Insatiable Author Gael Greene
ISBN-10 9780759515338
Release 2006-04-04
Pages 384
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With her passion for fine food and, above all, her appetite for love and life, Gael Greene traces her rise from a Velveeta cocoon in the Midwest to powerful critic of New York magazine. Love and food, foreplay and fork play, haute cuisine and social history--all become inextricably linked as the author lifts the lid on her most provocative subject yet--herself. Along the way there are tales of her saucy erotic adventures and intimate portraits of the culinary icons of our time--Julia Child, André Soltner, James Beard, among others--and revealing dissections of New York's legendary "in" spots, including Elaine's, Le Bernardin, Le Cirque, Odeon, and Balthazar.


Insatiable Author Marc Siegel
ISBN-10 9781493516971
Release 2014-11-01
Pages 203
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Insatiable is one wild ride. This is the amazingly true story of a very debaucherous individual, who lives every aspect of his life to the razor's edge. Marc Siegel takes the reader from his first sex act to his favorite jokes, and from his award winning sales techniques to his sordid confessions and personal philosophies on life. From Wall Street to China, leading to his earning the coveted Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for 2008, Siegel's charm and non-stop partying exploits lure the reader into his compelling yet zany life's story. Through the sorrowful passing of his father, his shockingly hilarious adventures in Chinese massage parlors, and the torrid pace of his life after retiring independently wealthy at age 48, Insatiable will take readers on an emotional roller coaster ride. It is the new bible for living on the edge! Insatiable... read it. learn it. live it!


Insatiable Author Heather Hunter
ISBN-10 0312380690
Release 2008-07-08
Pages 288
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In a rare glimpse at the real life of a porn star, Heather Hunter shares a fictional account inspired by her own emergence in the adult film industry with the story of Simone Young. Simone is dying to become a star but her mother thinks if she's old enough to stay out all night partying, then she's old enough to get a real job. And that is exactly what Simone does, only she finds work in a world that changes her life forever. When Simone's best friend Carmen introduces her to the game of sex work, she embarks on a path she could have never imagined. Heather Hunter's Insatiable is sizzling hot erotica and a fascinating look at the life of a porn star.


Insatiable Author Meg Cabot
ISBN-10 9780007462131
Release 2012-06-21
Pages 464
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From the best-selling author of PRINCESS DIARIES comes this supernatural romance with real bite...


Insatiable Author Virginia Henley
ISBN-10 9781101498118
Release 2004-11-02
Pages 416
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New York Times bestselling author Virginia Henley weaves an enchanting tale of passion and intrigue in England's Golden Age-where a woman's reckless search for adventure leads her to the man destined to claim her... Catherine Seton Spencer, a young maiden of Queen Elizabeth's court, is cursed with impulsiveness. When she meets Patrick Hepburn, who's visiting the court after a tour of duty patrolling the Scottish borderlands, Cat thinks he's an arrogant brute-and Patrick thinks Cat's a spoiled shrew. Divided by loyalties and society, but bound by desire that drives them into each other's arms, Cat and Patrick find themselves in an intricate web of deceit and danger that threatens to topple the throne-and tear the lovers apart.


Insatiable Author Erica Rivera
ISBN-10 9781101148624
Release 2009-10-06
Pages 368
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A raw and engrossing memoir of a young mother's addiction to eating disorders and her struggle toward health-now in paperback. At twenty-four, Erica Rivera appeared to have it all: a B.A., two daughters, a successful husband, a house in the suburbs-and a great body. But under the surface, Erica was struggling with an addiction. She developed a self-destructive obsession with dieting, bingeing, purging, exercising, and, ultimately, anorexia. It wasn't until her very young daughters began to imitate her actions that she decided to get help-and to trace her disordered eating and body-image patterns across three generations of women in her family. Insatiable is the raw, candid, and ultimately uplifting story of one woman's plunge into the depths of addiction and her fragile fight to climb back out. Getting to the root of her own problems helped her show her own daughters where happiness truly lies: in loving oneself.


Insatiable Author Valérie Tasso
ISBN-10 9781407056531
Release 2010-06-02
Pages 336
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‘Today as I was leaving home, I saw a guy in the street. Just by exchanging glances, we decided to make love.’ Valerie Tasso is an unashamedly promiscuous French woman who becomes a high-class prostitute in Madrid. This is her story, told in riveting and explicit detail. From sex in a graveyard, to unusual acts with coca-cola bottles, she explores every fetish with joyful abandon. In the tradition of Belle du Jour and The Sexual Life of Catherine M, Valerie Tasso's memoir is an addictive tale of passion and promiscuity.


