How to Win Millions Playing Slot Machines

How to Win Millions Playing Slot Machines Author Frank Legato
ISBN-10 9781461741817
Release 2000-02-04
Pages 186
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Readers will learn secret strategies for maximizing their winning potential; which slot machine strategies are myths and which are facts; and which machines pay back the most money and most frequently. After reading this funny and insightful book, the reader will know everything there is to know about playing the slots.

Not Just Another Slot Machine Strategy System How to Win at Slot Machines

Not Just Another Slot Machine Strategy System  How to Win at Slot Machines Author Greg Elder
ISBN-10 1480120677
Release 2012-10-18
Pages 30
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Are you tired of searching for the hidden "secret" to winning millions of dollars on slot machines? Are you tired of being lied to about a "system" that guarantees you will win money every time you play slot machines? Well I am, so I decided to put the truth out. The bad news is there is no "secret system" that exists where you can beat the casinos playing slot machines. The good news is there is a system (for some reason people love the word "system" when it comes to gambling methods, so I'll stick with it), where you can leave the casino with money in your pocket, and not have that empty hollow feeling inside because you just lost more money than you can afford to lose. This is where I come in. With the system I've developed, you can still play slot machines and have a good time, but using these methods, you're more than likely going to come home with some money.

A Gambling Guide

A Gambling Guide Author Nicolae Sfetcu
Release 2014-05-03
Pages 1386
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Gambling as a betting action – wagering money or something of material value on an event with an uncertain outcome with the primary intent of winning additional money or material goods. A guide about what is gambling (with a special section for online gambling), casino games with both beatable casino games (poker , blackjack, video poker with progressive jackpot, pai gow poker, sports betting, horse racing – parimutuel, slot machines and other gambling machines) and unbeatable casino games (baccarat, craps, roulette, keno, casino war, faro, pachinko, sic bo, let it ride, 3-card poker, 4-card poker, red dog, Caribbean stud poker, etc.), and non-casino gambling games (bingo, lottery, mahjong, backgammon, bridge, etc.). Fixed-odds gambling in sports is also present in this book with horse racing, greyhound racing, football (particularly association football, American football and rugby), golf, tennis, cricket, baseball, basketball, ice hockey, snooker, motor sports, boxing, darts, cross-country skiing and biathlon. Please, don’t forget to take a look to the legality of the gambling and online gambling, as well as to the articles, warnings and links dedicated to the gambling addiction. Extreme cases of problem gambling may cross over into the realm of mental disorders.

Million Dollar Slots

Million Dollar Slots Author Peter Liston
ISBN-10 0987272969
Release 2012-11-01
Pages 170
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Learn how the world's leading slot play expert turned $500 into $Millions Can you really make money playing slot machines? Peter Liston, otherwise known as the Slot King has done just that, turning $500 into millions over the past eighteen years. For the first time, Peter reveals the secrets that have turned him from a high school teacher into a globe-trotting professional gambler doing what is considered to be impossible - playing the slot machines as a business. Share with Peter as he cracks the code to the slots, tests the theories in his local slot venues, then exploits that winning knowledge in hotels, clubs and casinos around the world. Peter has appeared in television and radio interviews in U.S.A., Australia and U.K.

I Am a Dice Controller

I Am a Dice Controller Author Frank Scoblete
ISBN-10 9781633191822
Release 2015-05-01
Pages 256
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Dice control. The only way to beat the casinos at craps! Frank Scoblete reveals his secrets and takes you step-by-step through his dice control techniques: sets, stance, grip, throw, arc, backspin, landing, proper betting, and the 5-Count. Additionally, Frank exposes the good, the bad, and the ugly betrayals he experienced in 25 years playing with the world's greatest dice controllers. Join the legendary Captain, the father of dice control. Marvel at the greatest dice controller of all time, the woman known as "The Arm" in the roaring days of Atlantic City! Meet today's dice control stars: the Dominator, Jerry "Stickman," Chris "Sharpshooter" Pawlicki, Howard "Rock 'n' Roller," Bill "Ace-10" Burton, Bob "Mr. Finesse," John "Skinny," [email protected], Billy "the Kid," Daryl "No Field Five," Arman "Pit Boss," Mark "Dice Pilot," Randy "Randman," and Tim "Timmer." Learn about PARR, the first dice control class created by controversial author Jerry Patterson. Enter the famous Golden Touch dice control school. Meet the great dice control teams: the Captain's Crew, the Lee Brothers, the Five Horsemen, and the tag teams of Marilyn "the Goddess" and Charlie "Sandtrap;" Heavenly Kitten and Star Shine; Pat "Dr. Crapology" and Janis "Alligator Rose." Meet the crooks, the cheats, the scoundrels, and the screw-ups of the dice-control world. Join Frank on his adventures inside the exclusive world of elite dice controllers.

