Lose It for Life for Teens

Lose It for Life for Teens Author Stephen Arterburn
ISBN-10 9781418572181
Release 2004-12-26
Pages 192
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Weight is such a critical issue with teenagers. They are overwhelmed with messages that present unrealistic and unhealthy body images. This book will prevent a lifetime of struggles and negative self-perceptions.

Lose It For Life

Lose It For Life Author Stephen Arterburn
ISBN-10 9780529124463
Release 2007-08-05
Pages 288
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Study Guide and Devotional companion to the Lose It For Life book.

Lose It for Life Workbook

Lose It for Life Workbook Author Stephen Arterburn
ISBN-10 9781418580483
Release 2004-12-26
Pages 228
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Everywhere you turn, you hear hype on the latest weight-loss craze--low carb vs. low fat, cardio vs. weight training, diet pills vs. surgery. Most of those programs will help you drop a few pounds, but for how long? And for what purpose? Just to look better? Yet you are more than a physical being. You want a holistic approach to health that doesn't stop at "physical" fitness. Lose It For Life is your answer--a uniquely balanced program that deals with the physical, emotional, and especially the spiritual elements that lead to permanent weight loss. Lose It For Life was developed by best-selling author and radio personality, Stephen Arterburn, who lost 60 pounds 20 years ago and has kept it off. In his revolutionary book, he and Dr. Linda Mintle, who is known for her clinical work with those dealing with weight issues, gave you the game plan for accomplishing what you desire most: permanent results. This workbook picks up where the book left off, offering a wide variety of exercises and activities to lead you to the next level in understanding why you do what you do, how you can shed bad habits for good, and how, with the help of God and others, you can develop a whole new approach to life, to eating, and to living healthy and free! Lose It For Life is truly the total solution for permanent weight loss. And the Lose It For Life Workbook is the perfect companion to help you maintain your results permanently! It contains even more of the information and motivation you need to live healthy, look good, and to finally . . . Lose It For Life!

Lose it for Life

Lose it for Life Author
ISBN-10 9780785228080
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Lose it for Life has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Lose it for Life also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Lose it for Life book for free.

Lose It

Lose It Author Charles Teague
ISBN-10 9781609617325
Release 2010-12-21
Pages 224
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From the creators of the hit iPhone application, the revolutionary weight loss plan used by more than 5 million people For years, we've been taught that in order to lose weight, we have to avoid the foods we love and exercise until we drop. To get lean, you have to be extreme right? Wrong. Dieting is a zero-sum game. You can lose weight fast, but more than a third of people regain all of the weight they've lost within a year. So why waste time following someone else's diet advice when you can drop the pounds on your own terms? With Lose It!, the power to lose weight is in your hands. No deprivation, no detox, no hard-and-fast rules--just a plan that empowers you to create your own, personalized strategy tailored to your individual lifestyle, schedule, dietary needs, and goals. Despite what many "experts" would lead you to believe, weight loss boils down to simple math: calories in vs. calories out. To shed pounds, you have to end each day with a calorie deficit. It sounds easy enough, but studies show that 63 percent of Americans grossly underestimate their daily calorie intake. In fact, the average American consumes a staggering 3,790 calories a day--that's enough calories to gain more than 10 pounds every month! Lose It!'s life-changing philosophy and program have already helped more than 5 million people lose weight. In this, the first-ever book to be developed from an iPhone app, readers will learn the five pillars of the Lose It! strategy: Embrace mindful empowerment: Take control of your body and the foods you put in it. Track your calories: There are no points or complicated algorithms to follow. But every snack, taste, and bite counts! Track your habits. Spot behavior patterns--good and bad--that you can modify to help you meet your goal. Track your exercise. Learn how to burn more calories in less time and boost your calorie burn even when you're not at the gym. Benefit from peer support. Your social network inspires you, keeps you accountable, and provides insight and advice. With Lose It!, you can forget about following someone else's idea of what you should and shouldn't eat and simply learn to love food again. The best possible weight loss plan, after all, is the one that you design yourself.

Losing It

Losing It Author John Whitney
ISBN-10 9780595315734
Release 2003-04-30
Pages 212
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Losing It? The Psychology of Losing Weight and Never Finding it Again is a step-by-step guide to solving a weight problem once and for all-without dieting-as well as author John Whitney's personal story using this technique. Whitney was inspired to lose over 100 pounds after attending a course on the Cornerstone life management method in 1983. Using this approach, the author solved a lifelong weight problem, maintains the weight loss to this day, and even managed to do something previously as unimaginable as running The New York Marathon. In addition to assisting with the Cornerstone seminars, Whitney has written Losing It? to make the concepts available to a wider audience. He has maintained the weight loss for over 20 years without dieting, and continues to follow the Cornerstone Concept today. The Cornerstones provide the infrastructure to lose weight permanently and the tools to re-invent yourself, as you truly want to be. If you have tried endless fad diets only to find yourself more miserable than when you started, Losing It? The Psychology of Losing Weight and Never Finding it Again provides the solution you have been seeking-without dieting! Visit www.LosingIt.com on the Web.