Insatiable Author Shary Hauer
ISBN-10 9781631529832
Release 2015-05-20
Pages 220
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In her professional life, Shary Hauer was a confident, successful, high-caliber executive coach who advised big-time corporate leaders around the globe—but her personal life was an entirely different matter. When it came to love, she was insecure, clingy, desperate, willing to do anything and everything to win and keep a man. Because without a man by her side, what good was she? In Insatiable, Hauer fearlessly chronicles her emotional journey from despair to hope, rejection to redemption, and self-hate to self-love, one man at a time. In candid detail, she relates what it is like to be trapped in the torturous cycle of love addiction—what it’s like to be forever searching, needing, obsessing, scheming, and agonizing for love, suffering from a hunger that never ceases—and what it takes to break free of that cycle. An intimate, soul-baring tale that sheds much-needed light on one of the least understood and talked about addictions, Insatiable is the story of one woman’s journey through the hellish, the humiliating, and the humbling in her single-minded pursuit of the most addictive drug of all: love.

Insatiable Mills Boon Temptation

Insatiable  Mills   Boon Temptation Author Julie Leto
ISBN-10 9781472083289
Release 2014-06-13
Pages 224
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CEO Dominick LaRocca loves fine food and even finer women. Only, ever since his grandmothers put his photo (not to mention his income and marital status) on the label of the family pasta sauce, he hasn't been able to enjoy either! Now that he's become a wanted man, he needs a bodyguard.


ISBN-10 1469722259
Release 2003-10-22
Pages 152
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A dark cloud follows Dr. Eric Stevens, a young and hardworking psychiatrist. Painful thoughts of his deceased wife have continually haunted him since tragic her death. Hiding his problems, he tries to assist his psychiatric patients with theirs. After finding him leaning over the mutilated body of his fiancée, a rough edged detective brings in a new patient covered in blood. Everything around Eric becomes crazed and his patients become fearful. Unbeknownst to Eric, something dark and evil has grown interested in him. Those around him fall victim and the only saving grace is murder.


Lust Author Adams Media
ISBN-10 9781440528040
Release 2011-09-18
Pages 160
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The Seven Deadly Sins have sliced up the dictionary and taken what's theirs. No one vice is too greedy as each volume prides itself on having more than 500 entries. Word lovers will lust after these richly packaged volumes--and once you've collected all seven, you'll be the envy of all your friends. Lust: A Dictionary for the Insatiable Once just isn't enough. You'll want to ogle these entries multiple times, all night long. Nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, whatever their particular pleasure--or pleasures--they'll find 'em inside.


Insatiable Author Jason Fagone
ISBN-10 9781448114641
Release 2011-11-30
Pages 320
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Bill 'EL Wingador' Simmons, Sonya 'The Black Widow' Thomas, David 'Coondog' O'Karma, Bill 'EL Wingador' Simmons, Sonya 'The Black Widow' Thomas, David 'Coondog' O'Karma, Eric 'Badlands' Booker, Timothy 'Eater X' Janus - just a few of the stars of one of America's fastest growing sports: competitive eating. In a country in which a third of the population is clinically obese, competitive eating has made the leap from trestle tables and paper napkins to stadium arenas - in the past two years, more than 1.4 million households have tuned in to Nathan's hot dog contest on ESPN. Beginning with a trip to Japan in search of the elusive (and surprising slim-line) champion Takeru Kobayashi and ending up at the sport's annual grand finale in Coney Island, Jason Fagone spends a year with the stars of the scene, watching as they eat their way into (or out of) oblivion, and finding out just what compels a 'gurgitator' to force down forty-six dozen oysters in ten minutes. Wickedly funny and devastatingly insightful, Jason Fagone uses this weirdest of sports as a lens through which to examine the dark side of the American Dream - the never-ending quest for wealth, celebrity, possessions and food. And along the way, he uncovers the wonderfully human stories at the heart of this seemingly unnourished corner of American culture. Bigger, better, richer, fatter, Insatiable unlocks a world we all need to face up to. Dig In.

Prisoner of the Blood Insatiable

Prisoner of the Blood Insatiable Author David Dvorkin
ISBN-10 9781587151897
Release 2000-09-01
Pages 202
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Prisoner of the Blood Insatiable has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Prisoner of the Blood Insatiable also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Prisoner of the Blood Insatiable book for free.


