Hot Topics in Infection and Immunity in Children

Hot Topics in Infection and Immunity in Children Author Andrew J. Pollard
ISBN-10 9781441989932
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 256
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Hot Topics in Infection and Immunity in Children brings together leading experts in the field to provide a current and authoritative view concerning the hottest topics of concern to clinicians caring for children with infections and research scientists working in the areas of infectious disease, immunology, microbiology and public health. The book is based on a collection of manuscripts from a faculty of authors of international standing who contributed to a course in Paediatric Infection and Immunity in Oxford, UK in June 2003.

Hot Topics

Hot Topics Author Daniel Starer
ISBN-10 9780671887087
Release 1995
Pages 269
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Discussing such issues as pornography, euthanasia, and school prayer, a concise overview examines the arguments on both sides

Hot Topics in Sports and Athletics

Hot Topics in Sports and Athletics Author Samuel R. Bakere
ISBN-10 1604560770
Release 2008
Pages 170
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Sports and athletics are at once big business, spectator sports, body conditioning, mind expanding and it has been said form the only pages of most newspapers which are truthful and without political agendas. This text presents articles which are of interest in the field.

Hot Topics

Hot Topics Author David W. Daniels
ISBN-10 9780758907219
Release 2008
Pages 128
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Tackling 6 of the hottest issues of our time. Over the years, Jack Chick has written some stories that were so hot, that touched such politically incorrect issues, that often people were afraid to pass them out on the streets. Yet those messages are both current and biblical. In this book, six of those tract titles are reproduced, page by page. But what makes this book unique is what is added. The book contains interviews with Jack Chick and David Daniels, in which the reader will learn the facts behind the writing of these stories. There are facts and statistics that will absolutely astound the reader. Hot Topics confronts these vital issues: The real purpose of "hate crime" laws They're gay - and they want your kids The hidden truth about Allah Pornography: a victimless crime? Is D&D a doorway to the occult? Israel: friend or liability?

Teaching Hot Topics

Teaching Hot Topics Author Susan Freeman
ISBN-10 0867050837
Release 2003
Pages 338
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Provides teachers with resources for bringing controversial contemporary issues to students, such as abortion, euthanasia, death penalty, and birth control, using background materials, scenarios, textual study and suggestions for activities.

Hot Topics in Public Education

Hot Topics in Public Education Author Annette Walker
ISBN-10 9781450263030
Release 2010-12-13
Pages 48
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Annette Walker addresses complex education issues facing public higher education and public school systems, particularly in California. Walker provides explanations for hot topics such as, the state’s fiscal crisis, funding public schools, and President Obama’s new Federal Education Reform Initiatives including Race to the Top grant programs, which are easy to understand. Whether you know more or less about today’s complex education issues, novice and professionals may gain a deeper understanding and heightened awareness of what’s going on in America’s public school system. Walker provides the facts that tell the story themselves. She pushes for greater transparency and accountability for those elected officials in positions of power and responsibly to advocate for radical education reform, and calls forth the voice in you.

Hot Topics for Couples

Hot Topics for Couples Author Steve Chapman
ISBN-10 9780736937610
Release 2010-03-01
Pages 224
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Believing young love is great and real love improves with age, Steve and Annie Chapman offer proven insights for creating loving, lasting marriages. What sparked Hot Topics for Couples? Annie asked Steve if meat loaf, a staple, was okay for dinner. Steve replied, "I don't like it." Amazed, Annie asked why he'd never mentioned this. "You never asked." So they decided to eliminate any areas of discomfort. Using their 35-year marriage, discussions with couples, and biblical wisdom, the Chapmans address wildfires such as: he won't talk/she won't stop talking he doesn't do housework/she's never in the mood he is the "fun parent"/she has to discipline the children he said he'd do it...someday/she never relaxes he says Dallas Cowboys game/she says Butchart Gardens Using the interactive questions, couples can make their marriages more fulfilling and exciting. Rerelease of What Husbands and Wives Aren't Telling Each Other.

Hot Topics in the Legal Profession 2017

Hot Topics in the Legal Profession   2017 Author Steven Alan Childress
ISBN-10 9781610273831
Release 2017-07-06
Pages 196
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Hot Topics in the Legal Profession 2017 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Hot Topics in the Legal Profession 2017 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Hot Topics in the Legal Profession 2017 book for free.

