Internationalization Design and Global Development

Internationalization  Design and Global Development Author P.L. Patrick Rau
ISBN-10 9783642216602
Release 2011-06-27
Pages 699
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This volume constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Internationalization, Design and Global Development, IDGD 2011, held in Orlando, FL, USA, in July 2011 in the framework of the 14th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, HCII 2011. The 71 revised papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from numerous submissions. The papers accepted for presentation thoroughly cover the entire field of internationalization, design and global development and address the following major topics: Cultural and cross-cultural design, culture and usability, design, emotion, trust and aesthetics, cultural issues in business and industry, culture, communication and society.

Internationalization Design and Global Development

Internationalization  Design and Global Development Author Nuray Aykin
ISBN-10 9783642027673
Release 2009-07-15
Pages 526
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Internationalization Design and Global Development has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Internationalization Design and Global Development also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Internationalization Design and Global Development book for free.

Systems Social and Internationalization Design Aspects of Human computer Interaction

Systems  Social  and Internationalization Design Aspects of Human computer Interaction Author Michael J. Smith
ISBN-10 080583608X
Release 2001-08-01
Pages 1128
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Please see Volume I for a full description.

Internationalization of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle

Internationalization of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Author Nuclear and Radiation Studies Board
ISBN-10 9780309126601
Release 2009-01-26
Pages 160
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The so-called nuclear renaissance has increased worldwide interest in nuclear power. This potential growth also has increased, in some quarters, concern that nonproliferation considerations are not being given sufficient attention. In particular, since introduction of many new power reactors will lead to requiring increased uranium enrichment services to provide the reactor fuel, the proliferation risk of adding enrichment facilities in countries that do not have them now led to proposals to provide the needed fuel without requiring indigenous enrichment facilities. Similar concerns exist for reprocessing facilities. Internationalization of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle summarizes key issues and analyses of the topic, offers some criteria for evaluating options, and makes findings and recommendations to help the United States, the Russian Federation, and the international community reduce proliferation and other risks, as nuclear power is used more widely. This book is intended for all those who are concerned about the need for assuring fuel for new reactors and at the same time limiting the spread of nuclear weapons. This audience includes the United States and Russia, other nations that currently supply nuclear material and technology, many other countries contemplating starting or growing nuclear power programs, and the international organizations that support the safe, secure functioning of the international nuclear fuel cycle, most prominently the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Usability and Internationalization Global and Local User Interfaces

Usability and Internationalization  Global and Local User Interfaces Author Nuray Aykin
ISBN-10 9783540732891
Release 2007-08-24
Pages 578
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This is the second of a two-volume set that constitutes the refereed proceedings of the Second International Conference on Usability and Internationalization, UIHCII 2007, held in Beijing, China in July 2007. The papers of this second volume cover global and local user interfaces and are organized in topical sections on designing global and local products and services, as well as enhancing and personalizing the user experience.

The Internationalization of U S Manufacturing

The Internationalization of U S  Manufacturing Author Committee for the Study of the Causes and Consequences of the Internationalization of U.S. Manufacturing
ISBN-10 9780309597425
Release 1990-01-15
Pages 63
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On the basis of discussions and analysis of the current environment for international competition, this book was written to dispel misconceptions regarding the motivating forces behind internationalization and, therefore, to improve understanding of both the challenges and the opportunities of a global market and production base. Important consequences of internationalization for both manufacturers and national policy are described. The volume provides an assessment of what it takes to be successful as manufacturers and as a nation in the international competitive environment.