How to Win at Gambling

How to Win at Gambling Author
ISBN-10 9781580424325
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How to Win at Gambling has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from How to Win at Gambling also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full How to Win at Gambling book for free.

Slots Conquest

Slots Conquest Author Frank Scoblete
ISBN-10 9781623684297
Release 2010-10-01
Pages 256
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Think all slot machines are the same? If so, that's why you're losing money. "Slots Conquest" will teach readers all the nuances of slot machines to improve the odds of winning. Written by one of the most experienced professional gamblers in the profession, "Slots Conquest" opens up the secret world of slot machines to everyone so that readers can learn how to identify the machines that will give the best odds to win. Different machines offer different odds of success, and this book explains how to identify the best machines to play in the casino to guarantee walking out a winner. Whether you're a longtime fan of the one-armed bandit or brand new to slot machines, "Slots Conquest" will change your approach to slot machines instantly.

No Limits

No Limits Author Debbie Tosun Kilday
ISBN-10 1470077884
Release 2012-02-01
Pages 260
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What would you do if you won 3.4 million dollars in 5 years just playing $1.00 slot machines? If you won, Would you help others in need or only help yourself? Come along with me as I explore the consequences of winning. Don't deny your heart's desire.

Winning Strategies for Slot Machine Players

Winning Strategies for Slot Machine Players Author V.F. Lawson a.k.a. Lucky Lady Lawson
ISBN-10 1469148242
Release 2012-01-13
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Winning Strategies for Slot Machine Players has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Winning Strategies for Slot Machine Players also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Winning Strategies for Slot Machine Players book for free.

The Slot Expert s Guide to Playing Slots

The Slot Expert s Guide to Playing Slots Author John Robison
ISBN-10 9780929712093
Release 2002
Pages 85
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The casino floors are jammed with new and different kinds of slot machines. InThe Slot Expert's Guide to Playing Slots, John Robison tells you what they are, how they work, and how you should play them. Formerly sold in bulky report format, this new pocket-sized book can be carried along easily to be used as a reference in the casinos. Contains graphics of slot and video poker pay schedules you'll encounter, along with representative return percentages. Learn how to: Tell the difference between multipliers, bonus multipliers, buy-a-pays, multi-lines, progressives, and the hot new Australian-style slots. Identify when you should play full-coin and when you shouldn't. Distinguish high-hit-frequency from low-hit-frequency machines and understand how playing them will affect the payback rate. The Slot Expert's Guide to Playing Slots also covers general practicalities of slot play, offering facts and tips on machine selection, payout percentages, slot myths, the value of systems, taxes on jackpots, and the use of slot clubs.

Mensa Guide to Casino Gambling

Mensa Guide to Casino Gambling Author Andrew Brisman
ISBN-10 1402713002
Release 2004
Pages 272
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“The runaway winner as the best overall gambling encyclopedia written in the past 20 years.”—Detroit Free Press Walk away from every casino a winner! Take it from Mensa, the society for people with high IQs: you don’t have to be a genius to triumph at the tables. Here’s the inside line on the games and bets that give the best advantage. Do you know whether to split a pair of aces in blackjack, which slot machines carry the worst payback for the player, and why losses are more significant at video than “live” keno? Beat the bank by understanding all this and more, including odds and probability, the “house edge,” money management, and gambling psychology. The chips will just pile up. The author lives in New York, NY.

