About the House

About the House Author Janet Carsten
ISBN-10 9781316582534
Release 1995-05-04
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The domestic unit is inseparable from its homestead, and the 'house', at once a physical place and a social unit, is often also a unit of production and consumption, a cult group, and even a political faction. Inspired by Lévi-Strauss's suggestion that the multi-functional noble houses of medieval Europe were simply the best-known examples of a widespread social institution, the contributors to this collection analyse 'house' systems in Southeast Asia and South America, exploring the interrelationships between buildings, people, and ideas. They reveal some of the ways in which houses can stand for social groups and serve as images of process and order.


House Author Tracy Kidder
ISBN-10 0618001913
Release 1999
Pages 341
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Tracy Kidder takes readers to the heart of the American Dream: the building of a family's first house with all its day-to-day frustrations, crises, tensions, challenges, and triumphs.

The Houses

The Houses Author Deborah Houlding
ISBN-10 9781902405209
Release 2006
Pages 168
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Newly expanded and updated, this absolutely excellent and very welcome addition to the booklist discusses the background of house systems and the meanings of the houses in the context of ancient, traditional and modern astrology. Brilliant book!

Alison and Peter Smithson

Alison and Peter Smithson Author Dirk van den Heuvel
ISBN-10 9789064505287
Release 2004-01
Pages 238
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Striving to adapt the progressive ideas of the pre-war modern movement to the specific human needs of post-war reconstruction, Alison and Peter Smithson were among the most influential and controversial architects of the latter half of the twentieth century. As younger members of CIAM (Congrès Internationaux d'Architecture Moderne) and as founding members of Team 10 they were at the heart of the debate on the future course of Modern Architecture. Their polemics and designs - addressing issues such as the rising consumer society and the orientation of urban planning - laid the foundations for New Brutalism and the Pop Art Movement of the 1960s. An important adaptation made by the Smithsons and their generation was the rejection of modernism's machine aesthetics. The new notions of place and territory were juxtaposed to Le Corbusier's machine à habiter. To the Smithsons a house was a particular place, which should be suited to its location and able to meet the ordinary requirements of everyday life and to accommodate its inhabitants' individual patterns of use. This exhibition examines the evolution of the Smithsons' approach to this everyday "art of inhabitation." It does this by extensively documenting most of their designs for individual dwellings, especially their optimistic House of the Future of 1956 and the series of renovations of and additions to the fairy-tale-like Hexenhaus in Germany from the late 1980s onward

Journals of the House of Commons

Journals of the House of Commons Author Great Britain House of Commons
ISBN-10 BSB:BSB10213028
Release 1745
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Journals of the House of Commons has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Journals of the House of Commons also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Journals of the House of Commons book for free.

Wiring a House

Wiring a House Author Rex Cauldwell
ISBN-10 1561585270
Release 2002
Pages 245
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A guide to residential electricity for professionals and laymen, discussing tools and materials, and offering instruction on how to design electrical wiring, install main service panels, install fixtures and appliances, and other tasks.

A House is Not a Home

A House is Not a Home Author Polly Adler
ISBN-10 1558495592
Release 1953
Pages 374
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Polly Adler's "house"--the brothel that gave this best-selling 1953 autobiography its title--was a major site of New York City underworld activity from the 1920s through the 1940s. Adler's notorious Lexington Avenue house of prostitution functioned as a sort of social club for New York's gangsters and a variety of other celebrities, including Robert Benchley and his friend Dorothy Parker. According to one New York tabloid, it made Adler's name "synonymous with sin." This new edition of Adler's autobiography brings back into print a book that was a mass phenomenon, in both hardback and paperback, when it was first published. A self-consciously literary work, A House Is Not a Home provides an informal social history of immigrant mobility, prostitution, Jewish life in New York, police dishonesty, the "white slavery" scare of the early twentieth century, and political corruption. Adler's story fills an important gap in the history of immigrant life, urban experience, and organized crime in New York City. While most other accounts of the New York underworld focus on the lives of men, from Herbert Asbury's Gangs of New York through more recent works on Jewish and Italian gangsters, this book brings women's lives and problems to the forefront. A House Is Not a Home is compellingly readable and was popular enough to draw Hollywood's attention in the early 1960s--leading to a film starring Shelley Winters as Adler. The book has been largely forgotten in the ensuing decades, lost both to its initial audience of general readers and to scholars in women's studies, immigration history, and autobiography who are likely to find it a treasure trove. Now, with a new introduction by Rachel Rubin that contextualizes Adler's life and literary achievement, A House Is Not a Home is again available to the many readers who have come to understand such "marginal" life stories as a special refraction of the more typical American success narrative.