Hot Topics in Cell Biology

Hot Topics in Cell Biology Author Jose Becerra
ISBN-10 9781909287006
Release 2012-10
Pages 278
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Summary This book is a definitive overview of the current 'state of the art' in cell biology. It is based on papers presented by leading researchers at the Spanish Society for Cell Biology's XIV Congress - a Congress that strives to achieve scientific excellence. Each participant was asked to prepare a 'mini review' of current and likely future development in their area of research. This book is based on those reviews. As such, it is therefore an analysis of current and future trends. Key Features Contains contributions from some of the world's leading researchers. The book is multidisciplinary, covering almost all topics in cell biology: from basic to applied cell biology, and a wide variety of models: from in vitro to vivo models, ranging from fish to rodents and humans. Each 'mini review' is an easy-read piece, describing the state of the art on a topic with clear language and in a summary format. The mini review format makes the book attractive not only to readers involved in cell biology research and teaching, but also professionals from other disciplines and students. The book takes a truly multidisciplinary approach; it covers a wide array of topics, and the book reflects how cell biology interacts with other disciplines The Editors Jose Becerra is Professor of Cell Biology at the University of Malaga (Spain) since 1989. He has been Dean Secretary, Vice-Dean and Dean of the Faculty of Sciences of Malaga, and is now the Head of the Department of Cell Biology, Genetics and Physiology. From 2001 to 2003 he was the Director of the Andalusian Laboratory of Biology (LAB, Seville), which was converted in the Andalusian Centre for Developmental Biology (CABD) under his term. He is a member of the Technical Committee of the National Stem Cell Bank since 2007, patron of the Board of Trustees of IMABIS Foundation (Mediterranean Institute for the Advance of Biotechnology and Health Research), coordinator of the Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Area of the the Biomedical Research Networking Center in Bioengineering, Biomaterials and Nanomedicine (CIBER-BBN), and member of the Direction Committee of the CIBER-BBN. Leonor Santos-Ruiz is Senior Researcher of the CIBER-BBN network at the Andalusian Center for Nanomedicine and Biotechnology (BIONAND). She started her career studying the cellular and molecular basis of lower vertebrates' amazing ability for tissue regeneration, with a special attention to bone and spinal cord repair. Readership Cell biology academics and researchers Contents Introduction Dynamics of cell compartments The intracellular trafficking Cell signaling Autophagy, apoptosis and cell homeostasis Cell biology of aging Plant cell biology Methods in cell biology Applied cell biology Cell biology of cancer Cell therapies and tissue engineering Neurodegeneration and cell biology Nanotechnology and cell biology: challenges and opportunities"

Hot Topics 2

Hot Topics 2 Author Cheryl Pavlik
ISBN-10 1413007066
Release 2005-01-01
Pages 182
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Check out these Hot Topics: 1. Reality TV: Would you be a survivor? 2. Internet Dating: Is this really YOUR photo? 3. Anger: I'm not angry! You're angry! 4. Lying: What's that on your resume? 5. Intelligence: How important is it? HOT TOPICS is guaranteed to engage readers, stimulate thinking, and provoke conversation while developing vocabulary and reading skills. The controversial topics explored in the text all have more than one side to them, thus encouraging debate and classroom discussion.

Hot Topics Tough Questions

Hot Topics  Tough Questions Author Bill Myers
ISBN-10 1556618700
Release 1996
Pages 139
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Award-winning author Bill Myers bring his expertise in communicating with young adults to the pages of this volume--an innovative book combining and expanding on the previously published Hot Topics and More Hot Topics. Updated to meet the unique needs of teens of the nineites, Myers goes beyond the expected and digs deep for biblical, workable solutions in applying God's truth to contemporary life, and he tackles some of the most-asked questions of teens.

Hot Topics in Neonatal Neurology

Hot Topics in Neonatal Neurology Author Itai Berger
ISBN-10 1604561122
Release 2007-12-01
Pages 240
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'Hot Topics in Neonatal Neurology' delivers up-to-date data. The book covers several sections in a wide variety of aspects and interests.

Recent Advances in Pediatrics 21 Hot Topics

Recent Advances in Pediatrics   21   Hot Topics Author Suraj Gupte
ISBN-10 9789350257746
Release 2013-06-30
Pages 505
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Volume 21 of Recent Advances in Pediatrics is a compilation of reviews bringing trainees and physicians fully up to date with key developments in the field. Topics in this new volume include advances in neonatology, nutrition, gastroenterology and hepatology, psychiatry, endocrinology and critical care. Separate chapters are dedicated to vaccines and pharmacotherapy. Presented in an easy to follow format, Volume 21 follows a multidisciplinary approach. Each chapter finishes with a summary of key learning points and extensive references for further reading. Clinical photographs, illustrations and tables enhance learning. Key points New, updated volume presenting latest developments in paediatrics Multidisciplinary approach, easy to follow format Extensive references and key learning points summarised in each chapter Hot Topics Volume 20 published in 2011

Hot Topics for Youth and Young Adults

Hot Topics for Youth and Young Adults Author Raymond J. Gaffney
ISBN-10 1467827541
Release 2007-06-05
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Hot Topics for Youth and Young Adults has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Hot Topics for Youth and Young Adults also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Hot Topics for Youth and Young Adults book for free.

Hot Topics in Infection and Immunity in Children IX

Hot Topics in Infection and Immunity in Children IX Author Nigel Curtis
ISBN-10 9781461447269
Release 2012-12-12
Pages 252
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Hot Topics in Infection and Immunity IX

Hot Topics for MRCGP and General Practitioners

Hot Topics for MRCGP and General Practitioners Author Louise R. Newson
ISBN-10 1904627722
Release 2006
Pages 388
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Helps you to improve your knowledge of various important clinical and non-clinical issues in General Practice. This title contains 18 comprehensive, subject-based chapters that aim to help you familiarise yourself with the research and guidelines that are likely to influence your practice.

Physics of Quantum Fluids

Physics of Quantum Fluids Author Alberto Bramati
ISBN-10 9783642375699
Release 2013-07-11
Pages 405
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The study of quantum fluids, stimulated by the discovery of superfluidity in liquid helium, has experienced renewed interest after the observation of Bose-Einstein condensation (BEC) in ultra-cold atomic gases and the observation a new type of quantum fluid with specific characteristics derived from its intrinsic out-of-equilibrium nature. The main objective of this book is to take a snapshot of the state-of-the-art of this fast moving field with a special emphasis on the hot topics and new trends. Bringing together the most active specialists of the two areas (atomic and polaritonic quantum fluids), we expect that this book will facilitate the exchange and the collaboration between these two communities working on subjects with very strong analogies.