Lose It Before You Lose It

Lose It Before You Lose It Author Denise Dance
ISBN-10 9781456842277
Release 2011-01-19
Pages 110
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Lose It Before You Lose It is a story of how to overcome what appears to you as the worst of circumstances. It is one of inspiration and hope and will give the reader confidence to accomplish what seems to be an impossible task. It allows you to face your fears and move beyond the difficulties of mans validation or acceptance of the real you. It is heart riveting and will bring both exposure and closure to many of your life experiences. It is an honest book as the author shares both the trials and triumphs of life. The book speaks of teen pregnancy, diverse addictions, sicknesses, relationships, the practice of bad habits and the most stifling one of all... being overweight. This book will captivate the mind of the reader with stories that are both challenging, compelling and, most of all, true. The book will cause the mind of the reader to be liberated. It will teach you how to free yourself from yourself and, more importantly, how to attack those embedded negative thoughts. The book gives one the faith to believe and the will power to achieve what looks like your greatest impossibility. I assure you that this book is one of the greatest reads of all time and guaranteed to help you in all facets of life. I encourage you to read this book.

Where Did You Lose It

Where Did You Lose It Author Apostol Tony Barhoo
ISBN-10 1462893554
Release 2011-07-21
Pages 85
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Where Did You Lose It? is an enlightening, Biblically-inspired book, written to help it’s readers realize how often and how easily we can take our spiritual lives for granted; and inspire us to take an introspection in order to bring a postitive change to our lives allowing us to fulfill our God Given purpose.

Pass It on Or Lose It

Pass It on Or Lose It Author Lewis M. Coiner
ISBN-10 9781615664375
Release 2010-03
Pages 100
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Do you think America will be around forever? Think again. Modern-day society is slowly sinking And The Older Generations have an obligation to do something about it. Now is the time for action. In Pass it on or Lose It, Lewis M. Coiner discusses important topics relating To The future of twenty-first century America such as the importance of family And The decline of morality. When considering the memories and experiences that can be learned and saved from the older generations, there are only two options: Pass it on or Lose It.

Lose It Fast Lose It Forever

Lose It Fast  Lose It Forever Author Pete Thomas
ISBN-10 9781101599846
Release 2012-09-13
Pages 336
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Foreword by Jillian Michaels One of the most successful contestants on NBC’s The Biggest Loser shares his time-tested fitness program, which has helped hundreds of his students lose weight . . . and keep it off. Pete Thomas weighed more than 400 pounds when he landed on the NBC hit reality show The Biggest Loser. Nine months later, he won the $100,000 prize after losing a whopping 185 pounds. Determined to help others, he now teaches a weight-loss program that has led to lasting results in hundreds of students from all walks of life. In Lose It Fast, Lose It Forever, he makes his phenomenal four-step process available to everyone. Raised in and out of foster care because of his mother’s mental illness, Thomas knew the pain of physical and emotional hunger throughout his childhood. This has given him special insight as a weight-loss coach, and his turnaround is a remarkable testament to his program. These fundamentals provide lasting results: start with a commitment to lose just one pound at a time; create transformational life changes in your mind, mouth, and muscles; get rid of even those last, few, pesky extra pounds; and learn how to maintain a lifetime of fitness and health. Easy-to-implement action steps will keep readers motivated. With recent achievements that include completing two triathlons and delivering the keynote address at the National Congress on Obesity, Thomas’s inspiring story will help all readers discover the winner within.


Karma Author Karen Reed Hadalski
ISBN-10 9781589828452
Release 2011
Pages 207
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Karma isn’t a mystery. Karma isn’t an esoteric philosophy. Karma is a natural law--the Law of Cause and Effect--and, just like gravity, it is constantly at work in the world and in your life, whether you know it or believe in it or not. The book you are holding will give you the knowledge and tools necessary to discover and understand the playing-out of karma in your physical, mental, psychological, social, and spiritual life. It will help you to make sense of your life-circumstances and provide a road map for traveling to a more fulfilling, joyous, and purposeful future.

Busy People s Slow Cooker Cookbook

Busy People s Slow Cooker Cookbook Author Dawn Hall
ISBN-10 9781418580421
Release 2003-06-09
Pages 256
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It's all about easy. "Your life is probably as hectic as mine. You want to put together an entire meal for a king (or queen), but you don't have time. I promise you that with Busy People's slow cooker recipes you can do that in 15 to 20 minutes, dash out the door, and later dine deliciously. And it will look as if you have been slaving in the kitchen all day." ?Dawn Hall Recipes are low in fat and high in flavor. Using pocket pouches is the secret to cooking an entire meal at once. Cakes and breads as well as stews and casseroles are easy to prepare. Slow cookers are great for summer a well as winter because they make cooking cooler and they are great for camping. Includes recipes for: Coconut Cream Oatmeal Chicken Cobbler Steak & Potato Cattlemen's Soup Black Forest Upside-Down Cake Taco Chowder Hot Fudge Spoon Cake