Usability and Internationalization of Information Technology

Usability and Internationalization of Information Technology Author Nuray Aykin
ISBN-10 1410611094
Release 2016-04-19
Pages 392
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Today, more and more Web sites are providing content in multiple languages for targeted countries, and more and more products are being designed for cultural differences in mind. However, the concept of cross-cultural design has not yet become a strong force in the practitioners' and educators' agenda. This book looks at techniques, software, tools, the current state of the art, and future directions that one needs to understand for a successful application of cross-cultural interface design. Usability and Internationalization of Information Technology provides a bridge between theoretical foundations and practical examples, as well as guidelines for designing information technology for different cultures, languages, and locales. Written by some of the foremost practitioners from the United States, Europe, and Asia, the book is organized into three sections. It begins with a general introduction to the topic and discusses cultural considerations. Part II focuses on some aspects of design, cost justification and international usability evaluations. Part III covers three case studies on international user interface design. An appendix is included at the end of the book, providing a list of books and magazines published in the area of internationalization in the user interface design, project management, software design and development fields, as well as valuable resources, the leading journals, and the non-profit organizations that deal with internationalization.

Engineering Global E commerce Sites

Engineering Global E commerce Sites Author James Bean
ISBN-10 1558608923
Release 2003
Pages 230
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This book, written from a software engineering point of view, provides the practitioner's guide to developing global e-commerce sites.

Small and Medium sized Enterprises and the Global Economy

Small and Medium sized Enterprises and the Global Economy Author Gerald I. Susman
ISBN-10 9781847204431
Release 2007-01-01
Pages 345
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Globalization has jarred the traditional role and competitiveness of small- and medium-sized enterprises. This masterful volume comprises leading scholars, policy makers and business leaders who have new insights and strategies for SMEs creating opportunities rather than being victims of globalization. The result is a breakthrough in our understanding of entrepreneurship in the global context. David B. Audretsch, Indiana University, Bloomington, US and WHU, Germany Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) often have difficulty competing in the global economy unless they collaborate with domestic or foreign partners or with public sector organizations. This book addresses the resource leverage and innovation challenges that increased global trade represents for SMEs. In doing so, it explores how SMEs can become more competitive at home and in foreign markets as stand-alone firms or as members of supplier and customer networks. SMEs are turning increasingly to innovation as a source of competitive advantage in order to protect their home markets and participate in expanding foreign markets. The contributors to this volume leading experts in entrepreneurship, innovation, and international business provide in-depth coverage of the most compelling issues facing SMEs. These include: innovation as a competitive strategy, network dynamics, ways to leverage technology, internationalization, and the role of the public sector in helping SMEs to overcome resource deficiencies. This comprehensive look at SMEs in the global marketplace will be of great interest to academics who study entrepreneurship, innovation, or international business, officials from public sector agencies with responsibility for helping SMEs to internationalize and become more innovative, and senior executives of SMEs or executives of larger companies who are considering collaboration with SMEs.

Emerging Economies and Firms in the Global Crisis

Emerging Economies and Firms in the Global Crisis Author Marin Marinov
ISBN-10 9781137277473
Release 2012-11-14
Pages 390
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Comprised of chapters that explore the impact of the global crisis on emerging economies and firms and their response to it. The ways in which the leading emerging economies of Brazil, Russia, India and China are dealing with the challenges of the crisis are complemented by the methods applied by countries and firms in Central and Eastern Europe.

Handbook of Research on Digital Libraries Design Development and Impact

Handbook of Research on Digital Libraries  Design  Development  and Impact Author Theng, Yin-Leng
ISBN-10 9781599048802
Release 2009-02-28
Pages 690
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"This book is an in-depth collection aimed at developers and scholars of research articles from the expanding field of digital libraries"--Provided by publisher.


Interactions Author
ISBN-10 CORNELL:31924083076913
Release 2001
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A magazine for designers of interactive products.

Internationalization of Research and Development

Internationalization of Research and Development Author Alberto Di Minn
ISBN-10 UCAL:C3507706
Release 2006
Pages 438
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Contrary to expectations, the results clearly support the case for "non-globalization", and suggest that in spite of growing internationalization of operations, there is no convincing evidence to reject the hypothesis that core technology activities remain homebound.