Values in Evaluation and Social Research

Values in Evaluation and Social Research Author Ernest . House
ISBN-10 0761911553
Release 1999-08-03
Pages 152
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The authors use the tools of philosophy and the insights from evaluation practice to cut through current confusion about values and the interplay of facts and values. Four views of facts and values in evaluation are analyzed: those rooted in a fact-value dichotomy and those of radical constructivists, postmodernists, and deliberative democrats. The arguments are tough, the prose concise, and the insights compelling.

Smart Home Hacks

Smart Home Hacks Author Gordon Meyer
ISBN-10 0596553862
Release 2004-10-25
Pages 402
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So much of what is commonplace today was once considered impossible, or at least wishful thinking. Laser beams in the operating room, cars with built-in guidance systems, cell phones with email access. There's just no getting around the fact that technology always has, and always will be, very cool.But technology isn't only cool; it's also very smart. That's why one of the hottest technological trends nowadays is the creation of smart homes.At an increasing rate, people are turning their homes into state-of-the-art machines, complete with more switches, sensors, and actuators than you can shake a stick at. Whether you want to equip your home with motion detectors for added security, install computer-controlled lights for optimum convenience, or even mount an in-home web cam or two purely for entertainment, the world is now your oyster. Ah, but like anything highly technical, creating a smart home is typically easier said than done.Thankfully, Smart Home Hacks takes the guesswork out of the process. Through a seemingly unending array of valuable tips, tools, and techniques, Smart Home Hacks explains in clear detail how to use Mac, Windows, or Linux to achieve the automated home of your dreams. In no time, you'll learn how to turn a loose collection of sensors and switches into a well-automated and well-functioning home no matter what your technical level may be.Smart Home Hacks covers a litany of stand-alone and integrated smart home solutions designed to enhance safety, comfort, and convenience in new and existing homes. Kitchens, bedrooms, home offices, living rooms, and even bathrooms are all candidates for smart automation and therefore are all addressed in Smart Home Hacks.Intelligently written by engineering guru and George Jetson wannabe, Gordon Meyer, Smart Home Hacks leaves no stone unturned. From what to purchase to how to use your remote control, it's the ultimate guide to understanding and implementing complete or partial home automation.

About the House

About the House Author Joyce Flynn
ISBN-10 IND:30000114597556
Release 1977
Pages 144
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About the House has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from About the House also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full About the House book for free.

House by House Block by Block

House by House  Block by Block Author Alexander von Hoffman
ISBN-10 0198032986
Release 2003-05-01
Pages 320
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Not long ago, neighborhoods such as the South Bronx, South Central Los Angeles, and Boston's Roxbury were crime-ridden wastelands of vacant lots and burned-out buildings, notorious symbols of urban decay. In House by House, Block by Block, Alexander von Hoffman tells the remarkable stories of how local activists and community groups helped turn these areas around. For sixty years, federal policy has attempted with little success to solve the problems of housing and poverty in America's inner cities. Yet increasingly, local organizations are picking up where Washington has left off. In a series of dramatic and colorful narratives, von Hoffman shows how these groups are revitalizing once desperate neighborhoods in five major cities: New York, Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. The unlikely heroes include: the tough-talking Bronx priest who made apartment buildings for low-income people glisten in the midst of ruins and despair; the "crazy white man" who scrambled to save Chicago's historic Black Metropolis from the wrecking ball; the Boston cops who built a task force that put the brakes on youth gangs. Thanks to locally-based, bootstrap efforts like these, in inner-city neighborhoods across the country, crime rates are falling, real estate values are rising, and businesses are returning. Von Hoffman also shows that grass-roots work can't do it alone: successful revitalization needs the support of local government and access to business and foundation capital. Based on years of research and more than a hundred interviews, this book is the first systematic account of the dramatic urban revival now going on in the United States. House by House, Block by Block will be a must-read for anyone who cares about the fate of America's cities.

Habitat for Humanity how to Build a House

Habitat for Humanity  how to Build a House Author Larry Haun
ISBN-10 1561585327
Release 2002
Pages 282
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Professional woodworker Paul Anthony has gathered the best examples of workshop accessories, shop aids, and storage solutions and provides plans and instructions for building them. A perennial woodworking favourite, shop improvement is on every woodworker's mind.