Stay Fit For Life

Stay Fit For Life Author DK
ISBN-10 9780241328088
Release 2017-10-05
Pages 192
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Restore strength and balance to your everyday movement with 62 functional exercises, targeted routines, and three four-week fitness programmes from exercise guru Joshua Kozak. Make 50 the new 40! Stay Fit for Life empowers you to continue to move with the ease and efficiency of youth when performing everyday, functional movements such as bending, twisting, pushing, pulling, and reaching, making daily activities such as gardening or playing with grandchildren both smoother and stronger. Unlike traditional resistance training that targets isolated muscle groups, the compound movement exercises and activity-specific programmes featured in Stay Fit for Life engage multiple muscle groups at the same time, helping you lead more a active, dynamic lives for years to come, no matter your fitness level.

Losing It Making Weight Loss Simple

Losing It  Making Weight Loss Simple Author Prachi Gupta
ISBN-10 9781447242444
Release 2013-01-04
Pages 220
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You have probably tried losing weight at some point in your life, or at least thought about it. Well-meaning and well-intentioned articles, websites and ‘experts’ give out advice on losing weight through the latest research, ‘super’ foods or following ‘magical’ weight-loss techniques. This complicates the process and gives out conflicting information. What is lacking, then, is a coherent how-to which provides you with the pros and cons of healthy foods and foods which have ‘healthy’ claims attached to them, beverages and exercise. Losing It! fills in this gap with tips that are easy to tie into your daily life, resulting in long-term weight loss while gaining in nutrition and fitness. Faced with stores full of choices and the demands of a busy life, how do get together a balanced meal? What foods have empty calories and which ones really help you? Is bread bad for you? Should you not eat rice? What are the healthy choices you can opt for while eating out? Does going to the gym help? What’s holding back your weight loss? Losing It! addresses your everyday burning queries and concerns simply, and is chock-full of tips and suggestions for you to lose weight effectively. Informative and user-friendly, this is a book that will rest as easy in your bag or purse as on the bookshelf.

Preaching Through Luke

Preaching Through Luke Author James C. Goodloe IV
ISBN-10 9781630872632
Release 2014-01-22
Pages 338
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Luke wrote this Gospel so "that you [Theophilus] may have certainty concerning the things you have been taught [i.e., catechesis]" (1:4). It proceeds with a barrage of questions. The first comes from Zechariah: "How shall I know?" (1:18). This is a question of knowledge. The angel Gabriel answers that we shall know by the word of God (1:19). The second comes from Mary: "How will this be?" (1:34). This is a question of agency, of how the Son of God can become human. Gabriel answers that it will be by the power of God (1:35). The third comes from Elizabeth: "Why me?" (1:43). Why should the gospel of Jesus Christ come to her? Mary answers that it has to do with God's choice, election, mercy, and salvation (1:47-55). The fourth has to do with John: "What then will this child be?" (1:66). Zechariah answers that he will be a prophet (1:76-79). John is not the Christ, but he will go before the Christ. Thus begins the catechism according to Luke, a series of questions in order that we may have certainty concerning the things we have been taught.

Matt Hoover s Guide to Life Love and Losing Weight

Matt Hoover s Guide to Life  Love  and Losing Weight Author Matt Hoover
ISBN-10 9781602392908
Release 2008
Pages 218
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A Biggest Loser contestant shares the personal story of how he lost control of his weight along with various aspects of his personal life, identifies key misconceptions about weight loss, and traces his recent successes while providing no-nonsense advice about reaching healthy fitness goals. Original. 25,000 first printing.

Whatever Happened to the Power of God It s Time to Rock the Boat

Whatever Happened to the Power of God    It s Time to Rock the Boat Author Michael L. Brown
ISBN-10 9780768491814
Release 2012-06-01
Pages 343
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Together for the first time in a single volume, two of Dr. Michael L. Brown's groundbreaking works are ready to challenge a new generation of Christians to combat the status quo of a compromised church and a godless society.-----Have you ever wondered why you rarely-if ever-see the kinds of miracles today that were so common in the Bible? Whatever Happened to the Power of God? explores why so few of the seriously ill are healed, why apparent encounters with God's supernatural power so rarely change lives, and why spiritual warfare seems to have little effect on society. This book asks the questions you have always wanted to ask and confronts you with answers that will change your life. Find out what's holding back the power of God! ----- In It's Time to Rock the Boat, Dr. Brown reveals the biblical pattern for changing society through preaching a confrontational gospel. The Old Testament prophets, New Testament apostles, John the Baptist, and Jesus the Messiah Himself were not content to let society be dragged down by its sinful and destructive elements-they took a stand against an onslaught of degradation and made waves that rocked the world! God is calling each of us to be part of that world-shaking movement. It's time!