Slot Machine Junkie

Slot Machine Junkie Author John C. Steele
ISBN-10 9781623095871
Release 2012-08-05
Pages 68
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Slot Machine Junkie: How to Win at Slots Consistently, covers betting concepts and spending habits that makes sense when you apply them in your betting sessions. The concepts covered in this book truly encourages you to apply your common sense in the decision making process that precedes slots betting. When you learn to apply common sense, you will feel confident regardless of whether you are dealing with an expected or unexpected situation. You can enjoy the roller coaster playing experience when you play with your own strategy, driven by free will and customized betting decisions, as opposed to feeling restricted with defense mechanisms, when you are applying someone else’s betting strategy. No matter how many betting systems you learn, how many betting plans you draft, sometimes it becomes impossible to control the results, and the only thing that can come for rescue is plain common sense, and of course, right application sense. Without common sense, you can clearly lose your head to uncertainty. Right application sense does not happen in a day, rather it improves everyday as you deal with new gaming situations. With so much of information available everywhere, it is not difficult to find tips, strategies, betting systems and rules everywhere. You can find a lot of ideas in blogs, articles, newsletters and all of them are being made available to you at breakneck speed and you are left with too much of information to be able to make a workable decision. You should develop the attitude to deal with just what you can practically handle, and wherever you can, as opposed to giving way to casino marketing tricks, where you force yourself to bet more than what you really are capable of handling. When you do things beyond your feasibility, you will not only lose money, but you will not enjoy the games either. Real slots’ spirit is about the gaming excitement. You do not want to get greedy, playing more than what you can morally afford to be doing. You need not commit yourself to debilitating situations where you engage in high risk betting, no matter how big the rewards are. You can simply decide to do what is truly comfortable for your play. When you learn to apply practical logics in gaming you will dare to walk away from several unworthy gaming situations. Saying “no” to specific opportunities in gaming is as well an important discipline in being a better player. The real challenge is not about gathering facts, it is about applying them in an appropriate way in the right gaming situation. When you apply your own common sense, while you make every bet, by considering your money goals, bet size, machine type, and other special features, you will realize that your strategies are getting to be better each time. Your personal strategies that are well thought will be as better as the best betting systems in the world. When you complete reading this book, you will understand your own ability to think through betting moments to eventually play a profitable betting session on your own. When you play your bets in terms of your own ability and experiences while taking consistent inspiration from gaming gurus, you will not only learn things correctly, but you will as well feel inspired in the right way to apply the right betting formula to deal with an entirely new betting situation. So, how do you apply your common sense, after you have decided to fight against the odds with a “So be it...” attitude. • How do you replace your expectations with plans? • How do you deal with different possibilities? • How do you avoid getting lost in positive and negative feelings? • How do you improve your coping and adaptive skills? • How do you focus on what you can control at every point in time? • What are the key factors you have to consider to improve your mindfulness while at play? This book provides you with essential info that will help you play your slots session like a pro. Enjoy every slots game and start winning!

Weekly World News

Weekly World News Author
Release 2001-02-13
Pages 44
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Rooted in the creative success of over 30 years of supermarket tabloid publishing, the Weekly World News has been the world's only reliable news source since 1979. The online hub is a leading entertainment news site.

Secrets of Winning Slots

Secrets of Winning Slots Author Avery Cardoza
ISBN-10 9781580424424
Pages 164
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The most complete book on beating the slots ever written not only shows players how to get comps galore, including cash rebates, but also presents more than twenty actual winning strategies, many for the first time ever! Close to one hundred pages of strategies cover multipliers, multi-paylines, mega paylines, Big Berthas, buy-your-play, mega progressives, multiple progressives, and Wild Symbol, plus chapters on slots misconceptions, percentages, money management, history, and extensive coverage on slot clubs.

Basics of Winning Slots

Basics of Winning Slots Author
ISBN-10 9781580424134
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Basics of Winning Slots has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Basics of Winning Slots also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Basics of Winning Slots book for free.

Powerful Profits From Video Slots

Powerful Profits From Video Slots Author Victor H. Royer
ISBN-10 0818406445
Release 2005-05-01
Pages 224
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As with his other lucid and informative titles in the Powerful Profits series, Victor H. Royer once again explains everything readers need to know about the very latest video slot machines, how to play them, and, more importantly, how to win. The differences between each game is explained and the advantages and disadvantages of each are also highlighted. To those who think that it isn't possible to win on a slot machine Royer has this simple message: your chances of winning are significantly increased if you play on a slot machine...

American Casino Guide

American Casino Guide Author Steve Bourie
ISBN-10 9781883768157
Release 2005-11-01
Pages 496
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Listing more than 700 casinos in 36 states, this bestselling guide is jam-packed with detailed information and includes 150 coupons providing more than $1,000 in savings. Consumable.