A Bird in the House

A Bird in the House Author Margaret Laurence
ISBN-10 0226469344
Release 1993-06-15
Pages 192
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Eight interconnected stories reveal the world of Vanessa MacLeod and her growing awareness of, and passage into, womanhood

The House of Mirth

The House of Mirth Author Edith Wharton
ISBN-10 UCSC:32106002154331
Release 1905
Pages 530
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Faced with an array of wealthy suitors, New York socialite Lily Bart falls in love with lawyer Lawrence Selden, whose lack of money spoils their chances for happiness together. Dubious business deals and accusations of liaisons with a married man diminish Lily's social status, and as she makes one bad choice after another, she learns how venal and brutally unforgiving the upper crust of New York can be.--From publisher's description.

The Big House in Ireland

The Big House in Ireland Author Jacqueline Genet
ISBN-10 0389209686
Release 1991-01-01
Pages 311
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The Big House has been an element of tragedy in the course of Ireland's history and it is considered such by contemporary novelists such as Aidan Higgins and Jennifer Johnson. It has been the crucible in which two civilizations failed to melt and yet became inseparably bound together."ofrom the Introduction by Guy Fehlmann. Contents: Introduction An Historical Survey, Guy Fehlmann; The Big House in Western Ireland, Breand.n MacAodha; "Cast a Cold Eye": A Sociological Approach, Joy Rudd; Distribution, Function and Architecture, Breand.n MacAodha; The Beginnings of Big House Fiction; Maria Edgeworth: Castle Rackrent, Bernard Legros; Irish Homes in the Work of C.R. Maturin, Claude FiErobe; Historical Glimpses: John Banim, Bernard Escarbelt; Gerald Griffin, Michel Flot; Le Fanu's Houses, Jean Lozes; The Golden Age; George Moore's Big House Novel: A Drama in Muslin, Jean NoIl; Joyce Cary: Castle Corner, A Big House Novel?, Jacques Emprin; Interior and Exterior: The Big House and the Irish Landscape in the Work of Elizabeth Bowen, GearUid Cronin; Elizabeth Bowen's A World of Love, Josette Leray; The Big House in Se.n O'Faol.in's Fiction, Denis Sampson; Molly Keane, Maurice Elliot; Jennifer Johnston, Mark Mortimer; John Banville and the Subversion of the Big House Novel, GearUid Cronin; A View from Outside; A Shadowless Castle of Treasures: Kinalty Castle in Henry Green's Loving, Fiona MacPhail; Major and Majestic: J.G. Farrell's Troubles, Fiona MacPhail; Through the Poets' Eyes; Yeats and the Big Houses, Jacqueline Genet; The "Big House" by Paul Muldoon: The Approach of the Satirist, Dominique Gauthier; The Image of the Big House in the Poetry of Derek Mahon and Tom Paulin, Caroline MacDonough."

Wood Frame House Construction

Wood Frame House Construction Author L. O. Anderson
ISBN-10 9780894991677
Release 2002-04-01
Pages 236
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This book presents sound principles for wood-frame house construction and suggestions for selecting suitable materials that will greatly assist in the construction of a good house. It is also meant as a guide and handbook for those without this type of construction experience.Many wood houses are in existence today that were built more than 200 years ago when early settlers arrived. The modern conventional wood-frame house, with wood or wood product covering materials, is economical, long lasting, and can be constructed in any location. The United States is well supplied with timber and has a diversified industry that manufactures lumber and other wood products used in the house. Few, if any, materials can compete with wood-framing in the construction of houses. However, to provide this efficient wood house, good construction details are important as well as the selection of materials for each specific use.While designing and planning are beyond the scope of this publication, the information on materials and building practices is intended to guide builders and prospective homeowners in erecting a good house with a minimum of maintenance. This handbook can also be used as a training aid for apprentices or as a standard by which to judge the quality of house construction.It sets forth what are considered to be acceptable practices in assembling and arranging the parts of a well-designed wood-frame house. While details of construction may vary in different localities, the fundamental principles are the same. This handbook deals essentially with established methods of construction, and does not attempt to show new ones that are used in various parts of the country.Construction details for houses are given in a series of drawings with accompanying text, which show the methods used in assembling the various parts.In general, the order of presentation conforms to the normal sequence of constructing the building - from foundation to finish work. The final chapters add information on painting, protecting wood from decay and fire, and maintenance. A glossary of housing terms is also included at the back of the handbook to aid with unfamiliar or specific word usage.

Women and the Making of the Modern House

Women and the Making of the Modern House Author Alice T. Friedman
ISBN-10 0300117892
Release 2006
Pages 240
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Investigates how women patrons of architecture were essential catalysts for innovation in domestic architectural design. This book explores the challenges that unconventional attitudes and ways of life presented to architectural thinking, and to the architects themselves.