Insatiable Author Cari Quinn
ISBN-10 9781607379515
Release 2011-02-15
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Having all of her is the only thing that will satisfy him... Shawn Griffin and Rachel Cooper have been best friends practically since birth, thanks to their families’ close relationship. But for the past few years, Shawn has been fantasizing about getting his best pal in his bed. When she announces she’s taking a trip to reconnect with an old lover, Shawn knows the time has come to put up or shut up. If she wants to go to New York City, fine. But he’s coming with her. Rachel doesn’t know what to think of Shawn’s sudden interest. Determined to live life on her own terms, she refuses to fall right in line with her wealthy family’s wish that they get married and have perfect little babies. She just didn’t count on how determined her seemingly laid back -- and extremely sexy -- best friend would become after setting his sights on what he wants. Her, over and over again. But when tragedy strikes, Rachel begins to wonder if she’ll lose not only her lover but her best friend too.


Insatiable Author Stuart Sim
ISBN-10 9781780237817
Release 2017-06-15
Pages 224
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Hurling our financial markets through tempests of speculation, driving our businesses into practices of simultaneous austerity (for those on the bottom) and lavish expenditure (for those on the top), and flying high as a banner for outspoken bankers, brokers, and politicians alike has been a prevailing ethos: greed is good. In this book, Stuart Sim calls for an end to this madness, exposing the massively damaging effects that greed has had on both public and private life and showing how the actions of a socially irresponsible “greedocracy” have systematically undermined our democratic institutions. Ranging across politics, economic theory, finance, healthcare, the food industry, sports, religion, and the arts, Sim demonstrates how deeply embedded the greed imperative is in human psychology. As he shows, all of us as individuals are capable of greed—usually in small and insignificant ways—but some embrace it to the extreme, and moreover it has thrived as a powerful force in our wider culture and institutions, asserting itself everywhere we go. The food industry encourages us to overeat. The medical industry has increasingly been driven by profits rather than well-being. Corporations hypocritically claim fiscal responsibility, driving down workers’ wages while paying executives—even those who drive the business into the ground—record sums. Looking at larger phenomena such as the increasing wealth gap and exponential population growth, Sim also proffers various ways we can deal with greed in our day-to-day lives. And as he shows, we must deal with it. Insatiable is a wakeup call to recognize the horrible effects that greed is having on our relationships, institutions, cultures, environment—even on our own bodies—and that we must resist it wherever we can.


Insatiable Author Marne Davis Kellogg
ISBN-10 9780307569202
Release 2009-08-05
Pages 368
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A sweeping novel of suspense and intrigue-played out against the glamorous playgrounds of the rich; starring a beautiful and mysterious woman who leaves a path of death and destruction in her wake. Jacqueline du Fidelio is a portrait painter with an international reputation and a dark secret in her past. Loyal only to her butler, closest friend, and confidant, the snobbish, neurotic, and completely amoral Nigel Weatherby-Smith, Jacqueline is fiercely independent--until it comes to affairs of the heart. Her penchant for toxic romantic involvements draws her to the worst kinds of men-from the rakishly unreliable and very married Ryder McCormick, her mother's former lover who has enthralled her since childhood, to Armand Weil, a debonair, fabulously wealthy art dealer who sweeps her off her feet, promises to take care of her forever, and deserts her at the worst possible moment. Junior Hammond, the sybaritic, obese, and uncultured heir to the Hammond oil fortune, finally succeeds in winning her hand in marriage. But like Jacqueline's other liaisons, the romance is soon wrapped in deadly shadows as members of the Hammond family begin to die in mysterious ways whenever Jacqueline is on the scene. Is Jacqueline the innocent victim of careless, uncaring men and circumstances beyond her control, or is she a dangerous manipulator, ruthlessly using her lovers to ensure her own survival? Does her apparent fragility actually mask a cold, lethal core, an insatiable need to prove her invulnerability? Taking readers from the lush hunt country of Virginia to New York City's glamorous art world, from the winter wonderland of Aspen, Colorado to the treacherous mountains of Nepal, Insatiable builds to almost unbearable suspense. It is only in the stunning final pages that we discover the terrible secret that haunts Jacqueline-and may have turned her into a killer. From the Hardcover edition.

Insatiable Government

Insatiable Government Author Garet Garrett
ISBN-10 9780870044830
Release 2008-05-01
Pages 300
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Who is Garet Garrett? Garet Garrett (1878-1954) is a case study in a forgotten genius, about whom Ludwig von Mises said: "His keen penetration and his forceful direct language are … unsurpassed by any author." His entire oeuvre offers a sparkling vision of peace under free markets.