Teaching and Learning Culture

Teaching and Learning Culture Author Mads Jakob Kirkebæk
ISBN-10 9789462094406
Release 2013-11-19
Pages 178
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This book is based on educational research conducted by researchers from the Department of Learning and Philosophy and the Confucius Institute for Innovation and Learning at Aalborg University. Empirically, it reports on different approaches to teaching and learning of culture, including a student-centered task-based problem-based learning (PBL) approach, a digital technology-supported approach and more. It also reports on how, when teaching and learning culture, teachers’ professional identity and the informal teaching and learning environment impact the teaching and learning of culture in different educational settings from primary school to university. A central theme in the book is the power of context. The studies illustrate in multiple ways, and from different angles, that “culture is not taught in a vacuum or learned in isolation”, but may be influenced by many factors both inside and outside the classroom; at the same time, culture also influences the context of the learning. The context may be “invisible” and hide itself as tacit knowledge or embedded values, or it may be very visible and present itself as a fixed curriculum or an established tradition. No matter what forms and shapes the context takes, the studies in this book strongly indicate that it is essential to be aware of the power of context in teaching and learning culture in order to understand it and negotiate it. This book suggests that teachers should not try to limit or avoid contextual influences, but instead, should explore how the context may be integrated into and used constructively in the teaching and learning of culture. This allowance of context in the classroom will allow for teachers, students, subjects and contexts to enter into a dialogue and negotiation of meaning that will enrich each other and achieve the established goal – acquisition of cultural awareness and intercultural understanding.

Global Engineering

Global Engineering Author Carlos Acosta
ISBN-10 1439811563
Release 2009-09-08
Pages 256
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As the world becomes increasingly globalized, today’s companies expect to hire engineers who are effective in a global business environment. Although you can find many books covering globalization, most of them are aimed at business, management, or social sciences. Developed with engineers in mind, Global Engineering: Design, Decision Making, and Communication covers the theory, models, and decision making tools for incorporating globalization into engineering work. Written by a multidisciplinary team of experts in industrial, mechanical, and manufacturing engineering and organizational communications, this book is a primer on how to improve designs, make better decisions, and communicate more effectively in an international working environment. The contents of the book reflect the authors’ multidisciplinary perspective and their experience in working on projects around the world. The book presents globalization as a phenomenon affecting the way companies operate and their engineering functions. It uses a case study format based on system improvement projects and real industrial projects, ranging from design to supply chain and logistics problems. This case study format allows for a natural presentation of critical technical and non-technical concepts and their complex interactions. The challenge that engineers face in a global environment results from the need to be aware of interdependencies and to be able to determine which ones are most important in each situation. Unique in its focus on engineering, this book provides a framework for how to better design, make decisions, and communicate in the new era of global competition.

Research in the Decision Sciences for Global Business

Research in the Decision Sciences for Global Business Author European Decision Sciences Institute
ISBN-10 9780134050966
Release 2015-02-18
Pages 384
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This volume brings together important new research in decision science, capturing the crucial role of local context in a globalized, standardized world. Assembling the best work presented at the 2013 Conference of the European Decision Sciences Institute, it considers classic decision science problems from a new perspective, offering insights for improving decision-making in government, business, healthcare, education, manufacturing, the military, and beyond. The papers in Common Disciplines that Separate Us embrace the duality of globally determined local contexts, offering new approaches to decision-making related to: Strengthening national economic competitiveness Reforming the public sector and higher education Deploying information technology more effectively throughout government Making healthcare policy that achieves better outcomes at lower cost Analyzing social networks Improving processes via data visualization, modeling, and simulation Gaining more value from enterprise business intelligence Offshoring, nearshoring, "right shoring," and other key manufacturing decisions Improving supply chain performance And much more The papers collected here will be valuable to wide audiences of faculty, researchers, and students in diverse programs covering business, public administration, and economics; and for others interested in the frontiers of decision science.

Leadership Development in a Global World

Leadership Development in a Global World Author J. Canals
ISBN-10 9781137283320
Release 2012-10-29
Pages 259
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Global companies are facing a new, pressure to develop leaders with global mindsets. The war for managerial talent has never been so intense. Companies and business schools need not only to fine tune practices and models, but redesign current paradigms and create more effective and sustainable ways to invest in leadership development.