conservation in New England.” When erosion and overdevelopment threatened the Cape, the idea of a national seashore took hold, forever protecting this treasured place. The park preserves 44,000 acres of forest, marsh, bog, and ponds, and a 40-mile stretch from Provincetown to Chatham, which Henry David Thoreau called the “Great Beach.” Unlike other national parks at the time, the Cape Cod National Seashore was created from a combination of private, town, state, and federal lands. Cape Cod National Seashore: The First 50 Years captures the political drama of the creation of this extraordinary seashore. Images detail an early Native American presence and the romance of whaling, shipwrecks, lighthouses, windmills, and dune shacks.

Lost A Story in String

Lost  A Story in String Author Paul Fleischman
ISBN-10 0805055835
Release 2000-06-01
Pages 32
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A grandmother tells a story about a young girl who uses her wits and what is available to her to help her survive when she is lost in the snow. Includes instructions for creating a number of string figures mentioned in the story.

Breaking the Ice in Antarctica

Breaking the Ice in Antarctica Author Satya S. Sharma
ISBN-10 8122412904
Release 2001-01-01
Pages 323
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This Is An Updated And Enlarged Edition Of The Earlier Book Citadel Of Ice By The Same Author.The Book Vividly Describes Indias Epoch-Making, Daring Scientific Adventure In The Icy Continent Of Antarctica; It Narrates The Story Of A Group Of 12 Scientists And Soldiers, Who Helped To Establish The First Ever Over-Wintering Indian Base, Dakshin Gangotri On A Floating Ice Shelf In Antarctica.Beginning With A Description Of The Voyage To Antarctica Through The Roaring Forties, Icebergs, Pack Ice And Fast Sea Ice, The Book Recounts The Painstaking Process Of Selecting A Construction Site For Dakshin Gangotri On A 400M Thick Continental Ice Shelf And The Construction Of The Station Right From Its Foundation To The Commissioning Of The Life-Support Systems.The Book Then Describes The Hair-Raising Incidents Of The Long Antarctic Blizzards Where The Wind Many A Time Touched Over 250Km/H With Snow Flying All Around, Which Threatened The Very Existence Of The Base. It Highlights The Ardous Struggles Of Psychological And Biological Adjustment With The Mid-Night Sun And Polar Night With The Temperature Going Down To As Low As -60°C.The Book Also Highlights The Beauty Of The Aurora Australis, Polar Shadows, Mirage Effects And Other Optical Illusions. Presents An Intriguing Account Of The Expeditions Through The Polar Ice Cap With Deep Crevasses, Flowing Rivers And Treacherous Lakes, Glaciers Andnunataks.The Teams Gallant Efforts Put India On The World Map Amongst The Scientifically-Advanced Nations. The Nation Rewarded Theteams Achievement By Awarding One Kirti Chakra, Two Shaurya Chakras, Five Sena Medals And One Vishishtha Sewa Medal, Which Is The Highest Number Of National Awards Won By Any National Mission.This Book Now Includes A Vivid Account Of The Later Expeditions To Antarctica Alongwith Their Contribution To Indian Scientific Research.The Book, Written By The Leader Of The Team With A Foreword By Padma Vibhushan Dr. S.Z. Qasim, Former Member, Planning Commission And Secretary, Department Of Ocean Development, Is Illustrated With Over 45 Coloured Photographs And Maps.

Game Misconduct

Game Misconduct Author Jeff Rose-Martland
ISBN-10 9780557092369
Release 2009-09-01
Pages 338
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Set against a backdrop of current news stories, Game Misconduct follows the daily lives of seven Canadians in five separate cities. Each has their own problems, challenges, and goals. They live their lives in the shadow of the Stars and Stripes, searching for pride in their homeland, until the unthinkable happens. America invades. Winner of the 2005 Percy Janes First Novel award This story is a clever and funny spoof on how news covers world events...fascinating and fun to read...an exciting and well-paced novel. - Helen Fogwill Porter


Blizzard Author L. R. Lehmann
ISBN-10 0965975800
Release 1997
Pages 236
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"Warning : Blizzard is based on a true story. What happened to 14-year-old Michael Dowling [in 1880] should have killed him. But, incredibly, it didn't"--Prelim.